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  1. Amani smiled as she heard the familiar click of her zippo lighter as she flicked it open, quickly lighting the cigarette and placing it between her teeth. She was in the back alleys of her favorite city, hoping that her lack of stealth and blatant display of her vampirism would attract those she sought. Dark alley, red eyes, glancing up at the moon occasionally, gauging the time. Tonight would be the night, she could feel it in her bones.

    After flicking away the cigarette, she heard the sound of tires upon wet pavement. Looking down the alley, she saw that it wasn't the fabled black vans that everyone who had come to witness the taking of a friend or loved one. Instead, it was simply a sports car, some poor fool who had gotten kicked out of the bar for fighting. Sighing, coming to believe that her entire mission was for naught, that she wouldn't get her wish granted since she wished it, she strolled down the length of the alley, her overwhelming sense of defeat nearly blocking out the sound of tires. However, it did block out the direction it came from, which was behind her.

    She was nearly at the mouth of the alley when it did click in her mind what the sound of tires meant. Turning around, she smiled at the sight of a black van. The rumors must have been true then. From the passenger side window, a man with his face covered by the low hood of his jacket pointed a handgun at her. She shook her head.

    "I won't fight," she said, though she wished to, and might have, if it didn't mean that she might die. Raising her hands above her head in surrender, she opened them, showing that she had no weapons. The driver, though she couldn't see him through the tinted black windshield, must have motioned to the man in the passenger seat, for he got out, moving behind her and forcing handcuffs on her wrists. She hissed as she felt her skin burning from the cuffs. They were made of silver, as made evident by her pain. They'd come prepared.

    He led her to the back of the van, opening it up and pushing her inside. No seats. Instead, there was only a couple other vampires, each looking bloody and broken. They had fought, it was obvious, their hands also bound behind their backs. Glancing at the man with the gun, she said, "Bullets are silver, too, right?" All she got for her trouble was a hit upside her head, and he left, shutting the doors behind him. A few seconds later he was in the front seat again, and the van was moving.
  2. 10:57pm. That was the exact time that it happened every single night. They knew where to find him because he was always on the same park bench. Always. He had grown accustomed to their tactics, same terrible planning, different day. With his sharp vision he could see them coming from all the way across the park, and knew exactly what weapons or tools they chose to bring before they even knew that he would be there waiting for them. He never hurt them, they never gave him a reason to. He would simply allow them to walk up, they would have a stare-down for approximately 30 seconds and he would get up and walk away. They would then proceed to follow him with stupid machines that they thought would harm him or at least slow him down but nothing worked. Sure they could use guns but they weren't out to kill him, they wanted him, this he had known for over 3 months.

    In the beginning, when they first started their attempts to get him, they were much more brutal, he was shot at, chased with cars that drove faster than he ran, even partially handcuffed before they realized that he was unstoppable. Now they wanted him so much that they were trying very hard not to harm him, wearing him down so that he would give up, and boy did he ever want to give up.

    There they were, walking towards him. Jett casually slouched against the bench,not even sitting this time. The organization was beginning to bore him and he almost felt like now would be an appropriate time to give up, but no, not without a little fight and maybe a dead man. That would surely get him something good on the inside, right? He could use a little bit of blood anyway. From far away he could tell that the plumper of the two men had horrible blood, and the fit man had healthy blood. He decided to take one for the team and go for the fatter of the two, give the fit guy a bit of a challenge. As they made their approach, they seemed more careful, maybe it was because Jett was standing, or maybe they knew and were trying to keep him calm.

    Nope, nothing calm about Jett, he lunged straight-away for the fat man, at his throat before either man could react and draining a good amount of blood before his right arm was attacked by a silver cuff. With his right arm he pushed the fat man over and swiftly turned and hit the other guy in the face. It seemed that being hit by a vampire was a comon occurrence for the guy, and he barely buffered at all. With one finally attempt to nip the man cuffing him, he let it finally happen. Fat man was nearly dead, and fit guy was surely dazed by the experience but Jett was hauled off to the van, and with the help fo two other men, literally thrown into the back to be taken away. No other vampires were in there, and that was exactly how he knew it would be. He was a bit of a special case.
  3. They drove for what must have been several hours, not stopping at all. She couldn't tell where they were going, there weren't any windows in the vehicle, aside from the windshield. When they did stop, and everyone was led out of the back of the van, she was standing before a giant compound. Razor wire topped fences surrounded a gigantic building, in the middle of nowhere. All that surrounded it was desert, far as the eye could see.

    Once inside, everyone was led by gunpoint to a different room. She was sat in a chair, table in front of her, mirror on the wall, like a police interrogation. A glass of water was placed in front of her, as if she could reach it. They were taunting her, playing upon her weakness. A second man followed the one with the gun in, sitting down on a chair on the opposite end of the table. "You'll tell us every vampire you know, right now, and you'll be treated better than most of the others. Got that?" He took out a pen and note pad. "Names. Now."

    "I don't know anyone," she said, which was a blatant lie. She knew where her family was, and various childhood friends, but it wasn't as if she would tell him. Her brother wouldn't have, and would have taken every punishment they'd give him, if it meant he could keep his loyalty.

    "We'll give you a second chance, but no more. What. Are. Your. People's. Names?"

    "I told you," she responded, "I don't know anyone. I used to be human. I was turned into a vampire. My sire was killed minutes afterwards. Simple as that." The man sighed.

    "I had thought you would be better than that," he said, before nodding to the man with the gun. He stood her up, leading her to an area that looked exactly like a prison. Three stories, cells on all sides of the walls, an empty commons area on the first floor, and vampires in every cell, two to a cell, no rhyme or reason it seemed.

    She was put in the third floor, her cell empty besides her, two plain stone benches, meant to be beds, she assumed, a toilet in the corner. The man pushed her in, before unlocking the silver cuffs and leaving, shutting the heavy door behind him. Amani sighed, sitting on the bench farthest from the door. She might be in here a long time if she was going to find her brother.
  4. The ride was bumpy and long but Jett laid on the scratchy fuzz of the vans interior the whole ride. It must have been a good 4 hours to wherever it was they were taking him. He didn't bother to ask or do anything, no point. It was time to come clean, accept his fate, but he'd be damned if they thought he was going to speak to them. They could torture and experiment all they want but he was not about to confess anything. He had heard stories, there was nothing interesting about this place. No vampire had ever escaped, or so he had heard.

    The long journey from his home to what he would refer to as a penitentiary gave him a bit of time to think of his life before it was going to fade away. The silver on his wrists seared his wrists threatening to break skin and become an actual wound. Nothing pleasant came to mind for him, that was a bit sad. Running, running away, being generally off the wall, killing people...that was his life.

    When the van finally came to an abrupt halt his head was launched towards the seats then his feet slammed into the back door. Them came and collected him and placed his in a white room with a table, and a mirror which he clearly knew was a window. A stern looking man came in and sat across form him with a white file folder. He carefully opened it to a blank with piece of printer paper, and then clicked his pen open. Words did not form on his tongue, but Jett knew exactly what he wanted. "No," was all he had to mumble before he was being dragged by two guards to his new home before death. Third story, the cells were mostly bare up there while the lower levels were packed, two per cell. He assumed he would get a cell all to his lonesome because of his special case, but no, he was placed with another.

    They took the silver from his wrists and with a loud, angry slam he was encaged with another vampire. This was not acceptable, his only option was to sit on the stone opposite to her and just stare off into space. Sure he could speak to her but it wasn't needed, they would see each other more than then wanted to, and he wasn't about to start talking until they absolutely needed to so they wouldn't annoy each other. The surface was a few degrees colder than he was, and he wasn't at ease at all in the tomb. He already regretted his decision to give up.
  5. After a while, they brought in a man, a vampire, she corrected. They were all the same, she reminded herself. He didn't seem too keen on talking, and she liked it that way. She'd let them take her for one reason, and finding her brother didn't require conversation with her cellmate. In the silence, she took to examining the sores on her wrists from the silver. These guys weren't fooling around, she realized. They really meant what they were doing, which was only God knows what.

    She still had her zippo. Interesting. Obviously, they didn't think her too much of a problem if they left her a lighter. Of course, how dangerous could a lighter really be. Unless she had some sort of agent to amplify it, then it was pretty useless. Finding no other potential weapons in her possession, she sighed, resigning herself to this. From the rumors she had heard, in a few hours, give or take, they would take her to a room and torture her for information. But she wouldn't give in, not if Xander hadn't.

    If only they'd come quicker, instead of leaving her to this insatiable silence. It would probably be more tortuous than anything they could dish out. While she was tired, it must be nearly dawn by now, she didn't trust him enough to fall asleep. Instead, she simply hugged her knees to her chest, resting her head on them, and waiting for them to come get her.
  6. Silence was a good thing. It was lovely how silent the whole place was, there were hardly even whispers, everyone was broken or bound to silence. Jett settled to staring at things. First he stared at the stone he sat on. Something that they assumed a vampire couldn't break, they were wrong, but what could he possibly do with a stone against the silver bars that held them in the tiny space? He then looked to the toilet, a pointless thing really, it implied they would get fed and watered, but he knew they wouldn't be getting much so there was no need for the device. The base was made from silver, the lid and flushing mechanism from plastic. It was like they knew that it could be used as a weapon. Was a shame really, he would have definitely ripped the thing from the floor and threw it at the bars if it wasn't for the silver.

    There was no window to escape from, and if there was it would have surely been barred on the inside and the outside by silver. These people were smart, they used one of the few weaknesses that vampires had to their advantage. Jett wasn't about to get burned by the evil metal just to escape, it was his own fault that he was in the institution anyway. As the time passed he wondered how long it would really take for them to come back and get him for torture. He wasn't about waiting, he wanted his death to come quick and fast, but that wouldn't happen. They knew that he knew the most. He knew something that most of the other vampires didn't know. See Jett was the apprentice of the main vampire creator. Not only did he know well over a thousand vampires, he had also created at least 50 of them, and befriended many more. All of those things made him very much wanted, and they reason the organization even knew those things at all was because someone had ratted him out. Probably one of his creations or someone who used to work under him with his master.

    These factors made it evident that he would have to be in a cell eventually. He could have waited longer, but no, he quit. Slowly he stood up and made the simple three steps to the silver bars and peered out while leaning against the stone wall. Across the way, 4 cells were filled with other vampires, some were sleeping, some were pacing and others were just staring around like him. This was impossible.
  7. When she was just about to lose it from the silence of the place, three soldiers came to the door of the cell, the taller of them unlocking it. They seemed to ignore her cellmate, instead heading right for Amani. Without a word, they moved behind her two of them holding her in a seated position while the other put the silver handcuffs on her wrists. She winced in pain, but told herself that it would be worth it if she could find her brother. She'd give them her ultimatum, and they'd have to take her to him. As they forced her to her feet, leading her out the door, she went without a fight, knowing that her behavior was everything.

    They led her down to the first floor, and she couldn't help but notice how bad off everyone here was. Half of them had eyes that looked empty, like all life had been taken from them. More than that had cuts, burns, and other various injuries on their body. Forcing to keep her gaze upon her shoes, she ignored them, focusing upon the silence of the place. It helped her ignore the vampires around her who all must have been through Hell already.

    The men took her to a room, not unlike the first one they took her to, same walls, the mirror, but only one chair, and a table behind it. She was forced to sit in the chair, and one of the men hooked a second set of silver handcuffs to each of her wrists, these ones also hooked to the chair. They weren't silver, not all the way, but were reinforced with something stronger, titanium maybe. "I demand to speak to your superiors," she says, but they didn't seem to hear her. "Come on," she complained, "I've changed my mind, about telling you guys about other vampires I know, but I need to speak to a superior officer."

    "You had your chance. You'll tell us what you know, on our watch. Got that?"
  8. Suddenly, three officers appeared. He didn't assume they were for him and to his content, they weren't. They came in, cuffed the girl and took her away. She was so willing it was disgusting. Then he was locked in the cell alone. Jett took her stone bed, he liked it better than his stone for some reason. As he laid there staring at the stone ceiling, he gently rubbed his sore, swollen wrists slightly wincing with pain. He began thinking of the tortures they would provide for him, they were probably setting up something extra special for him now. Maybe they would place him on a hot silver board, strap him down with silver-laced straps and drip water between his eyes in a form of water board torture for vampires.

    No, that wouldn't happen. They were smarter than that right? It would be beating and cutting and purging them. Jett was actually growing excited to find out what they would do. He couldn't wait to prove all of their stupid methods false, and never tell a soul of anything he knew. He would die knowing that no other vampire would die because of his words. The only way the organization would find out about him would be if they could somehow scan his memory, impossible technology.

    All of that thinking made him think of the girl that was once sitting right where he was laying now. Was she okay? Would they kill her? He would certainly be attacking her for information as soon as she got back if they didn't take him in right after her. He doubted they would do anything like that, he hoped anyway. Jett wanted to know every time the female came in and out of the cell, he hoped their schedules wouldn't conflict. He could find out information from her, and she could find out things from him, then they could work together to get out of the dreadful place. He couldn't believe he was coming up with a plan and just assuming that the girl would even help.
  9. They got to work almost immediately, demanding that she tell them what she knew. But she was too stubborn, and kept insisting that she would only talk when someone who was in charge could hear her. So, they held a blade made of silver close to her left cheek, so close that she could feel its power emanating from it. In a flash, a cut was formed upon her skin, the silver's properties preventing the wound from healing immediately. As her blood spilled from the cut, they took the silver lighter from her pocket, flicking it open, and holding it close to her skin, as they had done with the knife.

    More questions that she refused to answer. Then came the easy ones: Name, age, that sort of thing, before they returned to the matter of her friends and family. After what might have only been hours or seconds, she couldn't tell, they brought in someone who looked more important than those who had been interrogating her. Before he could speak, she said, "Tell me where my brother is, and I'll tell you everything I know."

    She gave them his name, and they seemed to come up blank, not knowing who he was. The man left, and the torture soon started again. They had nearly had to carry her back to the cell, not she, not noticing her cellmate's move, allowed them to leave her on the stone he had been on. She winced, some blood still seeping from the cuts they had given her with the knife. The men left, leaving her, something she was glad for. Amani wouldn't be able to stand it if they had hurt her further in front of him.
  10. It must have been an hour before they returned her, and he was happy that they didn't take him right after she got back. She looked a mess, they did some simple torture to her, she had cuts and such and it was really unpleasant. As soon as the guards were far enough away he stood up, unbuttoned his plaid shirt, and threw it on the stone behind him. Then he removed his clean white v-neck shirt to reveal a wife-beater style shirt. He tossed the shirt onto the stone she was laid on, and then he got back on to the stone he had stolen from her.

    Jett bundled his plaid shirt up and used it as a kind of cushion from the hard rock. Even though he hadn't talked to the vampire that he shared his cell with, he knew he had gotten his point across. Now she would know that she could talk or trust him or whatever. He wasn't mad at her or anything, and he wasn't crazy just because he didn't talk. He shut his eyes and let out a puff of air, the first noise he had made the whole time he had been there.

    He didn't know how to start asking her what had happened or try to ally with her so he would postpone it until he could think of a way to come off as not completely mental. Maybe she would start the conversation outright so he wouldn't even need to at all.

    An unfamiliar feeling came to his stomach, something like fear, something he rarely felt. It was indescribable and he hated it, it made him want to slam his fist into the stone wall. It had to be none other than nervousness and that made Jett mad. What did he even have to be nervous about? What could the girl possibly say that would ever make him nervous? Nothing, the answer was nothing. He was vampire for goodness sake, there was nothing.
  11. Fear ran through her as she noticed him taking his shirt off, and she would have gotten up had he not tossed his shirt to her. She noticed his use of the other shirt, also noting that he had taken the stone she had used the first time. Sighing, and figuring it wouldn't be of any use to argue about it, she ignored it, following his suit and creating a bundle of cloth to make a sort of cushion. After a few seconds, she said, "Thank you..." Amani would have said more, but she wasn't sure what it would have been.

    Taking off her light jacket, she placed a hand upon one of the worse cuts she had been given, on her left arm. She tried to stop the bleeding with pressure. Damned silver. It would prevent her from healing immediately, and it would take as long as it would a human, which could be several days or weeks, even. Her fingers soon became red with her blood, and she soon gave up on the act, wiping her hands on her dark shirt.
  12. She responded with a thank you, but after a few minutes Jett was sure she'd say nothing more and he knew he would have to be the one to engage the conversation. He decided on keeping it simple, with obvious questions that he thought they should know about each other if they were going to be stuck in a cell together for the rest of their lives. "Why are you here?" Jett asked in a low tone, figuring all the vampires here had some reason to be here.

    Sure the first question probably should have been her name or something along the lines of that, but there was something different about this one. Vampires wouldn't just willingly go with their captors, they usually fought or escaped. This girl looked perfectly fine, as did he, when they were first in the cell together, meaning she did not fight. Why would she willingly go with a bunch of crazy organization people?

    Jett still had his eyes closed, and he didn't plan on opening them unless she wanted to stand up and shake hands or something weird like that. In her current state, shaking hands didn't seem like a probable thing. He wondered if the girl would end up asking him questions, but he didn't really know if he would answer them or not. He supposed it mattered what question it was, but he certainly wouldn't tell her of and vampires he knew, or anything about his master. No personal details, just the basics, what she needed to know. Name, age, reason of confinement, list of tortures he's been through when that applies and he would share his plan to get out of the place.
  13. "My brother," she answered almost immediately, "he was taken about a year ago. I let them take me to find him. Simple as that." Although the memory of the night she found out that he was gone still pained her to no ends, and would have caused her to cry had she been alone, it felt slightly gratifying to tell someone about it. "What about you?" she asked, trying to pull herself together.

    While she didn't much like people anymore, she figured that at least gaining his trust now would be good in the long run. Amani, under normal circumstances, would have greeted him properly, but, of course, this wasn't a 'normal' circumstance. Holding her head in her hands, she sighed, keeping her gaze from him as she attempted to remain stoic.
  14. Jett took a moment to consider her ridiculous reasons for being captured. "You allowed yourself to be captured to save your brother, but.." He stopped himself, he was on a short path to being hated by the girl. "Nevermind," He added quietly before pondering how he would word why he was there to her. It took him only a few moments to come up with a legitimate answer. "Some vampire that was captured has snitched on me, they've been after me for months, I finally just gave up. Tired of doing the same thing. It's not very fun to be chased around every night. Although it is nice to know that the one who snitched is now very dead." Jett smiled, only he could appreciate someone else's death.

    Finally he opened his eyes and turned on his side, propping himself up on one elbow to get a good glance at her. He didn't want to be pushy but he was very interested in how they had tortured her so far. He knew it would get worse, but he wanted to know what to expect. "So how did you get your wounds, miss?" He raised a brow as if to show that he was really interested, which he was, but he'd rather have experienced it himself.

    Jett wondered if they would ever bring the two blood or food, or water. Or anything. Did they get a blanket at night? Would the get cell clothing? Jett was always very impatient, he never waited for things, and being forced to wait was a terrible thing for him. He was mentally climbing the walls in anxiousness but she would never know. At least he could hide things from everyone.
  15. She nodded as he spoke of why he was taken, trying to ignore his incredulity at her reason. A lot of vampires were simply giving up, it seemed. When he asked where she had gotten her injuries, she answered truthfully, "Isn't it obvious? A knife. Silver." She quickly checked her pockets. "Plus my own goddamned lighter. At least it wasn't too full," she added as an afterthought. "And then, they act like they don't know who my brother is, that they don't recognize his name," she cursed, suddenly angry. While she knew she was rambling, again, it didn't really matter to her, but still she shoved it away into the corner of her mind so that she could have inner peace for at least a moment.

    Her brother was here, he just had to be. If he wasn't, there would be nothing to live for anymore, not if she was in here. Giving up on her wounds, she instead put her jacket back on. It was already cold in the cell, and the added stone everywhere didn't help. Her manners coming back to her, she looked to him, and asked, "What's your name?"
  16. Her brother was dead, no doubt about it, unless he had only been here for a few weeks, or unless he hadn't confessed anything at all. It was possible to live for a long time in this facility, if you knew what to do. "Listen, don't be sassy with me, miss. I'm not an imbecile, obviously they used a knife, and obviously it was silver, or you'd be healed by now. I meant were you strapped in? Did they beg you for answers? Was there a machine that read your every move and recorded it? Were you filmed? Details, not the obvious." His tone reflected how annoyed he was with her simple, snarky answer.

    The vampire asked for his name, and he hesitated for just a brief moment. Was it a good idea to be telling her much about himself? Of course he was being silly, he was already here, there was no snitching or anything. Pretty funny for him to be so cautious like that. "My name is Jett," He mumbled, and then quickly added, "Your name?" It would be kind of convenient to know her name so he wouldn't have to keep calling her miss. That would get really old really fast.
  17. "They forced me down to a chair, where I was unable to move at all. There was a mirror, though I know it's a one-way, and someone was watching me. They didn't beg for answers, they demanded them, and when I demanded I see a superior, they cut me." Amani gazed along the array of cuts on her right arm, one for each time she tried to get someone who'd listen to speak to her. She looked away until he told her his name, upon which she looked to him and said, "I'm Amani." Since he didn't bother with his last name, she wouldn't bother with hers, and left it at her first.

    After a moment, she asked, "Anything else you want to know about how they tortured me, or will this suffice?" Undoubtedly, she wasn't in the best of moods, and didn't appreciate getting lectured by him.
  18. (Sorry for not being on. I am never on on Wednesdays, and I've been busy today.)

    Her name was pretty unique, but that didn't matter, if they had met in a normal setting he would have pointed it out. Something about being in this prison setting made him feel like nothing really mattered but escape. He needed to get out of there, and he was going to get out no matter what it took. Jett just wanted to take his last breath out in the open, not in the confinement of a vampire torture cell. He wondered if they could get last wishes or anything.

    Apparently this little vampire that sat across the cell from him was going to test him. This wasn't what he had expected when he pictured getting sent here. He figured he'd be with another male, or all alone which he could have handled, but there was no way to fight a female. It was impossible for him to even think about hitting her into submission so he'd just have to use his words for now. "Amani, I just want to make one thing clear," Jett sighed, "I know that we are both in a cell, and that we will have to live the remainder of our lives here so we should make it pleasant. You treat me with respect, and I will do the same. If you continue to say snarky little comments, I will be forced to resort to other methods similar to your tortures. Understood?" Jett smiled at her with piercing eyes.
  19. She visibly shrank down a couple inches when he threatened her, fear crossing her face for a moment. Truthfully, her comments had been her way of coping with the trauma of what had happened and what might happen. Standing up, she finally let every little thing that had bugged her, made her fearful, and took away her pride.

    "I'm just scared, okay? My little brother is probably dead now, and everything I'd tried to do to find him is dead too, and I'm in here for no reason! If I hadn't made that stupid promise to my mother, I could be with people that love me, rather than here with you, some guy I've never met in my whole life. I just want to go home..." her voice soon became choked with tears and when she looked up once more her eyes were shining. Slumping back into the stone, she held her head in her hands, trying to hold back her sobs but failing.
  20. He was pleased that he threatening words had kept her from rebelling any further but he feared her reaction. She was crying, and talking about her family and such, things he did not have to deal with. It was pathetic how much she cared for certain people, but then it occurred to him that she was probably in a vampire bloodline. Her family was probably all she had in the vampire aspect, and that made sense that she would only be here to save her brother. Jett had no comforting words for her, he just said something that might keep her interested.. "Oh don't worry. We're getting out of here. I don't know about you but I'm not taking my final breath via a torture chamber."

    After a few moments he decided to add something just to kind of reassure her that he wasn't stupid, "I know you really care about your brother, but for future reference do not go off and get caught up in the organization to save him. You're now in here on your death bed, and he may or may not be dead. You could have at least been safe. Also, I think that..." His little speech was cut short by the men who had undoubtedly come to get him. They went through the same process as they had with the female and then he was being walked away with the echo of the slamming silver bars behind him. He guess they'd need to finish their conversation later.