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  1. Since the day I arrived on Iwaku, I've been looking for a Vampire roleplay, but I have no idea why I never got into one! So to fix that, I decided to make my own! :3

    Anywho, I would like this roleplay to be kept to 18+, mainly because I don't know what will happen. And THANK YOU, to those who took the time to read this!

    What I'm looking for.
    • People who are able to dive into their characters personalities, easily becoming them.
    • Descriptive posts of at least five lines!
    • People who are not afraid of Romance, not those crummy instant lovers either.
    • People who are NOT, afraid of Yuri, because I'll likely do it anyway just to make things awkward. >:3 (Female/Female)
    • DESCRIPTION, VOCABULARY, GRAMMAR, none of those lil Facebook talks.
    • Colored characters, because fishing out words in a sea of white is just too hard for my confused brain. o-o
    • Something other than Twilight! I want you to make your own original charter!
    • One character, because having too many can get confuzzling.
    • Daily posts, at least one post every other day! (If possible, otherwise send a message)
    • Hidden! Instead of going back to the OOC page a whole bunch, just put Out Of Character remarks in little spoiler tags! :3
    • Thread! Because they're just so much easier to work with.
    • People who aren't afraid of blood and guts. What's a good vampire story without blood and guts?
    What I'm NOT looking for.
    • Drop and low, those small posts that really make no sense.
    • Droppers, people who loose interest and drop out without warning. Please tell me! D:
    • One who only wants le smut. Because that ruins the whole purpose.
    Character template!
    This is the 'recommended' character skeleton, but you can use your own if you wish!
    Age appearance: (How old they look)
    Appearance: (Can be a description or picture, maybe even both)
    Inner personality: (What they really feel)
    Outer personality: (How they express their selves)
    General personality: (If you want to take the two above and just mash it together, that's what this is for.)
    Past: (Your character's past here.)
    Likes: (What they like!)
    Dislikes: (What they dislike!)
    Extra: (Extra info worth mentioning.)
    Anything else that I didn't put down that you think is probably important enough to be put down, so that goes where ever: (Exactly what it says.)

    And uh... Yeah, that's it for now. Feel free to post a reply, or send a message!​
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  2. Quick note; This is NOT a smut only roleplay.

    I forgot to put in the fact that this will be based on modern-day life similar to Twilight, but with a few twists that separate them.

    The twists?
    • You do not burn to death in the sun! That's right, you don't here. The only way to tell a person from a vampire is body behavior, and of course the traditional fangs! So get out there and get a tan!
    • Scions are allowed, but it depends on whom is what!
    • You do not have to be a vampire! If you wan't to be a human, go ahead. But generally this will be about a vampire, and a normal human girl. So if you want to be the vampire go ahead, and if you want to be the human, "go ahead"!
    • Every other Npc vampire is not a blood lusted killing machine! Half of the people that will be interacted with will actually be a vampire, wither the characters figure it out or not.
    • A vampire "city". An entire city composed of vampires, and the few humans that they bring along, or are welcomed among the vampires.
    • Murder is illegal. "What does this mean?" Vampires are prohibited from killing while feeding, and in doing so they are marked as a criminal.
    One last note: You don't have to be Mr. Good. If you're a vampire, you could be said murderer who decides to take the human along with you.
    Any other questions feel free to ask!
  3. I'm interested.
    I've been craving to revive this RP i was doing awhile back but never had the time to go over it. Maybe you'll be interested.
  4. Of course! Actually I'm always interested in bringing dead Roleplays back to life.
  5. Sweet. I'll post the link here. I wanted to edit the entire thing but it takes so long.
  6. You can keep the entire thing if you want, I can't wait to see this. :3
  7. alright i shall repost the graveyard link
  8. Up to you really.
  9. works for me
  10. But I would prefer to start new though, instead of picking off from the new one. Mostly because it would be hard for me to get into that persons character, and I might miss things from the past.
  11. I understand. we could start a new one or come up with something completely different.
  12. Uuh.. I kinda want to see what you have in mind. :3 Could you make it?
  13. Well the one i want to resurrect has a little love story but with tons of twists and turns.
  14. Pskst! Don't ruin it! >w< But I'm up for just about anything really. :3 Long as it's "fresh"
  15. Take a read through the link i posted if you haven't yet
  16. I've already been skimming through it... And it's taking me quite awhile. You can start though if you want, I might be delayed because of reading. :3
  17. I'll wait until ur done. Im kinda busy at the moment
  18. If you are still looking for another vampire rp; let me know. My character Valerna is free atm.
  19. brain blast - group RP. whole different era set in the victorian era.
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