Vampire's Prisoner

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  1. Ezekiel was a tall slender man, short black hair always kept a bit shaggy and loose over his eyes. He always dressed well in either a sharp suit, or at least dress hands and a nice shirt. Keeping a proper appearance was something he was always proud of, he like how it showed off the muscles he had, though he was a slender man no one should underestimate his strength. Those that had soon regretted the mere thought.

    He stood in front of his office window, hands crossed behind his back. His amber hues looked out on the city, "Soon..." he mumbled in a deep velvet voice. Turning on a heel he looked to his right hand man, "Clarence, make sure that when the thing is brought here that my men do little harm." the thing being the human girl he was going to kidnap, he saw all humans as things. Who could blame him their races had been at war for some time now and it had only planted a seed of bitterness deep inside. "I want her for negotiation, if she is harmed then it could just prolong the war." he stated simply with a slight nod as if to say Clarence was allowed to leave.

    "Yes, sir." Clarence responded with a quick nod, stepping out of the office flipped open his cell phone to give the instructions. "Hey, its time. Any damage and their will be consequences." flipping the phone shut he slipped it back into his pocket. He was shorter than Ezekiel, short brown hair and thin framed glasses. He kept his attire formal, just like the prince since he did represent the royal family when taking care of affairs. When it came to business Clarence did most, if not all, of the talking when it came to meetings. He was more of the talker while Ezekiel was more of the brains.
  2. Elizabeth Marie, was a small girl who hand long blonde hair. That hair was really wavy. She was just a quarter of an inch shorter of 5'1". She had bright green eyes. She was the human princess, but unlike the rest, she wasn't snobby and stuck up. Her parents don't want her to go into war, yet they gave her the directions of their army. She sat outside, in the woods with one of the guards, " you should go, and take a break. " She hated that she had guards following her everywhere, even outside the bathroom, sometimes she didn't like the princess and royality stuff, but it was fun, when she wanted to get something, she usually got it. She blinked her eyes as she twirled around in a clearing of the part of the woods, she giggled. Her hair that was waist length followed the circles. She was just soo happy. She then got dizzy and fell onto the grass. She was on her back and closed her eyes softly and sighed, she loved being free when she got the chance, but she felt like that was going to change, suddenly she heard noises outside the clearing. She blinked softly as she stood, " Stephane? " Stephane was her guard. She sighed lightly, starting to get a little freaked out. " Stephane.. please no more games.. " She looked around.
  3. A large man stepped out from between the trees, he was dressed in casual wear that most humans on the street wore, it helped them to blend in during the daytime when running errands for his boss. He tossed her unconscious guard to the side. His lips spread into a grin to reveal his long, sharp fangs, "You're coming with us." he growled as three over men stepped out in similar garb. "Don't try screaming for help, all of your guards are detained." with a smirk the rest of the men gave a chuckle, he took a few steps closer to the girl. "So be a good little girl and come along. Our boss wants to meet you."
  4. Princess Elizabeth was shocked, sjhe looked around and when she heard someone speak she turned around, she covered her mouth with one hand and her eyes with the other. She was so shocked and scared. As her mouth went open to scream for help, she heard the guy, it wouldn't be wise to listen to them.She glared and went to step backwards. She closed her eyes softly, she bit her lower lip as a tear fell. She was scared, why? they were the enemy. She glared and taking a step back. Her head shaking no, not wanting to go, even though seeing the fangs, she frowned she turned to run to her horse. She ran as fast as she could, trying not to look back, she felt her heart race.
  5. One of the men quickly hooked his arm around her waist before she could leave the circle they made around her. "Silly, silly girl." the leader said with a shake of his head as the man holding her placed a hand over her mouth to muffle any screams or crying she may utter. The men began walking back towards the main road, "Lucky for you the boss says not to hurt you otherwise this would have gone a lot differently." he snickered. After a few minutes they made it to a black car with tinted windows. Two of the men sat in the front, one to drive and the other to keep watch. He sat in the back with the girl between him and the third man. "Now lets go." he ordered and the car spun off down the road.
  6. Elizabeth was scared. She felt someone hold her waist, she gasped she was about to scream as she tried to pull away, she said, " Leave me," She frowned. She tried to get out of the mans grip. She was so scared. She felt the hand over her mouth. She frowned, though she was just scared. She tried to get out of the males grip. She glared at the leader. She tried to stay " Just let me go!!" She groaned and when she was put in the car. She was going to run through the other side but there was a guy. She stayed quiet with a glare. She shook her head. She hated this, " Well nothing goes your way." She looked at him. She was scared, what was going to happen? Wait this is the enemy. Her eyes widened. She realized that she knew the plans she muttered, " Daddy said he'd always protect me, he lied." She frowned.
  7. It wasn't long before the care pulled up to a large mansion, it looked as if it were hundreds of years old and it was. The house belonged to Ezekiel family for generations upon generations. Once the car parked at the tall double doors the leader tugged her out of the car, keeping a firm grip on her arm in case she had any plans of trying to escape. Making his way up to the door he paid no mind to the other men going to park the car else where. Shoving the double doors open he stormed his way down one of the many halls of the mansion. Deep red carpeting every which way he turned, the walls decorated with paintings some seeming old, others new. Heading up a few sets of stairs to the fifth floor they came up a large door. Raising his hand he gave a hard knock, "Sir, we retrieved the thing for you."

    "Come in!" Ezekiel called back, a smirk pulling at his lips as she was brought into his office. The henchman closed the door and stood outside to make sure there would be no escaping for her, unless she wanted to jump though glass and out a five story building. The office walls were lined with bookshelves covered with books, a large oak desk in the middle of the room. A few stray books, papers, a pen, and a lamp on the desk. He sat with his elbows propped up on the surface of the desk, "Its nice to finally meet you... Elizabeth is it? Or do you prefer Your Highness?"
  8. Elizabeth frowned, she looked to the back, wanting to run. As she was led somewhere, she glared, " let go of me, or else." She glared at him. She was so scared. As she was forced into the room. She looked around the room, she then looked down. She said, " No.. no no.. " She closed her eyes softly, she looked down and slowly she went to sit on the other desk. She rolled her eyes, " Elizabeth, please.. I hate being royal as it is." She blinked. She sat there, she then looked down after crossing her legs over each other. She gulped softly, she then looked down fixing her skirt.
  9. Pressing his fingers into the desk, he stood looming over the small woman. "Who said you could sit on my desk?" he asked through gritted teeth, giving her a close up of his fangs. "Move your ass, Your Highness." He stayed looming over her until she moved, once she did he straightened back up. "I'll make things clear for you. If you behave you'll get good accommodations, if not you can stay in a closet. Sound good?" with a smirk pulling on his lips he made his way around the desk. "I've had you brought here in hopes your father will cave and give the territory to us. He'll probably do anything for his little girl." he states hooking a finger under her chin. Chuckling softly he let her chin go, "You're kind is so weak. It will be no time until he calls for his little princess and gives the land to those who deserve it."
  10. Elizabeth sighed some, she looked at him, her eyes widened and she moved. She wanted to stay quiet. She closed her eyes softly. When he started speaking about being have. She giggled and said, " What? Me? Behave? Hello I am a princess I don't listen to those who aren't my father" She shaking her head. " I can't believe you blood suckers, you think you can rule the world and take over, I don't think so." She shook her head but when he hooked a finger under her small chin, well most humans were really strong, she was the weakest one. She glared and said, " sure, you think that He would? Hmm? Well My father is different.. He knows you won't hurt me.. So.... that was sort of useless. " She grinned. She stepped away from him, she went to look at a window, she couldn't believe this guy, but she couldn't let him scare her like the guy who got her did.
  11. He snarled before walking up behind her, his hand wrapping tightly around her neck. "You think you have power here?" his nails tightening into the soft skin of her neck. Leaning down he growled into her ear, "You don't." Spinning her around he shoved her up into the near by book case, some book shaking free from the force of her body hitting the shelves, his grip tightening to show her a fraction of his strength. "I ordered them not to hurt you, I never said I wouldn't."

    She was now at his eye level, his eyes looked down to see his nails drawing a small drop of blood from her neck. Dipping his head down he licked at the droplet. "Not that good." he commented placing it eyes back to hers. "About behaving. You should start doing it. I'm sure chains don't match your outfit." with a grin he threw her to the floor, turning around to face her on the floor he licked the small amount of blood left of his nail. "I know your father, he's weak. I'm sure if I send him a finger he'll give it up."
  12. Elizabeth closed her eyes tightly, she gasped as he grabbed her neck. She gasped, feeling the pain. She closed her eyes and feeling her forced against a wall. She gulped. She was scared, she felt his nails digging into her neck. She tried to get out, but she frowned. She hated how vampires were all spoiled and snappy like this. She glared and she looked at him, " I don't think you would have the guts to." She said. She suddenly felt herself on the floor, her hand out first to stop it, and her hand being missplaced. She closed her eyes, " you have? Well you haven't spent a whole life time with him." She snapped. She noticed the blood, and how he was licking it. She glared, " You blood suckers are disgusting.." She then went to stand up but her wrist was in pain and purple now.
  13. Arching a 'brow he stepped towards her, "Already hurt? You underestimate me, Thing." the new name dripping with insult. Leaning down, his fingers wrapping around her bicep, he pulled her up onto her feet. "You're spoiled and have too much confidence and ignorance." storming towards the door, tugging her behind him. But before leaving he stopped, "I'm going to put you in a room I see fit. Maybe you'll learn to behave that way." Opening the door he tossed the girl into his henchman's arms. "Take her to the bottom floor."

    With a nod the henchman held onto her tightly as he made his way down the many stair cases. But once on the first floor he went down a new hall and down one more floor. This floor was dark, no window or lights except for a single light bulb. Chains hung from a wall, a limb body hanging in one corner. Quickly he chained her up in the opposite corner, "Sleep well, Meat." he chuckled shutting the light off and locking the door behind him.
  14. Elizabeth glared harshly at the man, she was just trying to protect herself. She groaned, she gasped as she felt the bicep grabbed. She closed her eyes, hoping this was just a dream. Why was she here? It mustn't been a dream, one horrible dream. She gasped as she was in other arms, she frowned. She tried to get out but when she noticed the scene change. She wanted to get out of here. She frowned and closed her eyes softly. She then looked around, she felt her in a corner, chained. She couldn't move. She glared at the guy, but she looked around noticing the dark, her heart raced. She hated the dark... She was afraid of it. Yes, she was afraid of it, you would understand if you were her.