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  1. It was a little passed 5pm on a summer day in the town of Brookside. It was a town the size of a small city that's surrounded by a forest almost all the way around except for the two river openings on both the east and west sides. This river runs straight through the middle of town, dividing it into two halves, North Brookside and South Brookside. The southern half of Brookside was buzzing about as always, and Drake had the only bar and inn on the south side, so there were almost always people to be found inside.

    A fair amount of people should be coming in soon though, Drake's bar usually starts getting really busy around 5:30 - 6pm when all the adults were starting to get out of work and all the kids were heading out after finishing whatever kids did during the summer. Drake had just kicked the day time regulars out of the building about an hour or so earlier because two randoms had gotten into a drunken fight and it started to get messy.

    Drake was fairly silent as he wiped the last bit of blood off the bar counter, his once white rag was now redder than a firetruck and his fingers were just as stained. Most people would probably be more than just upset with this, but considering that not only was Drake's bar the only bar and inn on the south half of town, not to mention he has a steady flow of 'special' customers and patrons, he deals with this almost regularly so its just another day for him.
  2. Lucifer arrived at the bar exactly at 5:10pm after attenting an important issue. He pushed the door open and stepped inside, holding his waiter uniform on his left forearm. He walked towards the main counter and noticed that Drake, his boss, was cleaning once again a bloody mess. Lucifer chuckled with a grin and stood in front of him.

    "I guess some people already started the party without me, huh?" He looked down at the shinny blod with his red and amber eyes. By the smell of it, he knew the fight was like an hour ago.
  3. "Did I not tell you it was going to rain today?" Leone grumbled softly as he walked along the side of some little city street. He was soaked, chilled to the bone, and his wing was killing him. His tail slowly lashing behind him as he continued to quietly rant about their day's travels so far.

    "When you said it was going to rain, I thought you meant later on." Tilly growled in responce, quickening her steps so that she wasn't lagging too far behind her long-legged, pissed off, and loyal friend. "How was I supposed to know when it was going to downpour?"

    "I don't know, maybe because I told you that morning, then when we were walking through that one town, and just before we left the town? You know, right before it started raining cats and dogs?" Leone growled back with sarcasm laced strongly in his voice.

    This kind of argument had become all too common between the daemon and the neko over the past couple weeks. The dangerous duo were both exhausted and at wits end with one another. Ever since the fire, things had been rather hostile between the two.

    Leone moved his duffel bag over onto his other shoulder because the constant rubbing against his damp shirt was annoying him. It felt like every single step he took brought a stronger pulse of pain to his bad wing. His gaze lifted to look for any hotels or inns or places with open beds. He knew that he wouldn't be able to push himself much further than where he was at now. Unfortunately, the only place that he saw was a bar/inn type of thing.

    Tilly had seen it too, and her gaze lowered slightly as she saw that Leone was slowing his steps. "Are you sure you can't make it any farther?" She asked with a soft sigh.

    "Unless you want to see me tear my own wing off, I'm sure." Leone replied gruffly and held the door open for Tilly, who was a bit hesitant to enter upon hearing the church bell chime and recorded message. The scent of blood also made them both consider bailing out.
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  4. As the bell rang, Lucifer slowly turned a bit and looked atthe door, spotting two people that apparenly were new custumers. he also noticed their clothes were totally socked and one of them had an hurt wing. He widen his eyes a bit and quickly rushed towards them for attend them. "Ah, welcome to "Aampiron Ale and Inn". The name's Lucifer". He gently bowed at them a bit, still holding his uniform on his forearm.

    After standing straight again, he loked down at them with a small side smile. "So, in what I can help you? I guess you guys need somewhere to stay?"
  5. "Lucifer.." Drake called out from behind the bar, "...go get them two large blankets from the back please, and put on your uniform while you are there. I will take care of them." Drake tossed the towel he was using into a steel bucket on the floor behind him, walked towards the far end of the bar, opened the small gate door and walked up to the two soaking wet people standing in his doorway. His lower half now visible, his black leather pants adorned with chains on the left side and black combat boots that went half way up his calves were able to be seen. "Hi there, I'm guessing two rooms and some hot meals would be what you're looking for yes?" he said as he walked towards the bar and picked up the notebook that was lying on the counter. He opened it and began flipping through pages until he got to today's date, he took a pen out of the back right pocket, clicked it and put his hand on the page "I need your names and the number of days you'll be staying, if you are unsure of how long you'll be staying, that's fine, I will just make a note of it."

    While waiting for the two to respond, Drake looked up at the clock that is hung above the doors "Five twenty. Late again, ugh. I don't know what I'm going to do with this girl." Drake turned his head to face Lucifer "Hey, have you heard from Yuki yet? She is late..again."
  6. Just as Drake asked Lucifer where she was, the door burst open with an unnecessary amount of force and a energetic young redhead bounded into the tavern, a large goofy grin spread across her face she waved at the two.
    "Hey boss! hey Lucy I'm here!" She called out as she made her way towards the two, Lucy was the nickname she had decided to call Lucifer, not caring how much he liked or hated this nickname. She jumped onto one of the stools at the bar and leaned over it, trying to grab at a glass of beer, she hadn't seemed to notice that she was yet again late for work.

    "Did I miss anything? was there another fight? It kinda looks like there was another fight" She rambled on, in her two weeks here Yuki had gotten into the habit of participating in most of the bar fights "I hate it when I miss the fights" She sighed, pouting childishly. "But anyway back to work, what was it that I am suppose to be doing again boss?" She asked Drake, yet almost immediately answered her own question "Oh yes getting peoples orders right?! silly me" She laughed yet continued to sit at the bar stool, this whole time oblivious to the customers that had come in just before her, who Lucifer and Drake were attending to.
  7. Lucifer glared at Yuki with a pout. "Dammit, Yuki! How many times I have to tell you to not call me like that, nya!?" He widen his eyes and covered his mouth as that last adorable cat sound came out from him all of a sudden. He blushed lightly and quickly turned around, rushing towards the bathroom for change to his waiter uniform and find some towel for the poor clients.

    He cursed and sweared under his breath as he got away, growling lightly in a rather adorable way.
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  8. Leone followed Tilly into the bar, deciding to go quiet for the moment. As he looked over the man who was working behind the counter, he felt like he knew him from somewhere. Tilly handled the paperwork and dialogue. "Uh, yes. Two rooms and some food sounds good. We're not sure how long we'll be in town, but we won't be here for too long." She stated with a halfhearted chuckle.

    Leone stared at Drake's necklace for a long moment, trying to figure out where he knew this guy from. "... Drake?" He asked tentatively. Just then, the door flung open and Leone jumped slightly in surprise. This caused him to wince as pain shot down his wing. "You used to go to Tilly's, right?" He asked, now more certain of it.
  9. "Alrighty, now I just need your names." Drake said as he scribbled in the notebook, "Yuki over there will take your orders once we have you cleaned up and dry.." He turned to face Yuki "..won't you Yuki?" Drake said with a glare. Up until this point, Drake hadn't really looked at the two drenched newcomers, so when one of them said his name, he looked up rather confused. "Um, yea I did, but I heard it.." Drake looked the two up and down studying them for a moment, suddenly his mouth hung open a little bit, realizing who was standing in front him. "..Tilly? Leone? What the hell happened to you two? I heard that Tilly's caught fire, but I figured insurance would have covered it. And how long were you guys walking? Just to get to the forest borders of Brookside is almost a two week journey by foot from Tilly's, to actually get to my doorstep is about another two days."
  10. Yuki was in a slight giggling fit when Lucifer ran off embarrassed at his nickname, she delighted in teasing him about it, maybe she should start teasing him about that cat sound he sometimes made as well when he got all mad and flustered. The girl was almost to busy laughing to hear what Drake said, lifting her head her green eyes flicked between him and the guests before she got it.
    "oh..Oh yes! I can do that Boss just leave it to me!" She beamed to the newcomers. leaping up from her seat to stand at the ready, though as she did she realised that she forgot to put on her uniform, yet again.

    "Just realised, gotta get changed first" she held up her finger before dashing off to the woman's bathroom "I'll be right back!" Her voice trailed after her as she disappeared. The energetic young girl was always rather fast at doing anything, though this caused her to become clumsy at times, especially when holding knives...around Drake.
    After a couple of moments she returned and stood to attention, in her rather flashy, modified uniform, though she didn't dress to flaunt herself around, Yuki claimed that wearing to much clothing would restrict movement, but whatever she did that required that much moveability remained a mystery.
    "Ready and waiting to tend to the customers Boss!" she announced, hardly seeming to notice that Drake was having a conversation with the two guest, or that he seemed to know them.
  11. "That's my name, don't wear it out." Leone managed to smirk a bit upon seeing Drake finally realize exactly who was standing in front of him. A part of the daemon felt a bit embarrassed to stand before Drake in the condition they were in, but the other part of him simply was too tired to care at this point. He left it to Tilly to explain why they weren't in the process of rebuilding the tavern at the moment.

    The neko wore a soft frown on her face as she thought of the best way to explain the predicament they were in. "Our insurance company forgot to mention a certain clause in our policy that prevented the money from coming through. And after that whole escapade, our town prohibited the hiring of any full-blooded supernatural creature." There was the slightest note of frustration in Tilly's voice as she explained why they weren't back home. Her long black tail slowly lashed as she continued to think about how bad a time they've been having attempting to save their tavern.

    Leone quietly listened as Tilly explained what exactly caused them to leave their home turf, and seeing how his neko friend was silently seething about it, he took it upon himself to answer the other half of Drake's question. "We've been walking a little over a week now. I knew a few shortcuts and trails to get us to Brookside a bit faster. Got caught out in a rain storm earlier, though." He explained, casting a small glare down at Tilly for a brief moment. Tilly glared back with murder in her eyes. Leone returned his focus back onto Drake, trying to lighten up the mood a bit. "Anyways, this is what you've been doing in your spare time?" He asked with a chuckle.
  12. Drake scribbled both names into the book before closing the notebook and putting the pen away into his right back pocket. He looked over towards where Lucifer had ran off to and called out "Lucifer! Bring me two whole bed room sets from the back please! Pillows, blankets, occupied signs, and the door keys for rooms one and two!" Drake turned back to face Tilly and Leone "I'm sorry to hear that, you two are more than welcome to stay here. Once Lucifer gets back out here I'll show you both to your respective rooms, let you get settled in, and then meet me back down here and I'll have Yuki take your orders for some food and drinks."

    Drake turned away from the two and walked over to the bar counter, placing the notebook back where it was previously resting. He then walked over to Yuki, his eyes glancing down at her fairly exposed chest for a brief moment before jolting back up towards Yuki's face "Yuki, how many times have I told you, unless you're inviting me in, button up your uniform shirt. And I'm sure your skirt needs to be pulled down as well. So fix yourself, and then go grab me two menus and two fork and knife sets from behind the counter please. And remember, don't run behind the bar, the floor is wet and last time you broke three glasses and a bottle of liquor, so be careful! I don't want you or my bar getting hurt."
  13. After a couple of minutes, Lucifer came out from the bathroom on his waiter uniform that had a rather gothic style. Right at the entrance on the bathroom, he turned to his right to face a big mirrow that was on a wall. He leaned towards it a bit, fixing his blackish hair with a smirk. After making sure his appearance was alright, he walked towards the back of the bar to pick some towels for the clients. This was something typical on Lucifer. Before doing something, he always needed to make sure his appearance, especially his face, was neat and faultless.

    After getting the towels, he rushed towards the Draco and the others, holding the towles with both of his hands. "I got the towels", he said to the clients with a side smile, helding the items towards them with both of his hands. His red and amber eyes glistened a bit by the last sunrays from the sunset.
  14. "But Boss! I hate being so covered up" Yuki complained "It's so hard to move when you have so much clothes on" She pouted and tugged at her skirt, maybe she could ask to change the skirt for some shorts later on, the skirt was too relieving to run around in on the roof tops. Nonetheless she buttoned her shirt up by one button, and fixed her skirt enough to look decent, as much as she grumbled about it during the process. It's not like she had a very big chest anyway, Yuki had a rather petite body.

    The spritely red head then skipped off behind the counter where she started to look for the menus and two sets of cutlery, taking slightly longer than she really should have, having some alterer motive than just getting things for the customers. Finding a small knife, one of many she has hidden around the tavern, she hid it under her skirt in a thigh strap.
    "I got them, here they are!" She hopped over to them trying not to run, towards Leone and Tilly and almost shoving the menus at the two, she was beaming as she set the cutlery down "What do you want to order? anything yet?" She asked the two not even giving them time to look over the menu.
  15. After handing the newcomers the towels, Lucifer quickly rush back at the back of the bar for get everything Draco order him while he was in the bathroom. He didn't listened that that correctly, because he was way to concentrate on looking good."Two Bedroom sheets sets, occupied signs... What else it was? Ah, yeah, some pillows and the keys from the room..." After gathering everything, he looked at them once again for make sure he had everything. He knew how much Draco hated when he had to repeat his orders two times. He learnt that by watching all the many times he had scolded Yuki.

    He chuckled and quickly walked back with the others, holding the stuff between his arms. "Alright, boss. I got everything now... I guess..." he whispered that last part with a drop of sweat on his forehead. "Any else this guy can do for them?"
  16. "No buts Yuki, that's why I keep telling you to keep your's covered. I told you, when you are off duty, I don't care if you walk around naked, but when you're working, proper dress." After Yuki fixed herself and walked away to get the menus and utensil sets, Drake turned to Lucifer, who although had done as he was asked, was still fiddling with his hair and face as usual. He took the things from Lucifer and pointed his chin towards the bar "Thank you Lucifer, now would you please stay behind the bar until I get back, and make sure Yuki doesn't kill herself or someone else. I'm just going upstairs to show Tilly and Leone their rooms, but lord knows that's more than enough time for Yuki to cause chaos."

    Drake turned back to face Tilly and Leone with a small sigh, "Sorry about that, they are both nutballs, but they are good kids so I keep em around." He stopped for a minute to think if there was anything else he needed "Blankets, keys, signs, pillows....I think that's everything." "Alrighty you're all se..." Drake's sentence was abruptly interrupted by Yuki nearly launching menus and her bubbly yet unnaturally loudly excited voice. He turned to Yuki with a glare and with a growl in his voice he snarled at her "Yuki!.." Drake quickly stopped himself before he started yelling, Yuki was a good girl, she is just ditzy. And she has openly been upset after he has yelled at her before, so he tries his best not to. Drake took a deep breath before continuing to speak. "..Yuki sweetie, can you go put the menus on the table with the untensils and some napkins please. Once I have them settled in their rooms then they will come down and eat when they are ready, ok?"
  17. "Thank you." Tilly spoke with a small smile as she took one of the towels and removed her hat, her black cat ears poking up from her thick black hair. She carefully dried herself off as best as she could.

    Leone nodded his thanks as he took the other towel and began to dry himself off as well. He really was exhausted at the moment. It had been an awfully long time since he travelled around like they'd been doing. He didn't have a bad wing back then, though. And he was used to being on the move back then, as well. He snapped out of those thoughts, however, when a menu was shoved at him by an overly energetic human girl. "Hey, hold on a bit." He spoke, taking a step back in order to reclaim his personal space bubble.

    Tilly didn't seem all that amused by the action either, though she kept her mouth shut as she watched Drake handle it. "Have you really tried training them...?" Tilly asked in a very quiet voice. She wanted to know how exactly he was running his business. That was the feline curiosity plaguing her at the moment, and she couldn't help but ask.
  18. Yuki stopped in her tracks when she heard Drake's less than amused voice call her name, turning towards Drake and blinking in confusion as he explained exactly what he wanted her to do. She then smiled and nodded her head a little more than she needed too "Oooooh, Ok, I got it now. Operation set the table is a go!!" She pointed towards an empty table and skipped over to it. She never really ended up apologising to Leone or Tilly either for shoving things at their faces, her mind always seemed elsewhere.
    Yuki practically threw the menus and the utensils onto the table, yet with near inhuman accuracy everything managed to land so neatly and in place, all she needed now was to grab the napkins. The girl had a rather strange set of skills, especially for the type of human she was.

    "Uh now where were the napkins again? I forgot..." She placed a finger to her lips trying to remember, returning to behind the bar and searching around for them "Oh that's right, they are right here. Silly me" She giggle and returned to finish setting the table. Once done she stood aside with her hands on her hips, looking rather proud of herself and her recent accomplishment "Boss I did it~"
  19. As Yuki scurried long to set the table, Drake turned back towards his guests. Upon hearing Tilly's question, a smile quickly crept across Drake's face and he let out a small chuckle "Trained? Are you nuts? I've had regular 'trained' workers before, they were horrible. They couldn't handle the things that go on here. I just finished cleaning up about a liters worth of two different people's blood. Most trained workers would run at the mere thought of having that task. I hired the crazy ones because believe it or not, when it really comes down to it, they work best under pressure and they can handle themselves if customers start to get out of hand. And to be perfectly honest, I've come to find that the crazy ones always have the best hearts." Drake stopped for a minute and turned to look at Yuki and Lucifer. A soft smile spread across his face before he turned back to Tilly and Leone "Trust me when I tell you, they are absolutely out of their minds, but I wouldn't replace em if you paid me to. But I'll never tell them that." He said with a chuckle and a quick wink.

    The moment of silence after Drake had finished his sentence was quickly broken by Yuki's voice calling across the room. Drake called back with a small smile "Thank you Yuki, that will be all for now, feel free to go pester Lucifer until I come back down from showing our guests to their rooms. Just make sure that if and when they come back down that you go to their table ok?" Now finished with his employees for the moment, Drake gave Tilly and Leone his full attention. "Now come on, I'm sure you two are dying to get out of those clothes and take your shoes off. Follow me to your rooms." Drake turned to face the left side of the room and started walking towards the staircase. As he was walking, Drake continued to talk as he lead the two along "So what brings you two all the way to Brookside? There are several towns in between here and where Tilly's was."
  20. Lucifer, been able to heard what Drako said about him and Yumi, dramatically teared up, his chest filled with emotions. "That... That was the niciest thing somebody said about me... Been considered as a crazy one..." he thought as he wiped his tears with his right hand, smiling brightly and looking away. Apparenly, the statement that touched him the most was the last one he said, about never replace them if somebody paid him, even if they were out of their minds.

    After a few minutes, he quickly walked towards the mirrow again and looked at his face, making sure there were no tears mark or something that aren't supposed to be there. He nodded after everything was okay and walked towards the bar, entering and facing the bottles of liquor. He had memorized every single bottle that was there just in case that somebody dared to steal one. After making sure none was missing, he picked a towel and began to dry some glasses that were on a sink.

    He turned around to see Yumi with a smirk. "Nice job setting the tables, but please, careful to not drop and break any plates. They're a bit expensive and you know what the boss says: "If you break, you pay it". He chuckled after remembering the many times she had broke some glasses and bottles before.
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