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  1. Status: Accepting Characters - IC Entry Temporarily Restricted Please PM, lemonchiffon
    Exploration & Acquisition Services
    "Welcome to Varia! We offer the city's best exploration and acquisition services. Have you discovered an entrance leading into the deep, dark unknown? Do you wish to uncover the secrets left behind by ancestors? Are you itching to find out if an rumored artifact really exists? Then come visit our headquarters, located in the capital city, Aristos for your free consultation today!"

    This role play is about treasure hunting, dungeon raiding, exploration, and living in a magical fantasy world full of monsters, wickedness, and the endless unknown. Also, this role play is about an organization called Varia that mainly consists of dungeon raiders, treasure hunters, and cartographers. Being a fairly new organization, Varia is currently recruiting members! This is your chance to join in on the opportunity of a lifetime!

    Here is the link to the IC. Currently, we are in HQ Mode, see "Administration Stuff"

    Rating is PG-13

    World Information (open)

    The massive and very roughly rectangular continent Malia houses most of the known civilizations living on the planet. However, the known history of the continent is severely lacking due to a prolonged chaotic era resulting from the double-edged fortune of a balanced distribution of strength, intelligence, and wealth among the civilizations of the time coupled with their equal desire for sole dominance. It was only a mere few centuries ago when the mysterious kingdom of Aristos sharply rose to power and conquered the continent. Establishing the capital city of Malia as Aristos, they immediately returned a generous amount of power to the respective conquered civilizations. With a central figure of power and authority, each civilization agreed to peace and slowly, assimilation took place. Current day Malia has no true central government and with the uprising of the evil forces of nature, more than ever the civilizations must maintain unity.

    Aristos (open)
    Capital City - Aristos
    Artwork by Imperial Boy

    Located near the center of the continent Malia, the capital city Aristos is a highly metropolitan area thriving with businesses, social activity, and advancements in magic, technology, and wisdom. Housed in the northern outskirts of the capital city Aristos, the headquarters of Varia stands tall and regal.

    Aristos - Eastern Outskirts
    Artwork by nekochangirl

    Peaceful and quiet, this part of the capital city is where most of the educational institutions reside. From history to arcane studies, science to art, anything you dream of pursuing can be learned and accomplished here.

    Aristos - Southern Outskirts
    Artwork by Sergey Skachkov

    Truly the slums of Aristos. The unfortunate, the lazy, the abandoned, the hopeless, or the shady individuals find themselves here, living a rough life. Every now and then, someone manages to escape and become successful, but that occurrence is rare.

    Aristos - Western Outskirts
    Artwork by Jonas De Ro

    Similar to the eastern outskirts of Aristos, the western outskirts are peaceful and tranquil. Though it consists of mostly residential areas, some family businesses and restaurants thrive here, bringing in tourists or visits from the city's wealthy.

    Aristos - Northern Outskirts - Varia
    Not sure who the artist is :(

    The true origin of the organization Varia is a mystery to all. It is rumored that long ago, one of the founders of Aristos bought all the land of the northern part of the city. Ever since then, the land had been passed down through the generations. Most of the land is undeveloped and endless acres of well-kept lawn isolate the lone tall building from the rest of the city. A single wide paved road leads from the rest of the city to the headquarters.
    Gothicaern (open)
    "The city of order and eternal night. Gothicaern is an industrialist state where the clouds are spawned from chimney smog and the air is thick with soot, where money reigns supreme and the closest thing to sunshine are the countless neon lights that run on energy drained from the ley lines that run beneath it. Many describe it as a place that nature forsook and left to man.

    The waters that run around the city are fetid with chemical waste and habour strange things best left underwater however owing to their many purification plants, the citizens manage to draw clean water and survive on their own so far.

    The strange practices of magic and sorcery are more stringent in this state, Magicians are required to have a permit to enter and are kept under constant watch. Those who are born here are only allowed certain subjects of sorcery, as legislated by the monocellular government. Spells that can be used for self-defense or divination are only allowed by those in the military, otherwise it is considered treason to have such knowledge. As is speaking against the government.

    Gothicaern's main import is military services, a mercenarious state that sells armaments and soldiers to the highest bidder but insists that it is neutral in conflicts. Though many doubt that. Even after Malia entered an era of peace, this nation still somehow manages to flourish." -TeaRiverBridge
    About Varia (open)
    "The true origin of the organization Varia is a mystery to all. It is rumored that long ago, one of the founders of Aristos bought all the land of the northern part of the city. Ever since then, the land had been passed down through the generations. Most of the land is undeveloped and endless acres of well-kept lawn isolate the lone tall building from the rest of the city. A single wide paved road leads from the rest of the city to the headquarters."

    Clients that wish to obtain treasure guarded by demonic armies or for a dungeon to be cleared out for their use usually hire Varia to do so. Because of the extreme effort and skill necessary to accomplish most mission client's request, the payout is huge and each mission usually results in headquarters getting upgraded.

    The organization hierarchy is fairly complex. Rather than a strict, cold system, the organization has a family atmosphere to it. This is most likely because of the charismatic and kind leader who remains in the shadows. Only the higher ranking officers of Varia know who the leader is. It is said that the leader remains a mystery so that they can walk among the regular members to see how everything is going.

    Members of Varia mainly consist of magic users, martial artists, and scholars with an adventurous spirit.

    The headquarters has basic training facilities, a large cafeteria, an auditorium, and residence dormitories. For more information, please visit the next post which is dedicated to Varia Headquarters
    Administration Stuff (open)
    • I am the GM for this role play, so what I say goes
    • Follow Iwaku rules as well as proper role play etiquette
    • To be redundant, please be respectful, and have fun :)
    • Multiple characters per role player allowed, however please make sure you can handle it
    Posting Policy
    • Minimum post requirement is one full paragraph, two is ideal, more is welcome
    • However, do not meaninglessly fluff out five-chapter short novels per post xD
    • Turn-based, do not leave people behind, the level of strictness will depend, see "Modes" below
    • Please adhere to lore and information provided in OOC, creativity is encouraged, but contradiction isn't
    • If three full days pass with no word from you, your character may be subject to reasonable god-modding
    • If a week passes with no word from you, your character will be faded out of the role play until you return
    • If a month passes with no word from you, your character might suffer if I don't like their personality, if I liked them, they will die peacefully and everyone will be sad and move on
    • HQ Mode - everyone is inside or near Varia HQ, will always be a single chapter
    • Mission Mode - usually small missions, where the RP group is subdivided into smaller groups, sometimes there will be big missions involving everyone
    • HQ and Mission Mode will alternate strictly each chapter
    • Major Arcs - plot is relevant to all active characters, please adhere to only one or two exchanges per round
    • Small Missions/Scenarios(will be labeled) - less strict about turns, however keep in mind that eventually, timelines must match up, so if it is too far ahead, waiting is inevitable
    Character Sheet (open)

    For those that have played anime fantasy MMORPGs such as Mabinogi, Grand Fantasia, Aura Kingdom, and other similar titles, the role play will draw inspiration from that type of setting with magic, monsters, and dungeons. For the role play, I would like most to be one or two of the three:

    Dungeon Raider
    You don't care what the material reward is, you just want to explore the unknown, kill evil monsters, and conquer the dungeon. The thrill and sense of accomplishment as the evil boss monster falls down defeated is enough reward for you. Of course, you don't mind taking your share of the spoils anyway, everyone has to eat.

    Treasure Hunter
    Wealth is important to you, you enjoy the hunt, the adventure, and the danger, but in the end, you wish to obtain priceless artifacts for your collection, or you simply wish to sell it so you can swim in your coin vault.

    Less about the violence, wealth, and danger, you find the world fascinating. You want to record it, not by writing long articles and encyclopedia entries, but by describing it on a map. Every little curve, tree, mountain, or quirk will be captured by you onto the parchment. Many are also part historian.

    As long as some category above is met, the character can be any humanoid race. If it isn't one of the common races such as human, elf, dwarf, kitsune, faerie, etc please also give information on that race. The specific role your character plays in the team can be unique to your choosing. For example, a dungeon raider could be someone who uses battleaxes and fire magic. A cartographer could also be proficient in gunslinging. If you are unsure, feel free to ask :)

    Character Sheet:
    Gender: (If applicable)

    Race Info: (Optional)

    Category: (Up to two, dungeon raider/treasure hunter/cartographer)
    Role: (Healer, guardian, assassin, long-range support, or tactician, etc)

    Combat Style: (If applicable)
    Weapons: (If applicable)
    Skills: (If applicable, like magic or special expertise in some field)

    Appearance: (Picture preferred, anime/manga/concept art only please)
    History: (Brief, simply a bit about before you were accepted into Varia)
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  2. Headquarters, lightcoral A lone tall building reaching a modest six stories stands in the middle of a flat immense lawn. Throughout this huge field, a single paved path leads from the capital city to the headquarters of Varia. It has been said walking the path itself takes an hour at a brisk pace. Despite the lack of gates or security features, the field remains mostly untraveled for strange reasons. However, some have had picnics at the very edge, enjoying the scenery and fresh air.

    The building itself is full of magical spells that help it function. The most obvious magical working is the spatial laws being broken. Floors are immense areas that simply couldn't physically fit into the building's real dimensions. Despite this, it seems there are still limits to the expanded space.
    Building Map (open)
    Main Floor - Lobby
    A greeting area for guests and for members to just relax before they depart on a mission. There is a wishing fountain in the middle and two flights of circular stairs reaching to the second and third floor.

    This is the only area non-members are allowed in.

    Second Floor - Training Area & Cafeteria
    To the west side of the floor, comprehensive training facilities for weight training, combat sparring, and close to mid-range target practice can be performed. The training area is divided into three rectangular areas, the gym, the dojo area, and the shooting range. Highly soundproofed, only the loudest yells and gun shot sounds might leave the area.

    The east side of the floor, a large cafeteria hosting cuisine from various cultures surrounding the large central dining area welcomes all hungry souls.

    Third Floor - Auditorium & Staff Offices
    Part of the auditorium rises to the fourth floor, it can seat thousands and the balcony area as well. Ancient magic is said to be used to defy the spatial laws, and the auditorium is soundproofed as well.

    Offices for minor staff members such as janitors, security guards, and others involved in the running of the organization, but not its direct activities reside here

    A single large stairway leading to the rest of the floors is located in the center. As with the auditorium, spatial law breaking magic is used.

    Fourth Floor
    Mostly empty hallways and offices. You cannot access the auditorium balcony from here strangely, and it is said some rooms are haunted. The lights never seem to work here.

    Fifth Floor - Administration & Library
    The west side of the floor is separated by a heavy thick locked door. Two guards are always standing watch and that is where the officers and leader of the organization reside, both for business and personally. While many have seen officers come and go through the door, the leader themselves has never been seen. Because of this, one of the senior officers has become regarded as the "leader". However, whenever some significant decision has to be made, that senior officer always says something like, "I will have to check with out leader first."

    The east side is a study area and library for all to read, learn, or sleep(but watch out for the librarians)

    Sixth Floor - Housing
    Apartments fill the floor with rooms of all different sorts. Due to the ever-prevalent spatial law-breaking magic, all the doors are identical except numbering, while the room beyond may be vastly different.

    A nice place to enjoy the scenery. The whole city can be seen, while the east and west outskirts of Aristos are within view, the building is not tall enough to see over the central city and the southern outskirts are out of view.

    ??? ??? ???
    ??? ??? ???
    ??? ??? ???
    Roomies (open)
    Room A-142
    Wogren Wattfield (Gren)

    Room A-143
    Eva Folchart
    Tiana Veyliss

    Room B-57
    Kendric Silvers

    Room C-29
    Morgan Droller (Raven)
    Wade Roscoe
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  3. Characters, papayawhip Cynder - Seth Bloodmoon Human
    melee, tank, great axe expert

    Eile Olain - Levont Kitsune
    mage warrior, illusionist, healer

    Eva Folchart - Mistress Sorceress (She is moving IRL)
    plant user, mid-to-long range offensive

    Kendric Silvers - Relish Human
    technician, marksman, field expert

    Mahina - Relish Tor'shuel (Fire Drake)
    martial artist, berserker, melee offense

    Morgan Droller (Raven) - Falcon Human
    marksman, historian, gem expert, appraiser

    Nylau - CrimsonMaiden Ferre
    melee, assassin, rawrrrrr

    Tiana Veyliss - Kalista Sorceress
    earth and fire mage, extreme offense or defense

    Wogren Wattfield (Gren) - TeaRiverBridge Human (No internet access)
    guardian, brawler, metallurgist, lycanthrope
    Varia Officers (open)
    Risuna Tiolee [Director] - Kalista Human
    mage, advanced support, nuker

    Hale Kridurin [Elite Officer] - Kalista Human
    defensive fighter, exorcist, light affinity
    Varia Staff (open)
    Tenshi Kota - Kalista Human
    Construction, Maintenance, Renovation

    Theeto Baridan - Kalista Human
    Denizens (open)
    Plue - Kalista Unknown Race
    Candy Crusher
    Clients (open)
    Inactive / Reserved (open)
    Gillian Smith - spoopily Human
    melee, crowd control, dual-hammers

    Odehn - Judge Revan Dwarf of Cactakara Forest
    long range support, healer, grenadier, alchemist

    Ophevla - spoopily Picsis
    melee, acrobat, windwalker, martial arts

    Sophia Gardinell - Demonesqu Human
    assassin, tactician, advanced barterer

    Wade Roscoe - Bard Human
    tactician, buffer, bard

    Note: small + italicized font = inactive character
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  5. Miscellaneous, thistle The Legendary Eight Strings
    "He studied at the Bard's College for four years in the Eastern Outskirts before becoming a Bard of the First String. He then learned that music and melody had power, not just over mind but also the world around him. He also picked up on something else more shocking. Something that most students never realize. That the College is a front, a distraction. Yes, they do teach basic Bardic Magic, and music (some don't have any magic ability but still wish to learn how to play music and perform, or to become Story-tellers), but it's really an initiation. For those that realize it are the only "true" bards.

    Throughout the lands, there are secret bard camps. These are referred to as "Strings". You are not considered a master bard until you've found at least eight, but there are many more. And each one you find, you learn another string of notes in what is hinted as "The Song". And, since bards tells stories and sing songs that are usually about places, people or events in history, they have camps set up around long lost cities and battle sites." -Bard

    "Ether is a relatively rare mineral compound that only forms in areas laden with magic. Ether is used as a magical fuel source, but only the most pure ether crystals are useable. There are far more efficient power sources available due to both the rarity and difficulty that comes from extracting energy from the crystals, but recent findings have been uncovering more uses for them. The most recent discovery is the fact that high grade ether crystals can absorb magic and can be "programmed" by way of rudimentary spells. The purest ether is sky blue colored, but lower grade crystals can take any number of colors and shades. Ether is found world wide and is frequently found in ruins." -Relish
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  6. [​IMG]

    Name: Odehn
    Gender: Male
    Age: 129

    Race: Dwarf
    Race Info: The Dwarves of Cactakara Forest combine magic and mechanics to build massive robots for both labor and battle, powering them with energy drawn from the life-force of the forest itself. The Dwarves revere nature as the source of their livelihood and power, taking care to maintain the balance of nature around them. No one knows what dwarves really look like, as they always go about dressed in elaborate robes with complex headdresses. Only the glow of their eyes can be seen within their deep cowls.

    Category: Treasure Hunter/Cartographer
    Role: Long-range support/Healer

    Combat Style: Grenadier
    Weapons: Cannons, alchemical potions, golems

    Skills: He excels at chemistry in all its forms, mixing up both lethal concoctions and healing potions that he can load and fire from his cannons. Being a dwarf, he can also imbue life into golems that can fight at his side.

    Personality: Odehn is a zany little fellow that is easily excitable, especially when it comes to alchemy, and could go on and on about the subject if allowed. His love for all things natural extends even to people, adopting a loving father persona when it comes to those younger than him, which is generally almost everyone. Harming them makes him quite irritable, feisty even. He tends to be rather pleasant when he isn't babbling on about his work, and freely gives of his belongings, only utilizing Varia for ingredients to continue his work rather than coin or fame.

    History: As a dwarf, much of his past is a mystery, just as no one knows his face. It is assumed that he was a sort of shaman or healer before joining Varia, as he is a well-known chemist that spends most of his time working on his alchemy. His reasons for joining are purely a scratch-my-back-scratch-your-back symbiotic relationship.

    Others in the guild know to approach Odehn for medical wares, which he gives away freely for the most part, along with any spare coin as he had no needs for it beyond maintaining his lab and his cannons.

    Being an alchemist, it made perfect sense for him to take up cartography, as he needs supplies to work and has natural empathy with the earth that allows him to chart new maps at the same time. He occasionally goes on contracts to hunt for treasure, as some ingredients only grow in certain conditions.​
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  7. I love it you are accepted:thumbsup2:

    You posted a bit early but that is not really a big deal, the OOC might still have more info or updates though, so please check back

    Also, you really seem to have read the Aura Kingdom wiki closely xD please keep in mind it doesn't have to be strictly Aura Kingdom, since this won't be fan-based :playguitar2:
  8. Haha, I figured I'd might as well keep to the lore. Plus, their interpretations of the Dwarf intrigued me. I'll still be just as capable to breathe life into him even if he isn't a completely original character. I've subscribed to this thread so I'll pop back to it once in a while.
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  9. Name: Eva Folchart
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21

    Race: Sorceress
    Race Info:
    A line of human beings with a strong affinity to elemental magic. According to lore, they were descended from the Great Nymphs, deities whom the sorcerers believe in.

    Category: Cartographer/Treasure Hunter
    Role: Mid- to Long-range attacks

    Combat Style:
    Element-bound plants and brews.
    Binds elements in plants
    Can talk to plants
    Can make plants do what she wants them to
    although there are times when they can be stubborn
    Basic elemental potion-brewing


    Show Spoiler

    Don't let her pretty face fool you. Eva is known for her pride and lack of sympathy. She believed that there is no one she should care for but herself (and her plants), and is quite frank about it. Clearly an effect of growing up with a missing father and a frequently absent mother, though she refuses to acknowledge this. The few friends she has appreciates her independence and strong will to stick to her beliefs.

    The best thing about her pride is that she treats everyone, be it witch or wizard, the same way: below her level. You can only have her cooperate if there's something in it for her, or if her beloved plants are in danger.

    UPDATE: Eva tends to be vain as she likes to wear clothes that match and have her face intact even in death. She also refuses to wear trousers no matter how practical it may be. ​

    One could say that Eva grew up without parents. Her father ran away before she was born and was never seen again. Meanwhile, her mother Eliza was always away, though Eva was suspicious of what her mother did on her frequent "business trips". The few moments that Eliza was home was spent teaching her daughter the wonders of elemental plant binding.

    Having absent parents taught Eva to figure things out by herself, from potion-brewing to gardening (but cooking remains her weak spot). Even when tasks went rough, the girl refused to ask for help. Poor Eliza despaired every time she came home and see her daughter with a fresh cut or burn. Thank heavens for Lily Essence that keeps her daughter scar-free.

    Eva knew she was bound to take over the family business: binding the seeds with elements, planting and selling them. Knowing that there were countless plants yet discovered, she decided to join Varia to collect plants and data before settling down. Her mother, however, wasn't too happy with her decision.​
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  10. [​IMG]
    (I know it's not an anime or manga type picture, but I hope it is acceptable.)

    Name: Cynder (pronounced like the word, cinder)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21

    Race: Human

    Race Info: (Optional)

    Category: Dungeon Raider/Treasure Hunter
    Role: Tank/Front Liner

    Combat Style: Heavy melee.
    Weapons: Great axe, daggers.
    Skills: Cynder is an expert with the great axe, it being her weapon of choice. She is skilled with a variety of other bladed and blunt weapons, however she rarely uses them. If left unarmed she falls back on brutal street fighting, quite willing to use dirty tactics.

    Appearance: Cynder stands 6'1" tall with a lithe, athletic build with a light skin tone. Her eyes are dark blue and her straight, ebony hair hangs down to about her mid-back and is usually kept tied in a ponytail to keep it out of her face.

    Personality: Cynder usually keeps a fairly serious demeanor which tends to only slip if she's been drinking a bit too much. While it's not exactly easy to get to know Cynder, she is a stalwart companion to those she calls friend. In combat she tends to wade right in with a brutal ruthlessness. Only in the most dire of situations will she even think of pulling back and retreating.

    Most of her free time is spent honing her skill with her favored weapon, or training in general. The only real time she tends to fully relax is when she decides to hit up whatever tavern catches her eye. This usually consists of an establishment known for having the occasional fight break out. It gives her a chance to knock heads together without her life being on the line.

    History: Cynder grew up as an only daughter with several brothers. They quickly found out it was a bad idea to pick on her, for she didn't respond in a girly manner. Instead she dealt out bloody noses, black eyes, and fat lips. This rather amused her father and left her mother exasperated. Over the years, Cynder took an interest in melee weapons and began to train with them in earnest.

    When she was old enough to, Cynder took a job as a bodyguard, working for a wealthy merchant. In truth the man had hired her more for her looks than expected skill. She quickly proved her worth, however, when she single handedly took down four would be muggers. She continued to serve the merchant for a year or so, until the man tried some funny business with her. This left the man battered and bruised, and Cynder without a job.

    After that she took several more jobs, usually involving escorting caravans and the like. Also, those who hired her avoided making any unwanted advances, having heard of the beating her first boss had received. She spent a year doing this, until she was accepted into Varia.
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  11. Name: Wade Roscoe
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20

    Race: Human

    Category: Dungeon raider/Cartographer
    Role: Tactician/Buffer

    Combat Style: Good with all mundane weaponry but no master. His strength lies mainly with his intelligence. When in group combat, such as this RP is looking to be, he is a "Buffer". Making his allies more resilient and focused whilst distracting and debilitating his enemies.
    Weapons: One-handed broadsword, seven daggers, short bow with a full quiver of arrows and a sling.
    Skills: Spellsong, or otherwise referred to as Bardic Magic. While it still has some of the capabilities of regular magic, it is mainly an area-affect hypnosis with subtle physical manifestation. Like an aura of protection, or a "slow" spell.

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    With green eyes though. Red eyes just doesn't seem very... human.

    Personality: Fun-loving and energetic. Doesn't like people being bullied or being rude. Also very curious, he often wants to hear people's "story".

    When Wade was young, he happened upon a wandering bard. Now, growing up, he'd heard people sing and play music, but this was different. Each note went through him, and had a life of it's own. This was the best music he had ever heard. Right then, he decided that this man was who he wanted to be. And, as it turns out, he had a talent for it! Lucky for him, because Master Reddings would never had vouched for him if he didn't show promise. He studied at the Bard's College for four years in the Eastern Outskirts before becoming a Bard of the First String. He then learned that music and melody had power, not just over mind but also the world around him. He also picked up on something else more shocking. Something that most students never realize. That the College is a front, a distraction. Yes, they do teach basic Bardic Magic, and music (some don't have any magic ability but still wish to learn how to play music and perform, or to become Story-tellers), but it's really an initiation. For those that realize it are the only "true" bards.

    Throughout the lands, there are secret bard camps. These are referred to as "Strings". You are not considered a master bard until you've found at least eight, but there are many more. And each one you find, you learn another string of notes in what is hinted as "The Song". And, since bards tells stories and sing songs that are usually about places, people or events in history, they have camps set up around long lost cities and battle sites.

    That is why this new organization interests Wade. Adventure and learning about the world. And learning the locations that could possibly lead him to becoming a Master Bard.

    Please let me know if you don't agree with any of this, or need me to clarify something. This is the first RP, just joined today!!

    [Edit] Please note that he is like a bard from D&D. Word-play, lock-picking, sneak-attacking and other hyphenated words.
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  12. Sophia Gardinell

    Gender: Female
    Age: 25

    Race: Human

    Category: Treasure Hunter
    Role: Assassin/Tactician

    Combat Style: Fencing/Stealth

    Weapons: Thin Sabre Sword

    Eye of Bartering/Diplomacy; Sophia has learned the art of swindling with her words and posture. Sophia goes into a air that caters to whoever she is dealing with. Bluffing her way to trance the person into coming to an agreement. This sometimes works much better when the person is under a charm.

    Charm; She uses her appeal to use when getting familiar to someone, only to sedate or possibly distract them to her true intent. This ability of hers usually incites the person to keep full eye contact on Sophia and almost go in a numb like state. She does this in multiple ways; dancing, singing or speaking in a seductive air towards said person. This only works when said target is attracted to the female sex.

    Paralysis Strike; A quick move that involves a simple flick of her wrist and positioning before the target. She jabs harshly against the enemies temples or 'weak' points to make their whole body quiver into a paralyzed state. The length of this paralyze depends on the weight of the target and how heavy the blow was. Smaller beings experience it much longer, medium sized also lengthy but not as much, etc.

    Sabre Dance; A graceful and tactile move that deals a lot of footwork and is meant to come across defensive. Her sword begins to glow a light blue, emitting a bit of charm to her foe only to distract slightly (charm varies in effectiveness). She gives off the illusion that she is moving slower than she actually is, giving the opponent the opportunity to swing/attack and have her strike an unexpected blow.
    Sophia may sometimes take a hit, for the sake of delivering her mightier blow.

    Mistresses Blades; Another offensive tactile move that deals with footwork and on hand combat. The sabre imbues a darker blue aura that makes the blade even menacing, those that are weak minded feel the effects of being intimidated. Its a double strike attack. A gash with the blade and an illusion blue hued double stabs from a different angle.

    **Mistresses Blades is the move that she uses the most energy in depending on her foe. It takes more focus and energy to make more than one double, or to ensue more intimidation. It leaves her vulnerable after using this attack.

    Sophia is the kind of woman that tries her best to make it clear that she is no 'damsel in distress'. She usually uses her good looks and charisma to play with weak minded people to get what she wants. She's known to be a bit of an actress and a liar, most people that know of her this way find it hard to trust her or have no idea how she actually feels most of the time. Sophia is known to hide her feelings, knowing that 'sadness' and 'anger' are completely pointless when conducting business. She usually doesn't allow most to get close to her, and those that have gotten close are few and far between. She feels that most people, the ones that want to be close, only want to use her or take advantage. She has more trust with girls then she does men, it's aloof to almost everyone why it is this way; most assume it was previous bad experience. Some people are convinced she likes to be complicated, and would much rather intimidate someone than waste her charm.


    Sophia was part of a guild of Gypsies, surveying lands and learning the art of the bard and charm. Though she was not born into the caravan of out-casts, she felt more at home than she could with anyone else. Being a thief became second nature to the young lass, but she grew tired of the simple title. Knowing she wanted to go past the dirt roads of the land and seek the seas. She had to disband from her bohemian family, feeling it'd be the greater good of her goals; promising she'd come back to them with more riches half of this world could imagine. It was her determination to be-- not just any thief, but the greatest swindler of the land.

    Venturing off to the ports of Aristos, she had grown to be more bold and much hastier than the young girl that had left the land for the sea. She became second in command of one of the top bandits of the sea: The Cru Blu. Sophia had went under a different name back then, a name that echoed down military halls in disgust and fear; The Dark Dahlia. She learnt more about the ways of piratery and ways to destroy opponents in other means than just force. She was treasured and looked up to by the crew. Sophia couldn't remember herself being more happy and 'comfortable'. But, to Sophia, she wanted more than being comfortable. She wanted more danger, something more to her name...
    Sophia had went to steal and conquer a small kingdom in the coast. But, in the heat of the moment, when everything looked promising to the woman-- the crew had called mutiny upon her and cast her overboard, leaving her to be locked away in the coastal prison. The Blu Cru had felt the woman was becoming power hungry and was scared she would have the idea of over overthrowing the main captain.

    Because she had not robbed from the king and was only found trespassing in territorial waters, she was only behind bars for a month. After her being released into the world, Sophia felt she had failed her goals and dreams; knowing she could never go back to the Gypsies or testify herself to her old crew. She felt like a nobody, she had discarded her pirate title and ventured far away from the coast. She had heard of an organization that raided dungeons and took loot. It's intent had rung her many nostalgic bells. Not having a place in the world and still having only a glimmer of pride in herself, she had decided to join.


    [EDIT: I had made a few more changes to this as I realized that Varia is the name of the organization than the country/continent they are in. I also edited text and edited her age to be a bit older!]
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  13. Name: Gillian Smith.
    Gender: Male.
    Age: Thirty-one.

    Race: Human.
    Category: Dungeon Raider.
    Role: Mercenary.

    Combat Style: Mass melee, AoE and some long range.
    Weapons: Dual 12-inched war hammers.
    Maelstrom Yowler|
    Gillian uses a series of ground shaking roars to attract enemies a use them as temporary allies. The louder the yell, the more effective it is. Results may vary by level of mental strength of the enemy.
    Copycat| Gillian copies the roar or noise made by the enemy, sending back the same damage and or status effect.
    Ruckus| Gillian slams his hammers into the ground or hit objects with a large amount of force, hammers will them resonate a dizzying, accuracy decreasing sound. May affect allies.
    Spinning Howler| Gillian starts to twirl in a rapid speed with his hammers out from him, screaming in such a way it'll make enemies be stunned or fly back depending on weight. Ideal for when surrounded from all directions, but howls have short range.


    Gillian may not be forever twenty-one, but he's obviously very young at heart. He's rather playful, still keeping an air of a caring Father or a pesky brother. Loves fun, taking risks or giving someone a good tease. Can become flirty or a bit perverted, but will try to make sure not to disrespect another. He can become rather reckless, care-free, but will know when to bring his feet back to the ground. Gillian loves to experience new things or experiment, often very curious of some things. This often leads him to demise or having to dig himself out a steep hole, but good thing he does this well. He loves to be seemed as funny, leading to him being very goofy. Gillian is the same in combat, usually smiling even when he surrounded with enemies armored to the teeth and will only become deep and sophisticated if matters become extremely serious.
    History: [... I'm so bad at these.]
    Gillian had a screamer as a mother and a viking as a father, they both founded large guilds built upon their own specialties. Looking to become rather famous, or settle down when he is old and gray with history of great battles, Gillian decided to join his Father's warrior guild and was taught in his teenage and twenties. Recently, he broke away from his own kind and decided to look for more adventure. Hearing the tales of victory, defeat and glory from the elder warriors in that guild, he set out to Varia for a life of adventure.​
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  14. @Mistress Accepted! Just a minor thing, but I assume she is human? I figure sorceress could be more like combat style or describing what sort of human she is, but if you meant a sorceress race, that is fine too, but would be nice to have some info on it :)

    @Seth Bloodmoon Accepted! Don't worry, manga (not sure about anime since I don't really watch any) has wide styles of art some more like the popular common style and others are quite realistic/concept art-like. So it is acceptable :)

    @Bard I love it! Accepted :) It was great you incorporated how he learned in the eastern outskirts, I really like the "collect the strings" backstory. I think we can work that in the role play too maybe, like one such string is located in a dungeon

    @Demonesqu Accepted! Later on, if you want to, we can incorporate that kingdom she was at into a mission where maybe she gets revenge on the pirates that happen to be docked there secretly or something xD

    @spoopily Accepted xD I like how you listed out actual skill descriptions, also for history it is fine to be brief, but the only thing I would need other than a little background is how they came to be in Varia
  15. @Kalista I don't mind the idea of it being a quest!
    And I am glad she is accepted, I was scared she was starting to sound like a Mary-sue in the beginning when writing her personality. Lol ;;

    But glad you like her!
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  16. @Kalista Fixed~ Now, if you do not mind, I'll be making a female and editing it under Gillian's CS.
  17. @spoopily Actually, please make it another post, this way I can link it to that directly in the character section :)
  18. Name: Ophevla. {Oh-vevv-la.}
    Gender: Female.
    Age: Twenty.

    Race: Picsis. [Half-blood.]
    Race Info:
    Show Spoiler

    [Wrote a lot more than I intended to... - -]
    Picsis is a race full of regular looking humans, but have certain attributes that cater to aquatic life. In this case, Ophevla has long fins for ears instead of human ear lobes. The more humane looking Picsis is often a half-blood, whilst the ones with more aquatic attributes are pure-blooded. Pure bloods excel in cartography or aquatic natures such as fast swimming, not having to breathe under water or incompetence on land. Half-bloods are more land walkers, over very versatile and agile on land. They do have to breathe under water, unlike pure bloods and have to work vigorously to obtain the skills of a pureblood. For example, a half blooded Picsis will have to measure themselves under water and train to increase their breath capacity. No matter how long they train, half bloods will never have the ability to breathe under water endlessly like a pure blood would do.
    Half bloods have to train thrice as hard than a pure blood to obtain the skill of quick swimming, but with enough work, a half blood can glide in the water as fast as a pure blood can. It depends on the half blood's devotion. Picsis are often a species of either arts of mathematics, one part become tacticians and physicians, the other become dancers and acrobats. Of course, since half-blooded Picsis are now common, the half-bloods take over the arts and the pure bloods over the maths. Pure bloods are usually now seen as more inferior to half-bloods, since they do tend to be more incompetent on land or martial arts.
    Attributes of a Picsis is jagged sharp teeth, scaled tongue or skin, webbed limbs, fins for ears, sharp nails, or even tails. They can be mistaken for a mermaid with their tails. Picsis often have brightly colored eyes they emit a moderate glow, helping them mostly in seeing in dark murky waters. They tend to find cotton or silk materials uncomfortable, but leather and scales comfortable to wear despite no unusual texture in their skin (or some cases, scales). Picsis speak Ryualin, a hard language to learn. For that, all Picsis are recommended to be taught Ryualin first, then taught English. They are often known for their minor to moderate lisp or hiss at the end of their "s's". If you are speaking Ryualin correctly and on land you most likely will not heard any noise coming from your mouth. Most human or other races cannot hear Ryualin being spoken on land, but is heard as high pitched whistling, shrieking or hissing that is rough on the ears underwater. It is a mystery as to why Ryualin is heard only underwater for other species, but Picsis claim to hear it just fine regardless of on land or in water.
    A picsis can deal with energy of the forest, or the density of water, depending on what they choose to study.

    Category: Cartographer/Treasure Hunter.
    Role: Windwalker/Close ranged Acrobat.

    Combat Style: Acrobatics or close ranged martial arts.
    Weapons: Her claws and legs.
    Chain Tumble| A series of tumbles or short jumps off the surrounding walls/trees to keep her air borne or to escape from enemies. Seems to be 'wind walking'.
    Hard Hitter| Ophevla enhances critical hits by hardening certain parts of her body that she intends to hit the enemy with. Often used with or right after 'Road Runner'.
    Rising Storm| Spins her legs fast while on a handstand to create a small vortex pull the enemy, then jumps in the air, also launching the enemy into the air. Leaves enemy open in for aerial attacks before they hit the ground.
    Road Runner| Ophevla curls up for a moment, gaining energy and then starts to rapidly ricochet off enemies or walls, leaving devastating effects, bouncing from object to another with electric force. Often used as more of a crowd controller to keep them more at bay or to keep them occupied. Ophevla often uses this without charging herself with energy, finding the skill efficient for escaping or scaling landscapes.

    Ophevla is at first a sarcastic and bossy girl, despite the fact she is awful at being a leader. She's has a silver tongue, often very judgmental or verbally abusive to strangers. She can become somewhat sassy or very hostile with another, trying to fight with her words instead of her kicks. She's very impatient and comes off as highly sophisticated or superficial. Ophevla often has a way of showing tough love, keeping a distance and not easily trusting others. She often finds a way another could trick of harm her, keeping herself keen and cunning. Besides her annoying or snobby personality, she can become rather affectionate or independent, often taking care of others for the greater good.
    History: Ophevla was born into a primarily half-blooded family. She was immediately taught Ryualin and was given the option to study energy or water. She decided to study energy despite her family's relevance with water, thus making her have to work harder to learn how to swim like an average pure blood would. Ophevla took an interest in cartography, but she's an amateur at map reading/making. Still pursuing to see the world, she picked up her combative skills and traveled to Varia to swim new waters.​
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  19. Name: Nylau (neel-aw)
    Gender: female
    Age: 28​

    Race: Ferre

    Race Info: "Ferres is an interesting race of nomads. Their appearance is militant and they look similar to cats or tigers. Ferres are perfect warriors who live in a wild nature. Ferres, with their beast-list appearances are warriors that can not settle in one place, but instead, they wander the plains. They are always on the lookout for new places where they can worship nature. Their tribe is based on blood relationship, as they constantly roam the prairies. Ferre-men strong and sturdy build. Prominent nose and cheekbones make them fierce face like tiger muzzle. In women, almond-shaped eyes, neat ears and a tail. They are a shining example of the natural wild beauty. Ferriytsy most often used as a weapon, daggers and bows, as well as deftly jumping and climbing."

    Category: Dungeon Raider/Treasure Hunter
    Role: Assassin​

    Combat Style: Melee, Close-Range
    Weapons: daggers, throwing knives, claws
    Skills: Incapacitate, stealth, stun, assassin strike, deadly blow
    Her fur is tan instead of white though, and she wears her hair in dreadlocks.

    Nylau is all business on the field but on her own time she is generally open. She pulls no punches- probably from living in her tight knit tribal family- and thus is known to be brutally honest. She will go out of her way to help others whether asked or not for her interference. If she sees trouble you can bet she intends to do something about it; if approached to stop her meddling she will do so but inquire as to the scenario often. Though her talents lie in stealth and keeping a level head she can be impulsive outside of missions and loves to tease her colleagues when time permits. Caring, nosy, loyal and a little bit of a heckler, this Ferre is always open for enlarging her circle of victims companions.

    Nylau was a member of a Ferre tribe located far west of Aristos in the open lands. Being a nomadic people they moved often and Nylau wanted to be able to settled down and not live such an inconsistent lifestyle. She enjoyed the travels but longed for the feeling of companions and adventures she could see through to the end. The static life of the humans living in Aristos, though they had passed near many places like that, intrigued her. She painfully separated from her tribe, with some ridicule and some blessings, to take up jobs in the city. It was a slow pace living but she had time to enjoy things and really get to know the area; there were things she could do now that were not so carefully noticed in the tribe. Nylau accepted the human's lifestyle and brought her own beliefs to her new way of life. She was not readily accepted, of course, but she could work well and was eventually able to gain the trust of most of the people she frequently came across or worked for by keeping her head down.
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  20. @spoopily The way you have listed your skills as in move sets makes me want to edit Sophia's sheet to have it set up like that!

    @Kalista Is it okay for me to edit in her skills like Spoopily did with theirs? Because I really like that idea and it makes a bit more sense.
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