Vampires or Werewolves?

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Which race do you like?

  1. Vampires!

    15 vote(s)
  2. Werewolves!

    8 vote(s)
  3. I like both of them, actually.

    13 vote(s)
  4. Meh, neither interest me much.

    6 vote(s)
  5. I'm a hunter with silver bullets.

    5 vote(s)
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  1. Pretty much on every forum I've been on, there are usually two outstanding groups: the vampire lovers and the werewolf lovers. Or, they could also be termed as the werewolf haters and the vampire haters. Take your pick.

    Then there were the remaining few who liked both, and the few stragglers who didn't really care about either.

    So, which team are you on?
  2. Both can be pretty cool when done well.

    But they've been so overdone in Media, RP's etc. that normally takes something special to get me to sign up for something based on either group/
    Still have a kink for Vampires though.
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  3. So long as it isn't a Twilight vampire, I love vampires. Even the scary grotesque ones, though I'm partial to pretty pretty vampires who can fuck you up real bad.

    Werewolves? I like them fair enough. I'm pretty interested in trying a one on one with werewolf, actually.
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  4. Both.

    I like biting.
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  5. [2]
    Hence Vampire Kink

    Seriously, Vampires do both biting and aim for the neck... Both weaknesses of mine.
  6. @Hana

    Yeah, I'm not thinking sparkly vamps at all. Most of the vampires I make usually end up following the original Count Dracula.
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  7. Werewolves o_o while vampires aint bad, I love the duality of werewolves and the primal, bestial manner in which they engage. If we stick to traditional, its that sheer loss of control, sometimes unknowingly. Just, yas.
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  8. < <
  9. I had to pick neither because of the abominable state that supernatural fiction in general is in. Too many "monster" boyfriends, not enough true monsters creating fear through their subversion of humanity. I adore the old school kinds, but seeing 90+% of werewolf and vampire descend to teen romance shit has turned me off from the concepts for the most part. It's really not worth digging through a hundred Twilight clones and shitty executions of the better forms to find the rare gems that are being produced these days.
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Vampires like the traditional vampires? Or the sexy vampires from True Blood?

    As long as they're not fake vampires from Twilight, I don't care. :P Fuck sparkling in the sun! Those bitches are supposed to explode into bloody ash!
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  12. Both have something that interests me. Though lately I've been a bit turned off with how they are depicted, vampires at least. I like the old school vampires. The cold blooded creatures, monsters, not sparkly capable of getting a human pregnant etc. If I roleplay in such a setting with either of the two I can't do the whole vampire werewolf against one another war. For me its been played out.
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  13. Turning into a great hairy wolfbeast makes sharp teeth and a craving for blood look incredibly lame. So I'm going with werewolves.

    No wolf-men or those guys who just turn into wolves, though. No, I like the giant bipedal monsters. Like... Underworld. Yeah, those kind. The best kind.
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  14. I've never been too sure what I liked in a werewolf, but after reading the Wolf Among Us, I quite like the different stages Bigby goes through :3
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  15. Bigby isn't a werewolf though.

    He's the actual Wolf from the "Red Riding Hood" and "Three Little Pigs" fairy tales, who only looks human because of a glamour spell.
    Basically his human form is an illusion, not who he really is.
  16. Oh yeah, I know that ^_^ But I do like the stages he goes through before he turns into the big bad wolf. Like, if I was going to make a werewolf, I'd design it based on that probably.
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  17. Ah ok, I can understand that. It was a cool transformation sequence. :3
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  18. It was! I loved the last transformation, that was so cool! Since I watched the game first, and I hadn't seen any spoilers whatsoever, I was thoroughly surprised!

    *forces self to stop fangirling*

    From what I've read, early vampires weren't actually 'allergic' to the sun. Anyone else heard of this? I also heard the same for vampires and silver.
  19. I like them both too much to choose! O_____O

    I lean more towards vampires though. Even sparkling tween vampires. >:3
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  20. And may I say, I adore your signature pic. I stare at it for a good few moments whenever I come across it XD
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