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    The dark tale about the warrior in all of us.
    The small peninsula city of Soran was finally at peace after years of unyielding war. Or so it was thought. For many years after the bloody century, Soran prospered in piece and riches, and no longer did families have to worry about loved ones risking their lives in war. But of course, as it always is, there were forces that strongly opposed the peace that Soran had.
    The sword-arm of these evil factions being the Wardens, warriors haling from a city based around Military. They had lived in war from the day that the city was established, and the unforgiving artic environment around them was far from forgiving. They quickly formed over 1000 men to march to Soran, seeking only blood. In merely weeks, they barricaded the town off from any escape.
    Leaving only one option: Fight.
    The Wardens quickly brought siege upon the city, fights between ill equipped farms and knights ending with grim results. The few Knights remaining quickly went into hiding, and have not been seen since.
    You are one of these knights. You are ready to emerge from the darkness to fight back the Wardens, and whether or not you fail is in your hands.
    Character Info
    Keep in mind, your character is a knight, not a rogue, so he/she is either wielding a Sword and Shield, or an Axe.
    Weapon of choice:
    Brief History:
  2. Name: Captain Lokhan Ausar
    Age: 27
    Weapon of choice: Steel Longsword, No Shield
    Personality: Lokhan is a born leader. He is a very quick thinker, and a heavy extrovert. He puts his life on the line for others quite a bit, and is very giving. His flaws are that he tends to make risky decisions, and that he doesn't really take fights seriously.
    Brief History: Lokhan was born into a family of knights during times of war. Ever since he could remember, he had wanted to be a knight. You could say he began training when he was about eight. That was when he got his first sword, a wooden toy that he used to play with the neighbor kids. He began as a knight as early as possible, at around 14, and is probably the only person in the Vanguards who has experience full combat during war. His father died in the war, but it was nothing new to an 18 year old Lokhan, he had seen death for much longer than many. Now he is tasked with leading a team into what he believes to be a deathtrap.
  3. Can I join? Here's my skeleton, tell me if I need to fix anything?(:
    Name: Aradia Nahoa Ailani
    Appearance:[​IMG](Except she has an axe and a different top on, and she almost always wears a mask because of a birthmark that looks like someone dipped there fingers in mud and traced two fingers down her cheek.)
    Weapon of choice: Axe and sheild
    Personality:Aradia is what you would call a loner. She believes she is stronger alone and doesn't really talk to anyone. She is very strong willed and stubborn and doesn't like to listen to other people(another reason why she likes to be alone). She is kind of difficult to get along with, mainly because she doesn't care if she hurts your feelings. She can be fun if you manage to become her friend, but if not then she is all business.
    Brief History: Aradia grew up in a quiet, normal family. She didn't really have a reason to become a knight other then she wanted to protect her family and her people. She grew up to be the crazy rebel of her family, and when she turned 13 she started training in secret. She trained hard and determined for a very long time, and when she turned 18 she became a knight. She hasn't been in a lot of battles, but she is a strong and determined warrior who is willing to risk her life for her people and her family.
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