Vanished Tranquility (Wolf RP)

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  1. Welcome young pup, as a member of this pack you must learn our ancient ways, contribute to the pack and remain loyal to us. We have lived in this forest for centuries and it has fallen upon us to protect it from any threat that may appear, especially the Humans who so brutally hunt us. You must also protect the pack from the threat of the Dark Hearts pack, who were once long ago our pack but are now our enemies. You will be told the story of our ancient blood feud and how they split from us to form their own pack, when you are older but until then you have a lot to learn. Rember young one, we are The Ashes Of The Moon Wolf Pack.

    The Blood Feud

    Long ago in the ancient times of our ancestors there were two young wolves, it is said the wolves were out playing in the woods when they argued and split from each other. It is said that one of them left the sanctuary of the wood and unwillingly lead the murderous humans back into the packs home, the head healer rebelled against the Alphas saying it was their son that lead the humans, the Alphas said that it was the healer's daughter. And thus our pack was separated as some wolves took the side of the healer while others remained loyal to the alphas, they each formed their own new packs and cut all ties to the other. To this day none knows for sure which wolf lead the humans back into our woodland home, and so it is feared we will never reunite and become a whole pack once more.


    Alpha Male: Of AOTM Pack Silver played by me, Of DH Pack Open

    Alpha Female:
    Both Packs Open

    Omega Male:
    Both Packs Open

    Omega Female:
    Both Packs Open

    Beta Male:
    Both Packs Open

    Beta Female:
    Both Packs Open

    Lead Guard:
    AOTM taken by Lupus played by Kitty Kat

    Willow played by Kitty Kat open

    Lead Hunter:
    Both Packs Open

    Both Packs Open

    Lead Healer:
    Both Packs Open

    Both Packs Open

    Elders: Both Packs Open

    Both Packs Open

    A few quick rules
    1. Please rember that is is a realistic RP so only the healers will have magic, and it can only be used for healing.

    2. You may fight with another wolf, but are not allowed to kill or seriously injure the wolf unless you Pm the person and they give their approval.

    3. Limit four wolves per player.

    4. You may mate and have cubs, but nothing explicit.

    5. Please listen to the Alphas.

    And most importantly Have fun! XD

    Character Sheet


    Nickname: (If any)

    Pups:(have any? want some?)

    Mate: (have one? want one?)

    Family: (if any)




    Desired Rank: (first come first serve, except for alpha female and such)

    Appearance:(Picture or detailed description, please no anime.)



    Other: (anything you'd like to add)

    Feel free to ask any questions :)
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  4. Name: Summer Rose

    Nickname: Summer, or Sum. Her brother calls her Sunflower

    Pups: None, might want some in the future.

    Mate: Impress Me Boys XD

    Family: Older Brother Lupus

    Age: Young Adult

    Gender: Female

    Pack: Ashes Of The Moon

    Desired Rank: Guard

    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Summer is sweet, kind, caring and compassionate. She's loyal and always ready to help anyone in need, shes very intelligent and fun to be around. Shes laid back, and smiling most of the time. Sometimes she can be quiet and serious but most of the time she has a bubbly outlook on life. She is also very tough and vicious when she needs to be.

    History: When Summer and her brother were just cubs their pack along with their parents, where killed by hunters. They were the only survivors, since then they have been living alone never settling in the one pack too long. Always relieing on each other they managed to survive despite it only being just the two of them. But now that the threat from the humans has risen and that they've found this place they wish to join these wolves and live peacefully in a pack again. (Will reveal in more detail during RP)

    Other: (maybe later)

    Name: Lupus

    Nickname: Only those his sister calls him.

    Pups: None Yet

    Mate: None Yet

    Family: Younger sister Summer

    Age: Adult

    Gender: Male

    Pack: Ashes Of The Moon

    Desired Rank: Head Guard

    Show Spoiler
    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Lupus appears cold, hard and reserved on the outside but those that break thorough is defenses will see hes really sweet, kind and caring. He is often uptight, serious and on edge, but when he is relaxed he is happy and fun. Lupus is an intimidating wolf, he is large, tough and vicious and because of his demeanor he often frightens other wolves without meaning too. He is very protective of his younger sister and will destroy anyone who would try to hurt her, he is also very intelligent.

    History: The Same as Summer. (Will reveal in more detail during RP)

    Other: (Maybe later)