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  1. Hello, you can all call me Blood or Vampyre. This is going to be my official request thread. More specific ones will go where they need to go as needed.

    Status: Closed; HOWEVER, I will plot with people.


    Advanced writing level is required. An advanced writer is as follows, Players should be confident in their writing ability and have a thorough understanding of genre, themes, story elements, and character dynamics. You will be expected to take an active role in driving the plot forward without derailing the focus of the game. You may be expected to create and/or control NPCs as necessary. Grammar and spelling mistakes should be few.

    My next expectation is a required minimum posting length. The length is as follows, At least two paragraphs with concise information that help drive the plot forward. I wish for at least five sentences each and many details such as imagery and sensory details. I will not tolerate one-liners or semi-paragraphs. Those are an absolute no in my book. There are many things you can talk about within 2+ paragraphs or more. Please do as I require if you wish to roleplay with me.

    Posting speed that is more consistent than myself is not a huge thing but, I expect you to stay active with at least one post a week in the roleplay, as well as continuously stay active in the ooc private messages, where posting speed is not a big deal. My posting speed may not always coincide with yours, as it is quite erratic, but please, I wish for you to be a patient individual. If I make two posts in the roleplay on Friday night, then don't reply until next Thursday, do not bother me with the roleplay itself. I'll keep in touch, and I expect you to do the same for me.

    Contribution is key. As the advanced writing level states, You will be expected to take an active role in driving the plot forward without derailing the focus of the game. You may be expected to create and/or control NPCs as necessary. I personally require you to create and control NPCs in every roleplay I do. I will not let the focus be only on our main characters, but secondary characters as well, so be prepared to contribute to the story.

    • Main Female
    • Mild Sexual Themes
    • No excessive gore
    • Partner plays Male
    • 18+ only
    • ROMANCE developing over time
    • Bolded Roles and Genres
    • Mild language
    Pairing Ideas
    • President's Daughter x Secret Service Agent
    • Female Civilian x Male Assassin
    • Vampire x Human
    • Kidnapped x Kidnapper
    • Friends with Benefits
    • Boss x Employee
    • Best Friend x Best Friend's Older Sibling
    • Girlfriend x Lover's Older Sibling
    • Yakuza member x Yakuza boss' daughter
    • Mafia member x Mafia boss' daughter
    • Fantasy (High, Medieval, Epic, Modern, Urban, Paranormal, Dark, Wuxia, Sword and Sorcery, Heroic, Romantic)
    • Historical (Regency, Elizabethan, Edo, Heian, Victorian, Georgian, Middle Ages, Edwardian, 1920s)
    • Horror (Supernatural, Romance, Vampire, Werewolves)
    • Contemporary (Romance, Romantic Suspense)
    • Scifi (Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Romance, Time Travel, Adventure, Aliens, Colonization, Space Western, Apocalyptic, Post-Apocalyptic)
    • Crime (Action, Cat and Mouse, Hardboiled, Criminal Syndicate)
    Plot Candies
    • Romance
    • Kidnapping
    • Gore
    • Antihero
    • Sexual Tension
    • Forbidden Love
    • Drama
    • Mystery
    • Tragedy
    • Unrequited Love
    • Suspense
    • Western Steampunk
    • Steampunk Victorian Era
    • Contemporary Romance- Medical
    • Contemporary Romance- Love in the Workplace
    • Paranormal Romance set in Steampunk Victorian Era
    • Medieval Fantasy Adventure
    • Horror Supernatural Romance
    • Heian Era Romance between a ninja and princess
    • Contemporary Romantic Suspense between a CIA agent and a female college student
    • Post-Apocalyptic Urban Fantasy romance between two types of demons
    • Historical Time Travel Romance back into the Regency Era or Middle Ages
    Lastly, I just want to say that when I state Regency Era, I mean the literal Regency Era. Another thing I'd like to throw out is that I would rather collaborate a roleplay on Google documents. Otherwise, I prefer PMs, but can do threads.
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  2. Ooo. I'd love to snag the Noble Princess/Knight, especially with themes of anti-heroism and kidnapping. By collaborating on Google Docs, do you mean getting the roleplay settled there or actually doing it on that platform? I can tell you right now that I prefer to do my roleplays in threads here, and my minimum requirements are 4 paragraphs per reply, but otherwise I think this could be an interesting matchup.
  3. I meant actually doing it there, like a collaboration of some sort, but I don't have anything against doing threads on here. It expands my mind a little and being able to roleplay on all three platforms is even better for those who have specific preferences. So, I have nothing against doing the roleplay on a thread, just prefer Google docs, that's all. (:
  4. Got it. Well, if you'd like to have me I'd love to start something. PM me if you wish, and if not, good luck in your search!
  5. I'm still open if anyone is still interested in roleplaying with me! (:
  6. Ether of the assassins may be of interest (need details) also i don't understand how gore is a plot candy yet you don't like excessive gore? Cause for me gore is gore.
  7. What details are you looking for? I don't have a plot for either of them if that's what you're wondering. As for gore being a plot candy without it being excessive, it's pretty much just as it states. I don't mind gore but I don't want it to be excessive.
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  8. Well if no plot then may we discuss 1 in pm?
  9. If you're interested in doing either assassin pairing. First though, we'd have to establish which one you want to do.
  10. Enemy would be my first choice for a lot of things are possible
  11. Great! You can PM me or I can do so, but I won't be able to right away.
  12. The Middle Age romance based off of Lancelot and Guinivere sounds absolutely lovely! Care to send me a PM to elaborate on the plot?
  13. YES!! Ah, someone who likes what I like! I don't have a plot, but if you'd like to brainstorm and help come up with one, I'd be more than happy to do so!
  14. I'd be glad to help. I never thought someone would be interested in Arthurian legend! ♡

    Fair warning, I'm on my mobile so please excuse any typos or grammatical errors I make.
  15. You're all good~ ^^
  16. this is Closed, as in everyone who expresses interest in a 1x1 will be put on a waiting list of sorts after the RP is plotted out? Or?
  17. I'm not sure if I understand what you're saying. I'll plot the roleplay out with you, but after the other roleplays are sorted out, I'll start up another one as long as I feel I am capable of doing so. Does this answer your question?
  18. Ah, I see, so that's why you have a Partner Request that's marked as Closed, even though there's only a few interested parties the first place. Fair enough.
  19. I have to keep my roleplays limited (as I do have more than just these few people because people send me requests and I PM other people as well as create characters for group rps) because I have school, as well. Like I said though, if you still want to plot something, I'm fair game.
  20. Mm, so popular. XD

    Well, I'll probably be interested in a Fantasy sorta thing, featuring multiple characters (yay for a five-man dungeon-crawling party!), though it's my personal preference that romance is developed if it happens. Not sure if that clashes with any of your own thoughts in regards to how 1x1s should work.
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