Vampire's bite or sweet love story: looking for a couple partners

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  1. Heya! I have just stumbled across this wonderland of roleplaying, and am now looking around for a couple partners. I am not picky, so don't be shy. I promise I don't bite; or at least I try not to bite too hard.

    Current obession: Vampire diaries (really has changed my view of vampires, mine just were too goody two shoes) (show character and OC)

    I am interested in almost anything that has to do with vampires, shape-shifters, vampire slayers, demons, angels... anything like that. I have plenty of plots and ideas relating to that. My favorite time period are medieval, for sure. My roleplays typically end up in a forest or forest-surrounded community (It's just so open ended, anything can happen). Also, plots that contain lots of actions (though not war or excessive violence), kidnapping, ect. are also favored. Feel free to offer up any ideas of your own. (I also enjoy slave X master, along with other similar plots)

    Plots I've come up with (or commonly start off with in past roleplays):

    . A mix-up of the classic tale of forbidden love and starcrossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet; with a twist. Juliet is the last of her family, whom had been slaughtered when the opposing family rose to the throne. Set in medieval times, based on the Romeo X Juliet anime ( Example )

    .Fighting between a small village of humans and vampire slayers against the vampires of the forest. One of the leaders of the slayers falls for a vampire who is slightly supportive of the human's side of the fight, yet caught in the middle with the loyalty to the rest of the species. Chaos ensues, some love and danger arises; a very open-ended plot when it comes to characters (Example)

    Please answer here or shoot me a pm if you think you may be interested.
  2. I'm interested, I need some more RP since most of the ones I am on are dying down. Honestly I'll play whatever your heart desires, because I'd go for anything. If you have a set idea just tell me.
  3. I am interested too ! But seeing as its only one on one I better go... :(
  4. Doesn't mean there can't be two separate role plays
  5. Im most deffinitally intrested
  6. I think I could be in for plot number 2....
  7. I'm interested and willing to follow your lead.
  8. I am interested !