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Welcome to the World Vanahiem. In this vast world are several kingdoms one of which is the Kingdom of Assir, led by the tyrant King Dangard and the ice cold Queen Muryielle . People pray that the tyran elven king would finally die so the kind prince can take over but clearly, that's not going to happen for another couple hundred years. Assir is just one of the many kingdoms in this messed up world we live in. Its also one of the few kingdoms that is full of elves, fairies, demons, and others that have been outcasted by society. If your a human in this kingdom, YOUR the outcast. Besides the castle, there is the main city of Assir which is surrounded by the fairy forests. Thats where the main role play will be held but there are plenty of other smaller cities scattered about in this kingdom that you can all explore. This is a general role play where your aloud to do anything you want except kill other characters without permission. There's no real plot except for the tyrant king. This is a free for all just for you guys to have fun! :) Fighting is allowed but is not the main focus of this RP.

  1. Please read the information x.x
  2. Any problems, take it to a PM or consult me
  3. Ask me as many questions as needed!
  4. If posting gets slow I will create a minimum about of posts per week or so because I don’t want this dying. So please at least try to post at least once a week unless you have a reason and you tell me
  5. Please avoid bringing Drama from IC in to OOC and vice versa.
  6. Normal Roleplay rules apply, no godmod, no power game, no meta game.
  7. This is not a combat based roleplay, yes fighting is allowed, yes there will be instances where fighting WILL happen. but it is not the focus.
  8. Adult Content is allowed for this reason this will be 18+
  9. Standard Iwaku rules, remember.
  10. Cursing is fine, but please try and avoid using it every other word.
  11. Read the CS sheet CAREFULLY.


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