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  1. As he casually walked along the lamp lit streets Heron drew a dark hooded jacket over himself. It was late into the night and well into Autumn but he wasn’t the least bit cold. The Jacket served only to keep him from standing out. He often looked misplaced among the late nighters with his deathly pale complexion and dark hair that was pulled into a loose ponytail that fell over his shoulders. H knew it was odd and yet couldn’t bring himself to change it. He had had the hardest time adjusting to being undead that it nearly got him killed several times.
    The wind began to blow and the sky threatened to rain urging people to take cover. Why did they all have to stay so close together, even couples brought him unnecessary trouble. He was hungry and it was so much easier when he could find someone walking alone. Quickly the sprinkling rain drops became a hard shower. Everyone began pulling out umbrellas or running into buildings except for a young woman who stood shivering standing by the road waiting for the light to change while holding a purse over her head.
    Heron pulled out a small umbrella of his own and jogged over to the woman. “Hey!” He called out to her. “Missing something?” He held the umbrella over the two of them.
    The woman looked both relieved and surprised but lowered her purse and put it back over her shoulder keeping a tight grip on it. “Thanks.” She said. “It didn’t look too bad earlier and I don’t usually stay out this late.”
    “Yes it’s not very safe to be on one’s own so late in this area.” Heron said trying to sound casual.
    “What?” The woman asked trying to be heard over the sound of the pounding rain.
    “Never mind.” Heron said shaking his head. “My name’s David, what’s yours?” He lied trying to make the woman feel more comfortable with small talk.
    “Susan.” She answered relaxing her stance. “I’m just headed to my car it’s across the street, how about you?”
    Before Heron could reply the light switched allowing them to cross. He walked slowly staying close so the umbrella covered both of them. When they reached a nearly worn out blue car the woman thanked him and began pulling out her keys to unlock the door.
    “Just one more thing.” Heron said grabbing her shoulder and turning her around as she opened the door. Scared Susan dropped her purse and her keys, Heron tore her jacket collar away from her neck, as she began to scream he placed a hand over her mouth and began speaking calmly to her.
    “Don’t worry, I’m not going to kill, rob or rape you.” All of those things were a magnet for trouble he didn’t want. Although from time to time he did accidentally kill someone. This however did not ease Susan’s mind. She reached forward to shove him away.
    Heron took a quick look around to make sure no one was watching and leaned in on her pinning her to the side of the car. With his free hand he grabbed her wet hair and tilted her head back. His teeth stretched and sharpened to make a nice sharp fang as he reached for her throat. Biting in her warm blood escaped to the surface and entered his mouth. Almost the instant he bit in the woman closed her eyes and slipped out of consciousness, that was what was supposed to happen, it would have been problematic if his prey could fight back as he fed.
    After a minute or two an unfamiliar figure jumped out behind him. Heron released the woman and spun around as the figure jumped onto the roof of the car and reached for the woman. They were too fast to be human, but it was unusual for another vampire to enter another vampire’s territory uninvited. Heron shoved the woman into her drivers seat and slammed the door shut.
    The other man appearing just older than he laughed at his gesture. “Not going to finish her?” He aksed Heron jokingly.
    “Killing would only cause problems for myself.” Heron replied knowing the other man hadn’t come to ask his opinion of feeding.
    “That’s lame. You’re like one of those cheesy whimpires humans imagined up.”
    “You are aware that you’re on my territory aren’t you?” Heron growled not appreciating the remark.
    “I know.” The other said smiling. “But it’s so hard to keep to one small town, and I don’t see how it’s fare that you get this whole huge city to yourself.”
    Heron reached for the other man’s leg causing him to fall over himself. The man let him do so but retaliated and shoved Heron back causing him to lose his footing.
    “I just came to share but if you want to fight it out that’s fine with me. I know I just interrupted your meal so I won’t have any trouble ripping your head off.”
    Heron jumped back up to his feet and thrust his fist at the other man’s heart, he didn’t come to share, Heron was sure. Although he was at a disadvantage, Heron was weaker when he was hungry and it was much easier for a vampire to kill another vampire as opposed to a human trying to kill a vampire. Humans always needed weapons, symbolic trinkets, a vampire only needed his own hands. The other man however slid to the side and returned with his own attack. Heron avoided by falling over backwards. He wasn’t in a state to fight, but didn’t want to stay in the parking lot. If he could at least get to somewhere less open.
    Heron took the chance and made off in a run. The other man followed a little confused. He reached for whatever he could grab and settled for Heron’s jacket. His hand slipped on the wet fabric so he grabbed Heron’s arm with his other hand. He dug in with his claw like nails making Heron swing around and give him a punch in the face. The other man let go but came back and swung his arm in a slicing motion leaving a gash in Heron’s chest. Heron clutched the other by the throat digging in with his nails. The other man let out a scream and kicked him back.
    Heron fell back but didn’t let go fast enough and dragged the other man down with him. With his enemy beneath him the man took advantage of the situation and thrust his fist downward. Heron flinched as the fist collided with his gut. Heron used his now free hand to punch the man throwing his head back, he heard a loud crack and slipped out from under him while the man cried out in pain his head hanging at an unnatural angle.
    Heron took off as fast has he could force himself to go faster. He looked back to see the man attempting to catch up. After trying to get a nice amount of distance he began to slow down. The surroundings had turned into quiet homes. Heron slipped under a roofed car port near a hopefully empty house. Hopefully the rain would also wash away his blood. Giving in to weakness he leaned against the house and sat down. He’d only be there a short time, he hoped he could find the strength to move before the sun began to come up.
  2. Her dog paced back and fourth, wagging its tail excitdely at the front door. Time for her morning walk. Mickey got Honey's leash and clipped it onto her collar. It was the weekend, so she didn't have to worry about going to work. It had started raining this morning so she grabbed her gray rain coat and slipped into it, throwing up the hood to protect her hair. Once Mickey opened the door, Honey quickly raced out, pulling Mickey along with her, only giving her time to shut the door. Honey sniffed the air and barked, taking off in the wrong direction, around the corner of her house. Mickey frowned.

    "Honey...what are you doing?" She asked her, even though Honey couldn't understand her.

    Honey ignored her and barked again, excitedly over something she could smell. Once they fully rounded a corner, Mickey's eyes widened. A man was slumped against her house, looking weak, as if he'd been injured. Honey cautiously walked up to him, sniffing his hand and then licking him. Honey looked up at Mickey with a puzzled but sad look, sadly wagging her tail.

    Mickey stared, unsure of what to do. He was pale, extremely pale, as if he spent all of his time indoors, and his hair was tied back in a long pony tail. Mickey slowly walked up to him and gently shook his shoulder.

    "Hey. Hey are you alright? Can you hear me?" She asked, seeing if he was consious.
  3. The sudden movement woke Heron out of his slumber, it was still grey but the sun was beginning to break through the night’s stormy weather. He mentally beat himself over having fallen asleep out in the open. He was lucky that man he fought rather pitifully hadn’t come looking for him. He looked up at the woman standing over him summoning just enough energy to feel panicked.
    The sun would be out soon, he was unsure of where exactly he was, injured, weak, and there was a human talking to him. The situation was problematic to say the least. He flinched as the dog’s tongue ran over his hand. Animals for the most part avoided him sensing something was wrong, although in his pitiful state the dog could probably tell he couldn’t do any harm if he wanted, and probably just looked like another hurt animal.
    Heron pulled his hood back over his head and pressed against the side of the house for support as he wearily lifted himself off of the ground. He steadied himself with one hand and used the other to pull the jacket closed over his wounds. He barely acknowledged the woman’s question giving her only a tiny nod. He couldn’t stick around for the sun to come out, especially with this woman around, but as soon as he stood he wished he was lying back down.
    Swaying as he lifted his hand from the house his legs began to give up on him and he collided with the side ending up back where he had been a moment before. He could only imagine what the woman was thinking, or what she would have been thinking had she any idea what he was. Although most likely she would have ran away at that point if she did know.
  4. Mickey frowned and Honey, a great bit golden retreiver, sat down next to Mickey, watching this strange man with drooped ears and tail. Mickey went to reach for him and help steady him. Not seeing his wounds, she wondered if he was a drunk.

    "Do you want to come in?" She asked. "I have a guest bedroom you can stay in until you're...back on your feet, so to speak." Honey looked up at her as if she didn't want to share the house with anyone but Mickey and gave a complaining whine.
  5. “No.” Heron said just louder than a whisper. Not that he didn’t appreciate the offer but if he did stick around it wouldn’t be long before suspicions arouse. Besides, he would probably be out of commission for a few days and he doubted she wanted him around for that long. But after a minute of thinking it over he wondered if it was such a bad idea.
    He wouldn’t get very far as he was, and at least in her house he could stay out of the sun, and if he could only rest for a short time until it started to get dark again then he could probably gather the strength to leave. As long as he could keep a low profile until then. As the morning sun began to brighten he changed his answer more out of desperation. “Alright.” He said keeping a firm grip on his jacket and eyeing the dog, who didn’t seem very big on the idea.
  6. She helped him inside, wondering who this man could be, and showed him to the guest bedroom.

    "There is also a guestbathroom which connects to the bedroom, and there is food in the fridge for when you're hungry. Make yourself at home."

    She gave him a smile and Honey barked and nudged Mickey's hand. She pointed up the stairs.

    "It's the room at the very end. The door is open. You can't miss it. I have to take Honey for her walk. Please, excuse me."
  7. Heron allowed himself to be led inside, although cursed at himself silently for having to use the aid of a human. Although she seemed pleasant, he also wondered if she were just naïve. She had let, no invited a complete stranger into her home and didn’t seem to have a problem leaving him there unsupervised. Was this usual for her? If she let a vampire inside granted that there was no way she could know that, there was no telling who else she could possibly let in. He rather hoped she wasn’t usually this trusting, it would be a pity for such a nice young woman to run into serious trouble.
    Then again, maybe he was the one being too trusting. For all he knew she could see right through him and only pretend to be so innocent. His weakness overpowered his suspicions and he nodded looking down the hall.
    “What’s your name?” He called feebly after her. It had just occurred to him that he had no idea who he was to thank, and while he wasn’t accustomed to it, he figured it was still the polite thing to do.
  8. "My name is Mickey." She leaned down and scratched Honey's head. "And this is Honey." Mickey had had a vampire experiance before from her last college school. She noticed his chalky pale skin and began to have her suspicouns. She just hoped this wouldn't end with him trying to kill her this time. She started to reach for her neck were the last vampire she had tried to befriend fed from her, but then lowered her hand. "I really must be going. Honey gets impatient if we don't go for our walk." She said, and quickly scuried to the door.
  9. “Thank you, Mickey.” He said not knowing if she heard. He’d have to remember to thank her better later, if he got the chance. Although he was hoping to just sleep through the day and leave that night with minimal contact.
    Heron walked down to the room running his hand along the wall to keep his balance. Upon entering the extra bedroom he went straight for the window and shut the blinds. The room would still probably be bright once the sun was fully out but at least the light wouldn’t be directly on him. He tore off his jacket and dropped himself on the bed pulling the jacket over his chest. It had been a really long time since he last slept on a real bed. The whole situation gnawed at him as he tried to force it from his mind and fall asleep.