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  1. Well, I will point out I was never going to have Natalia "escape." Aunt Cherie manages to attain custody of her and basically rescues her from the hospital. Puck, being "imaginary" would then follow her. And because Erika liked her she decides to break out shortly after she leaves and meets up with Natalia at Cherie's house.

    From there, Raven can pinpoint Natalia's mana signature to Cherie's house. There, we have some gentle talking and the aforementioned sibling bonding. Raven can even be the one to initially push Natalia towards using her powers again.

    Lorentz and Lucrezia - what IS their plan together? She provides him blood monsters, but what's their end? Natalia? How do they know about her? These are probably stupid questions.
  2. "You can't hide, while your eyes are wide," her pointy-eared friend quipped in his singsong voice. It reminded Natalia of wind through the trees. "Why stay here, I wonder?" he continued, gesturing to the drab institution -- no, prison -- that held them. "When a snap of your fingers and bring you yonder? A poor little Alice are you, trapped in your Wonderland with the mad ones, too." He hopped up onto the table in front of Erika, but the other girl didn't seem to notice him.

    Natalia wasn't surprised.

    No one noticed the Puck. No one except her.
  3. Darkcloud
    Darkcloud was up early as usual. The older tom cat had always been an early riser, even as a kit and a moody apprentice. As he padded back into camp with a mouthful of Tansy he ducked quickly back into his den to pull the remaining tansy out. His apprentice was still new and had much to learn, Darkcloud wanted Shadowpaw t learn quickly but also cover everything so the youngin could be the best he could be... especially since he had accepted his fate much earlier than this fuzzball of a tom had... something he thanked Starclan for each and every sunset. After all, Darkcloud was no young cat, many cats didn't even live to see fourty moons. After setting the old tansy down in a pile next to the new ones he moved to get his apprentice.

    The dusky brown tabby tom was still curled up in his nest and snoring quite loudly. If it hadn't been for the fact that he had been such a loud snorer even as a kit it would be easy for one to think that he was pretending to sleep. Falconpaw, though eager to train and learn, knew that he was ready to be a warrior, he could feel it every time he went out with his mentor, Thrushfur, and that was precisely what had been making him drag his paws about getting out of his nest as of late.

    Poppytail, Flowerheart & her kits will get posted for later (either through editting this post or on a new post...)
  4. Found a couple pics for Natalia. Possible one is this:
    Natalia 1 (open)


    But in my design only the right side of her hair is dyed, like this:
    Natalia 2 (open)


    Platinum blonde with this kind of streaking. Could go for the first pic - it looks closer.
  5. Random hi guys
  6. "She's not going to be interested in anything just sleeping at home."
  7. "And everyone decides what makes them happy on their own."