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Van McCoy's School For Perplexing Minds and Peculiar Bedfellows {OOC & SIGNUP}

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Dip, Feb 26, 2014.

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  1. I have lost the earth!
    And the flowers of the earth!
    And the live souls above the earth,
    and you who passed across the light
    and reached
    You! You, who have your own light,
    who are to yourself a presence,
    who need no presence.
    Yet for all your arrogance
    and your glance,


    I tell you this!
    Such loss, is no loss.
    Such terror, such coils and strands and pitfalls
    of blackness, and of
    such terror
    is no loss.
    Hell is no worse than your earth!
    Above the earth,
    hell is no worse!
    No, nor your flowers
    nor your veins of light
    nor your presence,
    a loss!
    A Very Odd Meeting "Oh! Well hello there, my dear friend! I see you have stumbled yourself here, mighty well, then! My name is Mr. McCoy- or, Van, as you would like. Oh, please, don't look so tense! I know exactly why you stumbled here. Are you, by any chance, feeling different from others? Are humans, by any chance, making you feel like freaks or a monsters?"
    "Well, that's because you are one! Your slimy physique, abnormal features, and unsurpassable weirdness is what drove you here, my good fellow! I can tell that you have been hurting, and so have I! Seeing my perplexing partners being discriminated against day in and day out, it brings me to tears."
    "But! That is precisely why this school exists! We have only one strict rule that we live by! Our rule? Absolutely positively NO humans!"
    "We live by this. Our security guards can assure our staff and students that anything with two legs, judging eyes, and a taste for bad sitcoms are NOT allowed by our gates! We have only one simple solution if we catch any human passing into the school!-- We kill them. *Cough* Er, uh, oh! Right, right... Welcome, my new family, to Van McCoy's School for Perplexing Minds and Peculiar Bedfellows!"
    "We have everything a growing student, from the ages of 3 to 30 need! We offer K-through-12 classes, college classes, and more! Come!
    A Very Odd Meeting It is easy and simple to sign up, what are you waiting for? Now that we have the 'welcome-to-school-my-name-is-professor-mccoy' talk out of the way, I'll be taking my leave now to... dispose of some unwanted guests. Happy Studying!"

    Welcome to the thread! Ah, I apologize in advanced, I never actually organized a roleplay like this one before! If you have seen me, you've noticed that I ususally stick to the OneXOne roleplays. I'm here to spread my wings! This is a group roleplay, that I'm allowing some people to join in! I just hope that this will go swimmingly.

    1. Long replies and grammar are a MUST! Minimum of two adult structured paragraphs per reply. Meaning, five or more sentences. I cannot stress my peeve about short replies.
    2. If you are joining, you must be detected! Get involved, talk to others, have conversations! I'm challenging all of you to step out of your shell- Lord know's I am...
    3. We ALL know that some characters can't get along with others. If there is fighting, atleast give eachother a chance. Both of you can get a black eye and lose a tooth, but if someone is god-modding, I'll ask kindly to take it down and get their hands dirty.
    4. WE ALL KNOW that SOME characters get along TOO well with others. If things get steamy, move it or lose it. If anything, cut to black. If not, simply move to your respected Mature forums.
    5. Have fun! This is what this role play is all about!!!
    I will be limiting the group to about, lets say, 5~10+ people. Out of those, there will be some people who play the teachers and the students. A challenge for those who want to play the teacher-- try having your character co-respond with the selected class! The list of classes will be placed HERE:
    Bio (open)

    Language Teacher:

    If there is a class you wanted to teach, or that I missed, please tell me in your character bio under here! Don't be afraid to snazz it up a little, but I trust you all know when too little is too much.

    Bio (open)

    Full Name:
    Bio (open)

    Title/Archetype/formal title/self-appointed title/what you call them:
    Sexual Orientation:
    Face Claim: (Please, no pictures of real
    people. Let them be actors, or someone's random selfie-- I can only do with Anime pictures or drawings.)

    Family: Can be birth family, adopted, team, makeshift, etc
    Significant Other(s): Can be romantic, sexual, queerplatonic, etc
    Closest Friends:
    Physical Traits (Applies to those without reference photos)
    Eye Color(s):
    Hair Color(s):
    Body Build:
    Notable Physical Traits: Can be a mole, freckles, short fingers, etc
    Usual Mood/Expression:
    Five Prominent Traits:
    Misc (Applies to if they have special abilities)
    Class they're teaching (If they have one):
    Anything else you want to add: (Like “This only applies to when Character A is angry”)
    Stats (1 being the lowest, 10 the highest)
    Compassion: 0/10
    Empathy: 0/10
    Creativity: 0/10
    Mental Flexibility: 0/10
    Passion/Motivation: 0/10
    Education: 0/10
    Stamina: 0/10
    Physical Strength: 0/10
    Battle Skill: 0/10
    Initiative: 0/10
    Restraint: 0/10
    Agility: 0/10
    Strategy: 0/10
    Teamwork: 0/10

    I also would like to apologize for the terrible coding done by yours truly. If anyone has any questions, please, message me!

    Happy Roleplaying!!!
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  2. Full Name: Gennette D'Flour
    Nickname(s): Gen, 'Nette, Flour
    Title/Archetype/formal title/self-appointed title/what you call them: The Nymph's Daughter
    Age: 16
    Birthday: 7/23
    Species: Half nymph
    Nationality: French Canadian
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
    Religion: N/A
    Occupation: N/A


    Mother, father
    Significant Other(s): N/A
    Closest Friends: N/A
    Enemies: Polluters


    Usual Mood/Expression: One of thoughtfulness and kindness.
    Quirks: Has a soft spot too big to handle.
    Biography: Born on the outskirts of Maryland, she was birthed to a loving hippy and a caring Wood nymph. She lived her life normally, till instead of blossoming to the wonderful women her mother wanted her to be, she blossomed. She has been attending Van McCoy's school for over four years, now moving onto her Junior year.
    Five Prominent Traits: Caring, kind, wise, snarky, shy.

    (Applies to if they have special abilities)

    Skills: Excels in gardening
    Hobbies: gardening, reading, writting
    Element: Earth
    Animal: N/A
    Plant: Pansy and vine
    Anything else you want to add: Has the odd ability to sprout flowers from her skin at different times-- when she's angry, or upset, or embarrassed. They respond to her negative emotions, aswell as thrive in her positive ones.

    Stats (1 being the lowest, 10 the highest)

    Empathy: 6/10
    Creativity: 8/10
    Mental Flexibility: 6/10
    Passion/Motivation: 10/10
    Education: 7/10
    Stamina: 3/10
    Physical Strength: 2/10
    Battle Skill: 0/10
    Initiative: 7/10
    Restraint: 4/10
    Agility: 6/10
    Strategy: 9/10
    Teamwork: 10/10
  3. Full Name: Jean R. Kingfisher
    Nickname(s): Jean, Fisher, King
    Title/Archetype/formal title/self-appointed title/what you call them: The King
    Age: 18
    Birthday: 4/23
    Species: Harpy
    Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
    Religion: N/A
    Occupation: N/A

    Mother, Nanna
    Significant Other(s): N/A
    Closest Friends: N/A
    Enemies: Everyone who isn't him


    Usual Mood/Expression: Annoyed-- mostly with everyone around him, but still annoyed
    Quirks: Fluffs up feathers when he's angry. He also gets unbelievably red.
    Biography: Born off the coast of Florida to his loving mother, they lived alone. His mother told him that when he was born, he was kissed by a witch that cursed him with wings, but really, he doesn't see it as a curse. It's more of a symbol of authority, if anything. He's been home schooled all his life, and this is his first time out of the nest.
    Five Prominent Traits: Arrogant, selfish, conceded, (deeeeep deep deep down inside) caring and loyal
    Misc (Applies to if they have special abilities)

    Skills: Flying, and field track. Light hollow bones, let me tell you!
    Hobbies: Reading
    Element: Air
    Animal: Bird
    Plant: N/A
    Anything else you want to add: He hides a pair of talons under his baggy boots, and a pair of claws under his gloves-- don't be fooled, he can fight like a hawk.

    Stats (1 being the lowest, 10 the highest)
    Empathy: 8/10
    Creativity: 4/10
    Mental Flexibility: 9/10
    Passion/Motivation: 10/10
    Education: 10/10
    Stamina: 8/10
    Physical Strength: 6/10
    Battle Skill: 7/10
    Initiative: 5/10
    Restraint: 1/10
    Agility: 9/10
    Strategy: 7/10
    Teamwork: 2/10
  4. Kaylanni S. Phan
    Nickname(s): Kayla, la or lala, Lanni, Speedy, etc.
    Title/Archetype/formal title/self-appointed title/what you call them: Queen Fortuna, Fortuna, The Vixen, Speedy.
    Age: Sixteen{16 years young }
    Birthday: December 2, XX { 12. 02 . XX }
    Species: Kumiho / ho tinh { fox ; nine tailed fox spirit }
    Nationality: Vietnamese
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Hetereosexual
    Religion: Buddhist yet pretty neutral in religion..
    Occupation: A cute wee little comic store worker

    Face Claim:
    Show Spoiler

    Relationshits: PM me yo
    Family: Can be birth family, adopted, team, makeshift, etc
    Significant Other(s): Can be romantic, sexual, queerplatonic, etc

    Closest Friends:

    Physical Traits
    Eye Color(s): Gray smoky eyes
    Hair Color(s): Black (Formerly), Light brown with blonde highlights at the end (currently).
    Height: 5"0
    Weight: 116.5 lbs.
    Body Build: Curvy and petite

    Notable Physical Traits:


    Usual Mood/Expression: Calm & nonchalant. Yet usually deceitful during social interactions like acting kind and warm for example occasionally... Shes more of the lazy and laid back 'I don't give a single fuck' type you can say.

    Whimsical Quirks + Habbits:
    - Daydreaming or dazing off unintentionally whilst in the midst of a conversation with someone
    - Smiling or giggling during a serious situation or conversation. Usually out of nervousness and to shake it off.
    - Playing with her hair. Twirling it around a finger means boredom, Constantly stroking he ends of her hair means shes focused or concentrating--or simply just soothing herself.
    - Touching scars or tattoos. Shes easily facinated by them.
    - Seeing a dog and having the urge to adore it in any way (trying to pet it, etc). Its noted that she will mumble 'dog!' Before walking away from her friends and attempting to stop the owners to pet it or something along those lines.


    Five Prominent Traits: Deceitful, Vulpine, Persuasive, Neutral, Snarky.

    Misc (Applies to if they have special abilities)

    Class they're teaching (If they have one):


    Anything else you want to add: (Like “This only applies to when Character A is angry”)

    Stats (1 being the lowest, 10 the highest)
    Compassion: 6/10
    Empathy: 9/10
    Creativity: 6/10 (acceptation of being a strategist)
    Mental Flexibility: 10/10
    Passion/Motivation: 7/10
    Education: 10/10
    Stamina: 9/10
    Physical Strength: 8/10 (focuses on speed!)
    Battle Skill: 8/10
    Initiative: 7/10
    Restraint: 9.5/10
    Agility: 10/10
    Strategy: 10/10
    Teamwork: 8.5/10


    Ohmygod FFFF--- reserved D8< I'm in the middle of having trouble being online for long so yeah but I can't resist yo D8<<<<<

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  5. Reserved for anther character just in case
  6. YESSSSSS!!!!! I am SO excited. I hope more people see the banner!! Thank you, I'll make sure to save two spots for you.
  7. Dude, so like can i use face claims (real people) or do you want anime pictures and stuff ouo?
  8. Just out of interest, does this RP require character sheets, or are they optional?
  9. @Grumpy - I'd like for everyone to have a character sheet, just so others have something to go by for when they talk to one another's characters and so forth.

    @PardonMeSir - Anime, if you would. I just... feel creeped out when I'm playing the RP through my head and I image real people. But, if it's your own picture at all, that's okay.
  10. In such a case, I think you're in the wrong section. JumpIn RPs are RPs that don't require character sheets: you'd probably want this in the Modern Fantasy sign-ups area.

    If you like I can move it for you?
  11. Oh, jeez, I'm sorry to inconvenience you! Now I can tell why you're grumpy. If it wouldn't be too troublesome! I wasn't completely aware-- I've never been on this part of the forums in a long long time.
  12. No biggie. Easily fixed. MOVING THIS THING THE NOO'.
  13. Aaaaaaaaaaand here we are.

    Hopefully you should find more people to join now it's here.
  14. Name: Maidy
    Nickname(s): N/A
    Title/Archetype/formal title/self-appointed title/what you call them:idk
    Species: elemental
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexuality
    Religion: N/A
    Occupation: Supermarket Cashier
    Face Claim:
    Family: None
    Significant Other(s): None
    Closest Friends:none
    Physical Traits instead of feet, she has cat paws, and a black tail.
    Eye Color(s):blue
    Hair Color(s):blonde
    Height: 5"4'
    Body Build: slim, with skinny arms and legs, and very small cat feet
    Notable Physical Traits: Tail, always pale with red cheeks
    Personality: Quiet and timid towards people she doesn't know, but she warms up to people quickly. She only trusts her friends, and would rarely put herself in the hands of a complete stranger.
    Usual Mood/Expression: she is usually quiet, but content with her surroundings as long as she has a friend around. She is always happy unless around lots of people she doesn't know or in an unsettling environment.
    Quirks: personality is not unlike a cats
    Biography: Maidy settles in quickly to new surroundings, and quickly decides who she can trust. She easily forgives people, and always believes in burying the hatchet.
    Five Prominent Traits: has a white cat, Atami, that always follows her around. Can always forgive, no matter what they have done. Is very trusting in her friends. Always curious and eager to explore and examine new places. Quiet and wise, knowing what she can and cannot do.
    Misc: telepathically communicates with cats
    Skills:telepathically communicates with cats
    Hobbies: Talking to her cat, Atami, spending time with her friends, going to new places
    Element: nature
    Animal: cat
    Plant: cattail
    Stats (1 being the lowest, 10 the highest)
    Empathy: 0/10
    Creativity: 8/10
    Mental Flexibility: 10/10
    Passion/Motivation: 9/10
    Education: 9/10
    Stamina: 9/10
    Physical Strength: 5/10
    Battle Skill: 3/10
    Initiative: 7/10
    Restraint: 8/10
    Agility: 10/10
    Strategy: 9/10
    Teamwork: 9/10
  15. Hey hey @Dip can I apply for the position of the Art teacher?
  16. Name: "Charlotte Gianna Madeleine d'Espivant" [true name is Chrysea, read as Pandora in some languages]
    Nickname(s): Lotti
    Title: Supercalifragelisticexpialidocious Art Teacher/ Miss Lotti
    Age: 25 according to her
    Birthday: 14 Feb
    Species: Dreamweaver-minor goddess of sleep and creativity/imagination
    Nationality: French, according to her
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
    Religion: -
    Occupation: Art Teacher
    Face Claim:


    Family: -
    Significant Other(s): Artur
    Closest Friends: -
    Enemies: -

    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 159 kg
    Body Build: softly curvy but well proportioned
    Notable Physical Traits: a mole she covers with a heart face-sticker

    Usual Mood/Expression: casual smile, dreamy gaze
    Quirks: weird unidentifiable accent, habit of calling everyone by pet names and such, hates recalling her age
    Biography: a mortal deity that has been roaming the earth for some time now, she took an interest and a strong passion for arts and languages in Europe; she doesn't like talking about her past, it makes her feel old. She went around making dreams for cities and individuals before she took an interest in teaching. She still tries to weave dreams in the school.
    Five Prominent Traits: weird accent, flouncy movements, eye-catching and bold fashion, not so good with current technology, optimism, sweet drawl

    Skills: shapeshifting [can only modify body], illusions [only with physical or eye contact or within a 2 yd range], dreamweaving, dreamreading
    Class they're teaching: Art
    Hobbies: sketching clothes, singing, making chocolates
    Element: Air
    Animal: white phoenix
    Plant: lily/poppy/lavender

    Compassion: 10/10
    Empathy: 10/10
    Creativity: 10/10
    Mental Flexibility: 6/10
    Passion/Motivation: 10/10
    Education: 9/10
    Stamina: 7/10
    Physical Strength: 4/10
    Battle Skill: 4/10
    Initiative: 7/10
    Restraint: 5/10
    Agility: 9/10
    Strategy: 8/10

    Teamwork: 8/10
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  17. Is it still possible to join? And is the position of music teacher still open??
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