Vampires or demons anybody?

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  1. Been out of the rp game for a while and looking to get back in.

    I've been itching for some modern supernatural creature shenanigans. Particularly in regards to demons, angels, vampires, and others, but in a city or urban setting. I love the idea of these beings living together as roommates in an apartment or house trying to live quietly (or not so quietly) amongst humans, while occasionally getting into mischief.

    Pretty open to different genres here, I can see it going down a horror route, romance, (I'm open to nsfw) slice of life or all of the above. I love characters of a variety of genders and orientations, especially polyamorous and/or non-binary ones, so expect that to show.

    I'm also gonna lay down one requirement in that I would rather at least one reply every other week or so, naturally if you're busy or aren't feeling it and need a break I understand, but please communicate this to me rather than leaving me in the dark. I've had that happen to me the last few times on here and it killed the stories we had going. (which is always a bit saddening)

    So if any of this appeals to you check out my profile and if you like what you see send me a message! We can talk plot ideas and characters then.

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  4. I'VE been up for this type for awhile myself I'm in ​
  5. Pm me my dude~
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.