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  1. Due to the terrorist attacks that happened all over the world, the United Nations decided to make an anti-terrorist group called Vario. Vario would be a group of children from all over the world raised to fight and prevent terrorism attacks. The children would be taken in, stripped of their previous name, and be given a color for their new name instead. Then they will be transported to the facility prepared in United States. At first, it was unsuccessful. The children that they chose were either unable to go through the training or died in the process of preventing an attack and died. Sometimes the attack wasn't even prevented.

    Then a scientific break through occurred. In the years before they turn 5, there is a probability of them being able to use magic if they have the brain requirements as demonstrated by a test they can take when they are two. There is only a 3 year period to get them to use it before that magic is unusable. The magic that they acquire is completely random.

    That cause the United Nations to change their plan. They will take in two year olds who took the test and passed the requirements. The magic that they have will determine their color in Vario. Only 10 children have passed the test and are currently being trained by scientist in the facility.
    They are:
    Don't forget to honor the dead colors of Vario.
    Wintergreen |Sav the Zombitch|
    Beige |RareSecret|
    Indigo |InfintExcel|

    There are two major scientists in the facility. They are the Head Scientist and his assistant Christina.

    There is a group of terrorist planning something. The group is called Adumbro. Vario needs to stop them. They have three major leaders. They are:

    "By any means necessary, defeat the [BCOLOR=#999999]terrorist[/BCOLOR] for a better tomorrow."
    The character sheet:

    Color: (One of the ones above)
    Gender: (Self-explanatory)
    Age: (can be from 6 to 18)
    Appearance: (Explain or give a picture. It can be anime or real. It doesn't matter but real would work better in this case)
    Sexuality: (If old enough to understand that)
    Nationality: (Try to be from different places)
    True Name: (Name they had before it was a color. Try to match it with your nationality)
    Power: (Please make it relate to the color but it's not required. Only if you are a color)
    Personality: (Self-explanatory. Go nuts)
    Skills: (Something they excel at in their training for being well rounded. It could be art, technology, athletics, ect.)
    Short bio: ( Give what they think about the facility)

    Add what you think is necessary too.

    Take #2. Let's make this work! WOO!

    1. Follow ALL iwaku rules
    2. No godmodding. There may be fights between characters that may lead to death so accept your death.
    3. Gary Stue and Mary Sue should stay far away from here. They will be scared.
    4. Once every few days for posting is good enough for me if any longer please notify
    5. Being OP is okay under understandable circumstances
    6. OOC is a discussion, not a fight. A mature argument is accepted though.
    7. Can be romantic but that's pretty hard to do in my opinion for this one. If you do end up doing that nothing more than fluff.
    8. No one sentence posts
    9. Have Fun!
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  2. Color: Green
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Sexuality: Straight
    Nationality: Welsh
    True Name: Branwen Blevins
    -Healing: Green has slight manipulation of life force and energy; allowing her to heal others and/or herself when necessary.
    -Green Pyrokinesis: Green can form and manipulate green flames.
    -Shapeshifting: And, finally, she can shapeshift. Though, she can't change her human appearance; she can only change into other living creatures that she has seen.
    Personality: Branwen is fairly shy, quiet, and outspoken. However; this changes almost entirely when she's in her friends' company. She's a very kind, helpful and outgoing girl. On top of this, she's very empathetic and mature, and is someone that is easy to talk to(too easy, according to quite a few people). She's is also extremely modest and self-depreciating. Branwen is also a total nerd, dork, geek, poet, young author, an artist, and a general klutz. She is also extremely witty, sarcastic, and stubborn and doesn't hesitate to stick up for people she's close to(while she won't stick up for herself).
    Skills: Acting, writing, self-defense, drawing, poetry, and helping others.
    Short bio: Branwen never really had too much of a problem with the facility, really. She trained as best as she could, helped around wherever it was needed, and typically shied away from the other children. She grew up quiet and shy, too scared to share her opinions and too shy to confront others to try to form friendship. Though, her lack of companions actually seemed to help her yield better results than most of the children had. Though, she absolutely loves and adores her team members, and at least tries to make friends with them.
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  3. Color: Wintergreen
    Gender: Female
    Age: Was seven when she died
    Appearance: [​IMG] ((IGNORE THE WINGS))
    Sexuality: Never made it to the age to find out
    Nationality: Irish
    True Name: Caoimhe Allaway
    -Hypnosis: While Wintergreen never reached the prime of her abilities(and only had one, at that), her best aspect to the scientists was her hypnosis. This was extremely valuable to them; as this allowed easy information gathering, simple 'brainwashing' of those who saw the facility, and made stopping any rebels from- well, rebelling - fairly easy.
    Personality: Wintergreen was always extremely intelligent for her age. She knew all the dangers and worries of the world by heart before she was even four. She was a generally cheery and bright person, despite her vast knowledge of the cruel and unforgiving world. She was typically outgoing, bubbly, talkative and friendly, though very matter-of-fact; but most of all.... She was obedient. Something that earned her even more favoritism from the scientists.
    Skills: Wintergreen had a photographic memory; which made her most useful in the field of infiltration. Aside from this, the girl was turned into a master interrogator, even without using her powers. She could hold her own with dual daggers, but that was only if absolutely necessary.
    Short bio: Wintergreen never really had a problem with the facility. Sure, killing and hypnotizing weren't exactly her favorite things to do, but it was all for the safety of the world, in the end; something she strongly believed in. They were cleansing the world, in her eyes. Recruited at the age of two, same as all the others, Wintergreen never truly excelled in fighting. No, she was more of a tactical mind than anything, up until her powers gained depth. Her abilities increased, and grew stronger. Ever since that had occurred, Farbe had found immense use of the young girl. Though, she was treated just as poorly as all the others. No matter how useful her power was; she was still expendable. So, when she was caught up in an explosion and took shrapnel to the heart, the facility wasn't terribly upset. However, for a certain 13-year-old who'd loved the youngster deeply, it was a heartbreaking experience. Green had tried and tried to use her healing abilities to save the younger Wintergreen, but failed, and the memory still haunts Green to this day. While still in Green's arms, who was crying uncontrollably, the younger Wintergreen made her older similarly-named friend promise her something; she had to look out for the team for her, keep them safe, because Wintergreen couldn't. She had to make it, because Wintergreen wouldn't.

    So, Green did that very thing the only way possible; she stayed down, stayed quiet. She wouldn't rebel, because that would put her promises in jeopardy. She had to be in top health to be able to take care of the rest of her team and herself, which meant not standing up to the scientists while they pushed all the colors around.

    Jeez, that took way longer than expected. Anyways.
    You learn something every day; this is why Green nevertill now stands up or objects to the scientists' wishes. She feels she has to make sure that the others stay safe, that she has to protect them, which she feels she'll do best in full health and top condition. Though, the experience also thickened her shell; she had even less of a desire to make friends after this, because she was terrified that she'd lose them shortly after befriending them.

    Now. you. know!

    On a sidenote; considering this is a character who died three years ago, anyone who's been at the facility at least that long are welcome to 'know' her, have memories with her, etc. And if anyone wants, I can add things to her bio, later. Ex, some of her experiences with the other colors before her death, friendships she had with others, etc.
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  4. Color: Brown
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: shown above
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Nationality: Chicago Illinois, USA
    True Name: Daniel Clark
    Power: Daniel has the power to enhance is body's natural abilities to super human proportions. examples being super strength, Stone skin, slight healing/regeneration, advanced agility, superb perception, slight gravity manipulation, he can also slow down time in his mind to react faster to situations. he has found that if he inflicts self harm that his powers become stronger for a short period of time
    Personality: Daniel has a rebellious nature. He has fought his superiors on many decisions and orders about his life. He has been describe in psychological reports to be a cross between a psychopath and a sociopath. though this is only a show Daniel puts on to keep himself entertained. He focuses on getting stronger with each training exercises. He hopes to one day escape the facility. He believes he has a right to live his life the way he wishes.
    Skills: Hand to hand combat, melee weapons, most handguns and firearms, He studies in technology in a sense that he enjoys working through computer programs and writing code. he has learned how to hack into most systems. He is very proficient in his guitar playing due to any practice he does in his free time.
    Short bio: Daniel has grown to hat the facility. he has grown to call it the prison and vows to break free from it. He has always been the one to publically rebel against the facility and what it has done to tem. It has taken them from their loved one and stripped them of their lives, even their names. He refuses to just be another weapon that's waiting to be fired. He has vowed that he would find a way for them to escape, because despite what his views may be about the facility. There are still some there that he cares about.
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  5. Is the color purple available?
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  6. Beige

    Color: Beige

    Gender: Female

    Age: Died at age 14. If she was alive, then 17.

    Sexuality: Didn't care to decide

    Nationality: Spaniard

    True Name: Claudia Magarino Serrano

    Power: Beige's power was the ability to learn an object's history by touching it and invisibility. She could only see an object's history 3 times in a week and her invisibility could stay up as long as she isn't tired mentally or physically.

    Personality: Beige was warm, friendly, and kind. She was willing to listen to anyone and helped whenever she can. She took orders like a robot and did it with a smile. She had such a strong spirit. There was never a time she didn't smile... so it seems.
    She was in reality a weak fragile soul. When she killed she was crying in remorse on the inside. When she trained, she really just wanted to run away. When she talked to the other members, she just wanted to tell them that it wasn't alright.

    • Earnest Lying- She could lie and make it seem like the absolute truth. Her voice wouldn't be shaky and she was able to look the person she was lying to in the eyes.
    • Singing- Beige had a voice that could easily put a child to sleep. The only time she used this was to freak out people during their missions.
    Short Bio: Beige wasn't happy at the facility. She seemed like she loved it and everything was dandy but in reality she was sadden by everything that occurred. She continued to live at the facility until she was 14. At age 14 when she was on a mission, she and the rest of Vario had just finished the mission. She had taken down the leader by herself by turning invisible and then stabbing him.

    Beige placed the knife on the floor and rummaged through the corpse for evidence with a smile like always so she could bring it back to the facility. She decided to touch the terrorist as well to see if she can get any information about what will soon occur through his history. The memories that were flashed up were the ones with three smiling children.

    Realizing what she had done, she stepped away from the body with her hands over her mouth about to cry. She saw the knife on the floor decided it was time to pay her dues. She stabbed herself in the heart without hesitation. One of the other member of Vario found her body, and it was recorded that she was stabbed to death.
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  7. [​IMG]

    Name: Head Scientist. He refuses to give out his real name.

    Gender: Male

    Age: 41

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Nationality: American

    Personality: The Head Scientist is a person who would do anything to have a good laugh or just crack a smile. 'Do anything you can to make life fun.' is something he lives by everyday. This trait sounds very endearing but combine it with his heartless personality then you have something that isn't so cute. He is also pretty analytical so he can observe things and make sense of it pretty quickly. This helped him to become a scientist.

    Skills: He excels at Biology and the anatomy of the human brain. Math is also a subject that he does very well at.

    Short bio: The Head Scientist lived with only his mother. She was very supporting and very kind. Her motto was 'Do anything you can to make life fun.' He took that to heart. She seemed like the most perfect person in the world. When she died from a blood vessel in the brain bursting when he was 16, he decided to become a brain surgeon to prevent any more tragedies like his own. He managed to graduate early at age 17 and went onto college to become a doctor. His life was fine until age 18.

    At age 18 not only did he discover the magic that fades away at age 5 but his perception of his mom changed. Many people came up to him asking if he was a hit man as well because his mother was one. They also said that they will pay him in drugs and maybe their body. He finally realized what his mother's motto meant. All this information caused him to break and become heartless. He also wanted throw away his name.

    The UN then summoned him where they will take the information about the magic and make him the Head Scientist of Vario. He agreed and became the HS of Vario. As time moved on, he started to lose the grudge against his mom and became a loopy and happy. He still follows his mother's motto.


    Name: Christina Green

    Gender: Female

    Age: 28

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Nationality: British

    Personality; Christina is the ideal assistant which allowed her to land a job at Vario. She is well organized, attentive, and is extremely flexible. Christina is also cold, serious, and speaks in a tone that makes it seem like she is disinterested in everything. On the inside, she is a very warm person and she wants to help the members of Vario but she has a job to keep.

    Skills: She excels at academics and biology. She also dabbles in a bit of technology.

    Short Bio: Christina was born to a very poor family but luckily she was a good student. She managed to get a bunch of scholarships and make her way to college. She graduated college and made a name for herself by helping to create new types of medicines. Soon, the UN recognized her and decided to recruit her for Vario. They paid better than the people she was working for and accepted. She now works at Vario sending back money to her family.
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  8. [​IMG]

    Color: Sapphire

    Gender: Female

    Age: 8

    Sexuality: Has no clue

    Nationality: Korean and German

    True Name: Vanessa Son-yong

    Power: Sapphire can control ice and snow. She can turn water into ice in a matter of seconds and can change the shape of ice as well as change the shape of snow. Sapphire can also summon a snow storm whether it's outside or inside. The scientist are trying to see if she can make it hail and if there's a way to make her be able to make ice puppets.

    Personality: Sapphire is independent and she likes to think of herself as mature. She is also very cold towards the other members of Vario. Sapphire tries to be "cool" at times like her favorite villains heroes in the books she reads (Books are her luxury item) but most of the time ends up failing flat. Death doesn't affect her at all since "cool" people don't worry about that.

    Skills: Sapphire is very adept at reading. She can read and analyze complicated text since that's what she mostly does during skills training. Sapphire is working on increasing her mathematical skill as well. She isn't very good in athletics which ticks off the scientists so she useless in close range combat.

    Short bio: Sapphire understands the evils of the facility to a certain extent but she doesn't hate them for it. She gets food and reads books when she can in exchange for helping the facility with their problem from what she understands. Sapphire has only been punished once at the facility for failing to complete individual training due to sickness. She still thinks it's her fault and the facility is a reasonable place.
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  10. Color: Gray

    Gender: Female

    Age: 18

    Appearance: Found better picture..[​IMG]

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Nationality: Half Roman, Half Japanese

    True Name: Kaelus Amano

    Power: Electromagnetism Manipulation. Granted, her power control is kinda dangerous. Thankfully she only has the applications of metal and electricity manipulation under her belt and is working on her skills with technology, which can be complimented as very good, electrochemical signals, and energy at the moment. Is usually seen with a full suit of metal armor and weapons to back her.

    Personality: Normally seen as calm and emotionless, but she just lacks a will the majority of the time unless someone interests her or if asked/directed a question of some sort. Don't classify her as an emotionless husk, the last poor sucker who did was accidentally impaled by a pure electricity made spear that she was attempting to control, which worked until said scientist opened his mouth. She can, although, be classified as mentally unstable, ever so slightly bipolar/insane but it does vary, and does in fact have a voice in her head called It. Kaelus does not enjoy the facility and the scientists, over time she's learned that they will be replaced if one is accidentally eliminated when with power testing, therefor she understood that making a mess while training would be perfectly fine. It's well known to them that she can easily be the most dangerous but leaves that to the other Colors. On the subject of the Colors, she does care for them and worries of what they will experience as some are young and susceptible to various dangers in the current world. With the world in general, if you let her roam free she'll probably wander around lacking a goal till provoked but is rather bitter. Lacks real worry of dying, she's seen death enough to understand that when you die, everything is done for you and you can be at peace. On the subject of Indigo, she can easily become violent and emotional, therefor the majority don't try and get on the subject involving that of Indigo. She become rather cynical and hateful towards the world in general though it's presumed It had a hand in the change.

    • Psychology. (Learned it through Indigo's aid.)
    • World History. (Goes with Psychology.)
    • Technology. (Saw that coming. She can make useful techno stuff.)
    • Infiltration. (It helps when places have some metal walls.)
    • Hacking. (Hand in hand with technology.)
    • Physics. (Got interested with friend.)
    • Poker. (Has no clue why added)
    • Creating Weapons & Armors. (She'll use them..)
    Short bio:
    As stated above, she cares nothing for the facility nor the scientists. Is treated warily but the scientists due to what she has done to others in her carelessness, or rather lack of emotion at certain time points. Being the eldest of the Colors of the Facility, her powers have grown exponentially but does the training and showing off away from them to hold an upper hand in practically all she can. She knows her actual name, due to Indigo, though lacks any real idea and motivation of what to do if the facility is destroyed, that includes seeing her parents, therefor goes along with everything just to get entertained and watch over the other Colors. But is slowly convincing herself that the world has become so pathetic and useless already, therefor hopeless to really save. Currently holding same ideals as Indigo did in the past but much darker due to Its influence on her state.
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  15. Color: Indigo

    Gender: Female

    Age: 21 if alive. Died at 17

    Appearance: 21 Year old version if alive. [​IMG]

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Nationality: Italian

    True Name: Lucian Capello

    Power: Her powers stemmed from the Mind, Negativity and Shadows. Before the age of her death, the teen was capable of forcefully entering a person's mind, rip out information, and slowly torture them with the things she implanted in one's mind and their own problems. But Indigo had severe limitations that made it so the process was extremely taxing on her being and she didn't enjoy using it, shockingly enough. Due to her powers, the shadows were always near her and tried protected her and people even generally felt darker near her. Shadows typically acted as portals for her, she was able to draw weapons, that were in the facility, from her own shadow. Before she died, Indigo was working on traveling/hiding through shadows, manipulation of shadows involving physical constructions, forcing others into a mind she could manipulate, and creating shadow copied weapons, it is unknown if she succeeded.

    Personality: She was an ice queen to all but the scientists and Gray. Viewed by the scientists as a sadistic who would do the job just right and an idol to Gray. Of course, she was only using the scientists but her actual feelings towards Gray is unknown. The teen held some kindness towards the other Colors, but knew a majority would die so didn't really try much. With no intention of dying, she placed safety measures (Triggers) on Gray in case anything happened. Indigo made it so she was the mentor/controller and Gray was her little student/puppet, but found the girl both useful and a reason for Indigo to keep standing. Usually seen with as her high and might medieval fur cape that was dyed indigo just for her due to complexities. The some scientists suspect she had manipulated Gray to act a bit like her after her death and is the reason for Gray's deteriorating mental health.

    • Seduction. (Brought both sexes to her knees.)
    • Information Gathering. (Works so well with powers.)
    • Psychology. (Both Gray and her learned it.)[
    • Manipulation. (The scientists never suspected her.)
    • Infiltration. (Personally taught Gray it.)
    • Torture. (No really comment there.)
    Short Bio: Indigo, in short, despised the facility and it's scientists with a fucking passion due to being kept their like a prisoner and test subject. She only helped them for her and Gray's own gain, despite Gray being very innocent at the time. It would because of the facility that she had no love for a world which only wants to shackle and use them continuously. She therefor doesn't mind of the whole world crumbles as long as she had Gray by her side. She died in a terrorist base that safe destructed, moments before that she saved Gray despite the Color's protests, her body was never found in ruins. Gray believes she is very much Alive.
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  19. Color: Purple
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
    Nationality: Norwegian
    True Name: Sirene Skadelan
    Control of Vibrations: Either it be by tapping, Singing or playing an instrument. Sirene is able to use the vibrations to match the frequency's of any object within distance that can hear or be touched by the noise. Through these vibrations she can destroy any object that her noise can reach by matching its frequencies.

    Personality: Over Zealous in nature she normally finds herself in trouble by trying to go ahead of others so she can figure out what may lie ahead of them. She normally tries to prove herself to the others in her group by going through her draw backs which normally leaves her hurt, especially up close. She is a lover of all things and cant sit still due to a horrible case of OCD. (The Rest will be Role-Played)

    Musically Gifted
    Technologically Gifted

    Short bio: Sirene normally finds happiness with the things they give her to keep herself busy. But that all stopped one day when they found out that her powers continued to grow. She caused the room she was in to crumble to pieces and for a small part of the facility to go into a lock down. Since then she had grown to hate all that is being given to her even though as of lately they began to give her the things she yearns for the most... Guitars. (You can Learn more if you ask her IC.)
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    Spoiler: she's Australian! :D
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