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  1. And two.
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  2. Humans were utterly foolish in Jezebel's opinion. They were so convinced that they were of superior stock and yet they were like headless chickens when presented with evidence of beings more powerful and more skilled than they could ever hope for. She was crouched on the roof as two policemen dragged a tarp over a husk of what formerly used to be a fellow human being.

    "You shouldn't have done that." The voice behind her was disapproving.

    Jezebel turned, her fangs peeking out from her amused smile. Her ally, Iridia, stood behind her, scowling. Jezebel gave a dainty shrug, using her thumb to wipe the splash of blood at the corner of her lips, licking it up. Men like that pervert below rarely tasted good but his fear had been a nice touch of flavor. "He deserved it, Iridia." Jezebel informed the older vampire as she stood up, the skirt of her dress rustling with the movement.

    Cinnamon colored curls bounced as she walked away but a hand caught her wrist. "You're not suppose to be outside, Jez." Iridia insisted.

    Jezebel yanked her hand back and turned her face upwards, the moonlight and streetlight casting shadows and throwing light at different angles of her face. "I am a daughter of the night, Iridia. Nobody can stop that."
  3. Codak had been in his jackdaw form, on one of his regular night time flights. So far, the night was peaceful, the air underneath his wings carrying him higher into the sky. That's when he heard the raised voices, the screaming. He circled round and slowly began to descend, finally landing on a roof. He was perched on the arial, where he had a pretty good view of the alleyway below. He cringed, letting off a soft caw as he watched, horrified. He had to bring a wing up to cover his face halfway through, as he felt he was going to be sick and that was never good for a bird, because they couldn't be sick.

    He lowered his wing when he heard sirens approaching, and looked back down into the alley. All that remained was a body, sprawled out on the ground, limbs facing in a manner of different, awkward looking direction. The thing, whatever it had been, was gone. He had a feeling though, that he might know what it was. Vampire... He watched as the two policemen dealt with the body, raising his head afterwards and looking around. Finally his curiosity got the better of him, and he jumped off the thin steel that made up his perch, flapping his wings quickly and going upwards into the dark grey, almost blueish, sky.

    He tilted his head downwards, tail fanning as he scanned the area below him. There... He'd spotted two figures on a roof. One of them had to be the one from the alley. He folded his wings, diving downwards through the night. He closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of the air rushing past him, ruffling his feathers, encasing him in his own little pod-like thing. He loved this. Just loved it. Suddenly his wings snapped open, eyes doing the same, as he landed neatly on the end of the roof, taking a few steps forewards. He watched the two in front of him, listening, taking the chance to give his chest feathers a quick preen.
  4. Jezebel knew that Iridia did not like her very much, she had no illusions on that score but the older vampire was indebted to their mutual master and it was to him that Iridia had to obey her instructions, including the ones of protecting and not killing Jezebel. Iridia's eyes revealed her annoyance and Jezebel was tempting to laugh. All those made up stories about vampires being either emotionless, bloodsucking monsters or lusty, air headed twits waiting for true love were absolutely nonsense. Sure, vampires held some form of superiority over humans but over all they were similar in temperament and attitudes.

    "Relax Iridia. I swear that I won't be killing any more people this evening." Jezebel crossed an 'X' over her undead heart.

    Iridia remained unimpressed. "You have no soul to swear upon." She pointed out.

    Jezebel scowled lightly at the reminder but then she smirked as she flounced over to the edge of the building. "Then.. I have no need to keep of my word." She whispered, her lips a ruby red in the moonlight.

    She threw herself off the side of the building, feeling the rush of wind as her body rushed to meet the ground. At the last moment, Jezebel twisted her body, her feet pushing off against the brick building before coming to land on her feet. The commotion at the other end of the building meant that there was nobody there to notice her sudden drop from the sky and Jezebel's smile deepened deviously. Time to hunt.
  5. Codak wasninterested by these vampires, perticularly the one named 'Jezebel.' He nose dived off the roof to plummet towards the ground. He flapped, bringing his body up just before it collided with the ground. He fluttered just over the vampires head, then doubled back, circling above her, watching, waiting. His head was tilted downwards, eyes fixed on her. Codak, this isn't a good idea! The voice in his head informed him, sounding wary. "Geeze, relax! It's fine, I can fly, I'm completely safe up here!" He said, though it came out as a flurry of squawks and caws. He laughed quietly to himself, ya know, that way Jackdaws do sometimes. He clacked his beak together, soaring upwards, though not too far. He needed to make sure he could still see Jezebel, if he lost her, he probably wouldn't be able to find her again. Just because you can fly doesn't mean you're invincible. What about that pigeon you ate the other day, that could fly, but it still died, didn't it. The voice chided him. "Pfft. You worry too much." He clacked his beak together and lowered his height again, hovering just above the vampire.
  6. A bird was following her. The fact someone would follow her was enough to have her guard up but a bird following her? That was all kinds of suspicious and weird. There was either witchcraft or some kind of sinister lurker she had run afoul. Jezebel allowed it to follow her before stopping at a rundown building that she knew all kinds of supernatural beings used as a halfway house if they were caught outside during daylight hours and had no protection.

    "Show yourself." She demanded.

    It was probably hard to take her seriously. She was so young and so very dead which meant her body would forever remain locked in its current state of youthfulness. It wasn't a bad deal in most people's eyes but Jezebel was a vampire which meant other beings tended to take her less seriously than they did with the more imposing, more dangerous vampires that had been around for centuries, if not more.
  7. He perched up on a low hanging beam sticking out of the building, and stuck his head under one of his wings, taking some feathers in his beak and pulling them, cleaning them, making them shiny and slim, stuck together as they should be.

    His head snapped up as he heard her speak. Was she talking to him? He left it a few minutes, before jumping off his perch and landing swiftly on the floor. A few seconds later, the bird was gone, in its place, a human. A boy. He yawned, stretching his arms above his head, before running a hand through his thick reddish brown hair. "You were talking to me, right?" He asked. He'd just kind of assumed she was, as there didn't seem to be anyone else around at the moment.
  8. Jezebel gave the shifter an unimpressed look. She should have expected it was the case. "I don't see anyone else following me." She pointed a slim finger upwards as though to remind him that birds were rarely active at night. It was why it, or rather he, had caught her attention in the first place.

    Dispassionate pale green eyes, the shade of peridots, observed the boy in front of her. He didn't seem to be a spy nor did he seem to have intention to harm or harass her. Why did he follow her then? The only ones who tended to do that were Iridia or humans, one due to orders, the others by lust so what was this boy's objective? She crossed her arms, staring almost thoughtfully at him.

    "What do you want?" She asked, her tone unfriendly. She had no intention of making nice, especially not with this boy.
  9. He looked at the sky, blinking slowly. "Oh, yeah, right.." He mumbled. All the other birds were roosting somewhere warm, sleeping. He raised a hand to move it beneath his red leather collar, scratching at the skin underneath. It got itchy sometimes, especailly after a shift, because it never ended up the right size.

    After successfully adjusting the tightness of his collar, his eyes flickered back up towards the vampire, watching her. She hadn't said anythinng for about a minute, so he guessed she was thinking. He wondered what about, but knee it was probably none of his buisness, so he didn't ask.

    He jumped somewhat as she finally spoke, catching him off guard. "W-well, I, uh.." He stammered, before shaking his head and regaining his composure. "I was curious is all. I've never really seen a vampire before, so... Yeah."
  10. This boy didn't seem very bright. That or he had no sense of self-preservation. You too were once like that, her mind whispered slyly. Jezebel ignored it, staring almost incredulously at the boy. "You followed me because you had never seen a vampire before?" She repeated disbelieving.

    Jezebel shook her head, her mass of milk chocolate curls rustling with the movement. Figures she would find such a weird shapeshifter. She eyed his collar. She was not familiar with the culture or traditions among the shapeshifters so she wasn't sure if that collar was one of servitude or if it had any other specific meaning. Considering the boy had interrupted her, Jezebel figured he owed her an answer at the very least.

    "What's with the collar?" She asked him.
  11. "Yup." He nodded his head. He didn't see what was wrong with that. People followed animals all the time, because they were interested in them, and visa-versa, so wasn't it kinda like the same thing?

    "Huh? Oh. Right.. Well. It's the last thing I remember my parents giving me before they were killed, so I kept it, ya know? Sort of like... A sentimental value kind of thing." He let off a nonchalant shrug, scratching at the back of his head. You couldn't see it much in the gloom, but his hair was sort of greasy, he could probably do with a good shower. But, of course, living on the streets he didn't have a shower. It didn't bother him though. After all, he spent much of his time either in his bird or fox form. Being an animal was much better than being a human. In his opinion, at least.
  12. This boy was like a stray. In a previous lifetime, Jezebel had a pet kitten that she had saved from the streets. From what she remembered, it was a brown spitfire of a furball and was aggressive to anyone that was not her. It loved her fiercely though, following her around the house and neighborhood and then meowing at her for attention. This boy reminded her of that cat.

    "Oh." She said. Truly there was nothing more that could be said. Well. "I'm sorry about your parents." Jezebel didn't remember them any more. Did they love her? Was she part of a big family or had she been an only child? Jezebel knew none of those, all she could remember was that night and her life after that.

    She shifted, eyeing the boy once more, not knowing what else there was to say to the boy.
  13. "Eh, it's fine." He shrugged, looking around. He wasn't sure what else to say, either. "So... I should probably go and leave you alone now.." He mumbled, turning away, shifting to a different form, that of a fox. He stretched his legs out one by one, before continuing slowly towards the bushes just ahead of him, his tail dragging along behind him in the dirt.

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  14. Jezebel wasn't sure if it was her annoyance or curiosity that the boy slash shapeshifter had peaked but her exasperation had reached its zenith with the boy's childishness and insecurity. She had barely said anything demeaning or possibly upsetting and he had practically shrank into himself before slinking away with the figurative tail between his legs. Her movement was a blur as she ran to catch up with him, her cold hands grabbing the scruff of the fox's neck.

    She shook the fox, although careful to keep it out of her reach. Jezebel doubted a scratch would harm her but she really liked her dress and that she wasn't keen on repairing.

    Jezebel sighed, uncertain of what she was doing or what she wanted with this shapeshifter. "You don't have to leave."
  15. The fox yowled in surprise, thrashing about, scratching and trying to bite at his 'attacker' he took him a minute to wear himself out. His body went limp, and his tongue lolled out of his mouth as he panted, struggling to regain his breath.

    Finally his vision cleared, breathing just about returning to normal as he looked up at the vampire. "Oh, it's just you... " he said, though it came out as various barks and grunts. He blinked slowly, tilting his head to the side, ears twitching. "A-are you sure..?" He yipped, nose wiggling.
  16. The fox barked at her and Jezebel thought if she was human, she might develop a headache at the mutt's strange behaviour.

    She shook the fox cub once more before placing it back down on the ground. "Change back." Jezebel ordered.

    No wonder her master hated shape shifters. They were such difficult creatures to deal with, far worse than faeries in Jezebel's opinion.
  17. He huffed indignantly as he was set back on the ground, shaking his fur out. He didn't like to be shook. It hurt, and made him dizzy.

    As with before, within a matter of seconds a boy stood up from the ground, fox gone. He had to place a hand over his eyes, blinking slowly to get rid of the black spots and dizziness that clouded his vision.

    "Don't do that again!" He complained, looking up at the female in front of him, dropping his arm back down to his side, shoving it in his pocket.
  18. Pale green eyes glanced at him coolly. "If you hadn't changed just now then I wouldn't have had to do that." She pointed out.

    Jezebel couldn't help but feel envious at his shape shifter abilities. Wouldn't it be nice to change into an animal and be free?

    "What's your name?" Jezebel asked, crossing her arms across her chest.
  19. He rolled his eyes, shifting from foot to foot. He knew it was true, well, sort of. She still could've got his attention in a less painful way...

    "Codak. But you can call me Coda, or whatever. I don't really care." He shrugged, rubbing at the back of his neck. It was a little sore now... At least his collar was the right size this time, if not a little loose, but that was fine.
  20. That name didn't ring a bell. This boy didn't belong to a clan, Jezebel suspected. Or at least not one she was aware of. There were plenty of smaller clans that operated in the dark, preferring to keep not only their members but their entire existence quiet.

    Jezebel's interest waned. She had been curious at first but nothing had happened.

    She began to walk, having decided that she had wasted enough time with Codak.
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