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    Between the 3 ever-warring Kingdoms of Sedrian, Kushtark and Ordon was, every now and then, a period of peace, initiated by the opening of the Endless Dungeon, as it was called by the most. A period of peace accompanied with the greed of many. Nations, legends, entire mercenary armies, all of them coming together with only one purpose: Enriching oneself or putting hope into a bizarre legend of actually returning. Whatever the reason was, the entire ‘event’ was, without any gain, hosted by the same 3 Kingdoms, a last piece of evidence for the once united glory known as the Ordon Empire.

    It was at such a period of peace, that a mass of people, nearly all dressed the same, was guided onto a big, with all kind of engravings adored field. The Emblem of Teann Ch'i was embedded on all of the them, be it on their cloaks, the, for the misfits cheap, Cylinders or the more fancy Magitek weapons that the so called Conquistadors wore. One would think the entrance to the Dungeon was some kind of giant door or similar, instead, it was easier and yet more complicated: the entire field was the entrance, activated through some simple magic managed by a collective chosen through multiple power-holders.

    Apart from that, they were send in in waves, depending on their allegiance. Otherwise, arguments about the loot or who to blame could emerge, and while the Dungeon was a one-way ticket to Hell, it wasn’t limited to just one usage per opening. How one could tell it was open in the first place? That was simple, the entire field was a light-show, a ever glowing candle in even the deepest and darkest of nights.

    “All right, you all know the drill?” A person leading the entire group finally spoke up. “Everyone still standing here gets executed.” It was simple to understand, for the girl standing in the group as well those besides her, just because you choose the Dungeon over death didn’t mean you actually meant it like that, and those not going through with their choice would be greeted by the other alternative: Death. “Fuck, they won’t really kill us, will they?” The woman, going by the name of Luthica, heard another person talking, somewhere in the group, one of those who would most likely still stand here after the entering was done.

    What a fool she was, as if this public execution was the biggest wrongdoing in that false Utopia that Luthica finally left behind her. “Are you nuts? We wandered through the entire fucking desert and even further just to come here, do you really think they just let you go if you chicken out now? We weren’t made for our society, you should feel grateful to be useful at least like that! Not to mention we got some basic equipment to defend ourselves against whatever we might have to face!” Yeah, the basic cylinder that could hold 5 Crystals and had no other remarkable features, but compared to their usual weaponry it was like a Stick to a Sword. The only reason they got it was to boost their ‘value’, well, better than nothing she guessed.

    “Alright.” With a self-asserting nod the leader of the group put his arm into the air, also equipped with a Cylinder, he triggered the fire mechanism and a signal flare shot high into the sky: A signal for the mages to initiate the entering. With that, the glowing intensified, more and more, Luthica could swear a few of the misfits bashed onto one of the Conquistador’s, heh, smart move? Trying to get some better equipment before they would be on the...what? Other side? She didn’t know, all she knew everything went dark.

    Regaining part of her consciousness, the girl felt herself slowly sinking. Like in the middle of the ocean, yet not void of air, she sunk deeper and deeper into the eternal darkness. She tried to open her mouth, but no words came out. She tried to move her body, but her muscles didn't listen. Luthica was helpess. And then, then she felt it, something tried to make way into her mind, trying to lure her with the feelings of incredible joy and happiness. A mandatory reward for a feat she could not defend against. And after that something had gone through her past, present and future, after what seemed like an eternity. She heard a voice.

    "Oh mortal who dares to venture into mine fortress. Let me ask thou, what is it that thou desire?"
    The voice came right from herself, a second voice in the depth of her own thoughts. A voice so familiar that she had heard it all her life long, yet, so bizarre that it was definitely a stranger. Nonetheless, Luthica felt compelled to answer. For the might it carried alongside each letter spoken was immense. "**********"

    Having given her answer, she could feel a form of disappointment. Nonetheless, the entity retracted its grabs from Luthica. And then, Luthica felt tired, more and more, until she drifted off into deep slumber yet again.
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  2. Zephyr watched the gate of The City Whose Wall Will Hold Up The Sky close silently. He was outside now. No longer within the confines of the wall, he needed to speak the language of those who lived out here.

    The city he stood outside was named Pillar.
    It was a place he'd lived in since he was born, 44 Summers ago.
    Well, he'd inhabited it. It was barely beyond the 17th Summer of his life when he began magical education. Since then, he'd had nothing to do but listen to tutors and read books. There was no point in going outside to a closed space he'd seen every cranny of already.
    So understandably, he was ecstatic about not only being outside the institute, but the city itself.

    Looking around, the city was less like a pillar than the mountain range itself, peaks taller than the highest towers, standing high above the sea of white fog that danced turbulently below. Dark rock jutted out from the pure, clean snow, painting the mountains chaotic patterns of grey and white in the sunlight, as if they were of metal.
    That must have been what the Iron Peaks, or as the Silver Ones had called them, the Blacksmith's Jagged Cloud-Breakers, had been named for; Zephyr realised.

    The range opened up into a valley further down, a green crack worming through the spikes, but the way down was steep.
    A conundrum, already.
    At this point, one of his peers or tutors would have simply cast a flying magic to get there, or maybe beyond. It would have been a simple matter of using their magic, a task that wouldn't take even a second.
    For Zephyr, it was out of the question. Flying magic took hours for him to perform, and it didn't even work anyway, since the spell needed to be recast constantly to change direction, or even keep them off the ground.
    For Zephyr, a clear path was needed, or else he would have a lot of trouble getting anywhere.

    But of course, it was a mountain range that he was standing in. More specifically, one chosen deliberately for the purpose of being nigh-impossible to traverse without magic on the level of the Silver Ones. Magic that he didn't have access to.
    Invisible barriers were scattered left, right, and center; but his race, Zephyr knew, weren't idiots. If an anti-magic field was deployed in some kind of attack, there would be escape routes that didn't require the use of magic. There would be one somewhere, without a doubt.
    He figured it best to start climbing.

    The sun was already beginning to fall behind some of the peaks when Zephyr found a colossal gash in the mountainside.
    Icicles crawled from the ceiling as if reaching out the light sheen of frost on the ground. The rock he was standing on was a few metres higher than the ground below it, but there was a slope up to a narrow path a few dozen paces from the base of it, twisting like a snake until it reached the mouth of a perfectly circular tunnel. Clearly, there was once water in a pool below it, but it had frozen into a flawless mirror of ice that could have been skated on if Zephyr had so wished. He had to make an active effort not to slip and fall as he crept across it apprehensively.
    It was obvious at a glance that this place had gone unmaintained for centuries, possibly more, as the natural order had long since begun to take back its land. Frost and snow permeated every crevice and overflowed as icicles from the ceiling and floor alike. The cave itself seemed natural, as despite the mouth of the tunnel being present, there was another opening near the back, tall as the hills themselves. The place still seemed like it was outside in open air; the sunlight reflected off of the snow and flooded through the gaps in the rock, and the ceiling was high enough to accommodate the Institute itself.

    Zephyr's breath still formed small clouds in front of his face, and the light winds that spiralled in the tunnel as he stepped in, making the ends of his scarf dance like a flag.
    How old was this place? A thousand Cycles? Two? Ten? His mind leaped at all the possible circumstances that his path could have been created in.
    Perhaps it was a matter of urgency, frantically carved in a desperate escape attempt by refugees or prisoners.
    Perhaps every curve and every step had been carefully crafted by expert architects as a matter of preparation.
    Or perhaps it had even been carved backwards, by the original pioneers who had explored these mountains, as full of anticipation and curiosity as he was for what lay on the other side. The explorers would certainly have never expected someone to be as excited about an unknown world on the opposite side that they had started on.
    Of course, the world wasn't completely unknown to him. The books he had read had a very in-depth and intricate documentation of customs and language of the outside, but reading a book wasn't the real thing by a long shot, and he wouldn't know everything about it in the least.
    The steps in the tunnel weren't steep or icy, so he hurried on.

    The tunnel finally opened up into the verdant expanse he'd seen earlier from above. That tiny view hadn't prepared him in the least.
    It was difficult to see much at night, but the light of the fireflies in a waltz around flower petals was enough to illuminate the emerald leaves sprouting from the soil, the rushing of water among the rocks beside it.
    The only plants Zephyr had encountered in person before had been trees in farms and wood factories inside the city. He had never seen an area before in which even grass had spread so far untamed. A lone, wild tree that only could be described by him as overgrown past the threshold of chaos leaned over the narrow stream atop a small, grassy mound.
    He had no end of questions about this new landscape. Why did the plants seem to lean towards the water? How did the insects glow? Why were they so obsessed with the flowers? Even the stars that he'd seen every day seemed brighter and foreign above him.

    There wasn't enough time for that. He could find all he wanted later, but he had been walking in an alien wilderness all day. He wandered up to the tree, sitting down at the base of it. He held his hand out at the ground, his hair turning to white.
    But while he didn't have time to light a fire the mundane way, the arcane method would simply take even longer. By the time he'd finished, it would doubtlessly be after dawn, and he wouldn't even need it anymore.
    He simply curled up beneath the tree and shut his eyes, listening to the water.

    Zephyr awoke the next morning with a great deal of effort.
    His body was stiff from where he'd been sleeping on a combination of rocks and a few pieces of armour, and it hurt his joints to move.
    Clearly, he needed to be better prepared to camp out in future.

    The sunlight was beginning to crawl over the mountains now, and at the end of the valley, there looked like a cliff, overlooking a town of some sort. Seclusion was all well and good, but somebody somewhere was bound to find you eventually if you just stay in the same spot, he noted.

    He began to make his way down a path, nearly tripping over a stone in the ground with a few letters marked in it, but it was still a great deal less painful than his climb the previous day. It wasn't too long before he reached the place. He loitered around the border for a little while, though, staring intently at what must have been a wooden signpost. There were an awful lot of signs pointing further into the place, one of which was marked as "I N N S".
    He had had enough practice with reading the language of outsiders, but the wood was still marked nonetheless with simple, alien shapes, each of which had no meaning on their own. In the Silver Tongue, each letter was equivalent to a word, but here, each letter was naught but a sound.
    Who was truly the outsider here, Zephyr wondered?

    He made his way into the town, eventually finding one of these inns that the sign had mentioned. He had been conjured by his enchanting tutor, Evanescent, some currency which he could trade for goods such as food.
    The concept of "buying" was also a foreign idea that he didn't think he'd come into contact with.
    The ability to save up work and expend it elsewhere in exchange for something completely unrelated seemed odd. Surely the magicians of each town simply need to do nothing but conjure these things and give it to the population?
    Nonetheless, he managed to hold a ten-odd minute discussion with a barkeep on how he could buy some food, before finally doing so, leaving a rather long line waiting in his wake and receiving the attention of everybody in the room as he sat down at a table, the waiter making it over to him in due time.

    "I never imagined finding a Silver One stopping by here," he commented offhandedly. "What are you doing down from the mountains?"
    Zephyr cleared his throat loudly with more than a touch of pride with his confidence with the language. He had, after all, gotten the general gist of the question.
    "I am down from the mountain because I am here to look for the Endless Dungeon!" he declared. "Do you know about it?"
    "...Well, yeah, everyone does," the man shrugged. "You talk like you don't know how to get there."
    "Do you know how you get to it?" Zephyr asked.
    "There's a field about a week's walk north from here. If you start now, you can get there by the time the entering begins."
    "Oh," he blinked. "I didn't know that. Should I have a map?"
    "Nah, just keep walking and you'll see it. It's impossible to miss."
    "...Impossible means it is not possible, doesn't it?"
    The waiter nodded bemusedly, prompting a chuckle from Zephyr as he puffed up with pride.

    The field was odd once he arrived. It was lit magical runes, not unlike the fireflies around the plants he'd seen before. To the outsiders, he imagined, it would look fantastical and exotic, but he was very used to it by now.
    There were also people of all kinds there, packed together like grains of sand in a desert.
    Interestingly enough, more than one conversation was happening around him, complaining about a desert.
    Eventually, someone else spoke up loudly, talking about everyone still standing up getting "executed". Whatever that meant. It certainly wasn't a word he was familiar with.
    Not long after, a red orb soared up into the sky, light erupting from the ground.
    Zephyr was unfamiliar with the common language, but he was, by no means, an idiot. He recognised the magic instantly: a dimensional distillation phenomenon, separating the crowd from the world and sending them into the Endless Dungeon.

    Having experienced something similar before, he wasn't at all surprised when his senses stopped working.

    There was a void.

    Zephyr drifted gently through it. He didn't move his arms or legs. He didn't need to. His eyelids opened with what all the effort of standing up to see some kind of... something. With it came anticipation, excitement. Zephyr knew he was asleep, but...


    He knew he was asleep? That wasn't right. Zephyr didn't get dreams he was aware of. So it was magic.

    He looked up at this thing that was more eldritch than the most ancient of the Silver Ones, feeling it root through his very being.

    And then it spoke.

    "O mortal who dares venture into mine fortress. Let me ask thou, what is it that thou desire?"

    Venture into a fortress? The only place Zephyr was looking for was...

    The Endless Dungeon. It was communicating with him. The Dungeon itself was sentient? Could such a thing have come about naturally? Then, of course he would tell it what he wanted. It would be rude not to, given that it itself made up the core of his desire.

    "I want to know about what you are!" he called out excitedly. "You're the place in the world I want to know all about the most of all! Please, can you show me?"

    There was only silence in reply as the empty sea of darkness faded away.​
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  3. Lucifera Ignus

    The vibrant glow of the dungeon's entry plane illuminated the surroundings with a brilliance that struck a sense of awe in the girl who approached from the distance. Nonetheless, her expression of wonder was ever short lived as an irritated scowl emerged in response to the sea of figures whom flooded the region with their presence. Despite the implied diversity which existed before her feet, each and every individual triggered a similar sense of acknowledgement. One that placed their existential worth far below her own. It was as if their nature was nothing more than the simplicity of insects; their lives spared solely by the grace of her apathy towards their very being.

    Seeming formalities governed the progression of entrance into the dungeon. For each of the masses who were swallowed by the plane, similarities in attire and crest gave way to the conclusion developed by the girl's acute observation. Those who existed in line with the nations of power were grouped amongst others of similar origin. Whether such assembly was a hopeless attempt at generating an illusive sense of support amongst the entries was of no concern for the girl. There was no guarantee the point of arrival was the same for all who entered at similar time. Even if it were so, the fact that the record of return was effectively null gave hint that such traditions did little to empower the success of the adventurers. As far as the girl was concerned, confidence in one's own ability was far greater strength than senseless hope in allies.

    "Caelum...Infernus...Te oro ut quibus"

    The girl's words came as a whisper as she weaved through the crowd and made her way towards the grouping on the plane. As a lone individual from origins unknown, there was no reason to dawdle her entry into the dungeon. If anything, she, alone, should have been allowed entry onto the plane. Away from the close proximity of the inferior whom were bound to suffer the fate of failure. Nevertheless, such petty thoughts were meaningless to harbour in the present situation. In a matter of minutes, solitude was bound to be eminent, and her body to be freed from the intolerable cloak which shielded her appearance from the others. The thought of returning to her usual attire brought a small smile to her face just before the world faded to darkness, and the unknown began.


    The sense of floating within the void of darkness was a peculiar experience that summoned neither fear of excitement. The fact that any form of motion was seemingly impossible gave conclusion that her gentle descent was the direction of the dungeon's choosing. By the simple nature of entering into the unknown, she was aware of her forfeit towards any sense of self control. Thus, it came as no surprise when a sudden voice forced its way into her head and presented a question in relation to a riddle. Were she capable of motion, a pensive expression would have encompassed her face as she pondered the words with a sense of humour. An imagined smile formed on her face as the thought of her reply passed across her conscious which immediately gave way to the gentle slumber that enveloped her so.

    You know far better than I, for what my heart desires...

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  4. Myst

    Shoved. Mocked. Ignored. These were all the things Myst was expecting when he'd been assigned to travel to this 'summoning field' of the Endless Dungeon. He'd travelled with 25 people in a small group from one of the larger towns - Stanward - almost all of these 25 being humans. Originally, it'd been 26. A fellow Levian had been the one to fall on the journey, right when they'd been heading through the hellish deserts.

    Almost all races found the deserts unbearably hot. But if you were a Levian, it was so unberably scorching that it felt like your very soul was being burned. Myst had only just managed to drag himself through the place... but the fellow Levian... he collapsed; couldn't go on. It was almost like the fallen Levian didn't exist when the humans just kept walking, saying how the fellow Levian had been 'hopeless' and they were 'wasting valuable time'. And so, Myst was forced to leave another of his race buried in the hot sands. Forgotten. Forgotten without dying with the slightest bit of respect.

    This was why Myst hated the humans of Stanward, and prejudged most others. The things he'd seen people do to other people... it just made him have less hope for some of the communities he was part of. Yes, he'd met friendly exceptions, but they were as rare as native gold. Perhaps this was one of smaller reasons why he was entering this dungeon. To never see these Stanward brutes ever again.

    "Still alive, whippet?" One of stocky human males of Myst's party taunted, the summoning fields coming in sight at last. Used to the small party's taunts, Myst's face was emotionless and stone-cold as he kept his legs moving forward, keeping silent. It was almost as if the death of a Levian back there had only mattered to them slightly for a few moments, and now, it was just a joke to them. Perhaps this party was just particularly cruel.

    It didn't matter anymore, though. They'd arrived at the summoning field at last, if a little late. The field was a bright and majestic bath of light that caused Myst to blink a little from amazement, his eyes watching the colour like a moth drawn to a flame. Many people other than Myst's small party from Stanward had arrived too, most of which wearing capes sporting the Teann Ch'i emblem. For those who weren't part of the major cities, gatherings of smaller parties often joined in with the city majority.

    The ethereal feeling of the place caused little noise to be produced under the group under the night sky, but one of the leaders called for silence anyway. The crowds of volunteers were quiet immediately.
    "Shh, lads. We arrived just in time... heheheh. Good thing whippet's soppy friend back there didn't slow our schedule."
    Those arrogant. moronic, pigs...! May the Dungeon take them forever...

    A few speeches, announcements and such were blurted from the moronic mouths of various, well-dressed leaders - all of which Myst switched off to. Only when the order was given did Myst listen, his eyes darting up from his plain look at the illuminant floor.

    "Prepare yourselves! Those who are not chosen are to leave and return to daily lives!"

    A flare - the order - was given, soaring into the darkened sky in a trail of ruby flame. The glowing floor became a sea of luminance, and Myst squinted as the field became gradually brighter. At last, was this it? He was finally going to see the endless dungeon? Myst hoped the brutes he'd travelled with didn't get chosen, and hopefully went back to sad little lives in Stanward. Myst knew the dangers of the place he would be transported to - but he was determined. He had something to prove... something to make out of himself.

    And so, everything was eventually black.

    Out of nowhere, Myst awoken in a way that he didn't actually feel awake. Moreso, he couldn't feel anything. He felt like his body didn't exist, and he was just a floating presence in a void. Everything around him, and everything he could see was just... nothing. It was only his thoughts that were with him now. The whole sensation was beyond weird... bizarre, in fact. It was almost as if he didn't really exist. When he tried to move or shout, his 'body' wouldn't do so. The world was black, until Myst could feel an alluring presence at last.

    A voice - one that Myst knew, yet had never heard before. One that Myst wanted to listen to, with words that couldn't be more clearer and with words that gave power with every word. They were asking him, a mere presence in this nothingness, a question.

    "Oh mortal who dares to venture into mine fortress. Let me ask thou, what is it that thou desire?"

    Myst paused. He didn't want to answer, but he felt compelled to. He had many reasons, but there was one thing he sought for above all.

    "...Respect." He simply opened his mouth, and whispered into the blackness. Whether it was an impressed silence, a dissapointed silence, or he was being mocked even in this world, there was no viable reply. There were more reasons, but this one overruled them all. And this presence felt so powerful... Godly, in fact.. perhaps it'd known from the start.

    And soon after, blackness overcame Myst once again.
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  5. Cristoph walked at the head of the group he had been placed in, as was his prerogative given his noble birth, regardless of what the others in the group felt. Astere trailed behind the warrior, a perpetual look of despair upon his face as it had been ever since this journey began. The bright, young boy's jokes and smiles had faded away, possibly never to return. In contrast Cristoph felt little more than impatience and annoyance. The trip had been long and doubtless the trials inside the dungeon would make it longer. The peninsula was many weeks travel to the north, by the time he returned home half a year may have passed. All for a stupid trap disguised as a battle of honour. He had no intentions of failing, and would make the nobleman pay upon his return.

    The group arrived under the giant light show that marked the opening of the dungeon. Without the hesitation exhibited by many of the other he strode right in and took his place in the centre, Astere dragged along behind him by one hand. He glared at those who were shuffling forward, only worsening their nerves. "Hurry the fuck up." he ordered them, sparking some into faster motion. This damn thing is taking far too long. After a few more minutes everyone was ready and one of the others launched a flare into the air. Cristoph drew his blade and sliced a shallow cut along his palm, allowing the blood to coat the weapon. A thing tentacle of sparkling blood emerged from the wound, looking around as if it was an animal checking for danger. Those directly around him staggered back in horror.

    Then the glowing intensified and darkness became his world.


    Something slithered through his mind, trawling his memories for everything it could find. He felt his blood boil in response and pain shot through him as the blood in his brain became agitated. But whatever force it was was too powerful for his diluted blood and took what it wanted anyway. Realising the futility of its actions his blood calmed and the pain disappeared. In its place came a voice.

    "Oh mortal who dares to venture into mine fortress. Let me ask thou, what is it that thou desire?"
    Cristoph snorted in derision. The voice almost sounded like his blood was speaking to him, impossible. "To kill the bastard I'm here to kill and leave to go home and kill another bastard." Heh, so mundane among all the wanna be heroes that would be populating this place. With his answer given he felt his consciousness fade again and he returned to slumbering.


    The young boy shivered at the feeling of something in his mind, trying to curl up into a ball and hide. He didn't want to be here, he didn't want to die. He was a squire to a prominent nobleman's son, he should've been well on the way to his own knighthood. Not marching to his death before puberty. The feeling persisted in his mind and he felt like he was being sucked clean of his memories. Tears dripped form his eyes.
    "Oh mortal who dares to venture into mine fortress. Let me ask thou, what is it that thou desire?"
    As if something deep within him had spoken Astere heard the voice. He felt compelled to answer, "I-I ... I want to be a knight." he managed to get out. Then further tears burst from his eyes, "I want to live."​
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  6. Thaylin wandered through the crowds and gazed through the varied peoples he comes across as he searches for May. Sighing, he looks up at the sky. How did he manage to lose her already? He had turned around for a second, and she had disappeared from view. Frowning, he shrugs. There's a good chance they'd simply meet up again when they got to...wherever the other side was, besides, they could always leave messages with animals or plants and the other would understand it easily.

    Worry of Maylin aside, Thaylin had his own worries to deal with. The elder druid council had ordered him here...but more importantly, his father did. He still wasn't sure why he was sent here...but he knew failure wasn't an option. Thinking back, he shakes his head, now wasn't the time to ponder the why's in life, he had to get moving, and fast. It looked like something was happening in the distance.

    Walking through the crowds, he sees a flare go up into the sky, was something going on? He would be prepared. Taking a deep breath as various Mages prepare their magics, Thayling waited until suddenly, everything turned to black.

    Thaylin wanted to panic at first when he was submerged in the void, instinctual animals hated confinement, and the movement restriction combined with the complete withdrawl of most of his senses made him want to lash out at anything he could, but he managed to stay calm. Taking a deep breath he focuses on himself, he just had to pay attention to what he knew was there, instead of what wasn't.

    "Oh mortal who dares to venture into mine fortress. Let me ask thou, what is it that thou desire?"

    Pondering those words, it takes Thaylin a few moments before he responds, trying to word his desires. "I wish to do my duty for the Elder Council...and gain the respect of my father." With those words, he slowly drifts back into a deep slumber, despite his attempts to stay alert.​
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  7. Seven smiled. His face seemed to be stuck like this for the past few weeks. There was just too much to see, discover, and learn. He had seen so much and yet there was always more. Everyday was an adventure, but Seven could not fully immerse himself in the joy of it. There was a duty to be done, a place to go, and a dungeon to explore. His father's words were etched into his mind and he often repeated them to reinforce the point. His sole duty was to find out the mysteries of the Endless Dungeon and he would complete his duty with cold iron efficiency.

    The little vial from his bandolier was not much to look at, but it was practically Seven's lifeblood. It had a green glow and seemed to shift in patterns. Seven called it his elixir of cleansing fire for its effect. Seven flipped the cap off and downed it instantly. The familiar burn raged through his body. It was like a great fire igniting across his blood, his muscles, and even his bones. The fire peaked for several seconds, leaving his body almost steaming with heat. Seven finally cooled and relaxed. His body felt completely rejuvenated as if each muscle was itching to move. He stretched his body, trying to shake off the eagerness for movement. He didn't feel like disturbing the nearby crowd around him.

    The amount of people was staggering. It was a frightening experience being surrounded by so much people on this field. Seven had traveled mostly using hunter trails, and strayed as far as he could from large settlements and cities. He used his training to find the location of the Endless Dungeon. It wasn't hard though as it seems most had already known about it. It was still difficult trying to reach this field, especially crossing the desert. His body did not take on the burning heat well. He would have rotted away long ago if not for his pounds and pounds of extra flesh and gulping down the elixir every other day. It was fortunate that Seven found a band of men camped before starting such a treacherous journey. They had already killed many traveling the same roads. Seven didn't mind having the extra meat. It was also fun figuring out how much he could store in his conveniently cooled pack. That was another fascinating thing he had found out about the world. Magic. He couldn't even grasp the basics on how people could do it, but it certainly made a lot of fun things.

    Seven noticed people was raising their voices in excitement, fear, or something else. He couldn't quite judge. One man's voice seem to taking the lead. Seven clapped in anticipation. It was probably time to begin. He couldn't wait to find out whats so fun about this dungeon. After the man shot something bright in the air, people began to move. Seven wondered how he could even get to the endless dungeon with all these people on the field. There was not indication of a path or doorway. Suddenly Seven died.

    At least he thought it was death. It was dark and he couldn't feel anything. Was this what sleeping felt like? Seven didn't sleep so he wouldn't know. There was still a sense of being. He definitely knew he was somewhere or perhaps nowhere. The feeling of being restrained, arms and legs being removed and reattached. Perhaps this feeling was similar to that. It was calming. Something was looking at him. It was peering into what he considered to be himself. It was kind of like father poking around within his head or body with his sharp pointy tools. A voice sprang within his mind. It had the feeling of father's intensity and tone, but was clearly not his.

    "Oh mortal who dares to venture into mine fortress. Let me ask thou, what is it that thou desire?"

    Seven gave an impression of a smile, "Why, thats obvious. I want..." He couldn't finish his words as if something within him wouldn't let him. Emotions welled up from deep within his soul. Something from beneath himself broke free, "I want to remember who I am!" The words left a feeling of overwhelming loss and emptiness. His purpose. His life. His entire being and self was in disarray.

    Seven never even considered where his parts came from. He thought his mismatched body retained no sense of self because he pretty much had everything replaced from conception. Seven was just a mess of parts with no cohesive personality. Only the one imprinted by father to obey and kill, but it seemed there something else within him. Or perhaps not something else. Perhaps it was himself. A fragment of self that came from one of the original corpses. The man who once was alive. Perhaps Seven was this man and that man now became Seven. Seven couldn't understand. He didn't know why he responded like that. Peforming his father's duty should be his only concern. He was Seven, and he shouldn't care about what lives his body used to have. But what scared Seven even more than true death was that he did care. Seven slept before he could continue his thoughts.
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  8. [​IMG]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Nen anxiously glanced at the desert sands, he had never grazed far from his water wonderland. The grass grew dryer as the group entered the wasteland, with morbid fascination he wondered when he would dry out as well. The walking merman sunk into the hot sand as the sweltering heat washed over him. It worried him, he didn’t want to die from desiccation. What a horrible way to go for a Sireid, as their natural enemy was the baking sun.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]At times during the journey, he would trip and fall on his knees like a fish out of water. People would either hold out their forearms for the boy to take or ignore him unless he called them out. The group didn't stop walking, Nen was drying out. His mind would make up solutions to his situation. Maybe he could try to kill someone and bath in their blood. Or he could ask someone to fan him if he tells them his problem. A girl next to him burst into tears, [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]"C-can we stop for a moment...?"[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] No one gave her an answer. She stared at her feet and let the tears fall on the dry ground.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent] [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Nen placed a hand on her shoulder, [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]“Hey, it’s going to be alright.”[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] He reassured the girl. On second thought, he could use her tears,[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] “We’re just walking to our deaths. You know, this dessert is one of the easy things we’ll have to go through and I can’t even go on.”[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] She squeaked, sobbing louder. Without asking permission, he wiped her tears away. The tears soaked into his skin replenishing his skin. As long as she kept crying, Nen would be okay under the scorching heat.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The entire group slowed to a stop, one of the people who were leading explained to the group about sticking to their decision or die. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Good thing I want to go in.[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]Aah, I’m okay. I don’t know about her, though…[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] He glanced at the girl, he was probably going to need her tears if they were going to go through more dry climates. The weaker girl chirped up with her own concerns to Nen, [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]“I-...I don’t want to die..”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Nen pulled the girl into a hug and patted her head.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Oh good, she’s crying into my shoulder. I was feeling a bit dry. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]One of the group leaders shot off a flare, Nen gingerly stepped away from the scene to see the setup. The burst of light reminded him of the translucent lilypads filled with the glow of the sun. The glow illuminated his face and he grinned as darkness hit him.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]His eyes cracked open as a familiar feeling overwhelmed him. The Sireid tried to gain some type of power over his body, but he was paralyzed. The feeling of being suspended in air wasn’t new to him, it was like drifting down when there was a storm. However, he felt panic as something went through his head. The feeling of panic was best described as the inevitable ticking one would receive after stating that they were ticklish.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The uncomfortable feeling didn’t fade away. After what seemed like hours, Nen has grown accustomed to the feeling of fear coming upon him. A booming voice resounded in the void,[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] "Oh mortal who dares to venture into mine fortress. Let me ask thou, what is it that thou desire?"[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]That you don’t call me mortal. Or maybe lots of girls. Hmm...probably honor or something.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] This wasn’t going to be easy for Nen. If he was going to give an answer it would have to be something his family thought up for him. Truthly, he had no purpose of his own. Did the voice want a deep answer or something light-hearted?[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“I’d like to be remembered for something I did.”[/BCOLOR]
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  9. [​IMG]

    The saurian felt. Even in this waking dream, he could sense a tide of grassy blackness coalescing over the rough of his aging scales into a single spot atop his spinal ridge. Then it pulled on his limbs like a moon that called for blood. For a single moment that seemed to stretch on for tens of his lifetime at the same time, the saurian was showered with that instance of familiarity, like a person who's just entered an old home.

    His nasal cavities bloomed with the smell of crusted, old blood, and the crass iron which it resided upon. And for an equally conflicting breadth in time, that sense of familiarity broke apart piece-by-piece, for the ebbing darkness to finally pool before him - a mirror. The thing that dwelt in the mirror spoke to him as it stared with its invisible eyes.

    "Oh mortal who dares to venture into mine fortress. Let me ask thou, what is it that thou desire?"
    The narrator to this new chapter in his story was seemingly incandescent, yet veiled in the mystery lying at the heart of the world all the same. In a moment of fleeting thought, the saurian wondered, was it the final chapter as it was? He could only muse of himself at the moment. He'd met many new persons before the entering ritual, if only for a short time. Thoughts played back in front of him. Ultimately, he decided it wasn't his story alone.

    Yes, he's sharing it with everyone who came along, and everyone who will go with him. Friends, and a friend. He heeded the voice, long gone yet lingering in the caking doubt. Oh, he should stop reading too deeply into this. The saurian thus recounted the fundamental teachings of alchemy; equivalent exchange. Give to get, and sown to reap.

    And for the time being, O-uro felt that he was content with sowing smaller steps, that nonetheless hid larger strides further down into the unyielding dungeon. He answered in the tongue of his homeland, and words snaked out in between his sharp teeth with a grace unseen whilst steeped in the endeavor of any other language. There was a care in his choice of words; acknowledging yet with defense. Ill intentions were never O-uro's thing. But had the thing - the dungeon - be as all-encompassing as it truly were, would it have bothered to ask? No matter.
    "...That which is thine, but doth not belongst to thee. Whence time carries favor, will all doubt come unbound."
    Then, with the old memory of a good friend, O-uro fell to sleep again. He knew not when, only that he did.

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  10. Sand filled the Rat's nostrils. The grain was rich and reminded him of home, but the feeling soon subsided as the grain seeped out of his nose. As the darkness that surrounded Rant became more clear as Sand he began to remember what happened and his situation.
    Rant had been walking endlessly searching for a team to help venture into the Endless Dungeon, but to no avail. When he was too tired to move on and on the brink of starving to death a woman saved him. Rant thought the woman was his savior and halted his mission to venture into the dungeon to help her with the various household tasks she required aid in. The Sand Rat was being lured into his death. One morning he woke up in chains and easily broke out. He ran into the house of the woman and found himself being flung into a tree. When he looked up again two orcs threw him deeper into the woods and his battle with the mighty beasts began, but he was unable to overpower both of them and was rendered unconscious by a blow from both monsters at the same time.

    His vision was coming back when they tossed him in the sand prison, but the woman that he trusted saw to it that he did not come to. Rant was cast into a cell filled with sand and chained down.​
    "I'm going to kill the wretch." Remembering what had transpired anger took over and Rant broke free from his chains. He slammed his hands into the sand digging his way to a cell wall where he pounded himself free. The sand pushed through taking Rant with it and flushing the rat through the window. Rant wanted to get back at the woman, but he suspected that she was more than ready to handle him now. Feeling this pressure he took a steed and raced off for the dungeon. "Someone wants me dead. Understandable really."
    Rant was a day's walk from the dungeon, but sought out food. Without money he was forced to resort to stealing. The hero charged in and swiped as much as he could carry and made for the hills. "This is embarrassing." After he ate he made his way to the opening of the gates. Many were arriving just as tardy as he was. He looked around at the kingdom emblems, only familiar with two of the three. "Who are they?" Rant stared at the Kushtark kingdom's emblem. Before he could get an answer a feeling of intense sleepiness fell over him, but he managed to stay awake enough to hear a voice. It was so familiar, but a stranger to him. The voice called out demanding an answer to its question;

    "Oh mortal who dares to venture into mine fortress. Let me ask thou, what is it that thou desire?"
    Rant stood still pondering the question well then he lifted his head in the black abyss that he now stood in. "To be honest I want you out of my head, but..." Rant gripped the necklace around his neck. "I want to see the fall of a kingdom." Just as suddenly as the feelings and voice came, they all vanished. "Talking to shadows Rant..." Rant began to fall into a deep sleep again. "No way... did she... real-ly..." His body sprawled out on the floor. Rant was now dead asleep.
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  11. Summary: Mailyn wander off and lost Thaylin but oh look! Firewor- *black out*.

    It was already dusk by the time they arrived to the vast fields as a sea of cloaked individuals with the Emblem of Teann Ch'i entitled on their clothing all stood before their escort as a maroon-cloaked figure stood among the mass crowd with an appearance of a monk, their face shadowed by their hood while the figure paid little attention to the ones that led them to this open meadow that held nothing but endless land glowing with light from every corner leaving nothing untouched while their -- the figure -- focus was more on somewhere else than on the announcement given.

    Taking hold of the hood as their cloak parted to show a orange dress made of petal-like fabric with a green vine around the waist to secure the skirt, the hood fell back to let loose long brown tresses as the figure turned out to be a young woman. Honey-hazel orbs scanned around them -- as to their dismay -- to find that they have lost their fellow companion within the group though it wouldn't matter as she will meet with him afterward once they enter the dungeon.

    Everyone was here for that reason and the reason for it was for the legendary secrets of the Endless Dungeon, a place of the great unknown that many had died in and rarely came out alive. Rumors has it that there lies great treasures far beyond your wildest dreams and if you could survive through the treacherous obstacles inside the place, you are able to take as much of its glory as you can carry and exit out of the place safely to tell your tales. Many were here for that particular reason but for some, like Mailyn, they had their own personal purpose.

    To Mailyn, the treasure was nothing but curiosity to see what it was at the end of the journey. Her main purpose was yet to be known honestly as she only came to accompany her friend, Thaylin, as he was sent here by the Council for this quest of honor. Though she could have just stayed put, she did not want to leave her childhood friend to go alone to throw his life in danger and so, she followed after him but look at her now, somewhere else away from where he was but she reminded herself again that it would be fine, their destination was -- of course -- the same place, after all.

    Finally giving her full attention back at the front when one of the leaders shot a flare into the night sky, Mailyn gasped in awe as this was a first for her to see such pretty illuminating sparks like fire flowers in the sky but somehow her vision was getting brighter or was all the lighting around them getting to her? She wasn't sure but her vision soon was blinded with white for a bit until everything suddenly went dark.

    Whatever happened, Mailyn wasn't sure of but she happened to regain conscious only to see pitch-black. Was she even awake? She couldn't tell as no sound touched her deaf ears nor could she feel the tingle of her muscles moving from her breathing. Panic was slowly crawling up her skin as she tried to speak, move, just anything to give her assures that she was alive in this strange void of space. Could she be dead? What about the others? Thaylin? Did that strange light kill them somehow? So many questions were running through her head but soon came to a halt and vanished as a voice spoke up, snapping her out of her slight panic mode;

    "Oh mortal who dares to venture into mine fortress. Let me ask thou, what is it that thou desire?"

    "Fortress? Why was this person talking like this? Wait... why does this voice kinda like my voice?! Are you my conscience?" She thought confused why the voice sounded as if it was her own voice but at the same time, unfamiliar to her as if someone else was using her voice to communicate with her. Surely it couldn't be her conscience because it didn't reply to her questions nor did it seem like a voice who would help her but thinking back on the question at hand, she pondered for a minute to clear her thoughts as she wasn't sure what the voice was talking about until it hit her.

    Thinking up an answer, she finally found her reason for entering the dungeon in the first place,"I want adventure and I want to be with Thaylin to help him!" With her determine answer as final, the voice seemed to snicker at her infantile response silently and soon accepted the answer, letting Mailyn to slowly feel somnolent with her mind fuzzy with sleep. She didn't get the answers she wanted back but she couldn't muster the strength to protest and eventually let herself drift off to a dreamless sleep in the bottomless pit of darkness.
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  12. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Hey, you! Get back here!”[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]A burly, muscular man called out angrily from behind a fruit stand to the thief who had just taken a bundle of produce from him. The thief in question, a hooded youth with shining eyes, simply smirked and continued to sprint away. She had no time to be apologizing to angry fruit men. No, she had somewhere to be. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]“Hey..!” [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]The man’s scowl deepened upon being ignored, before he shook his head and let the hit-and-run fruit thief go. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The girl eventually slowed to a stop once she was around the corner, pulling the hood off and revealing her full face. Shimmering blue eyes, a dainty nose, and small, pale pink lips were framed by light blue hair, which were tied up in pigtails. At the moment, her petite mouth was stretched into a triumphant grin as she gazed at the haul before her. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]“Kyoya, you have really outdone yourself this time. Now, we have to get goin’.”[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Shoving one apple into her mouth and the others into a bag, she set off to her destination; The Endless Dungeon.[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]After a bit of traveling, Kyoya finally made it to the meetup point. She was hot (well, she was always hot, but she meant in a physical way), tired, and ready to just get it over with. All things considered, she would probably die in there anyways, but she didn’t really care at this point. She was there, and she was ready. As Kyoya monologued internally, a ruby red light shot into the sky.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] “Aaaaaand here we go, folks!” [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]The girl eagerly said to herself, as the world around her was coated in darkness.[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]As she regained consciousness, Kyo realized that she was floating in the void. Literally, the void. Pitch black darkness. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Well, this isn’t good,[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] she thought bitterly. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Let’s see… if I’m breathing, that means that there’s oxygen in here, which means…[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] In an effort to bring more light to the situation, Kyoya shot her arms out in front of her; at least, she tried to. She found that everything except her eyes were pretty much paralyzed. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Well, that sucks. What no--[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Oh, mortal who dares to venture into mine fortress. Let me ask thou, what is it that thou desire?"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]‘Scuse me, but I’m more than a mortal, thank you very much. I’m the almighty witch of this place, and I’m gonna make you my bi-- Oh, my desire? Hm, let’s see.. You want me to tell you what you wanna hear, or should I be honest? Well, considering where I am, they’re probably the same thing. Whatever, here goes nothin’.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“My desire is to prove that I’m better than my sisters, better than any witch or wizard in this world, and the next! Mine...and yours!”[/BCOLOR]
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  13. The girl huffed, tightening the already tight bun at the top of her head. It was a nervous habit, really, and in turn, her soft brown hair was always tied back tightly. Well, that or it was hanging over her shoulders. That, however, was an increasingly rare view. Alina did used to have shorter hair, finding it easier to manage when she was training with the old man, but now that it was done and she was who she was, she had long since grown it out. Thing is, she had become so used to it being so short, the feeling of it against her back made her shiver and sometimes cringe, unconsciously expecting it to be an enemy. Besides, having her hair up made it easier to look around without her view being blocked. Perhaps it was time to cut it short.

    Alina shook the thought away. What time would there be for that? She was going to die next and there was nothing she could do about it. She did think about running in the desert, but the place was known to have no oasis, nor was it easy to reach the underground water supplies. Running now, that would be suicide. Sighing, she closed her eyes as she entered the portal, thinking of nothing but her sword that had to be left behind.

    She didn't try to move, or open her eyes. The difficulty in breathing was proof enough that she wouldn't be able to move a muscle. If she had fallen asleep, she most certainly didn't remember. Then the voice.

    "Oh mortal who dares to venture into mine fortress. Let me ask thou, what is it that thou desire?"

    What did she desire? Indeed, that was a good question, one of which she didn't know the answer to. Now, she thought. What did she desire, what did she desire? "What do I desire?" Alina replied, giving the slightest of smiles. "I desire chaos." And with those words, she fell into a deep sleep. She didn't want to, of course, but she did. What power did she have to resist anyhow?
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  14. imageedit_3_4613502863.gif
    She wore on her armor the symbol of the Seven Armed, a half-sun with seven spokes coming from its center. There were many renditions of this, ranging from the simplest pattern to the most complex. But the same base: a sun, with seven spokes. Fitting, thought she. One of the few things that had never confused her, nor made her question in her lifetime serving the Order.

    And now? Standing amidst ruffians and honor-seekers? Amidst the condemned and the greedy? Amongst the duty bound? Now, there was no need to question. The Decree so said, they were all deserving of the healing arm. All deserving, save the exceptions... Save the exceptions...

    "Disciple Abïden," called the man beside her. Armored in shining plates, with the Order's symbol across his chest, upon his shoulders, and on both shield and hammer. "The signal," he gestured simply. "Are you ready?"

    "I was ready the moment they chose us," she replied near-automatically. "After you, Sentinel Daeins." His massive armor clinked as he moved forward. The clean plates on his back made her wonder, for a fleeting moment, Will I see him ever again?

    She shook away the thought. Nonsense. He, her, and the King's Men were entering together. What reason had she to fear they be separated?

    Next to his, her armor made little sound. But sound it made as she took up the back of the band of men. Sound it made, up until reaching the entrance... and then...


    "Oh mortal who dares to venture into mine fortress. Let me ask thou, what is it that thou desire?"

    ...God? Could it be? No... it wasn't... was it...?

    ...No... it called this place 'its' fortress. A God, perhaps, a powerful entity, perhaps, but not the Seven Armed. For had it been her God, her desire would be no secret. It was never a secret. Always apparent in every goal she sought. Was it not apparent to this which had the power to speak within her very self? Was it not apparent that what she'd strived for her entire life, what she desired most, was very simple? Simply, I've always desired...

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  15. Sünder

    In a land full of celestial bodies, the valkyries managed to make it a battlefield. Infinite serenity warmed the vacant atmosphere, only applying its ethereal touches. A sky had a rainbow full of happiness. Lovely Brynhildr relished the atmospheric utopia. Seeing her sisters battle made her blood boil with life. Sunder was a place to call her own, serving imperial accommodations to the war-bound. At the end of the day, she managed to find serenity, even during wars. However, something bothered her feathers. "You've wanted a place to explore. Now is your chance." The deep, masculine voice sounded promising to the ears. Little did she believe the dangers afoot.

    As the third oldest, she had to test her ambition. Brynhildr had no say on the matter. Today was the day Odin unlocked the doors to freedom. Freedom proved a bittersweet outcome. Fighting back tears, Brynja looked at her fellow soldiers. Going Earthbound was a hard task, even for the eldest of daughters. She didn't feel up to it, but as she trekked through the airy clouds, she saw a group of Valkyries flying towards her direction. Blue eyes flicked to the herd. As she reached for her sword, she hesitated to see sorrowful faces. With a long sigh, she sheathed it back, unable to hide that grief. Was it that godly voice, beckoning her exploration? Was it something of another endeavor? Whatever the reason, Brynja had to listen; heaven knows their intent.

    "Sister!" Agahylde, the youngest one, ran up to Brynhildr. Although Brynhildr's desire to venture in the woods was interesting, going Earthbound was just as important as celestial life. "You can't! You need to...!"

    "I know that." Cold, truthful words eased the pain. In her heart laid a paramount duty to uphold. She didn't take no for an answer. Rather, she pretended to understand. Though her attempts worked, a small tear streamed along her cheek. "I..." A grimace grew on her face, feeling the reduction of her wings. The four, white wings radiated a bright, purple hue, granting her two, smaller wings. The sudden reduction induced her clumsiness, tripping her over. As she felt her new wings, Brynja blurted her concern, "My... Wings?! Where are they?! Where!?" Her trademark wings were gone. Never would she transcend along the fluffy clouds. Although her armor was still there, it was noticeably lighter than suited for battle.

    Agnes' mouth quivered, trying not to cry. "Did Odin tell you about the life... of a human?" Twiddling her fingers, Agnes trotted to Brynja's direction. Brynhildr felt no desire to talk. Try as she might, tears streamed down her face, yet she never howled. She couldn't believe the unfathomable depression in her heart. Time would tell them of her return. The incessant hunger for facts preceded over everything else.

    As if on a whim, Brynhildr caressed the young one, aware of Agnes' poor coping skills. "Aggie, do believe I will return, even in spirit. I have to do this alone." The words her voice asked her to say made her cringe. She was not the kind to give hugs, kiss others, or even make bonds. However, she let her hesitation fall down. Brynhildr released her metal grip to bid farewell. If Agnes saw her face, a crooked smile grew on her face. Brynhildr's voice cracked with emotion. "I will miss you. I hope to see you again." Her sisters shouted in their Nordic tongues, praying for Brynja's return. The valkyrie approached towards a golden gate.

    "Mighty Odin, take me to what you consider the Land of your interest." She prayed as the gates announced her departure. Deep down, Brynja sensed apprehension. She felt no need to be with the humans. Nevertheless, once the valkyrie went Earthbound, there was no turning back. Once she'd correspond with the valkyries, she'd jump straight to her objective.

    ~ M E A N W H I L E ~

    The lady of the skies lay flat on her belly. Once she woke up, her body felt battered to the head to her feet. If she fell, she probably didn't see anything coming. As she found a nearby stick, the valkyrie hoisted herself off the barren earth. Here, she thought she'd be an angel and fly away. If that was doable, she would set her eyes on the nearest adventure. Maybe Agahylde tried to warn her of something important. Now, she could regret her ignorance. Brynhildr staggered across the wild forest. At first, Brynhildr believed Earth was a place of fortune, opportunity, and peace. Never did she expect a tumultuous habitat.

    An irrepressible urge to cough, eat, or sleep overcame her body. Odin never told her she would face mortality. When she went Earthbound, the valkyrie felt the pain and struggle of being an avian. Valkyries have no need for the commodities humans need. To her, mortality felt like cold, brooding death. To a valkyries' spirit - especially hers - the Earth remains a many-layered enigma, awaiting its revelation. The stench of sweat and dust permeated her nostrils. She never smelled something so strange... so undeniably human. Brynhildr thought she could pray, worship and glide with confidence.

    Oh, she was ever so wrong!

    Never did she realize what she fell down to see. A gaping hole set before her eyes. What was it? A mouth of a dragon? Or was it a phantasmagorical entity? Never mind her feelings, she resumed to her objective. Her nose, face and ears itched. She knew she couldn't scrape it with her armor. With a free hand, the valkyrie rubbed at her nose. At least it wasn't bleeding! To ebb away her fear, she licked her dry, pasty lips. She didn't expect this kind of struggle! As soon as she set foot to the Dungeon, a loud, harrowing voice startled her.

    "Oh mortal who dares to venture into mine fortress. Let me ask thou, what is it that thou desire?"

    "Desire? Why... I have no desire, but dear Odin sent me for a test. A test of my strength!" She chimed happily, believing she was a lone adventurer. At least the dungeon had something positive in her alley. She had no desire, for she didn't believe in desire. If it was a wish for strength, power, and life after death... well, that was a Valkyrie's world!

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  16. And after what felt like an eternity, they heard the voice again. This time, distant, yet clear enough to wake each and every single one out of their slumber.

    @Random @Zeraj @AiDee @Cambridge Hazard @IceChateau777 @PandaChu

    "Thou, who seek the truth in lies. Who seek the wisdom for the future. I will lend thou mine power, for that thy judgment may become unclouded."

    @Tsu @DoughGuy (Squire) @Kal

    "Thou, who seek to unbound thy chains. Who seek life over death. I will lend thou mine power, for that thy judgement may become unclouded."

    @Jakers @TerraBooma @Kitt

    "Thou, who seek recognition to deserve. Who seek fame and glory. I will lend thou mine power, for that thy judgement may become unclouded."

    @DoughGuy (Christoph) @ShiroKiyoshi @Demmy

    "Thou, who seek perfection in destruction. Who seek blood and chaos. I will lend thou mine power, for that thy judgement may become unclouded."

    Floor 1
    Death. The air tasted foul. If not for the ominous voice waking them, then sure for the threatening vibe their exterior gave instinctively off. They were in a forest, a bunch of 16 different people, one more different than the next. Their bodies sprawled across a small clearing. The green of the forest and the soothing sound of a small river somewhere to the west could have been considering at home for the one or other. But the lack of noise of the usual wildlife, be it just birds. The glooming fog and the foul air. They all gave signs of alert. It was a place that any sane being would want to get away from.

    Yet, here they were, trapped inside a forest, a valley to be more precise. No sign of a ceiling, no sign of some walls. No sign of a Dungeon. Just fog, trees, and the sound of some water. Maybe they really died? Maybe this was the afterlife? None of them could know for sure... .

    Under those 16 people, whoever was to rise first, would definitely see a woman, clothed in a red garb, with hair as black as the night-sky and piercing red-eyes. Armed with a blade over her size on the back, she looked absent-minded towards the foggy sky.
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  17. The Second the putrid stink of the air reached Thaylin's subconscious, the Druid lept to his feet in a low stance, eyes wide, ears alert for danger, twitching at every creak and moan of the wood in the trees and a dagger of animal bone in his hand. As he notices the others around him, he starts to calm. Noticing Mailyn, something almost close to a relieved smile appears on his face for a few instances. Noticing that neither she nor anyone else in the clearing looks physically injured, he makes his way to her side before kneeling down and shaking her slightly, making sure she would wake up. As he did so he pondered the voice's words, what did it mean? it's power...he'd have to be on guard, for power was not something to be messed with unknowingly.

    After checking on Mailyn's well being Thaylin's gaze turns to the forest around them. Plants, trees herbs...this would be good for his and Mailyn's nature magic, but as far as physical uses for herbs go, the plants around him seemed useless. Peculiarly, there was a single type of herb in the mix of grass that he couldn't identify, which caused a small bit of alarm. Even more alarming was the fact that it spread like a weed, seeming to choke out the life and dominate other herbs as it spread through the grass.

    As he scans the area for herbs, something seems off, he tries to shake it off of him at first, but he can't, and upon closer inspection of the ground, finds bones littered across the area. At first it seems like something normal from a forest, but upon closer inspection, he skaes his head, and turns to the red woman who was the first one awake. "We should move." He says quickly. "Bones here, Human. Signs of damage." He looks at them again. "Nothing I've ever seen happen from an animal."

    Inventory (open)

    Food and Supplies
    Bone Dagger
    Herbology Book
    Animal skins shaped as clothing
    Various herbs in a herb pouch within the satchel

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  18. Summary: Mailyn reunited with Thaylin. Yay!.

    Tranquility took over and carried Mailyn's soul to the dream world just barely from the blank space until the same voice from before returned, disturbing her transport to giving her a decent dream though this time, the voice wasn't as audible like the last time they 'spoke'. Waking up in her subconsciousness, she could hear the faint voice speak with the same Old Language that Mailyn could never seen to understand completely;

    "Thou, who seek the truth in lies. Who seek the wisdom for the future. I will lend thou mine power, for that thy judgment may become unclouded."

    Leaving behind with those words for her to ponder on, the voice soon left her at rest once more until she could feel the void vanishing and something shaking her gently. The sound of her organs functioning could be heard with the thumping of her heart coming to life and the texture of ground brushing at her cheek. Slowly, her senses were awakening but maybe she should have stayed in that void as an acrid stench overwhelmed her to the point of causing her stomach to swirl in disgust. As eyelids fluttered open, she shot up instantly from the ground and quickly covered her nose to avoid taking in anymore of the smell of death,"Ugh! What is that smell?" The very first thing she said finally having the ability to speak and examining her surrounding, she noticed they were in a forest of fog toward it wasn't thick enough to blind them from seeing anything, however, it did give off an eerie atmosphere. Even the strange lack of activity added on though she was born in a forest, this wasn't her home and was a different land far from the comfort of her village.

    The sound of water running could be heard from a far meaning that they at least have a water source somewhere to the west but with this stink, it could be possible that the water was contaminated. Now gathering up information of where they were, she then examined the group with them as she noticed that there were a variety of individuals here all different from the other with significant features to them. Counting each head, she estimated to about 16 people -- including herself -- but then she noticed another figure who happened to be standing adding her to make 17 people in total though the woman showed no interest in them.

    Seems they may have lost a few people or got separated from the crowd but either way, the question at hand was... where were they exactly?

    This was no dark cavern of death mazes nor was it any familiar place she know of. Was this the so-called 'Endless Dungeon'? It couldn't be. Maybe she really did die? If she did, what killed her then? Now getting on this topic, that voice... what did it mean 'lend power something something'... ah, she really didn't understand what that voice meant. Confusion swarmed her mind until she finally realized that she was back with Thaylin as she ignored his comment on the situation at hand and with swish movement, wrapped her arms around her small friend -- it's one inch but it matters -- as she squealed,"Thaylin! Thank goodness we're back together again or it would have been such a lonely journey!" She exclaimed expressing her thrill to be reunited with her childhood friend again after losing him during that meeting. Honestly, she was now being oblivious after observing her surrounding and then ignoring the scary moment just to hug the poor druid in front of everyone? The young faun sure had a lot of energy bottled up in her as her ebullient attitude seemed to brighten the mood at the least.

    Bag (open)

    ◽ Necessary Survival Equipment (Food and Medical Aid)
    ◽ Her Mother's necklace (Lucky charm)
    ◽ Jar of Water
    ◽ Petal Clothing
    ◽ Cloak

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  19. Rant seemed to be drifting endlessly in the shadows that clouded his mind. Reliving the various battles he had been in and the day his greatest ally died. He never thought such a thing could never happen, he thought it would never happen. Rant's anger only continued to rise at an unhealthy rate. Rant was in the midst of yet another dream when everything started to freeze in time. The soldiers around him and fiends against him all stopped. It only took a blink for two army's to form in front of him and the same mysterious voice to echo these words;

    "Thou, who seek perfection in destruction. Who seek blood and chaos. I will lend thou mine power, for that thy judgement may become unclouded."

    Rant still in awe at the occurrence in his mind froze in a striking stance. He dropped his sword and gritted his teeth. His dream was becoming crushed by the words iterated by the voice."I said stay out of my head!" Rant's howl reached the physical world as he came to. His screech halted when the odor of the valley brought him to reality. "What died?" He sat up looking around at the 13 bodies laying on the ground, rubbing his head he answered his own question. "I see." Rant came to a full stand and checked his dagger sheathed at his side. He twirled it around inspecting it. "I haven't used it. What of my sword?" Rant sheathed his dagger and pulled out the short sword strapped to his back. Inspecting the blade and hilt he found that this had been unused as well. "How'd I arrive here?" Rant's gaze slowly met the faces of two druids. "So, I'm not the only one living." Rant took another look at the people around him. "They're not dead then."

    Unclear as to what his next objective should be he took a moment to take in the scenery. The sound of water running made his left ear perk up. "Then its not a barren wasteland of trees, but it is devoid of any signs of life." Rant was about to dive his hand into his satchel, but remembered it was empty except for a roll of bandaging. "This is great." Rant plunged his hand into the bag anyway finding his hand feel the touch of cold metal. He brought the bag to eye level and saw a chest piece. "I don't remember packing this... Wait yes I do. I stole it." He gave a large sigh as he pulled the piece out and examined it as well, it was clean and hardly used. "Or maybe it was a gift? I can't remember now." Rant equipped the armor piece and started to walk over to the woman in the red coat. "But onto more pressing matters. I think I understand what has happened now."

    As Rant walked toward the woman in the red coat he thought about the events until the black out. He remembered the voice and being shrouded by the darkness. He remembered his first impression of the place and the first things to come to mind that he felt he needed to do. He remembered the two druid people smiling at the sight of one another and then he stopped behind the woman in the red coat staring. "You woke up first. The forest people are still embracing one another and I have just awoken. My question is; Were you ever asleep?"

    Inventory (open)

    • Dagger
    • Short Sword
    • Leather Satchel
    • Bandaging x 1
    • Chest Armor plating
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  20. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Eventually, Kyoya fell asleep after the voice of God had left her alone for a good long while. That stupid thing asked her a question, she answered, and then it didn’t bother to answer. How idiotic. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Thou, who seek recognition to deserve. Who seek fame and glory. I will lend thou mine power, for that thy judgement may become unclouded." [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Thanks, Jesus. Real helpful. I dunno what halfa that meant, but whatever. I guess I get some kickass powers, right? Not that I’m not cool already, ya know. Anyways..What do I do now? Do I just...sit here ‘til someone shows up? ‘Til God decides “oh yeah, guess I should let her down now, haha” or somethin’?[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] It was only a moment before her wish was granted, and the putrid scent of death and decay filled her nose, and she plopped down with a thud. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]“Okay, that was a bit much!”[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] She yelled at the sky, rubbing her backside as she rose from the dirty ground. It seemed to be a forest of some sort, and a misty one at that. Like a fairytale forest. Maybe she’d find Little Red Riding Hood in here, or someone. Hopefully, she’d see the Wolf and she’d have herself a nice new fur coat. Kyoya sat, pondering these things, before another thought popped into her head. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Hey, ain’t this s’posed to be a dungeon?[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] It was at this thought that she really started to look around, and she saw that there were actually other people here. Crazy. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Up ahead, there was a woman with raven black hair and a red cloak, along with a big ass sword. Oh, great, just what they all needed. A crazy lady with a huge sword, ready to kill them all. Perfect. Kyoya sighed, before looking over the others present. There was a pair of kids who seemed to know each other, embracing and all, and the girl said something about adventure, or whatever. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Hey, at least she’s having a good time.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Kyo would put money on her either being a cinnamon roll, or being simply, well, sadistic. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The blue haired girl kept in mind the keep an eye on the remaining people in their group, because one or more of them could be hostile, and that wouldn’t be good. Hell, even those kids over there could be hostile, and she didn’t know it yet. They didn’t seem too bad, though, so it didn’t matter. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Well, good for them,[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] she thought.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] I don’t know anyone here, I don’t think, so I might just be makin’ some new friends today. Who knows? Might as well start introducin’ myself, so we can get straight to business.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Approaching the set of embracing kiddos, she stuck her hand out, implying that they should shake it. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]“Kyoya Atsuki, resident witch, nice to make your acquaintance. I intend on getting out of here alive, so if you two wanna seperate yourselves and help me wake the rest of these snoozin’ nerds over here, if they haven’t woken up already, that would be greatly appreciated.”[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] If either of them protested, she would’ve simply waved them off and said, [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]“You can hug it out later. First, we gotta get outta this stinkin’ hellhole of a forest.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]She considered approaching the furry creature thing who was talking to the black haired scary lady, but then again, he was talking to the black haired scary lady. So, she figured it was best to leave them be. Meanwhile, if anyone else had woken up during this time period, she would have essentially said the same to them as she did to the happily married couple she just broke up. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Gotta get that interaction in, ya know? [/BCOLOR]
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