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  1. The growl grew louder in the back of his throat, deeper, moving down to vibrate in his chest as he watched her move closer. Was she going to kill him, or kick him out, or what..? He didn't know. He wasn't sure if he really wanted to find out. He lowered his body to the ground as far as he could, making himself as small as possible. His claws scratched at the floorboards beneath him, adding deep scratches to the cracks and breaks already present.

    Kale watched as the hand came towards him, completely ignoring what she was saying. He didn't care. Plus, the deafening sound of rain outside was kind of drowning her voice out. The werewolf's jaws parted slightly, as he thought about biting her, sinking his fangs into her soft flesh, and tearing it apart. Besides, as she'd put her guns away, it would be pretty hard for her to defend herself against him, even if she was a vampire. There was no way he was going to let her get to her guns, so that she could shoot him. Again...

    He surprised himself however, when he did something completely different. The growl in his throat and chest cut off, and he sniffed at her hands, drawing in her scent, before pressing his head against her palm with a soft whimper. He crawled slowly forewards, ears still flattened against his head, and tail giving a soft wag, a display of submission. Showing she could relax, he wasn't going to hurt her. At least not yet.

    After a few seconds, he lowered his head to his paws, eyes glues to her as he waited. Waited to see what it was she was going to do next.
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  2. Irene's hand was shaking slightly. She was worried that the werewolf would actually bite off her hand. Luckily it didn't actually do that. Instead, it laid his head on her palm. Other than a bit wet, its fur was actually quite soft.

    "H-Hey, you're actually quite...fluffy? Is that the word?" Irene asked nervously. She was still paranoid that it was going to attack her, so she ended up deciding to go for the friendly approach.

    "You can come out..." Irene whispered and grabbing hold of the werewolf's paw, "I'll treat you to the best of my ability."
  3. The wolf narrowed his eyes at her. Should he trust her? He didn't want to... But she didn't seem to bad. Apart from the whole.. Shooting at him thing.

    He dragged himself forewards slowly, until his was fully out of the table. The whimpers that came from his mouth everytime he moved annoyed him. They made him feel weak. Which of course, he totally was not. Well... Right now he kind of was... But when he was better, he'd show her how not weak he was! Yeah! Hm.

    He pulled himself forewards a little bit, because there was a shard of wood sticking into his chest. Even though he had fur, which should've meant he wouldn't feel it, it wasn't as thick as it should be at the current moment. It was thin, -and patchy in some places- because of malnutrition. He hadn't eaten properly in a while. All because or them damn hunters. He hoped they died. Slowly. Painfully. And that maybe he'd get to watch.

    He shook these thoughts from his head and thrned his attention back to the vampire. He let out a little grunt, as if to say, "now what?"
  4. "God you look like a trainwreck..." Irene replied as the werewolf crawled out, "What happened to you...w-well aside from me attacking you accidentally."

    Never had she seen such a state for a werewolf. They were-or should be-amazing hunters who were able to pounce and catch all the different types of prey they wanted. Looking at the piece of wood that was stuck inside its chest, she decided to haul the werewolf up and placed one arm over her shoulders so that she could carry it to the bed in the far right corner easily.

    "S-Stay still," Irene muttered under her breath, before reaching her hands towards the shard of wood that was poking out of his chest, "It will hurt a little...maybe a lot I don't know..."

    Her voice trailed off, hoping that the werewolf didn't catch the last part of her sentence. Slowly, she gripped onto the wood and counted to three in her head. As soon as she counted to three, she yanked the wood out and threw the bloodied piece of debris onto the floor. Only then she realised her grave mistake.

    It also had been a long time since she had last drank blood from anything, let alone anyone. The blood that was on the wood was starting to provoke her vampire instincts. She needed to resist it. She now had to treat him, even if he was actually an ally of the hunters. Hastily, she ran to get the first aid kit that was on the other side of the shelter and fumbled around the kit to find the bandages needed to heal the werewolf's wounds.

    Her fangs were starting to grow longer and sharper by the second. Her blood-red eyes started to glow under the darkness caused by the rain and she was slowly losing control.

    But she couldn't let it get the best of her. Twitching and trying not the bare her fangs, she tore a long piece of bandage and wrapped the werewolf's wound with it, so it wouldn't bleed as much as before.

    Irene was able to put the bandages on, but now she had to resist the long-lasting temptation to drink the poor werewolf's blood. She then opened her mouth and almost lunged in for a bite, but managed to stop herself and whispered desperately:

    "H-Help m-me..."
  5. Kale remained still, letting her do whatever it was she was going to do. He remained silent, until the shard of wood was yanked out his chest. He yelped, scrabbling at the ground with his paws, kicking out with his legs. He calmed down after a little while, whimpering quietly. He looked up at the vampire, watching as she patched him up.

    Oh no... He thought as he watched. She was a vampire, of course, and he was bleeding. This could only end one way. He buried his head in his paws and took a deep breath. This was probably going to take up most of his remaining energy.

    A few seconds later, the wolf had disappeared, in its place a human. Kale's body shuddered, his breathing was sped up and uneven. "I-f... If you're hungry... You.. Can.... F-feed on me, if you'd l-like.." He murmured, voice shaking and unsteady, cracking at random intervals. He held out an arm towards the female, offering up a small smile. It was hard to keep his arm up, but he managed, just. He'd never had a vampire feed off him before, and he wondered what it would feel like. He might find out, if this one took up his offer.
  6. Irene snapped her head towards the werewolf who suddenly turned into a man. Without a single thought and completely ignoring the arm, she tackled the man and pinned him onto the bed with her arms. Immediately after, she revealed her sharp and glistening fangs at the man, before letting her fangs sink into the man's neck.

    Sucking deeply, she gulped onto the red liquid that was flowing from the boy's neck. It didn't taste great and was somewhat less sweet than it should be. This gave her an indication that the boy was already extremely impoverished when he stumbled upon her shelter. Realising this, she pushed herself away from the boy and got off the bed. Her fangs subsided, but she started to cough violently, and it felt like she was going to throw up her lungs. At least she satisfied her hunger for blood.

    "I-I'm sorry," Irene said as she wiped the blood off her lips with her sleeves, "I-I'll get more bandages. J-Just hold on a bit longer."

    She grabbed the same roll of bandages that she used to wrap the boy's first wound earlier. Making sure she didn't accidentally choke the boy, she twirled the bandage around the boy's neck to stop it from bleeding.

    "I-I'm really sorry," She apologised again, but tried her best not to cry, "I'll get you something to eat as compensation. B-But may I please get your name first?"
  7. He let out a strangled yelp as he was pushed down onto the bed, holding back a cry as he felt the sharp fangs sink into his neck. His body racked with shudders as she fed on his blood. "A-ah.." He mumbled quietly as he felt the fangs disappear from his neck.

    He kept quiet as more bandages were applied to his skin, cutting off the bleeding. "I-it's fi-ine.." He stuttered, body shivering violently, eyes threatening to close. They were getting heavier and heavier, it was getting harder to keep them open. "My name is, uh... Kale." He answered, eyes finally forcing themselves closed. Even the prospect of food wasn't enough to keep him awake.

    His body gave off one last shudder as he slept into a light state of sleep.
  8. Irene turned away after seeing that the boy had fallen asleep. Another person, inside her only area she deemed safe. She shuddered at the thought of the wolf being an ally of the hunters. Leaning on the wooden walls near the bed, she sighed. What a scene.

    The rain had subsided, however the weather around her was still as foggy and dark like always. She poked her head out of the door, checking if any hunters actually popped up from the dense forest around her. Then again, she did know that hunters can't just strut into this area for fun, so she shook off that thought.

    She turned back at Kale, before picking up her guns and walking out to the forest.


    "Just realised my food supplies ran out," Irene said to her breath as she stretched out her arms and yawned, "Gotta get some food for that guy. What was his name again? Kale? Like the vegetable?"

    She dashed for the forest, hoping that she would be able to get a good catch for the boy.
  9. The werewolf continued to lay there for a while, drifting in and out of sleep. Suddenly he sat up with a gasp, looking around himself frantically. A hand strayed upwards to his neck and he winced. "Ah..." He mumbled. Where had the vampire gone? He frowned, pushing himself into a sitting position. The only sounds he could hear was his heart thumping in his chest, and his shaky, ragged breathing. It was completely empty except for him, and some broken or breaking furniture.

    (Sorry it's short~)
  10. Boom went the sound of Irene's Salamander. The thin but condensed fire went straight into the heart of deer that was in front of the bush that she was hiding in. Instantly, the deer lost its capability to hold itself up with its four legs and crashed onto the grass beneath. Irene poked her head out to check for any danger. There was none. Even so, she took light steps and walked up to the lifeless and limp deer and carried it over her shoulders. Although it wasn't that big, it still felt like she was carrying a sack of bricks on her back.

    "Well I'm gonna end up with a sore back today," Irene whispered, grunting after every step she took. She wasn't even close to her safe haven yet. She still had a steep hill to climb.

    "Oh for fuck sakes," Irene rolled her eyes as she arrived at the base of the hill. She knew that she wouldn't be able to scale the hill with an hundred-ton deer on her back, but how was she going to get up.

    Irene walked around in circles, trying to think of a way. Soon, she thought that she might as well call out for Kale to help her. But judging by the injuries he had sustained, would he be able to move?

    "Stuff it. Kale!" Irene yelled. Bet it was not loud enough. "Kale! Help me!"
  11. [BCOLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0)]He frowned as he thought he heard his name, but shook his head. "Nah.." He mumbled. It was probaby just his imagination. Then he heard it again, louder. Nope. Not his imagination. It couldn't be, right?[/BCOLOR]
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    [BCOLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0)]He struggled to his feet, wobbled, and had to lean against the wall for support. He rubbed a hand over his face, dizzy, before taking a small step forewards. He stumbled, steadied himself, and continued towards the door.[/BCOLOR]
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    [BCOLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0)]He swung it open and looked outside, moving to the top of the hill. He peered down and spotted the vampire, a deer slung over her shoulders. "Oh.. Coming!" He called, voice hoarse and cracking.[/BCOLOR]
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    [BCOLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0)]He slowly made his way down the hill, limping at points. He slipped halfway down, because it was still pretty wet. He slid down the remainder of the hill with a quiet yelp, arriving at the bottom near the vampire, caked in mud.[/BCOLOR]
  12. ... Sorry about the coding. Not sure what happened there. ._. )
  13. Irene waited, with a huge cold coat of mud covering her body. She really wanted to have a wash by the lake, but she knew she had to get the deer up first.

    Finally, Kale popped up at the top of the hill. Hopefully he has enough strength to come down a littler closer.

    "Can you come down a bit," Irene shouted as she felt her knees crumble from the weight of the deer, "I can't throw it to you. It's too heavy."

    Gritting her teeth, she slowly pushed the deer upwards, making sure to take careful steps so that she doesn't accidentally slip and fall back down to the bottom of the hill. Please hurry, I can't do this much longer.
  14. He stood up, holding his head above the ground somewhat as he looked at the vampire holding the deer. It was a pretty big one. "A-alright... How can I he-elp you?" He asked, pausing to cough, a small dribble of blood collecting on his bottom lip in bubbles. He wiped it off his lip quickly.

    "It's big.." He murmured quietly, reaching up to run his hand softly over its hide. He moved up and positioned himself under one end of the deer, taking some of the weight so it would be easier for her to carry.
  15. Finally, after a good ten minutes spent on trying to get the deer up the slippery hill, they succeeded. Irene immediately took the opportunity to lay down on the grass. She was already caked in dirt, so it didn't really matter if more mud stuck onto the back of her shirt.

    "We can take it in later if you want," Irene said to Kale, "I'm tired as well."

    She positioned her arms behind the back of her head and closed her eyes. She used the pristine and clean air around her to rejuvenate herself after the tedious hunting trip.

    However, soon the fog subsided and the sun came out. Instantly, she felt her skin burning and getting hotter and hotter. And I was just starting to enjoy it.

    "Crap, the sun!" Irene screamed, "I need to get away!"

    Irene shot up from her resting area and ran for the shelter. Closing the door behind her to block the sun, she lifted her arms to see if there was any burn wounds that surfaced. Shit. Two dark pin scorch marks were on both of her arms, not to mention the one parts of her face as well. At least her legs were safe.

    But since she was still dirty, she was worried that her wound would become infected very quickly. She went to get the first aid kit that she used to treat Kale, but the minute she touched the plastic box, she felt a sharp sting on her palms. Turns out her palms were also burnt by the sun.

    "ARGHHHHH!" Irene yelled at the top of her lungs, with tears forming in her eyes. She was in so much pain and agony, that she could barely open the kit.
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  16. Kale had curled up at the top of the hill, exhausted. His eyes closed and he'd slipped off into a light doze, chest rising and falling slowly with each breath he took and exhaled. His eyes snapped open as he heard her yell and dash back into the shack. He stayed where he was however. He didn't think she had been hurt too bad, and he was enjoying the warmth the sun sent through his aching body. He jumped up however as he heard the scream, limping as fast as he could back into the small house.

    "Crap, are you okay?!" He asked, his voice still cracked at points. He looked over her body, noting the burns. That's when he switched back to his wolf form, padding over slowly he nuzzled reassuringly against her side and licked at her wounds. Luckily, werewolf saliva was uaually pretty good at healing things like scratches and burns and such. Unfortunately it didn't work on the wolves themselves. He continued to run his tongue slowly over the burns on her hands, holding one of his front paws on her arm, steadying it. As the saliva covered her skin, the pain should've been beginning to subside, slowly dulling to a sort of numbness.
  17. Irene looked at the werewolf that was licking her arms. It felt icky, since it was someone else that was licking her wounds. However her wounds started to fade, albeit rather slowly. Since when did werewolf saliva have healing properties? The painful sensation that she was feeling before began fading away as well, making her arm feel numb. But now, there was a question that was circling through her head. Isn't it revolting having to touch someone else's wounds with your tongue?

    "Y-You know you don't have to do this right?" Irene said, trying to pull her arms away. "Don't you find it disgusting?"

    She looked down onto her lap. She had been on the run for three months now, but even still the memories that she had before she ran away were still fresh in her mind. Throughout her entire life, she had encountered more hate and terror than anyone else would ever have in their whole lifespan. And she was barely an adult. No one could relate to the psychological trauma she had to endure every day back then. Never, in her whole life, had she ever had someone actually bother to take care of her. In fact, she didn't even remember the last time she felt happy or relaxed.

    Tears started to make their way down her cheeks, but Irene was to shocked to even noticed that.
  18. He ignored her, finishing up on her arms and hands, and leaning up, softly licking at her cheeks, licking at the burns, and wiping the tears away. They were salty, and if he didn't hurry up would soon start to sting. Once he was down he curled up in front of her, laying his head in her lap and looking up at the vampire with understanding eyes. He gave his tail a quick wag, letting off a small whine as he nuzzled gently against her side, a friendly, reassuring gesture.

    She'd helped him out, tended to his wounds, -even though she'd caused some...- so he figured he had to do something in return. Slowly, his eyes began to closed as he was warmed by the heat coming off her body. That, mixed with his tiredness, sent him into another light doze, body going limp in front of her.
  19. Irene was surprised by Kale's sudden closeness. Wh-what is this? What am I suppose to do now that werewolf is on my lap? She was hesitant, but she freed her arms and wrapped it around Kale's fur. It's soft, like...

    Like what? She was speechless. What was she going to say? Slowly, she found herself at a loss. There had been so much negativity in her life that she had simply forgotten the positive emotions that existed amongst sentient beings. What was she going to say?

    She continued to stroke the sleeping werewolf, deep in thought and quiet. From the heat that the werewolf was giving off, she felt herself getting drowsy as well.


    "Haha, look at this slut," the man laughed as he entered the cell where Irene was held.
    Irene snapped her head around at the person who insulted her. Enraged, she lashed out and threw her body towards the man, only to be held back by a chain that was stuck to a wall. The man only laughed harder at the her futile attempt to get back at him.
    "You know," The man glared down towards her with a menacing smile, forcing Irene to crawl backwards. "There's a reason why I hunt beings like you. It is because is too hard to resist the temptation to humiliate people like you."
    He lifted up his leg and kicked Irene's face to his left. Before the latter could even heave herself up from the blow, the man stepped on top of Irene's bloodied face. She clawed her hands on the man's leg to retaliate, causing it to bleed, but it only made the man to apply more pressure onto her position.
    "Remember that I still have the power over you," the man taunted, pulling out his gun and pointing it towards her head, "I can always kill you, but that won't be very fun won't it."
    A cold chill was felt along her back and she started to shake all over. The man took his foot away, but soon forcefully yanked her shoulder so that she would lie on her back. Afterwards, he pinned down her arms so that he could handcuff them. He took out a knife, before running it down her t-shirt that was already torn apart.
    "Now, let's have some real fun," The man smiled, sinisterly and mercilessly.


    "FUCK!" Irene yelled, accidentally gripping onto Kale's fur as she woke up from her nightmare. Did I fall asleep? What time is it? "Crap, s-sorry Kale." she apologised, before freeing herself onto the floor so that she could get up from her seat.

    She stumbled her way towards the kitchen, before breathing and sweating heavily at the wall in front of her. Then, a flashback of her memories that was similar to the dream flashed in front of her, causing her to feel a sudden jolt of pain in her mind.

    "K-Kale," Irene stuttered, terrified from her sudden nightmare. "I-Is h-he there?'
  20. "K, over here!" He quickly bounded after his playmate, looking towards where she was looking. "Where?" She pointed with a paw. "Right there, you see it?" Kale nodded his head excitedly, his tail wagging. "Shh, you'll scare it away!" His friend headbutted him lightly in the side and he fell silent. The two pups nodded at each other and split up, going in opposite directions from each other. The circled round, Kales eyes fixed firmly on his target. A small shrew, snuffling about with its nose in the dirt. He looked up, searching for his pack mate. She was directly across from him. 3. 2. 1. Go! Both wolf cubs tore forewards towards the prey. Oh, he could almost taste it! The shrew spotted them and ran, the two in return chasing after it, tongues lolling out of their mouths. Just a few more meter's an-

    He awoke with a yelp, fur bristling as he jumped away, startled. He quickly calmed down as he realised it was just the Vampire from before, and nothing much else seemed to be going on. He was a little annoyed. He'd been having a pretty good dream. He missed his pack, and in his dreams was the only place he could be with the ones he called family again. His ears perked up as he heard her, quiet, but he could sill catch what she said.

    He walked out into the kitchen, changing to his human form. He looked towards her, brows knitting together in a frown. "Who..? There's no one here but you and me."
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