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    Hello there! My name – as you can probably tell – is VanillaCola, but feel free to call me VC or any other name you can think of. I am interested in taking part in a few 1x1 RPs to kill some time and feed the craving for writing I currently have. I would like to find active, long-term partners to roleplay with. A little about me and my preferences when it comes to roleplaying:

    • I consider myself to be at a more adept level, though I accept roleplayers who are intermediate or above. I can write anywhere from 2-10 or more paragraphs depending on what my partner gives me. Please no one-liners. One paragraph is acceptable if things are going slow, but please refrain from doing that too much
    • Share your ideas with me, help drive the plot forward, throw in a few surprises! Working together is a vital part of roleplaying, after all
    • I'm most comfortable doing roleplays through private messaging on the site, regardless of whether the content of the plot is explicit or not. I have also used Google Docs in the past, so that's an additional option
    • I prefer to do lesbian roleplays and almost exclusively play the more dominant character of the two (futanari is also fine with me)
    • I am open to doing M/F roleplays, but in the past I have only ever played the male character and, therefore, that is what I am most accustomed to within these kinds of roleplays. Though I recommend you find someone else if you want that kind of roleplay with smut in it
    • Feel free to create side characters of all genders, sexual orientations, etc. I just ask that your main character has at least some depth and substance to them
    • Finally, I am very open to anything you have in mind: gore, smut, swearing, even top hat orgies (it would be a first). Throw a taboo theme at me and I'll consider it. There's very little I won't do, and you may even persuade me to try out something I originally thought I would never touch with a ten-foot pole. Just tell me your limits and I'll be sure to respect them

    Remember, you can always suggest your own ideas to me. If I like it, we can give it a go and work together on it.

    And now for pairings and ideas:
    If one is crossed out, it means I'm no longer accepting any requests for it or my interests have swayed away from it.
    Roles in orange are the roles I would prefer to play. If none are orange, then I'm open to either role.
    Particular cravings (that I will love you eternally for choosing) are in bold.


    Haunted house
    Zombie apocalypse (doesn't have to be 'traditional' zombies – think 28 Days Later, Crossed, or the Last of Us)
    A sort of American Mary inspired RP (if you've seen that film, you're amazing)


    Knight x Knight
    Knight x Royalty
    Knight x Squire


    Vampire x Vampire
    Werewolf x Werewolf
    Werewolf x Human
    Demon x Human


    Anything in a similar vein to the Mass Effect series (though not set in the actual ME universe)
    Mercenary x Mercenary


    Hero x Hero
    Villain x Villain
    Hero x Villain
    Superpowers (not entirely 'superheroes', sort of works in the vein of Heroes or Smallville)
    Spy x Spy

    Onto basic plots. These are some ideas that are more developed, and if you are interested feel free to help contribute to them:

    Videodrome 2.0

    Our characters, two private detectives, receive a distressing phone call asking them to investigate a disturbing videotape. The videotape itself depicts imagery from a TV show known as 'Videodrome 2.0', a program with unknown origins. It is up to our characters to find out who has created the violent and perverse 'Videodrome 2.0', and why they would need to produce such a thing. The need for answers grows as those who watch it begin to suffer from hallucinations, unusual behaviour, and then eventually die. Based off of the David Cronenberg film 'Videodrome', this plot features some differences to the original source material, but still includes violence, gore, and sexual content.


    In a dystopian future, one business thrives the most: bloodletting. This is the act of not only giving up your blood for scientific research, but also acquiring the blood of others – whether they willingly give it up or not. Our characters are both affected by this business: they may work in it, work against it, or perhaps something else. But whether they are involved in it or not, they know about the 'Toxicell' – an engineered disease that directly affects the blood. How it does this and who created it is unknown, but one thing is for certain. It kills. And the bloodletting business is walking a fine line between booming industry and total collapse. It is up to our characters to uncover the secrets of Toxicell. But what they do after that, and what they do with the information they find, is up to them.

    Thank you for reading! I will try to update whenever I can with new ideas.
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  2. I like the werewolxhuman idea :3
  3. Great, I'll message you :)
  4. Hello Cola! (I hope that's an alright nickname?)

    I was wondering if you'd be interested in mixing ideas and pairings in your list together? Spies and a Mass Effect-esque universe to be more exact?
  5. It's perfectly acceptable! And I'm very interested, I'll get to messaging you :)
  6. Sweet Jeezus on a stick, I am totally down for a Spy x Spy, F x F with you, if that ideas out, I'd love to try a werewolf x werewolf with you! I'm sure we can work out details in a PM right??
  7. I'm interested in the Superpowers or Villain x Villain F/F plots if you're still looking.
  8. I'll be sure to message you both when I get the opportunity to!
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