Vampires: Agents of the Apocalypse

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  1. In this RP, you are a vampire, superhuman, undead creatures of the night. You gain immortality, greatly increased athletic ability and possibly the wisdom of living for millennia. However, you must consume life force to maintain your humanity, or risk becoming a mindless killing machine that attracts attention wherever you go.

    Along with this, you are also a member of a House of the Apocalypse, determined by the vampire who turned you's House.

    The Houses are...

    The House of Conquest- The Tyrants, they wish to enslave all of Humanity under their control, to create the perfect vampiric utopia.

    The House of Pestilence, The Plagued, wherever they go, disease follows.

    The House of War- The Savages, they want to bring the world to complete anarchy, and live under a world of constant war, where you either kill, or be killed.

    The House of Famine- The Gluttons, they are a selfish lot, only wanting to fulfill their own hunger, which only grows, the more they attempt to satiate.

    The House of Death- The Liches, they only wish to bring death to all living things, and decay to anything that was ever known.

    The House of Torment- The Sadists, they want to torture Humanity, and make the world a living Hell.

    Basic concept, will elaborate later.
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  2. I may be interested in this.
  3. I'm interested as well
  4. Cool. I'll get to work on this then
  5. Quick suggestion: Why not make vampires belonging to each house have some sort of unique, house-specific power? War equals blood rage (for mortal massacres), Conquest equals mind control (Conquest? Domination?), etc.
  6. Yeah, I was thinking of doing something like that. I was thinking that every house would have a defining type of personality and look, something that that house in instills in a person more the longer they have lived and evolved within the house.
    There would also be a pool of general vampire abilities for powers that don't fit in any house, like super strength, the ability of flight, or blood magic.
    Then there'd be house abilities, which tie directly into the theme of the house. Berserking, lava magic, and weapon summoning for War, as an example.
    The longer lived and more evolved a vampire, the more powers they have, but on the same note, the more like their house they are.
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  7. Interested~
  8. Vampires in General
    • Undead Creatures of the night
    • Immortality allows them potentially limitless quantities of wisdom
    • All Vampires have increased physical abilities, which only increase the older and more housed the vampire is.
    • They must consume life force. Life force comes from human beings, and though blood bags hold some life force, drinking directly from the source instantly quenches the thirst, whereas blood bags simply keep the vampire going, but not satisfied. Animal blood only serves to make the vampire crave human blood more.
    • Vampires devolve into ghouls if they deny their thirst for too long. A ghoul may be rehabilitated, but the damage ghouls cause and difficulty when it comes to rehabilitation makes simply killing the ghoul easier. Also, a rehabilitated vampire becomes a ghoul much more easily than a vampire who never starved.
    • Vampires cannot go out into the sun or into deep water. Vampires combust in the sun, and vampires sink in water, with attempts to swim being futile, as water acts like air to vampires, so they are stuck on the bottom unless they walk to shore. Deep water eats vampires like acid.
    • Vampires are harmed by silver weaponry and fire. These weapons are the only things capable of killing vampires.(Also, a vampire can shapeshift to become a werewolf, if they pick the Lycan ability)
    • More possible, should I think of anything else.
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  9. What genre would this game be? Just not sure if it would be considered horror or fantasy. The only supernatural creatures would be vampires, and it'll be set during modern times.
  10. Depends on how you plan for the story to go. Are we vampires slowly stalking a select group of prey, toying with them in a supernatural war between houses? Are we bringing about the apocalypse in a tide of bloody, unholy crusading?
  11. The bringing of the apocalypse is being done in a very subtle, behind the scenes matter. The Houses don't want the whole of Humanity to know they exist, so they try to influence humanity to instigate the events they want to bring out their apocalypse, though if there's enough chaos and they feel safe from being exposed, they will act more openly than usual.

    The Houses are in a sort of Cold War, and some the Houses also war with themselves, like for instance, the vampires of Conquest tend to not like each other, unless they meet together to discuss manners amongst vampire kind, and the vampires of War also have warring factions among themselves.
  12. I like where this is going for certain lol
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  13. Alright, so that wipes the idea of vampiric bloodshed on a massive scale. Still, what's the plot of the characters we make?
  14. Maybe I could turn the clock back to during the American civil war or the 100 years war between France and Britain? That could be pretty fun.

    I'm not sure about what the plot would be, other than the meta plot of there being a vampiric civil war amongst several factions that want to bring about anything from world wide tyranny to complete death of all life. You have any ideas for smaller plots? I have no qualms fixing things up to make cool story lines created from scratch by the players themselves.
  15. I would have to think of something, but I will try to come up with something.
  16. Well, it depends. Do you want action-fantasy, or slow horror? If we go to a time of war, we'd likely be more on topic with the former.
  17. What about for part of the rp we would have our houses going through the various time periods. Starting when the houses just started, and we role play how the houses expanded over the centuries?
  18. It would take extremely dedicated players to do that. And how would it work? Each player takes command of a house and works up an entire history?
  19. I like that idea. That would certainly be interesting. Create whole dynasties of interesting PCs in an epic story. Epic possibilities.
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  20. Yeah, it would take a lot of dedicated members, and they may have to. We don't have to do that idea though, if it'll be easier for everyone
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