Van Helsing and the Vampress

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  1. Hey I recently finished up a crazy-awesome RP that involved a vampire hunter falling in love with a vampire then being turned into a vampire and being the posessor of a sacred jewel and such... It included, near the end, Van Helsing, who ended up killing the main character's second love interest.

    I feel slightly bad for Mister Helsing, seeing as he didn't get much of a role in the RP other than killing a demon protector dude, so I wanted to know if anyone was willing to start a Van Helsing RP with me.

    I was actually wanting it to be either the originaly, slightly younger Van Helsing (if you want it back in the "old days") or it could be a descendant of his (if you want it more modern) that has taken an oath to carry out his ancestor's duties.

    Interested? PM me or comment!
  2. Interested... Though I would personally play a vampire who masquerades as a human and accompanies Van Hellsing, making sure that if every other vampire dies, he would survive.
  3. Alright so would you want to play as the vampire and I be the descendant? Apparently descendants can be female, lol!
  4. There could be that.

    Or you could also play as Van Hellsing himself. If you look at the wiki of his' you would find that he had a son who looked a lot like one of the main characters of Dracula. Quite frankly, at the end of the rp, my vampire would slaughter his son, setting the stage for Dracula.

    Interesting whim here, correct?
  5. So what would the plot be? I'm guessing romance is out of the question.