Vangoria's Mutant Program

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  1. The location: A parallel world much like our own but with varying borders (I would supply a map) and languages. Mainly, a tiny European country that is still ruled by a monarchy. In this case, a man in his early 20s and his mother.

    The plot: Vangoria is poor but wishes to expand. They cannot afford to buy land from their neighbors, and they are landlocked so that sending out colonization expeditions is out of the question. Conquest would be an option, but the Vangorian military is small and armed with weapons from last century. Fortunately, the king and the queen mother were approached by a peculiar scientist from the East who told them that there were people in the world with incredible powers. The two decided to take a chance and trust this man, and he brought them several special people for Vangoria's new Elite Military. These mutants were expected to expand Vangoria.

    The characters: The young king, the queen mother, and the scientist would be NPCs unless someone wants to play them. No more than two characters per person. Most characters will be the mutants brought to Vangoria. I would like to make slots to be filled, such as a set of twins who can communicate mentally, someone who can manipulate an element, someone with a physical boost, ect. But if you would prefer more freedom, I could just ask that you okay a power with me.

    Is anyone interested in this roleplay? I couldn't find an open and recent super/mutant roleplay, so I figured I may have to make one.
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  2. I really like that idea of twins and mental telepathy. I'm just interested in the mutant idea in all!
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  3. Well, that's one person who's interested. Perhaps more will come once I have an OOC and a banner. I can work on that this weekend.

    I normally don't like powers like mind control or mind reading because of of the manner it involves other characters. But mental telepathy between two characters would be like being in two places at once. I would want the twins to be played either by one person or by two people who know each other irl. (The latter would be preferred if possible.)
  4. Or they could just try their best to communicate via pm.

    I think I might be interested in element manipulation~
  5. Physical boost. If accessible.
  6. Hah. People are making reservations and I haven't even put up the OOC or the list of all options? Okay, I can reserve those spots for you for a couple of days. I'll post the OOC link here tonight or tomorrow.
  7. May I have air or gravity manipulation if possible?
  8. ooohh..I'm interested.. though I'm not sure what power I'd have.. uhh.. Psychokinesis maybe? whatever works best for everyone :] oh, ohh.. or the control over the elemant of ice? :]
  9. I'll share the list I have. It's one-per-person, as I want some variety and not too large of a crowd. Also, to avoid being overpowered, it's one variety per type, so someone with "temperature" can either produce heat or absorb heat.

    shapeshifting (into some real animal) @N I C O L A E ♥
    body boost (healing/improved hearing/ect.)
    telepathic link (between twins; two characters) @F L Y
    manipulation (of air/plants/light/water/ect.) @Kythii Darastrix
    physical power (strength/aim/ect.) @Mr. V
    transportation (flight/speed/ect.)
    temperature (fire/melting/freezing/ect.)
    oddball (invincible hair, access to a pocket dimension, ect.)
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  10. Debating between shapeshifting and cloning XD
  11. Cloning would be moving in on the twins' territory, so I reserved shapeshifting for you. I also added a misc. option. I decided I would play the Queen Mother. I would like someone to play the prince. If someone wants to play him as a mutant (with something that's easy to hide), we can do away with the scientist character.
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  12. I am so late with checking this out. But I love super power/mutation roleplay! I don't really mind what powers I have. :3
  13. Can I join? :3
  14. Sure. Click the link, go to the OOC, do some reading, make a CS...
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