Vampires? *not the sparkly kind*

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  1. I've been wanting to get into some vampires again, and I'm looking for a partner or two! It would be awesome if my partner could be able to play multiple characters but tis not a requirement! Let me know if interested!
  2. Ollo~ I am interested. If you want to. You can test this out with me. No worries in creating my own vampires, I always like them the old times without the mixture of modern ideal vampire. I can do some others characters as well.

    And also, just a heads up though, I just revive so I'm sharpening up my role playing skills again. Lastly, I check on for replies every day which means I am mostly online.
  3. Awesome! I do have some stuff on the vampires I have in mind but nothing fancy, and I don't exactly have a plot yet so lots to work on if you are OK with that! Warning though my weekday online time is unusual as I only answer at least once during the day and then several times at night, except on Friday (aka today) when I'm out of the house after work until late
  4. Sure sure, no problem with your sched and the plot. We can always work with it.
    If we can get the background and the setting down. We can pull a good tale. If you got any idea for the setting let me know.

    As for me, with the setting, I like it modern with a touch of ancient times. Then for the background, I'm good with anything.
  5. Alright! I'll send you a pm with some of the things I have in mind!
  6. Im interested in roleplaying vampires. Send me a PM
  7. Art thou familiar with the creatures of World of Darkness?
  8. *tries and epically fails to understand* say what now?
  9. World of Darkness vampires and their clans
  10. Uh no, but I already have ideas for the vampires I want to use, just don't have a plot.
  11. Tell me about your predators of the night​
  12. There are two types of vampires, Volton and Shadows. Volton vampires are pureblood, born of vampire blood. They are also the ones that live within human society, and refuse to kill humans. They have a special council within the human government called "The Nine" which consists of nine elder vampires. The families of the nine are considered royalty, and are highly respected. They live within a small gated community which only consists of nine different manors, or estates. It resides on a mountain where they are surrounded by trees. The Volton's are named after the leader of the Nine, Edward Volton, the first Vampire to exist and merge with human society. Volton fangs consist of four, one set on the top which are the injectors, they send a liquid into the body that send a human into an unusual raised libido. The bottom ones simply help with feeding so they are named feeders.

    Shadows are created vampires, they keep to the dark an remain away from human society. Their skins are very more pale, hair is dark, and have darkened areas around their blood red eyes. They have three pairs of fangs, two on top one on bottom. Injectors, Paralyzers, and feeders. Shadows are full out predators, and love to hunt and take down their prey, they will rarely use a humans raised libido to their advantage to mate.

    It's possible to have a created Volton but it is rare. If it happens then the removal of Paralyzers will happen. It's also possible to have a born vampire be a Shadow, it is a little more common then created Volton's. They mostly consist of Dhampirs, half human and halfvampire. Dhampirs can also choose their alignment.
  13. I get if Shadows have a more predatory urge but why are Dhampirs able to choose an alignment? That seems to hint that the others cannot.

    Also, what of their weaknesses? From what you've described these vampires aren't so much supernatural as they are more of a natural take on them.
  14. Dhampirs get to choose because they are half human, they are more likely to feel the guilt if they kill. A shadow turning over to the Volton side is extremely rare that it almost never happens, because that means they have to control their hunger which is very hard to do for them, and a volton can't suddenly become a shadow as they don't have their Paralyzers, nor the predatory instinct.

    As for weaknesses I haven't gotten much far into the planning of the vampires and their background.
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