Vampires, Demons, or Angels? (Oh my...)

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  1. I really want to do an RP with one of the three involved, I've done vampires and angels but never demons so I could be up for something new...


    Vampires -
    Human x Vampire thing...
    Vampire x Vampire
    I really don't know, its whatever you're up to, and I'm always open to suggestions.

    Demons -
    I really don't know how you RP demons, so shoot out ideas if you're really stuck on this one.

    Angels -
    Guardian Angel (disguised to protect)
    Two angels doing whatever angels do...

    Gender - Female
    Smutty / Mature - Depends on the plot discussed.
    Genres - Romance, action, drama.
    Romance - Yuri / Straight
    Length - Single line - Para
    Daily poster, but patient partner.
    Grammar appreciated.

    Seriously, I'm up for anything just spit out ideas having to do with one of these three.
    And even if I start an RP with one person, please comment anyway. I want to do more than 1 RP.
    I'm really RP deprived right now.
  2. How about demon and angel, like an angel if death otherwise known as an angel of hell?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.