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  1. Greetings you all.

    I'm Azel from the Netherlands and I just joined this site looking for some roleplay's.

    My primary area of roleplay is fandom, mostly video game related but I'm open to any interesting original idea as well.

    So lets get this search started! I was wondering if anyone was also looking to rp about these particular fandoms.

    Fire Emblem: This is the series I'm most comfortable roleplaying in. I have done at least one roleplay with each Fire Emblem game and they have all been a huge success. I played every game in the series.
    Kid Icarus
    Super smash brothers
    Anything Nintendo related is sure to get my approval.
    Samurai warriors
    The tales series
    Bayonetta (maybe)

    One piece

    Percy Jackson: I have really been in the mood for a Percy Jackson roleplay ever since I picked up the books this summer but sadly I never managed to get a partner for it.
    Harry Potter

    Things to know about me

    1. This could be me throwing in my own windows in regards to finding a partner if its popularity is anything to go by but I'm not a romance/pairing kind of guy. I don't mind including some romance but I don't think the rp has to be centered around it. Call me old fashioned but I believe any romance should emerge from the plot over time rather then have the plot emerge from a particular pairing. Lets first see if our characters have some chemistry and then we'l talk pairings.

    2. I don't do one liners but I'm equally opposed to replies the size of half a fanfiction and being expected to return the same amount. I don't need to know the deepest thought's of my partners character nor multiple lines to describe how dark a room is. I think that for a roleplay to draw you in its got to have some kind of ''flow'' and each taking 40 minutes in order to write a good sized novel isn't going to bring about that flow. 3 sentences up to one or two paragraph's is fine, any more is just drawing things out.

    3. I can play both male and female but my preference lies with males.

    4. I'm no prude, I'm quite fine with a little smut or 18+ content, I'd say I even have a bit of a bondage fetish but the same rule applies as with romance: It all has to serve the plot rather then the other way around.

    5. As long as it works in the plot about anything is negotiable as far as i am concerned.
  2. I posted a Partner Request for a naruto fandom if you wod like to go read it.
  3. Hey there. Why don't we discuss your Nintendo-related fandoms, hm?
  4. So, I hear you want to do Mario. Could you be a bit more specific? Do you mean something like Paper Mario, Luigi's Mansion, Super Mario 64, normal side scrolling adventure, etc., or what? Because all of these would play out in a different way.
    Whatever works for you is fine with me.
  5. omg I would love to do Mario well more like if you could Rp as bowser
  6. I'd be up for a Fire Emblem rp if you're still looking.
  7. I'm game for either of your book requests
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