WORLD SHOWCASE Vari-A: Characters and Plot

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  1. For roleplays featuring any of my model characters, most of the story takes place in the building belonging to Vari-A (Formerly Variation), the modeling company that they belong to. This is a resource for keeping track of the many models and staff that are likely to drift in and out throughout the RP.

    Please note that some characters listed may not show up in the story you are writing with me, depending on the current plot.

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    James (22), Model tag: Topaz. Playful and easygoing, he works a lot with his sister, "Amber." He's the male representative for their younger audience, having a look and personality a bit below his actual age.

    Onyx, age and real name unknown to anybody but Michael. He's their dark, brooding, model. He does gothic and alternative looks, but never works with any other model.

    Matt (19), Model tag: Emerald. He's cheerful and intelligent, and a definite flirt. He tends to model Vari-A's more casual looks, and has a thing for Rin.

    Arin (24), Model tag: Diamond. He's their cool and confident model, but a total softie towards the girls in the building, Rin especially. He likes to wear different contacts to change his eye color for every shoot.

    Henry (21), Model tag: Jade. He doesn't like to be told what to do, and doesn't get along well with other guys. However, he has a chivalrous side, and tends to be protective of the girl models, especially if it seems like someone is getting a bit too pushy with them.

    Missy (20), Model Tag: Opal. Specialty is fantasy clothing.
    She's known as their 'seductive' model. She has high pride and makes use of cosplay accessories to bring her shoots to the next level, often playing a fantasy character that matches the style of clothing.

    Sarah (18), Model tag: Amber. She's the innocent model, and her character on and off camera are pretty much the same. She usually does the shoots targeted towards younger audiences.

    Em (18), Model tag: Sapphire. She's the one obsessed with fine arts, and a part time musician. She has an elegant air, so often models clothing designed for special occasions.

    Ruby (Real name and tag) is 19. She's a slightly mysterious albino, her specialty being their gothic style clothing. She works with Diamond a lot.

    Rin (18), Model tag: Amethyst. Bright and energetic, a bit sassy at times. He's easy to make happy but also easy to rile up, and takes serious offense to anyone who has an issue with his choice of dress and lifestyle. The only 'female' model at Vari-A who is actually a male.
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    Greg, AKA "Willow" (Nickname and Model tag.) Twenty-seven, he's the oldest model at Vari-A, and Matt's older brother. He works mostly with fantasy style clothing, one of their few male models who does it. Despite only doing the occassional shoot, he manages to be right below the top models in the rankings every month. Relaxed and go-with-the-flow, he tends to listen to other people's problems and not address his own, so he really needs to be taken care of but doesn't realize it.

    Ross (19), Model tag: Birch. He joined Vari-A at the suggestion of his cousin, Opal. Sometimes he does great, other times he's near the bottom. He hasn't figured out his specialty yet. Shy and sweet, he's the classic boy-next-door.

    Jewel Models: The top ten models (5 male and 5 female) are given Gemstones as their model tag, and are the first pic for interviews, featured products, and have special privileges such as being able to keep one outfit from each line that they shoot for.

    Flora Models: Models entering Vari-A are given a tree or flower-themed name as their model tag that fits their personality and model character. It will be their tag for their career with the company unless they are promoted to a Jewel Model.

    Every month, there is a ranking posted based off of several factors: How well the line that the models shot for sells, the ratings of stores, magazines, and critics for the ads and articles that featured the models, and the effort and dedication that the models showed during shooting. The top twelve models are listed, usually the first ten spots going to the Jewel Models in varying orders, and spots 11 and 12 going to the month's best Flora Models. Amethyst is currently the reigning #1, and Diamond #2. The rest of the models fluctuate regularly.

    Vari-A specializes in very specific categories.
    • Fantasy and Cosplay
    • Gothic Fashion
    • Lolita and Layers
    • Asian Inspired
    • Unique Casual
    This is a gallery of images that show the sort of clothing that will show up in the RP.
    Vari-A Wardrobe —

    Vari-A has a large garden out back that is used for outdoor shoots. Though it is often rearranged for different themes, with props added and removed, the general setup remains the same.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Michael Grieth
    The current head of Vari-A, who somehow manages to be a university Literature professor and manage the modeling company at the same time. He's generally no nonsense and straightforward, but has a sense of humor at times, though when he isn't in the mood for jokes you'd never guess he even knows how to make them.
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    Rose - 23. One of Vari-A's top designers, despite her rebellious looks she makes some of the most delicate and feminine clothing the models wear. She is warm and kind once she gets to know someone, but can be a bit brusque and sarcastic to strangers and those she dislikes.