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  1. It happened all so fast that he wasn't even sure WHAT was going on anymore. One moment he was simply minding his own business walking down the isles of the local grocery store in search of some munchies, and the next all hell was breaking loose and he was running for a back storage area for cover. People were going crazy!! If Joshua had ever listened to the news he might know a little of what was going on across the world. Some sort of viral epidemic that was causing massive death, but also massive reanimation. Yeah, that's right, the dead were coming back to life for no reason, and whatever it was was spreading fast! The store had become overrun with these maddened dead people seeking to rip into fresh flesh to feast. Josh and a few others managed to get to the back of the store and shut and lock the gates to keep the 'zombies' out. It was currently him, a store manager, a security guard, two girls who he thought might go to the same school as him, and another random male shopper.

    Joshua was your typical 20 year old college kid. He enjoyed his video games, working out, partying nights and weekends, and generally slacking off, but he still managed to pull good grades in all his classes. Joshua had a twin sister, but they'd not gotten along well for a very long time. Despite that, Joshua still carried a photo of them together
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    faded and worn from some chance civil encounter between the two. As the walking dead moaned and pounded on the gates trying to get in, the rag tag group of survivors huddled together trying to keep their calm. The manager was pacing back and forth, the two girls were huddled together in hysterics and tears, and the other shopper was sitting on a crate holding his arm, " man. Fuck..what the hell...shit, shit, shit..." he kept muttering and throwing out obscenities. Really the only level headed ones seemed to be Josh and the cop, but Josh was anything BUT calm at this point. He just managed to hide it well.

    "We gotta get outta here!" the male shopper said getting up, "We gotta move those things...they're going to try and kill us!"

    This only made the girls cry more. Josh sighed as he went over to try and console them, "Hey it's alright. We'll be okay. Yeah I think we'd best move I don't think that gate'll hold long I--"

    There was a rustling as suddenly from the shadows a figure shot forward and grabbed for the manager who was pulled back as teeth sunk into his flesh. The cop drew his gun and fired at the creature's head as it went down, but more were coming, "Run!" he said as the remaining group high tailed it away from the scene. "there has to be more of them out there! how are we going to get out!?" one girl said through her hysteric tears.

    "I've still got ammo. My car is parked around this side. Head toward the exit and i'll try to hold em off"

    So the group made their run for it. They were lucky that they weren't completely swarmed this time, but only Josh, the cop, and the girl who had asked how they were getting out made it. Staring out the window as they sped off, Josh wondered if his sister had been caught. Somehow it gave him both a satisfying and saddening feeling to think of her demise 'resident evil style' to the zombies. Just because he 'hated' her didn't mean she wasn't still family.
  2. It had been just two short years ago when everything at their home fell to pieces. The twins parents had died leaving them to fend for themselves and that's when all the fights started and now they hardly talked without fighting. When the outbreak started she was at home watching the news. They twins used to watch zombie movies together before all the fighting started. The news was saying that people were dieing from weird things like bites and then waking up attacking other things. But zombies were not real were they? Moments after she heard the door bell ring and she went to answer. A girl was standing there crying hysterically trying to get away from something she could not see. Sammy was going to let her in to help her then she was grabbed from behind and the look of horror on her face made her slam the door shut. What could she do? Her brother had a metal bat so she started running up the stairs tripping and cutting her arm on the railing but she got back up again. "Where is it?" She cried out when she got into her brother's room and started looking in the closet. Soon she found what she was looking for and grabbed it then headed towards the garage where her car was.
  3. "Hey, where are we going?" josh finally asked as the cop simply took the lead and headed down the road. There were a couple of 'speed bumps' along the way, but they kept going strong. With each 'speed bump' the girl flinched and whimpered slightly. Josh had instinctively wrapped his arm around her and she curled up against him. It was nice, he wasn't going to lie. She wasn't a bad looking girl either. The cop scowled some as he swerved to avoid a larger lot of the zombies, "The station" was all he said in a flat tone.

    Right. Well, Josh guessed it made sense. Fires were raging from overturned cars, water spewed from fire hydrants that had been knocked over in the mess. Here and there a zombie was feasting on a poor soul who hadn't made it. This was exactly like the horror movies him and Sam used to watch when they were younger. Except it was real now, and much more terrifying than he'd ever admit. A hand suddenly slapped on the window, leaving a trail of blood as the girl began to scream and even josh jumped some. The cop changed gears, "hold on" he said as he simply sped off, making skid marks behind him.

    They made it to the police station, the place looking quite empty and yet creepy at the same time. Getting out of the car, Josh followed the cop as the girl clung to his arm looking around nervously, "Stay close" the cop said with his gun drawn as they moved toward the police station entrance. They needed to get some weapons and find out what the hell was going on. His car radio was only picking up static, but perhaps here at the station they'd get a better signal. On a whim, Josh took out his cellphone, but he wasn't getting any signal out here. Replacing it in his pocket he followed after the cop as they cautiously made their way inside. The lights were out and the place looked trashed. There were signs of obvious struggle about. From the looks outside it seemed a lot of the cops had been drawn out, probably due to the incident, and so there probably weren't very many people here to begin with. Perhaps that was good.

    Moving through the halls they had one encounter, but the cop was able to take down the two zombies coming at them, "Lets get some weapons first and then we'll head to the main office and see if I can get the radio working." Heading to the back they had a storage area for the weapons. Opening it they began to gather the weapons into a few duffle bags that they'd grabbed. Josh and the girl both took at least one small hand gun as well. Josh wanted to take a rifle, but the cop wouldn't let him. Slinging the weapons and ammo over their shoulders, the group headed for the radio room. Shutting the door they kept watch as the cop tried to get the radio working.
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    Sam sat there for a moment not knowing where she would go all this was happening to fast and it wasn't real. At least that's what her mind was telling her zombies were just made up to scare people. Now she was facing them and she had no idea how this was happening. She reached over and put her seat belt on and then put the key into the ignition the car sputtered to life. Pushing the button on the gadget to open the garage door she waited impatiently as the door slowly opened revealing the girl she had seen moments ago being eaten alive. The girl was now a zombie wanting her blood putting her foot on the gas she ran over the girl hoping to kill her and end her suffering. Where was her brother in all of this somehow she knew he was still alive but who knows. Even though they always fought they were family and she still cared about him.
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    As Josh stood at the door with the girl he couldn't help but keep stealing small glances toward her. She had dirty blond hair tied out of her face in a pony with pretty blue eyes. He remembered seeing her around campus a few times, but never knew her name. "Oh...I'm Josh by the way" he said with a feeble smile. The girl frowned a bit and held her gun up with both hands as she frantically waved it about with any little sound. Her eyes turned a moment toward him when he simply introduced himself out of the blue. "Why does it matter? We're not going to survive...with those..those THINGS out there" she said in a frantic tone. Josh sighed some and glanced around out the door. Clear. "Eh..thought since we were all together might as well at least know one another's names."

    "Oh...Jessica...everyone calls me Jess" she said flatly and then seemed ashamed of herself, "i'm's just been such a fucked up day. And well--"

    "I know. How about you?" Josh asked the cop who was busy trying to find some frequency that worked. After a moment the cop glanced up at him, "Andrew" he said. "The boy has a point. I--"

    Static came in then a fizzled voice that came in and out. "The dead are alive...chaos....There may be" The fragment kept looping but that was really all that Andrew could make out. He glanced up at Jess and Josh before grabbing the dufflebags of guns, "Alright, guess we head to Atlanta" He said sternly. Josh couldn't help but wonder if Sam was okay at this point. The thought did cross his mind again as he hesitated, "I have a sister. I...should probably make sure she's okay"

    "She's probably dead. If not I'm sure she'll hear the message and head toward Atlanta as well. We can't stay here, come on." Andrew said as he moved out. Jess followed him close by as Josh lingered unsure. As if on cue, though, he heard scuffling and faint moaning in the distance. Feeling his heart race he picked up his pace and took up the rear as he hurried after the two. So Atlanta was the next destination. Why did this have to be a zombie thing? He'd much rather it be something like Stephen King's 'The Stand' where it was just a super virus that killed people. None of this reanimation flesh eating zombie crap! Once more the three found themselves in the police cruiser heading off. They were going to need supplies but they'd stop in a safer place along the way. As a college city the place was crawling with zombies!


    The job had to be done. He couldn't leave them like that and have them suffer. No, he wouldn't allow it. Inside the house was quiet. In the master bedroom two bodies laid in bed with a sheet over them and blood soaking into the linen. The same scene was found in two smaller bedrooms that seemed to belong to younger individuals. A male, perhaps 24, stepped out of the house with a shot-gun in hand. A backpack was over his shoulder filled with various items, including a few extra weapons and rounds. His name was Dan, and he was the only survivor now of the house. They didn't deserve to suffer through this, but he did. That was his thoughts anyways.

    Heading out the door he looked up and down the street at the chaos before him. Madness, complete madness. That's what the world had come to in these few shitty days. That's all it really took. Overnight it seemed like this happened. To his surprise, barreling down the street was a car with a female inside. Waving his arms he tried to flag her down and let her know that he was safe. That he wasn't infected or a zombie. "Hey!! Hey!! Stop the car!!" he shouted as he ran toward her. His ticket out, hopefully.
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    Looking around frantically she noticed more and more people being eaten alive or trying to catch her car. Where she lived was one of the last places to get hit with the apocolypse and that probably made her survive. The bodies were scattered everywhere blood was pooling on the ground and she almost threw up when she saw a zombie grab someone's still beating heart and eat it. Snapping out of her trance she flicked the radio station on hoping to find some kind of police report or anything. There was only one station with static and she decided to stay on that one but she had just missed the last broadcast about Atlanta. The window had been open a crack and she could hear that man calling from behind she hesitated and wanted to keep going. Cursing under her beath she quickly made a uturn something she normally would not do and headed towards the man calling her. When she stopped the car she didn't unlock the door. "Are you bitten? Show me?" Her voice was dark not her usual perky self something that happened after she knew all her friends and family were dead.
  7. Dan held up his hands as the girl stopped the car and asked if he was bitten. He didn't blame her for being paranoid, even he was a bit. "Hey now would I be screaming intelligently to get your attention if I was a goddamn brainless zombie freak?" Dan had always been slightly sarcastic and this zombie fest thing just seemed to enhance that quality of him. The girl shot him a look and appeared ready to head off. As if on cue from his remark there was a groan nearby as he saw a few zombies sauntering toward them, "Shit..shit shit shit! Come on let me in!!" Taking the shotgun he aimed it at one that was moving into a quicker pace toward them. The bullet went through the head as the zombie fell backwards. The gunshot alerted the others nearby as they looked up and began to move toward the car. "aw come on...look!" he said showing his arms and legs to Sam, "come on let me in! DAMNIT LET ME IN!!" he ran to th eother side of the car and tried to pull the door open but it was still locked. Another drew near as he put another bullet through its head. "COME ON!" he was now begging her as he pulled at the handle in desperation. he did NOT want to be zombie meat.
  8. When she saw he was not bitten she noticed the person behind him start coming slowly towards the man. "Alright." She reached back and only opened the door to the back so that none of the zombies could get in. When she saw that he had shot the zombie and it alerted the others she cursed under her breath. They would need to find an ammo store and save ammo as much as she could. When he got in she sped off leaving the few zombies in the dust. "I'm Sam." She whispered looking in the rearview window at him as if expecting him to turn into one of those undead dead things at any moment. She needled to be careful with people like this. Her mind raced where would she go if only she had her cell phone maybe she could try to contact her brother.
  9. Dan managed to stumble into the car as Sam began to take off. The tires squeeled as she left the zombies in the dust. Pulling the door closed, he sat up and looked out the back windshield as the house he'd lived in for so long slowly began to fade away along with the zombies in the area. The girl then spoke and simply said her name as he noticed her glancing up at him. He gave a faint smile and a nod, "I appreciate this, Sam. I'm Dan" he said straightening himself out and making sure all his belongings were in place. Satisfied, he leaned forward some, "So...where we headed? I heard a snippet of some radio broad cast before I came out about something maybe south. I think it might have said Atlanta...but I couldn't make it out well enough to be sure." He had a slight Texan accent as he spoke. He'd grown up there for a portion of his life before moving to where he currently was. Satisfied with what he said, he leaned back and sat in the back seat comfortable enough. He had no qualms about being the back seat passenger. At least it was roomy. Giving a soft sigh he turned and looked out the window as they just drove. The end of the world had come, and it wasn't anything like he'd expected. He'd get through this, somehow.
  10. Keeping her eyes on the road she had to swerve and hit a few zombies as she sped off. They needed to hit up a weapon store and get some supplies for the long road. "That's very far away. We need to get supplies and see if there are any other survivors. Maybe find a big truck or moving van incase we find others." She wanted to get away from this place and go to the safe house maybe her brother was headed there. If he was still alive that is. Survivors were on her priority list as well as getting supplies because there were big cities between here and Atlanta and she wanted to avoid going there to find supplies since bigger places means more zombies.
  11. It didn't take them long to get out of the city, but they would eventually have to stop for gas and get some supplies. It wasn't safe in the city so they simply headed straight out with the weapons/ammo they had, a few rations that Andrew had grabbed, and the clothes on their backs. Everyone was silent in the car and they'd occasionally pass scenes of massacre and the undead wandering about. Fires were scattered here and there, and the entire thing was just...surreal. Josh stared quietly out the window lost in his own thoughts. Jess was asleep next to him and Andrew was of course ever vigilant at the wheel and keeping a close eye on the gas gauge.


    It was getting late and they'd made good progress. They'd stopped along the way in a small town to get gas and supplies. Luckily they didn't run into too much trouble, but Josh did get a chance to fire his gun for the first time. Granted he missed horribly and was nothing like aiming with a game control to shoot zombie's heads off. Real life was much worse and had more of a 'kick'. Andrew took care of the rest as they gassed up, found some clean clothes and food, grabbed some medical supplies from a pharmacy, and took off again before a hoard could get them. Now the question was where were they going to sleep? They could camp out or try to find a safe 'home' to occupy. But it was much more risky to find an 'empty' home to occupy. So they opted for sleeping in the car in shifts. Andrew had managed to make a small camp fire for them to cook some food over (warmed up soup in a can and some bread).

    Jess had curled up in the back seat and fallen asleep quite quickly. Andrew had taken the first shift and left them to get some shut-eye, but Josh just couldn't sleep. There was so much on his mind right now. Grabbing his blanket, he carefully got out of the car so as to not awaken Jess and went toward the dwindling fire. Andrew sat near the fire on a tall rock with his shot-gun in hand and a focused expression on his face. Josh had never realized how extremely quiet and dark it got outside in the middle of nowhere when people weren't alive/around. This must have been how it was in the olden days....not wonder people were afraid of the dark.

    Hearing the noise Andrew raised his gun then saw it was only Josh. "Can't sleep?" he said matter o factly. Josh shrugged and brought his blanket near the fire as he took a seat and wrapped up. " can you stay so calm?" he blurted. Andrew stared into the fire with his usual stoic expression. Josh hadn't seen the man crack a smile or anything since they'd met. Just that blank expression and determination. Andrew sighed and stretched a moment, "Who said I was? This is just fucked up, and I can't understand it, but I know it's not a time to loose my cool or my head."

    "Yeah I guess you're right. You have family?"

    "Yeah, a wife and a little girl. They were visiting their grandmother out of state for a few days. We had a bit of a strained relationship as of late" a grimace actually crossed Andrew's face and Josh swore he saw a momentary sadness, "I keep praying to god they're okay--" he trailed off. Josh felt a bit awkward for prying and tried to seem supportive, "I'm sure they will be. Especially with someone like you in their life."

    "what about you, any family?"

    Josh fell silent again and laid back as he stared at the sky, "Yeah, me and my sister. Our parents died a few years back in an accident so it's just been us. We don't really get along that great anyways. We lived in our house together but I was mostly out of the house and away from her, heh" he smirked a bit, "typical sibling rivalry ya know?"

    "You worried--"

    "Eh sure I guess. She's family right?" with that he gave a yawn, "I'll stay out here, wake me when it's my turn" Josh said and rolled over to sleep, his back to Andrew. In truth, he really was worried about Sam, but maybe it was just end of the world nostalgia kicking in.


    Dan had sat quietly in the back seat for a while just staring out the window. It was nice to know he wasn't the only one alive, but he was sure there were other survivors anyways. Though of his family he was all that was left. Only little fend for himself. Slowly his gaze moved to the front where Sam was seated with an intense look upon the road as they just drove. They'd have to stop eventually, if nothing else to fill up on gas. Thinking to the zombie movies and such he wondered how long this 'traveling' companion would last. She seemed a level headed enough chick, but one never knew. It was always the ones you least suspected that survived through the entire god-damn movie. " got any family?" Dan finally asked at length, trying to break the ungodly silence. If nothing else, this girl could give you a cold shoulder if she didn't like/trust you. Or so he thought.

    "My family didn't make it. My brother blew his own brains out and the rest of the family...well...." he trailed off some and shrugged, "This is just some fucked up shit wouldn't you say? Think there really IS a safe place? I mean in all the movies and books they always say there is but it really isn't ever true. Like that Walking Dead show. What a bunch of crap that 'safe place' turned out to be. One guy who ended up blowing up the place!" he smiled some at that thought. Might as well stay cheerful and keep a smile on. It was the end of the world, right?
  12. It wasn't that she was not nice or having a cold shoulder she just wanted to stay safe. "It's just me and my twin you know? Our parents died a few years ago. We hardly talk anymore or we start fighting." She said keeping her eyes on the road now that she knew the man behind her was not going to turn into one of those undead at any moment. A smile appeared on her face as she heard him talk. "That was a movie it was not real but one never knows. I mean it's our only chance right now and I think that my brother would head there. Where should we head to for the night? It's getting late and I'm tired." She yawned as she continued to drive not knowing where they would bunk up. Maybe a grocery store so they could stock up on food and items for the trip.
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    Hearing about the parents thing Dan blinked and rubbed the back of his head. It was slightly careless of him to assume things, but still. "Eh sorry." He understood the not getting along part though. He'd had his own troubles in the past. When she changed subject about movies and finding a place to sleep he was snapped from his thoughts. Right, sleep. Her yawn made him yawn as he stretched out a moment, "Yeah guess finding a place to stay is a good idea. Probably should find a place to get supplies and some gas too while we're at it." He eyed her gas gauge a moment upon saying this. Glancing around he didn't see much around them, but it seemed like there might be a town up ahead a few miles, "Well we can stop there and see what we can find. Should find a safe place where we can gather some supplies, because it's going to be a long haul..." he said with a yawn and a stretch, " I have to stay back here all the time?" he leaned forward poking his head in the front and glancing around with a puppy like grin. Dan certainly was an...odd character.

    As he leaned forward and was enjoying the front view his eyes widened as more undead suddenly appeared along with a long line of traffic blocking their way. He nearly fell forward as they almost collided with the standstill of cars. Righting himself he glanced at Sam, "well...what do we do now?"
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    "It's alright. It was a while ago." Meaning she got over it and didn't want to talk about it anymore. She knew of the small town up ahead and maybe the dead had not reached there yet. That might be where they would spend the night plus there was a little grocery store they could pick some things up. No ammo shop though but there might be some kind of weapons there. She had gone in that store only a handful of times and didn't know what they had in stock. "I guess not if you want you can come up here. I'm not opening the door and stopping though." It was dark and she almost didn't see the undead or the cars that were blocking their. Immediately she slammed on the breaks then started backing up. "Isn't there another way out?"