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Vampires Of Wallachia

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Chris_Reaper, Jun 24, 2015.

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  1. For centuries the small Romanian province of Wallachia, also known as Transylvania, has been steeped in dark folklore. This has been seen as an accursed land inhabited by all manner of nightmarish creatures, but most feared amongst their ranks are what the local people call the Strigoi, or vampires. In the fifteenth century, a man named Vlad Tepes Dracul II, cemented a terrible legacy of blood that gave rise to the horrible undead scourge. The land has been tainted and terrorized ever since...

    Fast forward some six hundred years to present day. Wallachia is now a modern country but still steeped in old world customs and lifestyles, especially in the sparsely populated countryside bordering the Carpathian Mountains. Here ancient fears and beliefs still run deep and tales of vampires still hold strong. However as of late a new and very different kind of threat has emerged. The countryside of Wallchia has been invaded, not by bloodsucking demons of the night. These invaders ride on the back of Harley Davidson motorcycles, sport leather and denim vests and are just as vicious and barbaric as the vampires of myth and legend. They are The Scimitars, a lethal and brutish biker gang that has roared into rural Romania from their headquarters in Turkey. However these are not your ordinary beer guzzling bikers, in reality they are a secret sect of vampire slayers that are directly descended from Sultan Mehmed II...who did battle with Vlad Tepes in the war between Romania and the Ottoman Empire. Through the centuries this underground cult of blood hunters have nourished a hatred for the Transylvanian vampires who are of the blood lineage of the original Dracula...who in fact was their ancestor's sworn enemy. They have trained their members for some five centuries in the art of hunting and killing vampires. Now they have taken on the form of a lethal biker gang that number in the hundreds and have returned to Wallachia. An ancient prophecy has foretold of the return of Vlad Dracula, who will lead an army of the undead to reclaim his wayward kingdom.

    However the Scimitars have proven to be just as dangerous as the monsters they vanquish. They extort, intimidate and terrorize those they claim to protect, in this case the countryside population of Wallachia. As the terrible prophecy draws near, the people grow desperate. Will they place their faith in a bunch of barbarian thugs, who nonetheless have the tools to rid the land of these demons or turn to the very evil they have feared for so long and become one with the undead?
  2. Is there a character sheet for this? I'm interested in playing as one of the Scimitars.
  3. If this garners enough interest, Ill throw up a charrie sheet...
  4. Seems interesting o-o
  5. Hmmm I am up to play if I get to be a vampire :)
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