Vampires or demons or cyborgs?

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  1. So I've had these few ideas in my head. I tried to wait them out to see if they'd pass on but nope! Still wanting to role play them! Okay read my RP resume for the full story but heres a crash course on me.

    I'd like to say I reply once a day but work and current health issues make me slack off sometimes. So expect a reply from anywhere between 1-3 days. If I am unable to reply then I promise a pm short your way.

    I love to write. To be descriptive and let you know what's going on during the scene and in my characters head. I don't expect a novel but I would like the same I give you. Meaning no one liners. Basic sentence structure is also a must. Capitalizing and punctuation please when needed.

    I love plotting with my buddy or even just chatting casually!

    On to the plots I have!

    Vampire x Slave

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    Zane Mutaba

    Every one thought vampires were simply myths and legends. So when it became a reality, no one was ready for it. Vampires quickly turned the highest officials and law makers. Turning major cities into havens for the new race. Cities were built to block out the sun to protect the vampires from the deadly rays of sunlight. Those whom didn't have the money to pay to be turned were quickly used as cattle. Whether they were drained of blood and packaged like juice boxes or sold whole sale to a private vampire whom had the money to spend on their own personal food source. Having a human food slave was a status symbol which came to the nobles of society.

    Small pockets of humanity still linger on the edges of civilization. Lucky for the humans most vampires like their modern comforts too much to hunt humans who live in the dense forests of searing deserts. But all humans stay well away from the major cities. Some humans have paid their way out of being killed. Acting as harvesters. Rounding up and collecting other humans to sell to the uppity vampire market.

    Mutaba is a snobbish noble vampire whom has everything a rich vampire could desire. Lavish manor, exotic red wines and enough crisp clean clothing to clothe a small army. But he doesn't have a food slave. He purchases one from the local auction (your character) and brings them home to keep. Using them for his need to survive from their blood and showing them off at lavish vampire parties.

    But something interests him about this human. Against his better judgement he takes the time to talk with them. Get to know them. The more he's with the human the more he remembers his past. remembers who he used to be and remembers his humanity. All of which is taboo in the vampire society.

    For this role play I suspect it would be more along the lines of mature. But this wont be a sexy time fest. Because while Mutaba likes to inflict pain and blood drinking of his victim, he wont rape them. For him sex has to be consensual. Now that being said a romance is possible. I prefer mxf but Mutaba is bi... Despite what he says or does. So mxm is an option. Also I would love it if the romance could be believable. Meaning it's not some love at first sight. It flows and grows as time goes on.

    An Assassin and his Demons Taken~

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    For all you mxm fans!

    Every time the young talented violinist Jade come to town, a mysterious and rather hit man like style murder is committed. Oddity? Only if you count people claiming to have see the musician at the crime scenes. But he preformed in front of thousands of people. How is this possible? Imposter? Or is there something far darker at work here?

    Jade is an assassin. A rather effeminate one but one of the best in the business. Because he has the best alibi. He collects a series of contracts and goes on tour. Making the kill at the very time he's doing a performance. Jade is also a warlock of sorts, communing with demons to do his bidding. He carries with him a life sized plush doll of himself. Which springs to life when he plays his cursed demonic violin.

    So this actually has options. Is your character a homicide detective getting close to figuring it all out? Is your character a demon that enters into the realm to do some damage while Jade foolishly thinks he can control them? Is your character something else? A regular person? A vampire? Something other that some how meets Jade and befriends him?

    I can play this with Jade being an elf. (Yes elves in a modern setting)

    Or I can play as anthro. I'd almost rather anthro as this was his original design. But I'm fine with either!

    Don't judge a cyborg by his armor.

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    In a futuristic world where the government (GOV) is trying to control the world, a group of rebels are fighting back. In the midst of this chaos, many space pirate bands are trying to break the broken city down further. Doing what damage they can and make as much money in the mean time. All but one space pirate band fight for themselves. Decorus Licenta is the only pirates aiding the rebels, although their ruthless femme fatale leader does more damage than good. Slaughtering hundreds just to kill a few. In an effort to better handle the rebels GOV started a cyborg program. Sadly no humans lived through the process. Only when a half alien teen tried to sneak on the base did they find the perfect medium for their project. Z37 is GOV's top weopon. Nearly indestructible and enough fire power to level a city block. But they made a fatal flaw when they pissed off his designer. Once fully able to control his own body Luc (Z37) destroyed the building he was re-created in.

    But this now man has a soft heart and a 'make love not war' attitude. Built as a weapon he does what he was designed to do but this time with the free will to aide the rebels. And later aide the Decorus, almost instantly climbing to the second in command of the deadly space pirate band.

    Where this goes is up for plotting! Is your character one that Luc rescues and tries to bring to safety? Saving the character from this ruthless mother, the leader of the Decorus pirates. He has not only her but GOV hunting him as well. Or is this person a rebel? Another pirate? Another of his race which is quickly dying out? MxF for this only. I would love a romance out of this one but again it has to flow that way. No insta sexy times. For one, Luc has more chivalry than that.

    Lus is half human and half nosferos. (Created because one previous partner had a hard time with vampires in space. So he because 1/2 alien.) Nosferos are a long lived race, looking much like a human but with lithe features, cat like eyes (react like cats in light/dark situations meaning they see well in the dark.), skin has little pigment or tones and is typically in shades of white to grey even smokey grey, slightly pointed ears, and are more agile than a human. They also burn very easily in sun light and have a iron deficiency and have to eat more red or bloody meats.

    I'm open to other ideas as far as role play ideas! This just happens to be what I'm craving most right now. Pm or post here, which is ever is fine.


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  2. The assassin one sounds interesting. May I message you?
  3. Sure! You may certainly message me. :D But I see you usually don't role play with elves... Unless we role play anthro you know Jade is an elf right?
  4. I know, and that was my intention. I messaged you and will continue talking about this there, so that I don't clutter the thread for others.