Vancouver Olympics 2010

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Olympics 2010 :: What's your niche ?

Are you watching the Olympics?

Where? What sport?

What are the highlights of YOUR Olympic 2010 Experience?

I'm definitely watching ! We don't have a television, but I'm watching them online on NBC Olympics Full Replays <3

-Figure Skating
-Ice Hockey

So far, I've only watched most of Figure Skating ::
The Russian YukoxAlexander pair's short program was AMAZING~ and her DRESS--- I WANT IT <3 Swan-princess <3 Their freeprogram was a little disappointing, though her dress was a must-have. I can't believe THEY FELL x3
The gold medalist pair & the silver medalist pairs from China were equally stunning. I have to say, my favourite was the PangxTong (was it ?) pair in their short program. The guy's outfit was WOW, the girl looked so pretty <3

Then there was that Polish pair Veraxandsomeguy and she looked like a little doll in her short program. If they hadn't tripped and if it were a little less simple, they might have one.

The french pairing with Yannick Bonheur were pretty good, but somehow they didn't get up there in the rankings. Their short program was okay, but their freestyle was beautiful. When he lifted her single handedly, it was normal, but then instead of bringing her down normally, he twirled her like a starfish and threw her. It was so cool!




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Cross-country skiing., you know.

Tuxedo Mask

Ummm I don't watch the Olympics.....don't murder me please!


Well, seeing as I live so close to Vancouver, I just so happened to be in Vancouver on Saturday wandering around looking at all the Olympic stuff... I really don't get what all the fuss is about going downtown Vancouver, there really wasn't anything special going on, except for shitty music and massive crowds!

But I do LOVE watching the sports on TV. Hockey, skiing, snowboarding, figure skating... CURLING! HAH! I love them all.


I personally don't watch it, but it would be nice for the local boys to sweep a majority of the medals. Not sure if that's possible or if they have already.



I watched the fighting matches..oh goes by hockey don't