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  1. Was just wondering if there were any fellow Vapers out there. If so, what got you into it? When did you start? What's your setup? What flavor juice do you have on you now? What's your favorite juice flavor? Nic level you vape with? Single coil, dual coil, quad coil build? Answer as much or as little as you want, and why not ask some questions of your own?

    If you don't Vape, do you see a point in it? Are you thinking of vaping? Friendly discussion please.

    For me, I started a bit before my 18th birthday (which I know is illegal but hush). A friend got me into it, and I started out with a 0 nic level when I got mine. However I've since moved up thanks to anxiety and whatnot, and now vape 3 & 6 mgs. It kind of depends on level of stress, or availability of eliquid.

    I have a SMPL mod with a Tugboat V2 clone Atty, and run it in a parallel build. As for juice, I usually buy from a local company called Calimist, and the flavor I use is called Bellflower Sour. It's like a sour watermelon gummy candy. It's good.
  2. I have an E-Hookah and it is AMAZING. Love it, but I only smoke outside.
  3. It's about the same here in terms of the government wanting to regulate or ban them. I haven't been following it much, but yeah, hopefully they don't tax the hell out of the stuff, because it puts brick and mortar shops, and small eliquid companies out of business.
  4. I vape wherever it isn't prohibited. Inside and outside. I don't care about the looks people give me. It isn't harmful like cigs are.
  5. I smoke outside because I know some people actually have severe asthma. That's just me.
  6. Well, if someone did ask me to stop, I probably would. But if no one says anything, I assume there's no problem, but that's just me.
  7. Wow... Now I really wish I knew where the paper I did on this shit was and why it's actually terrible, despite not being thoroughly evaluated for safety.
  8. I'm not assuming dude. That website isn't credible. I know it's bad (actually much worse than bad), but I did a paper on this crap last year I believe and I used credible sources. I'd totally give it to you (actually everyone on here), but yeah, vaping is bad and the link you're representing to me is not something that will change my point of view.
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  9. I'm not providing it so that it changes your mind. I'm not even saying your wrong. I'm just saying that it's a good read.

    Whether you think it's bad or not, you cannot deny that it has helped people quit smoking, and the ingredients in E-liquids are mostly (nicotine is addictive) not harmful.
  10. Yeah, I really wonder where you found that out. Sure it helped people quit smoking, but there are toxic, harmful chemicals that are harmful to everyone around you. Like I said, I'm definitely showing everyone my paper when I find it.
  11. By all means do, like I said, this was a discussion, so any evidence from any side is welcome. :)
  12. I sure vaporized something, that's for sure.
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  13. Hey whatever floats your boat.
  14. Or finds your lost remote.
  15. Source. If a well educated guy like Mr. West there figures there's no serious threat, and The Guardian agrees with him, I'm inclined to be persuaded until serious, hard evidence can point out the contrary. :ferret:
  16. @Unsun (and everyone else) the safety of vaping depends on a lot of factors. Because the industry is so new, it's totally unregulated and there are absolutely no standards for quality control or safety, whatsoever.

    Right now, it's up to the end users to educate themselves. By doing the research, using higher-quality e-liquids and understanding how to prevent the vaporizer from burning improperly (like burning your wicking source), an end user can protect him/herself from most of the really shitty and harmful chemicals that you're referring to.

    The primary problem is that because there are no standards or regulations, a lot of users assume what they are doing is okay and they assume that things will work out because as a society we are accustomed to things being regulated (like how the FDA regulates food and medicine). Most people just expect it to be safe because that's typically just how things work. But in reality, it's the fucking wild west out there.

    All of that said, medical studies have shown that nicotine on its own is actually not that much more addictive than caffeine. The primary reason tobacco cigarettes are so addictive is that the chemicals in the actual cigarette smoke (not the nicotine itself) function as mono-amine oxidase inhibitors, or MAOIs, which inhibit the body's natural ability to break down "feel-good" compounds released by the brain - serotonin, melatonin, dopamine, and others. THIS is what causes intense tobacco addiction. The nicotine releases serotonin and all that other fun stuff, but it's the chemicals in the smoke that prevent your body from naturally regulating itself to expel those things.

    Vaporizers do not carry this problem. While a lot of vapers get around it simply by chain-vaping to maintain the nicotine high, it is much easier to "nic out" this way, not to mention vaporizing itself can be very dehydrating and can carry a lot of side-effects common to dehydration like lightheadedness. These are active ways for the body to discourage continuous vaping, which in turn is partially what helps smokers quit when they switch to vapor; they're allowing their bodies to self-regulate again.

    I'm not saying it's great for the body. But right now, for a user who takes the time to educate himself or herself and do the research, I'm convinced it's a hell of a lot better than smoking. I still believe that vaping needs a governing body to regulate the industry to maintain standards of quality, because people can't be expected to educate themselves (even though they really should).


    Onto @Gonzo's original question posed in the thread though--
    Poldiac with an Aqua II RBA, dual-coil with Japanese cotton. It's my husband's vape, so I vape whatever liquid he puts in it. We usually only use 6 nic liquids. My favorite so far is Zombie Apocalypse by Alice in Vapeland. It's a strawberry cupcake flavor that is amaaaaaazing~
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  17. Friendly reminder that this thread is tagged discussion and not debate <3

    I tried one with a zero nic setting that my boyfriend borrowed one time. It was like a toy; we had fun with it, blowing the vapor on eachother's faces and attempting to make "smoke" rings. I think it was minty? Dunno, was over a year ago.
  18. I don't care if people smoke the stuff, as long as they rrealize this stuff isn't regulated and it took decades to prove how harmful cigarettes were. This stuff just hit the market by storm and as far as I can tell, not a lot of long-term studies exist yet because once again, still pretty new.

    My issue stems from the fact it's being pushed so hard as a healthy, safe alternative to smoking when in reality, nobody really knows. It's incredibly irresponsible to give people the idea it's harmless and a wonder drug because if humans are good at anything, it's boarding the hype train without thinking critically.

    Also, the term vaping is just awful. I don't know why but it makes my skin crawl.
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