Vampires, Werewolves, and Clockwork. A Steampunk Fantasy RP(Stay tuned for more details)

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  1. [​IMG]
    Nobody knows what really started the culture in the world we have today, those who say they do often lie, or just put forth their own theories, usually carefully crafted to suit their needs. Of course I'm not going to put it entirely straightforward either, I do, after all, at my heart have a reason, and a agenda, but I'm honest at least. If you haven't been too busy shutting out the world or staring through the bottom of the glass, you've likely noticed that the city has changed. Take a moment to look out your window, observe my theory with your own eyes, then return. Done? Good, let's continue.

    Within the last century, we've turned our eyes to the sky, building upwards towards the clouds. Some say it was because of our sudden breakthroughs in science, magic, or just a command from on high beings. I won't tell you I know the truth, or anything so cliched, I actually myself don't know the whole truth.. In fact, I don't want you to know why things are the way they are, not yet at least. We're at a tender age right now, swords and firearms both exist in equal parts, in the right hand at equal powers even, though I doubt that will last long, the swordsmen and women who can perform the feat of deflecting bullets is a shrinking number, or they're a Vampire or Werewolf of some sort, giving them the superhuman capabilities needed to do such a feat, though there are those who trained hard and have learned how to, though, I'm getting off topic now, aren't I?

    Magic has enabled us to pursue heights we only once dreamed of, while brilliant minds have done the same with science. The two often go hand in hand nowadays, a engineer builds something, but needs a way to power it, so they hire a mage to create a near-eternal flame, rather than pay for coal. Some do use the more traditional methods of power however, as magic can be notoriously finicky at times. However, that's not what we're worried about here, we're worried about this world, what it is, where it came from, and what is possible in it.

    This is 1837, and we are in Valriven, the City of Possibility.

    ~Ciana Gildrose Ditorri
    Technology and Science (open)
    It is the age of gears, machinery, and steam power. A consistent way to generate energy for motion and more has been found, a array of tubes, boilers, and fire now able to for the first time in history, generate a near constant source of energy using a force other than magic. It didn't take long to apply this to the recently formulated hot-air balloon. The skies were soon filled with engineers, each intent on making their own mark on the world, with all sorts of spectacular designs, from utilitarian to ornate. This quickly provided the ability to transverse from the lower areas of the city, built before architecture was forced to remain within the walls, to the buildings stacked upon others, great towering clusters of man's determination to grow. I'll touch on these walls later.

    Great behemoths now float through the skies of the city, some dock to pick up passengers and take them elsewhere for a fee, and one district has sprung up around the 'Skytowers' that were built to provide a constant docking station for those who couldn't park outside their windows. This district is filled with all sorts of different flight enthusiasts, from the aces to the amateurs, from the captains to the ship-hands. Of course, however, just like how you'll find crime in the docks of any harbor city.

    Scientists are quickly discovering new things about these engines, and what their applications can be, when they're not accidentally exploding them that is. Recently, a brilliant mind has discovered and shared the discovery that they can cause sparks, and even arcs of lightning using these engines, a conversion of energy from just heat, to something more transferable, and while more research is needed to start using such a technology, the science community is abuzz with excitement, some seeing the future of mankind, others seeing a way to pad their pockets.

    Magic and Artifacts (open)

    Magic starts in a base form or Mana, of five types, which remain as such as their types of magic as well. It takes knowledge and concentration to pull this Mana from the world, and it is stronger in certain types in certain places, such as blue being more common the seas, or red in a volcano.

    Red, for fire, lightning, and quick and sudden destruction, a magic associated with phoenixes and explosions. It works well with Green and Black. It does not mix fluidly with White and Blue however. Demons have a slight affinity towards this type and even Dwarves in rare cases are known to have a small affinity towards this type.

    Green, for life, and nature, associated with natural creatures, and the overwhelming vitality they can posses. It works well with Red and White. It does not with Blue and Black. Nearly every Elf has a affinity towards this type, even if they cannot use it.

    White, for holiness and good, it is the magic most commonly used by Angels, and is often used for defensive means. It mixes well with Blue and Green, but does not mix with Black and Red easily. Angels have a heavy affinity towards this type.

    Blue, for trickery, and things of the sea. It mixes with White and Black easily, but does not mix with Green and Red as well. Trickster type races like Succubi tend to have a affinity towards this type of magic.

    Black, for death, decay, and the dark evil things under your bed. It mixes well with Blue and Red, but not as well with White and Green. Demons usually have a affinity towards this type of magic.

    Around half of the people in the world have some sort of ability with magic, though fewer among that amount have more ability than being able to light a cigar, or coax a slightly larger vegetable from a plant. Mastering such potential, while possibly quite lucrative or powerful, will take quite some time to do, often taking most of someone's life to do(Think at least 30-40 years), longer if they want to master more than one type, especially trying to mix the two, think a few lifetimes. Even the genius of students will take many years mastering one type, and the legendary few who boast mastery of all five often herald golden ages, or great destruction.

    However, just because it normally takes time, does not mean it always does, but there are costs to such things. The offer coming from a Demon for access to one of the pools of knowledge that they may possess often costs the user most of their life energy, along with their soul. Similar offers coming from other creatures are often just as costly, any one of them requiring money and any true modicum of power costs more than the entire treasury has held at any one point.

    The other option for a quick boost in power are artifacts. Rare, and dating back to times unknown of or those who have their names etched in the annals of history, these small relics of power infuse the user or bearer with magic, some of these artifacts are consumed in the process, but others stay around. They can vary from being a one use permanent boost, to a stable boost that can be met with certain conditions or costs. Some make the user lose hair or teeth, where as some drain their master's life. There are even those that affect the user's personality, or take it over entirely. A few have designs less harmful to the user, in that they may drain other types of magic in small amounts, but they usually are highly coveted, or locked away, even if they don't give a truly noticeable boost.

    Vampires (open)

    The Vampire, a humanoid afflicted by the Sanguinare Vampiris virus, or more appropriately curse as it has magical properties rather than just biological. Symptoms of the curse include: Grey or silver hair, enhanced canine teeth, a lightening of skin tone, increased sex drive, red eyes, increased strength and speed (Around six time's a human's), nails that will tend towards point if unattended, and a dependency on the consumption of blood in addition to food or in some cases in place of it entirely. In cases where the diet of the afflicted reverts entirely to blood, they often need more blood than Vampires who eat normally.

    Without blood, a Vampire will experience a sharply decreased strength and speed, dropping to a feeble level after just a week of not feeding, a acute pain in the fangs, and the re-coloration of the skin to green, accompanied by deep lines like those of a rotting corpse and a clammy dead skin feeling all over the body. Eventually a vampire will 'die' and become such a shriveled shell that they eventually cant even move and look as if they were drained corpses, but can be 'reborn' or 'woken' with a donation of blood, however, the blood required for this must be from a virgin, exact reasons for this are unknown, as virgin blood tastes only slightly sweeter.

    On the subject of blood tastes, there are a few misconceptions, while some believe that virgin blood will strengthen a vampire, it really only tastes a little bit sweeter. Demon blood tastes slightly sour, not unbearably however, Succubus blood does affect a Vampire, increasing the Vampire's sex drive exponentially. Valkyrie or Angel blood tastes quite exquisite, like a rich chocolate almost, and actually satisfies the need for blood for much longer. Elf blood has a slightly minty taste to it, as best as I can describe it, and Dwarves is more of a spiced thing.

    Vampire's do have aversions to certain things however, though there are a few misconceptions here as well. Vampires cant see themselves in silver backed mirrors, but it doesn't repel them really, in fact, getting a gold or steel backed mirror fixes the problem entirely. Garlic isn't the repellent that most would make it out to be, however, Vampires are allergic, and even the most resistant of vampires at least don't enjoy the taste at all, as much that it ruins their favorite foods. Holy items at least tend to have a kind of unsettling effect, though I believe this is mostly psychological. Sunlight however isn't enjoyable, causing a feeling of weakness and nausea, and quickly burning the skin.

    Not all bites are painful however from Vampires. There's the painless feeding bite, like a mosquito's bite almost, and the wounds made from these kinds of bites fade quickly, scabbing over almost immediately. A Vampire can also bite for much less harmless option. A Vampire can bite to kill, subjugate, or to turn. Each of these bites cause the most excruciating pain possible, every nerve in the body screaming with fire. One can compare this to a battle of will, and resisting can cause incomplete effects, or negated.

    Resistance of the turning with magical or extreme will can result in a Sanguinare Vampiris Minor, or a Half-Vampire. This results in a Vampire often missing the benefits of being a Vampire, while requiring more blood often or not. However, it does mean they might not develop certain aesthetic traits, though their eyes will always turn red whist feeding.

    The average Vampire lasts around three-hundred years before they enter the 'boredom' stage, which is at the point where a Vampire has a mid-life crisis, on a much more extreme scale. They'll often try to become powerful in some way, usually ending up with them getting themselves killed. After that, they tend to mellow out however, quite heavily usually.

    Rumors persist of 'ascended' vampires, though these are just legends, like those speaking of ancient heroes.

    Lycanthropy (open)

    Lycanthropy, while often compared to the virus that causes Vampirism, is much different in a few ways as it, at its core, truly is a curse, rather than a disease. Because of this, it is much less stable, and more prone to mutations, and different kinds of infection. Known 'versions' of the curse include a canine and feline strain. These come in varying severity and can occasionally cause odd mutations that would appear to be a animal spirit like a Kitsune spirit rather than a Lycanthrope.

    Symptoms include the appearance of extra body hair, a increased sex drive, greatly extended life(Technically able to survive forever without aging), a preference towards raw or rare meats, a increased desire to hunt, sharpened teeth, and a ability to transform based on the version of the curse. These symptoms vary greatly from case to case normally, but most Lycanthropes will transform on the sighting of a full moon, regardless of how well they can control the ability normally or not. Some are always in the transformed state, while others can choose, and some who only transform with the moon. Lycanthropes often have strength and speed around eight times that of a normal human in this form, and nigh insatiable animal urges. Control in the transformed state is much harder to establish however.

    Affected persons will often notice that they have distinctive regenerative powers, able to survive normally fatal blows, unless they have been struck with silver. These powers are limited however, removal or destruction of the heart or brain will stop the regenerative power, and removal of a limb causes the body to need several months or even years to grow it back, if at all. Silver is a heavy irritant to a Lycanthrope, causing a rash akin to those caused by extremely strong itching powders, and it also stops the regenerative ability, and forces wounds to heal normally. A shot to the heart or nearby area can be fatal with silver bullets due to this reason.

    Angels or Valkyrie (open)

    Very few of these creatures often frequent the city, as would I if I was a being that was innately holy, and even fewer treat anything besides others of their kind as inferior trash. Their name is also a touchy subject, as they refer to their home city as Valhalla, which would term them Valkyrie, but then they speak of being ruled by a wingless one of their kind they call 'God', which would term them Angels. I suppose I could say something about the religions that have formed around this, but I'd rather not turn away the less religiously inclined.

    These fellows are quite noticeable as they have large wings on their back, easily enough for them to fly, and bodies built to survive the impacts that can cause, with pure white feathers. In every case even the most humble can boast a affinity towards white magic, even if they can't actually use it. They detest all things unholy, however, they are not often chaste themselves. They live a extended period of time compared to humans, around 300 years being the average lifespan.

    Rare is the times that they come down to visit, and rarer those who live outside of their home city. Some are exiled, but often they are branded first in some way, often a obvious or disfiguring one.

    Demons (open)

    These creatures come in all sorts of varieties, Succubi, Imps, Demons, and even Demon Princes. All sorts of different aesthetics manifest in these creatures, from stunted bat wings to large sweeping leathery wings, often a tail, and horns on top of various sizes. A lot of demons can control the appearances of these traits, especially succubi. The average lifespan of a demon can be anywhere from 500-8000 years depending on species.

    You'll find these creatures in not only Hell, which they have their original home, but they are free to travel elsewhere, and back, with or without new 'guests'. Some of these even live in the city, often with ulterior motives. They also often have the affinity to the darker or more violent magics, and a ability to trade in souls. Despite their sociable presence however, they're still rather enigmatic beings in general, as those who travel to Hell often don't make a return trip, for various reasons.

    Nephilim (open)

    A union of Demon and Angel, a child of the two, outcast by both. Often abandoned as soon as they can stand, or if born in Hell, forced into slaverly. Eventually, despite being enslaved, they are sent to the real world, and likely eventually hunted down by Demons. The Demons treat this as a game really, and a Nephilim's only possession by this point is their honor usually. Physically they don't have too great of a advantage either, only slightly stronger than a human, although they often do have large wings that allow them to fly. They do benefit from a extended life period, but are often killed before a real number could be given for a average natural lifespan.

    These wings are based upon the mother of the Nephilim usually, black feathered wings for a Angel mother, white leathery bat wings if the Demon was the mother. They usually have black or near white hair, this doesn't seem to have a relation to the parents however. Despite being a child of both, they only have a affinity towards White naturally. Strangely enough, magic or artifacts designed specifically against Demons or Angels do not affect them.

    Character Sheet (open)

    Age: (Add apparent if applicable)
    Appearance: (Picture or text description)
    Magical Abilities (If any): (Place years of study next to each field. Detail time spent trying to mix the two, that will take much longer than learning.)
    Martial Abilities:
    Education:(Put how recently the education was attained, this is the 19th century, keep that in mind.)
    Equipment and Clothing (Include artifacts with in depth description):
    Titles or Societal Positions:
    History or Background: (If you're going to include someone else, have permission.)

    OOC: Hello, this is the first group/multi-group RP I've started, and will likely be the first of its type I GM. This post is more of a dipping of toes into the water if you will, something to see just how interested people are to RP in a world where most, if not all myths are true, magic exists, along with Demons and Angels(Or Valkyrie, depending on who you ask), where these various creatures and magics are a accepted part of life, and have been for a long time, as the world enters the industrial age. The nation, and perhaps the world, is on the turning point of a important moment in history, I won't say what it is yet, but it will determine the lives of many, giving birth to legends of fame, and infamy. It's the city of possibility, so I'm not planning on stifling imaginations here, but it will be balanced.

    This is the first version of what will be updated and expanded upon over the course of the next few weeks, and is mostly to just check for who's interested, and what they want to see, or expect to see, or are wondering if it'd be possible in this world. Please, comment, vote, and discuss, I'll watch this thread as closely as my life will allow and distribute updates often, ready your brainstorming for ideas and more, and make sure you've got new batteries in your keyboard if it's wireless, you might be here a while.

    Please feel free to shoot any questions, character ideas, or just suggestions straight to me. I want to include as much as possible into this RP, as I've set out with it to create a vast world, and while I might consider a main plot at one point or another, I do not wish to force everyone down it, but instead just have it form the shell of a world event, to be filled in by reactions and actions to the event.

    Update 1: Ask ANY question about the city, possible characters, magic, or just the general plot or history. I'll either do my best to include a update on popular topics soon, or answer your question directly, polish the lenses on your goggles and clear off your drawing board, the Science and Technology update is here. More is coming soon, I'm planning the weapons and protection update next, but let me know if you want to see more information on a different topic first.

    Update 2-6: It took me a bit to put a note in, essentially just read the note above again, as not much has really changed.
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  2. Well of course I'm in of all people >.> But then again I won't count :P
  3. Lol looks interesting but im still half asleep right now XD
  4. Don't worry, it's here for whenever you're awake.
  5. Hmm.

    I'll drop a c.sheet later. c:
  6. Ohhai Rufiya (yet again <_>")

    Well, glad you see an interest on this, hehe :]
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  7. I'm still letting out all the details, so don't lock in your ideas just yet, you might find something in this that interests you more, but then again, you can have as many characters as you want.
  8. I'm going to need to recollect on my thoughts and turn all the characters I had in my head into legit CS's too.. When the time comes.
  9. Yes, looks interesting. You should just provide more information about characters, important places in this city, maybe define restrictions or some rules... Idea is great and I would like to participate as well when this is on :)
  10. I have a few ideas but ill wait till its all done and cemented before making my final chose lol
  11. This seems like exactly what i have been looking for! Count me in for sure! *Ticks box*
  12. Right, I heard Vampires and Werewolves. What's the plot, where do they come into play, what is the magic, who uses it, and WHAT ARE WE DOING?
  13. I'd describe it myself as well since I had plenty of experience with this 'world' but I will leave that to BoB as they are much more clear with it.
  14. I'd like to know:

    Everything they have already asked.
    Limitations on things (there have to be some sort of limit, every world has them).
    Other general things about the world.

    Gimme the info, and I'll likely join if it doesn't scare me away. <_<;
  15. Well, hopefully you guys will get your answers soon (and mine) once BoB gets on, heh.. Which I hope is soon.
  16. Werewolves and Vampires are prevalent in the city, but they're not the only mythological creatures. They exist in high society and low society, in long living noble families, to petty street gangs of the same kind. They walk the streets like anyone else, so long as they keep themselves in check, and not at risk of turning feral. They each have machinations turning, each ready to make their own eventual bid for power in the city's political scene, and the time is coming soon. Not every stereotype of these creatures weaknesses apply however. Vampire's aren't horribly averted from garlic, but are instead allergic to varying degrees. They don't turn to ash in the sunlight, but very quickly sunburn, and usually feel faint in the sunlight. Similarly, werewolves don't always transform on the full moon, some only turn back on it. Some can control when they turn, and for others the change is rapid and unpredictable. Silver is not poisonous, but it is enough of a irritant to a werewolf that a shot to the heart would prevent the regenerative traits from healing it, or seal the flow of blood. Some will develop odd physical traits, such as a Vampire with eyes that only turn to red when they've been fueled by blood, or werewolves that are always expressing some evidence of their real form, such as wolf-like teeth, or fur.

    It's a world of infinite possibility, Demons and Angels, or Valkyrie, depending on who you talk to, walk the streets. Most Angels however, choose to live in Valhalla, a city only they can reach, or enter, depending on who you ask, answering to a wingless king that they name 'God', a being of great power. Most Demons choose to live in Hell, a place where they're free to express all of their desires, lusts, and more, and they're plenty willing to take you there if you ask, and maybe introduce you to one of the various demon princes, though you are likely to become the next 'toy' for them to play with.

    Half-breeds of all sorts abound as well, half-vampires, humans with certain vampiristic traits, but not all. Some need blood on a daily basis, but benefit from the increased strength and speed, if less than originally intended. Others receive no increased strength, and boil in the sunlight. Half-angels, half-demons exist as well, Nefalin, hated by both races that parented them, hunted by the demons for sport, and exiled by the Angels. They often turn to a warrior lifestyle quickly, their honor the only thing they value usually. White leathery bat wings, or black feathered bird wings are the tell-tale signs of these half-breeds, often having pure white or pure black hair as well. Some are not gifted with the flight these wings would usually entail, often when a impling or some small winged demon is involved, resulting in stunted decorative wings.

    Magic exists split into five trees or groups. Each type has it's own nuances, and not everyone actually has the ability to touch magic, however, that's about half of the people in the world. Few among those who can boast the ability to work with it can truly claim to be a real mage, and not just be able to light a cigar with their fingers, or have a quite literal 'green thumb'. To be able to form a shield of white magic speaks to years of study, and even geniuses spend several years in order to learn such basic spells.

    Red, for fire, lightning, and quick and sudden destruction, a magic associated with phoenixes and explosions. It works well with Green and Black. It does not mix fluidly with White and Blue however. Demons and even Dwarves in rare cases are known to have a small affinity towards this type.

    Green, for life, and nature, associated with natural creatures, and the overwhelming vitality they can posses. It works well with Red and White. It does not with Blue and Black. Nearly every Elf has a affinity towards this type, even if they cannot use it.

    White, for holiness and good, it is the magic most commonly used by Angels, and is often used for defensive means. It mixes well with Blue and Green, but does not mix with Black and Red easily.

    Blue, for trickery, and things of the sea. It mixes with White and Black easily, but does not mix with Green and Blue as well.

    Black, for death, decay, and the dark evil things under your bed. It mixes well with Blue and Red, but not as well with White and Green.

    Mages will spend most of their lives mastering just one of these groups, and if they choose to not master one, but a couple, they will need several lifetimes to master the nuances of these interactions. As such most use a single color, or only joined ones, often preferring to one over the other. The few that have historically been the master of all five have often heralded golden ages, or great destruction. A Black mage could be the most holy person you meet, while the White mage is the most evil and devious.

    There are ways to enhance your learning capabilities beyond hard work though, but there are drawbacks, I'll get to those later.

    The limits are few, only imposed by human ones often or not, not that humans are the only race that exist. Dwarf engineers pilot large leviathans that float through the city with grace, while elves are much less common, often seeing the technology now prevalent throughout the city as a affront to nature. If you want to see a race in the RP, put in where they're from, and what they're like, but don't make up your own, draw from actual human mythology, I don't want to see Kryptonions running around.

    I think I'll crank out the magic update sometime tonight since that's what seems to be interesting right now.

    On the subject of plot, I'm not exactly sure what I want to do with it yet exactly, I know I have a idea for a central storyline, but I also don't want to force everyone down it. I intend for it more to be a set of world events people can choose to participate in, or if they want to work in a lab with other scientists, or drink themselves to oblivion in the local tavern, they can do that too. The main storyline would affect the rest of the world, but I don't want to make everyone participate if they feel their character would be out of place in it. The first story arc I'm thinking of right now will be more of a political thing, but I do have ideas for other plots, and could run multiple groups if we want to, but I intend on getting a group up eventually to work within and give people the freedom to make their own RP within the world. I have more combat based one's in mind, more magic, and some that just fall into the miscellaneous of miscellaneous.

    Feel free to PM me any questions or character ideas you want a response to or wish to discuss, I'm on most hours of the day, even if it's alt-tabbed.

    People were asking for limitations and rules, but I want to keep those to a minimum, and simple. I do want to see a medium of balance, aka: A swordsman kills a gunman in close combat, due to the awkward reload times, even if they have a revolver-type, but the same swordsman cannot deflect every bullet shot at them from a distance.
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  17. You had me at steampunk fantasy (and bullet deflecting swordsman).

    Other stuff: You mentioned mythological creatures, does that include stuff from say greek mythology?
  18. Don't take my word for it, but I would say.. To a degree?? Idk, wait on BoB's word for it, hehe...
  19. It would, yes, though it'd depend on what creature they were, as if I remember correctly, most from Greek Mythos were quite... Feral.
  20. Ohhh~ I love Greek mythology, I might have to change my idea. Theres nymphs those arent really feral, just mischievous
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