Vampires in England

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  1. (I'd rather do this through PM and it's definitely a 1x1 roleplayI'd like this to be FxF or maybe FxM)
    The year was 1840 and things were just starting to look up for Katherine. It was her 17th birthday and she hadn't yet been put into an arranged marriage. Which was good. Coming from a higher class family, it was very surprising that she hadn't been married off, but it didn't bother her. It was late and she was out on her nightly walk. Her father had always been overprotective about her going out at night, considering the circumstances. The fact that there were vampires roaming the streets of England didn't sit well with her family.

    Name: Katherine Amelia Roe
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Status: Human


    Appearance: Katherine is kinda small and curvy. She has long black hair (usually in curls) that goes to her rib cage, blue eyes with dark blue specks and is 5 feet tall but 5'2" in heels. Always wearing colorful gowns except when in sleepwear and cleaning/gathering water etc.
    Personality: Charlotte is very shy but loves meeting new people. She's very introvert when she first meets someone, but when she warms up to someone she gets easier to be around. She is a very determined girl and has been for a while. She cares about a lot of things, especially animals and the people she loves and she's very stubborn. She's always been a daddy's girl.
    Likes: music, singing, romance, Halloween, dancing, masquerade balls
    Dislikes: rude people, people who talk down to her, being disrespected
    Parents/siblings: Mother: Margaret Roe .. Father: Benjamin "Ben" Roe .. Sister (older) Claire Hope Lancaster .. Brother in law: Henry Lancaster .. Sister (younger) Mercy Ann Roe
    Where you come from: Small high class family in the south side of a large town in England
    Extra: she has a kitten named Elenor and her favorite color is baby blue
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.