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    Welcome to Planet Earth. It may seem familiar, and it shares a lot of history with the one you're thinking of, but there are differences. For one thing, some of the people of this planet carry recessive genes for incredible abilities, and when two matching genes are combined in a new human, they are destined to gain something special during puberty.

    See that little place to the north of Greece? That's Vangoria. It's one of the smallest and poorest countries in Europe, and is governed by a young king and his mother. They wish to expand. But they have no money for land, even if their neighbors would be willing to part with some. Their military is also weak and still uses weapons from last century, so conquest is out of the question. Or is it?

    The king of Vangoria is one of those with incredible abilities. In most of the world, such things are rumors and old wives' tales. But the royals of Vangoria know these fables are true, and Queen Euadne determined that the promising method of acquiring land would be to have people such as these fight for them as their new Elite Military.

    1. This isn't the real Earth; whatever you say becomes canon.
    2. Don't contradict canon someone before you put into place.
    3. Respect apostrophes; don't misuse them.
    4. Read this whole post, not just these rules.
    5. One ability per person, one person per power type.
    6. The recessive genes are related to blood type, and since I'm only allowing one of each type, expect no transfusions.
    7. Pm me at will.

    Recessive Genes:
    shapeshifting (into some real animal)
    body boost (healing/improved hearing/ect.)
    telepathic link (between twins; two characters)
    manipulation (of air/plants/light/water/ect.)
    physical power (strength/aim/ect.)
    transportation (flight/speed/ect.)
    temperature (fire/melting/freezing/ect.)
    oddball (invincible hair, access to a pocket dimension, ect.)

    Character Creation:
    [picture of your character; non-anime artwork is preferred]
    Name: [first and last]
    Age: [years since conception, not birth]
    Country of Origin: [The USA exists; I expect (invented) background knowledge for wherever you pick and would like variety.]
    Mutation: [shapeshifting - gopher]
    Backstory: [where you're from, how you reacted to gaining your mutation, how the agent found you, ect.]
  2. Available Slots:
    body boost (healing/improved hearing/ect.)
    telepathic link (between twins; two characters)
    manipulation (of air/plants/light/water/ect.)
    transportation (flight/speed/ect.)
    oddball (invincible hair, access to a pocket dimension, ect.)

    Euadne Dukas, Queen Mother of Vangoria - AAB
    Theódo̱ros Eirí̱ni̱, Greek Strongman - Mr. V
    Alecsander Dukas, Flaming King of Vangoria - WhisperingWillows
    Dolores Bellaire, French Weasel - N I C O L A E ♥
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    Name: Euadne Dukas
    Age: 44
    Country of Origin: Vangoria
    Mutation: None - royal
    Backstory: Euadne Dukas was the wife of Henrik Dukas II, King of Vangoria. Her late husband died three years ago while simultaneously trying to eat pork pie and observe a traveling comedian. Since then, Euadne has assisted her son is his new kingship and forbade any comedians from entering the realm. The new Elite Military was a scheme she hatched after overhearing her son wish Vangoria had more land. She's known about her son's ability for years, and is certain that if others could be found with similarly powerful abilities, they should be able to conquer one of the small neighboring countries with a handful of people. Thus the queen sent out seven agents around the world to locate and retrieve anyone they found with such special abilities. Some have finally returned, and Eudne is eager to meet them.
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    Name: Dolores Bellaire

    Age: 22

    Country of Origin: Paris, France.

    Mutation: Shapeshifting - long-tailed Weasel

    Dolores was hailed from Paris, France and born as an only child who was raised by a single mother known to be the dame of the streets men drooled for. The Brunette has no knowledge of having a father, and growing up learned to be independent much to early as the two lived in poor conditions.

    Despite living in poor conditions, Dolores will admit that mother has given her proper love and care compared to a higher class one as she grew up. Her mother was a burlesque queen, an old type of show girl, that tempted men backstage, and you know the rest.. That type of classy girl before returning home late nights to Dolores with plenty of money to merely last the week. The girl just had to learn how to survive through the tough streets she was born and raised in, rather then the nice and colorful streets of liveliness Paris was always often depicted as, and she learned through stealing. A small skill she became adept at when she was seven.

    Cunning, deceitful, and precocious--Dolores stole food, and occasionally clothes secretly for her and her mother. It made everything easier, her mother would be able to pay off bills more quickly without tempting anyone, while Dolores did Dolores and stole little things for the two without getting caught. The little girl would even act like a desperate child in poverty in order to be taken in by a family with money and steal from them, before disappearing off into the night and meeting up with her mother again. This gimmick went on for years until at age twelve. (12), something strange happened.

    Upon being in another family's home and finishing up a phone call with her mother secretly, while in the middle of one of her stealing plans she had finally gotten caught. Little did Dolores know, the family that took her in was a.. Peculiar family. Everything was locked and childproof. No luck on jewels, she had plenty of clothes back home, and no wallet around. A couple -who had taken in three other kids- that seemed to nice and to touchy. Curiosity tends to kill the cat, and doing more secret searching, Dolores only found surgical knives in the closet. Ultimately coming to the conclusion that her Gut instinct was on tact. The couple had a thing for killing, and taking in kids. Killing kids. Apparently once the couple had caught Dolores, she was terribly startled and immediately got yanked by the husband towards him. With this action, everything happened so fast, She became small creature and as a result he lost his grip on her, causing the wife to scream and the man to fall back.

    Once released, Dolores had landed on the ground roughly on her back, before she quickly flipped to her stomach as a weasel and hissed. The woman attempted to stomp around on the ground out of panic but Dolores climbed up her leg, to her arm, and jumped out the room she was in very quickly. She had become a weasel of some sort, that caught the couple off guard and give her time to hide under a couch as a weasel. Dolores only saw 'paws' as her hands, and noted she was much more smaller now but kept hidden nonetheless.

    It took some time and waiting for an opening to escape. The other kids didn't tell on the weasel's whereabouts and the husband of the couple came to the conclusion that perhaps Dolores got out through the front door. Obviously determined to drag the little twelve year old girl back, he left through the front door and that was when Dolores ran out as fast as she could as a weasel, to the meet up her mother would be waiting at. Quite an experience, but did she learn her lesson? No. In fact, she was willing to do the trick again in the future.

    Coming empty handed as she ran through the night as an animal, Dolores finally got a full view of herself when she stopped Infront of a antique store and looked at her reflection on a window. A weasel she was indeed, she couldn't even believe it. Never has she ever been so terrified in her life while doing a task like this up until now. She waited, her weasel form not even beginning to cease and eventually fell asleep in the streets, curled to a ball.

    When daylight hit, Dolores awakened. Not outside, but inside a building. Her vision was blurred by the brightness as her eyesight adjusted and she sat right up, startled. Her other noted the fear."I found you sleeping once I arrived. Empty handed.. What happened? Did you collapse on the street?" She asked. The girl shook her head, and told her mother play by play what had happened last night while she stayed at the victim's house, that backfired and almost made her the victim instead.

    Mother believed everything.. But not the whole weasel turning thing of course. That is until the girl had sneezed, she turned into a weasel. Speechless, and surprised, Dolores' mother was caught off guard, grabbing the weasel yet surprisingly, she wasn't shocked or feared. She knew that her daughter had this sort of 'power', and that this weasel was her daughter as she changed Infront of her face and therefore was determined to keep Dolores at her side even more now, fearing that someone will take her away and use her in some type of way, like greed or something.


    It took a lot of time for Dolores to learn how to shapeshift at will. Most often she was kept at home more then usual by her mother due to shapeshifting out of the blues from becoming sick, or sneezing, even getting startled or frightened to death. For about seven months she focused on shapeshifting at will and when she finally did manage to do so, Her mother decided to ban Dolores from acting like a poor child and getting taken into another family, taking precaution and also in the fear of Dolores becoming a victim and weasel again.

    Now fourteen (14) it was then that Dolores was found by some men in fancy outfits. Suits. She was roaming along the streets and attempted to swipe some jewels from the store. The tween succeeded, doing an old switcharoo technique and walked out calmly, to which the suits followed her. Having a sort of 'sixth sense' she walked faster, bumping into a French citizen who yelled at her to 'watch it' as she fell back and drop the brown sack filled with necklaces, bracelets, and two tiaras. Immediately the man was shocked, and she ran as the suits chased after her quietly yet as swiftly as they can.

    Dolores managed to out run them after half an hour and made it home. Climbing through the window of her apartment nervously to her waiting mother. By then, dinner was ready and she quietly ate dinner with her mother, terrified. She would probably be arrested. It was then that a loud knock was heard.


    Yelled Dolores. But her mother shook her off, opening the doors and frozen stiff by the sight of the two suited up men who quickly snapped the two out of it."We come in no harm. We are here for Dolores Bellaire. The shapeshifter able to turn into a weasel. You two are not in trouble, we guarantee you." And the agents looked over to Dolores, the mother looking at her as well.

    The suited men were invited in and had a conversation with the mother about their reasoning, program, plans, and Dolores. Mices can be heard scurrying in the walls and squeaking through them while a small yet very visible spider formed it's large intricate web, catching flies for food at the corner of the ceiling. It was hard to accept Dolores going into this program but she eventually invited Dolores in the conversation, explaining everything. Truthfully and simply.

    It was also hard for Dolores to accept. But nonetheless, she did for her future. There would be others like her, and she would be able to protect her mother more perhaps as well as learn new things and train with others like her. Around peculiar 'mutants'. So Dolores was taken in and the agents had also sheltered her mother more properly, who changed her life all around. Her mother living in a nice yet average house, with a 'real job' and making plenty.​
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    Name: Syra Lennar
    Age: 16
    Country of Origin: England, Uk
    Mutation: Transportation - Speed
    Backstory: Syra had always known she was unfortunate, living in the poorer land, practically starving to death every other day. Her family owned a farm in a small village bordering one of the richer cities of England. Their money was dwindling lower every day as the little amount of cattle grew more feeble and sick. Bad yield meant bad prize. Syra just always wished she could just run away and live elsewhere, far away. She never knew that some day that may of been possible. The little village they lived in bordered a cliff which Syras family farm were right on the edge. For a unknown reason, the cattle gate was open. The Cows and cattle were going to die. That was when Syra realised her power of extreme speed. The cows still died, she may of been fast but she certainly wasn't strong. In a quick spurt of panic, she ran. She soon found herself lost, in unknown land and no food to eat. That was when he came, the one who called himself a agent.

    If it seems a lil' weird or iffy, I can change it :)
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    Name: Theódo̱ros Eirí̱ni̱

    Age: 32

    Country of Origin: Greece

    Mutation: Physical Power [vastly increased strength).

    Backstory: Born in Nea Moudania, Greece, Theo was born Theódo̱ros Eirí̱ni̱ , and lived a happy life working at the small bakery called Fresco that sat well advertised on a street corner. It was simple and rather tedious work, just baking and tending the counter, restocking shelves. But it was an easy job, and he always got to enjoy the smells of new spinach and cheese pies, have a lunch of slightly overcooked or burnt breads and biscuits he'd made for himself, and could always see the faces of satisfied customers as they left smiling. And best of all, the boardwalk view of the Aegean, watching boats sail in to the port a little ways off in the distance. Sadness struck first when his ex-wife (whom he had still loved and been on good terms with despite the divorce) died of ALS, and then again when his daughter drowned in the Aegean he had come to love. The sea lost its luster, the smells turned rotten, the char grew worse, and the smiles and sympathies of those around him grew condescending and repulsive.

    With life on the downhill, Theo grew grim and depressed. But the turnaround came when he saved a teenager from a car speeding through the town square. The odd part? The girl struck the wall of a building when he forced her out of the way and broke her ribcage. She survived, but was in pain for weeks. While it left him feeling more guilty than before, it was at that moment he discovered that he was different. He was able to lift whole pieces of heavy, metal farming equipment, could withstand far more blunt damage than any normal man could, and could outrun most others. He traveled the country, seeing all the beauties that existed in his homeland, and at the same time performed as a sort of vigilante, stopping and preparing terrorists, murderers, and thieves alike for arrest. He even started a small cult in Sparta, where they called him Theos Polemistí̱s (roughly translated to "Warrior God"). Others called him "Ares reborn", and some even followed in his footsteps and acted as local heroes, some doing more than others. He never fully acknowledged his following, and instead focused on his goal in life, which was to help those in need. The goal that buried his feelings of depression and gave him a purpose.

    And this help soon morphed from localized crime-fighting to international heroism (or to others, villainy). It began when he literally stumbled upon a small tour group being harassed at the border of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYRUM). Three armed military personnel had begun unwarranted and illegal searches of the bus, going through personal effects and searching individuals, threatening with their weapons if any tourists resisted. Naturally, he intervened. The soldiers were sent away with bruises and broken arms, even given back their unloaded weapons. But despite the limited nature of it, the incident created an international explosion. Citizens and the government of FYRUM accused Greece of militarizing mutants to specifically target Macedonians (using the constant hostility between the two nations as evidence of the accusation), and other nations and organizations demanded the extradition of Theo for his "crimes". And despite popular opinion of him, the Greek Prime Minister agreed to turn Theo over to the EU. Turned into a fugitive, Theo escaped government SWAT teams and jumped the border into Albania. Feeling betrayed, he vowed never to help another again. That was when the Vangorian recruitment agent found him and asked him for assistance in the king's problem. Realizing he might get revenge on the people who had betrayed his trust, and those who had condemned him in the first place, he signed on.
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  7. BlueIris, do you want the United Kindom to exist in this world? I didn't intend for it to.

    BlueIris and Mr. V, you both misunderstood the powers. I thought I explained it clearly enough, but perhaps not since you both made the same mistake.

    The types of powers are not powers. You pick one power that fits the category you reserve. If someone has flight, nobody has super-speed and vice versa.
    Shapeshifting blood type is ss, body boost is dd, manipulation is mm, physical power is pp, transportation is tt, temperature is rr, and oddball is ww. Someone with Or blood would just have O blood and the r would be unnoticeable. Someone with dm blood would have no abilities but still be unable to give or receive a typical transfusion. To be a mutant one must have two genes of one power type, and that will give a power related to that type based on hormones during puberty. Do you understand now?
  8. Hmm. For some of mine this rule is applicable, and some not. For example, someone with sheer brute strength would be able to jump higher (while not airborne), run faster (while not, say, Barry Allen speed, they'd still run fast). It's an issue of technicality.
  9. This is true. But boosts related to super-strength would be something you roleplay, not list.
    Theo would be seriously injured in a car crash, and his aim isn't incredible. Fix that, and you're accepted. You write well.
  10. Understandable. And it's almost all from personal experience.

    Any better?
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  11. Yep; that'll work. It seems unlikely he'd go through high school and part of adulthood without finding his strength (trying to see how much he can lift to show off or something), but it's feasible since he worked at a bakery.
    Are you from Greece?
  12. May I reserve the king?
  13. I don't mind :) I can change my place of origin if you want

    Thanks for explaining the powers, I'll change it to super speed only.
  14. Reserved and reserved.
    Just remember the king will need a (remaining) power. I'd also like him to look related to his mom (who has Roman features).
    England is fine; I just didn't intend for the islands to be united. Also, super-speed would be listed as "Transportation - speed" or something that includes subtype after type.
  15. We don't have many heavy, physical school activities. Sure we have football (the REAL football, mind you), but that's speed and teamwork mostly. There's farmwork and the sort, but a city-boy would never really have to worry about that unless his family owned parts of the nearby fields.

    Yeah, half-Greek. Conceived there, but born in Wisconsin. My family goes overseas every summer to visit my grandfather in Zografou, a village which is literally something like two kilometers from Moudania (Nea Moudania, technically, though everyone just calls it Moudania. Something about immigration being the cause of some towns being named "new"). We go to the Fresco to buy bread and pies, we go there to visit godparents, watch movies in the outdoor theater. There's a wonderful boardwalk, you can see the ships. Not to mention all the fields and machinery that I see every day there in the village itself. The only things really made up are the heroism, mutation, and character, though the first name is a family name. Overall, I consider Theo to be one of if not the best characters I've ever made.
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  16. [​IMG]
    Alecsander Ricardo Dukas


    Country of Origin:

    Temperature- Fire

    When his father died, Alec was at the very least overwhelmed with the tasks ahead of him. He would become king in his father's place and hold council with his mother. His mother knew of his powers long since, and when the time came for Alec to want his kingdom to grow, the only way they could think to build an elite army was to gather like minded beings and use them to conquer the surrounding areas. And thus he sent out a royal invitation world wide, and he and his mother await the new warriors.

    Hope this is good! :)​
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  18. Haha, not exactly.
  19. Nice banner.
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  20. So you can kill a monarch with meat and laughter? Crap, I should've done that with Elizabeth years ago...
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