VampirexHuman & Dragon Age ideas inside (MxF)

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  1. I'm relatively new to this site but have a good nine or ten years of roleplaying under my belt. I'm currently looking for one or two partners who would be willing to indulge me in some of the plot ideas I have. That being said, all of the plots below are negotiable and I'd love to hear your own ideas!

    What I expect from a partner and what you can expect from me
    • Absolutely no one liners. I'm looking for someone who can write an absolute minimum of two paragraphs per character for every post. I usually give between three to five paragraphs per post unless something particularly exciting is happening; during which time I may write more.
    • Spelling and grammar don't have to be perfect, but I would ask that your writing is fluid and easy to understand. I will do the same for you.
    • These roleplays will be in PMs. I just find it easier and would like to avoid threads and email for the time being.
    • Please understand that real life can get in the way. I work five days a week and am often busy on the weekends. I try to post at least once a week but sometimes things come up and I just don't have the time to respond. That being said, if I have a lot of time or I am particularly excited about a roleplay I may reply several times a day.
    • I won't hunt you down for a reply if I haven't heard from you in a couple weeks, but I may send you a small message inquiring as to whether you want to continue. I won't ever hold it against you if you decide you've had enough of roleplaying or aren't feeling the idea anymore. It happens to everyone and this is a hobby. It should be fun. I don't want this to be a chore for either of us.
    • While I will be playing a heterosexual female for my primary character in all of my roleplays, if we are doubling I will create my second character to suit your preferences.
    • If you are playing a canon character, please make sure you can portray that character convincingly. I will do the same for you, even if it requires a little research.
    • If there are things that make you uncomfortable to roleplay, please let me know. I don't want to upset anyone and I am willing to omit anything you are not comfortable with. There are things I will absolutely not roleplay, either, and I will let you know what they are if they arise.


    Vampire x Human
    • Vampires have lived among humans for centuries and to this day, their true identities have never been revealed. To avoid this from happening, a vampire must choose a human 'companion', so to speak; one human to get their blood supply solely from. From first bite, a connection forms between the vampire and human. A bond usually develops, displayed mainly in the human at the beginning but slowly the vampire too will become affectionate towards their human companion. After all, the human becomes 'theirs' once they're bitten and vampires tend to be a little possessive of their property.

      Every year the newly changed vampires - and those who's humans have gone past there sell by date - attend a dance; one in which they are expected to find a human to last them for the next few years. The unsuspecting humans receive an invitation in the mail, telling them they have been selected above all others to attend the annual Harrison masquerade ball. If they only knew what awaited them, it would not be the most sought after event of the year. (Male vampire needed but willing to double.)

    • Similar to the first idea in which a ball is held, but this time the humans are aware of the vampires' existence. There is a vampiric royal family that rules over the human lands and as a show of their control, a ball is held in which the vampires choose a human to feed from for the next several weeks before they are killed and then the process begins again. Maybe the humans are killed in front of the rest of the town to keep the masses afraid and under control. The human selected this time, however, manages to befriend the vampire King/Prince and convince him to change the way the humans are treated. I imagine this set in a Victorian or Medieval setting. (Male vampire King/Prince needed but willing to double.)
    Dragon Age
    • This roleplay would require a double up of characters. I am primarly looking for someone to play a warden Alistair against my female Cousland. This roleplay would take place during Inquisition (or maybe a little before) in which your other character is the Inquisitor. I will also play a character of your choosing. I have experience playing Cullen, Morrigan, Dorian and Zevran (if you'd like to make him present in Inquisition.) That being said, I am willing to roleplay any other character for you with the exception of the Dragon Age 2 companions as I am not as familiar with that game as I am Origins and Inquisition.

    • The second Dragon Age plot I have involves a normal human girl accidentally walking through an Eluvian and ending up in Ferelden in which we would follow the plot of Origins, with you playing Alistair. I am also up for having Alistair go through an Eluvian and end up in our world instead which could be quite humorous, I think. Again, I am willing to double and play another canon character of your choosing.

    If any of these ideas interest you, feel free to PM me or post a comment here and I'll get in touch when I can. I'm only looking for one or two partners at the moment but if there is a lot of interest for an idea you'd also like to do, let me know so I can get in touch in the future.
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  2. Im interested in the vampirexhuman one ^
  3. Great! PM me and we can discuss the details :)
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