Vampires [Z Chaos "Ze" Nexulisviel Z and MoonStar]

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  1. Beep. Beep. Beep.

    River slammed her hand down on her alarm clock and it quickly stopped beeping. No need to get up early, it was summer! She didn't wake up until two hours later. She got dressed and pulled on a pair of jeans, a top and then pulled her wavy hair into a ponytail. She decided not to wear any makeup that day, she usually went natural. She poured herself a glass of orange juice and then some cereal. She ate in silence, figuring out her parents were probably still sleeping. She decided to go down to the beach, there had to be people down there that she could get to know. She wrote a note for her parents after she washed up her dishes that she had used.

    I'm off out, I'll be back by five!


    She left the note on the table and then headed out after she pulled on some shoes.
  2. The male known as Korben could be found at the beach, or watching over it, simply leaning against the railing while his brown eyes just watched the many people hoping to get early spots on the beach before the main horde arrived. He was dressed in a white shirt and grey shorts, sandals on his feet and an open book in his hands. He'd lost interest in the book completely, finding it better to watch what people do... It was quite interesting, really.

    How long had he been there? Even he didn't know, nor did he care for that matter. He was tired but refused to move and go back home, his parents had decided to kick him out for one of their parties that lasted all night and went on through the morning, involving many people and lots of alcohol. There's a sigh escaping him as he stood and waited, even the people watching was becoming boring. His friends were probably sleeping still or recovering from any parties they went to so he was alone, for the time being. Hopefully, that was going to change soon.
  3. River trailed over to the ocean and then kicked off her shoes. She padded I to the water and giggled to herself, feeling the water tickling her toes ever so slightly. She then padded out of the water and dried her feet, putting her shoes back on. Suddenly she looked around and saw a figure in the distance. He had the scent of a vampire. She made her way slowly over to him, curious.
  4. A scent catches his attention, one he rarely found unless it came from his own parents. His eyes wander around the many people before finally stopping on the female moving towards him, staring at her calmly as she moved though there's the smallest hint of a grin on his face while he watches. Closing his book and planting it beside his feet, Korben lifts a hand and waves as she approaches.

    "Hello there. Name's Korben. Wonderful to meet someone like you, you know that?"
  5. River shot her hand up and then waved at him. She then jogged over to him and smiles. She breathed in his scent. He was definitely a vampire, just like her. "Hey! I'm River" She says, she was a little nervous but tried to push her nerves away.. Just a little.

    Just be calm. Talk to him, he seems nice.

    She smiled even brighter. "Nice to meet you" She added.
  6. He relaxed next to her, grinning slightly at the girl now standing beside her. However, his grin is soon broken and replaced with a loud yawn, the vampire's arms stretching out behind him as he yawned.

    "Sorry about that, rather tired."

    Korben soon smiles back at her again, a brief chuckle escaping him. "So, what brings you here, River?"
  7. River giggled and then shrugged at him, she moved closer so sh was standing nearer to him.

    "I don't usually do much in the summers, so I thought it'd be nice to go out and socialise. I know a lot of people from school come here during the summer so.. Here I am!" She says brightly, a smile still fixed onto her face.

    "How about you?" She asked.
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