Various (Fantasy) Roleplay Ideas

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Liberteen or Regular?

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  1. So, I have a few plans up my mind.

    • The grand Mythos Crystals. Magical relics used to capture and seal supernatural beings, so that their power can be chanelled via magicians.

      One day, the Crystal containing Corbeau d'Noir, an amalgamation of 666 mythical crows, was stolen. It was the most powerful and dangerous of all Mythos Crystals, if one could use its power well.

      Now, six individuals with the ability to use Mythos Crystal Magic have banded together in an effort to recover the Corbeau d'Noir Crystal.

      More info arriving soon
    • This is another Holy Grail War, set in another city...

      And a different Grail, one of the many False Holy Grail Wars that started mysteriously appearing throughout certain parts of the globe.

      This Grail was more different than the rest. It didn't summon ordinary Heroic Spirits. It seemed to connect to realms beyond... realms beyond our comprehension...
    • This RP is a mix of online gaming and will mostly occur in real-life. Basically, a few children gain the ability to transform into their MMO avatars after an incident where a notable boss monster from the game appears in reality. They then note that the town's terrain was beginning to transform into their favourite virtual realm...
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  2. The BURST plot seems interesting
  3. Both Chrysalis Crystal and Burst sound interesting. I'd be happy to try either with you.
  4. I guess I'll be planning on BURST then

    Just to be a little fairer to the kiddos, should I make a Libertine Version and Regular version seperately, or will that be a little confusing?
  5. Honestly, I'm content either way. I have never had a problem with adult content.

    Also, if at any point you feel like doing the other one, let me know. Lol
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