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  2. Dusk had been hiding out in an alleyway for the past 4 days now. Hiding from the hunters. Hunters... A shudder ran down his spine. He hated them. Just because some Vampires were bad, they all got hunted. Killed. Wiped from the face of the earth. Some humans are bad, but do they get hunted down and killed? No. Well... Some do. But not the point.

    He opened his mouth wide in a yawn, the pale moonlight reflecting off his fangs. His eyes flickered open slowly as his stomach growled. He hadn't eaten in about 5, maybe 6 days now. He was hungry. Very hungry. But feeding would alert the hunters to his position and he would be on the run again, racing against death.

    Suddenly he caught a familiar whiff of something. Blood. He scanned the alleyway, brows knitting together in a frown. He stood, stretched his aching limbs, and jumped up onto the alley wall. "I wonder..." He mumbled quietly under his breath, as he looked around in the darkness, running a hand lightly through his dark red hair as his eyes searched. Looking for the source of the smell. He drew the scent in through his nose, a small smile playing on his lips. That smell... That delicious, heavenly smell. And the taste... Oh, I can just taste it now... Mm... His smile grew wider, eyes closed as he thought ahead to the meal he hoped awaited him.

    (That okay..?)
  3. A flick, a flash of silver and an orange light. The cigarette lit up and Gabriel stuck it in his mouth, happily indulging his nicotine fix. As far as he knew, hunters all had vices. Some indulged in meaningless relations, some drank and others smoked. Personally Gabriel was a fan of the latter two although he steered clear of the last, not wanting to deal with the messiness that came with any sort of relationships. It was part of their jobs, he supposed that kept that from making attachments. Hard to maintain a friendship or relationship if one had to pack up at a moment's notice.

    As he stretched, Gabriel hissed. He had forgotten about the nick he had received the previous night. It was such a sloppy mistake. He had left his left side unguarded and the vampire had been experienced enough, managing to get a hit on Gabriel. It was shallow, thankfully, but vampire venom meant that the wound healed slowly, a slow burn that Gabriel had learnt to ignore a long time ago.

    He yanked off the bandage, inspecting the thin, red line. It would heal but until then, Gabriel would be out of commission, not wanting to risk his life while he was potentially down. Hunters were few in their numbers as it was, so really he was doing himself, and the community, a favor by taking a break. He breathed out a ring of smoke, enjoying the feeling. Well, at the very least, he could enjoy a good cigarette on his down time.
  4. The vampire walked quickly along the wall with perfect balance, following the smell. He felt saliva slowly beginning to build up in his mouth and had to swallow, raising his sleeve to wipe away some drool that was sliding down his chin. As he got closer, another smell mixed with that of the blood. Smoke. Ah. This person, whoever it was, must be a smoker then. Damn. This meant his blood would taste bitter... Oh well. He didn't care. He was too hungry to care. He wasn't bothered about the hunters anymore, they'd starved him for long enough! He could always dump the body somewhere.

    He hummed softly to himself as he walked along the bricks. He quickly shut up however, when he saw someone. Someone smoking. Ah, here we go! He stared at the male for a good few seconds. Something inside his head was screaming, screaming at him to turn away, that this was a bad idea. But the hunger drew him onwards. Blocked out the thoughts. He was hungry. Starving. He'd do whatever it took to have a good meal. Even if it meant killing. He usually didn't like to do this, feeding off animals and such... But not anymore. Animal blood made him sick.

    He rubbed his hands together in anticipation, and jumped off the wall, landing on the ground with a dull 'thud.' He walked slowly towards the male ahead of him, shoving his hands in his pockets.
  5. Nearly anyone could be a hunter but only a small percentage of those who did were capable of their jobs, unlike those who came for glory and died within weeks of being a hunter. Gabriel had been one since he was fifteen and while he did not like to boast, he liked to think that he was skilled and his senses keen. It was why despite the air of nonchalance he kept up, he had been aware that something, or rather someone, had started to follow him.

    He gritted his teeth, the cancer stick rolling to the side of his mouth as he released yet another puff of smoke. A dark, thin stake slide out from his right sleeve, still hidden from view, as it stopped mid palm.

    The stake was made of aspen wood. As far as wooden stakes go, it was a fairly sturdy one although Gabriel had his own preferences. Still it was light and small enough to conceal on his own person and it was useful in a fight, be it against human or vampire. He continued strolling, knowing that there was a juncture just meters ahead and hopefully he could either ambush or hide, depending on the target.
  6. He continued to follow slowly, eyes fixed on his target, eyeing up his prey. He was more cautious now, you could never be too careful... Hunters were everywhere.

    His gums were beginning to ache, his throat felt like sandpaper, and his mouth was dry. He swallowed, wincing at the pain it caused him. His fangs were now at their full length, no longer fitting neatly inside his mouth, instead they rested over his bottom lip. Why won't you just stop already! He irritated thought popped into his head as he narrowed his eyes at the figure he was following. It it took any longer he would just jump him. He was getting more and more aggravated by this game of follow the leader the longer it went on, his patience wearing thin. Just a little longer... He reassured himself, letting out a small huff. Why was this taking so long? Ugh. This was all their fault. If they'd just left vampires alone, he probably could've just gone to some hospital or blood bank or something, and stole some there. But no. They just had to decide that they were going to kill every damn bloodsucker they saw. Why couldn't they target mosquito's or something? They killed people! They sucked blood! It was sort of the same... Ish. In a way?
  7. The person following him was slowly becoming a little less unsteadier, whether by design or otherwise. Their footsteps were unnaturally soft at the beginning but now they were louder. Perhaps it was due to his awareness of the said presence, Gabriel theorized. Whatever the case, there was definitely someone following him and that, Gabriel did not appreciate.

    The junction came upon him soon enough and Gabriel had memorized this spot well enough. He took a sharp right, turning down the poorly lit alley. Pressing himself against the first dark alcove, Gabriel had to hold his breath because it stank of sewage and rubbish and he could already feel the hem of his pants get damp. The stake was now in his right hand, ready for an attack.
  8. Dusk huffed as he lost sight of the male he was following. He hadn't quite seen where he'd went. "Ugh... Bloody hell.." He grumbled, stepping out into the junction and looking around, peering into the darkness. The reek of sewage was blocking out the smell of the blood, so he had no clue to which way his prey had went. He flicked a tongue out to brush against one of his fangs.

    "Where did you go..." He mumbled, scratching at the back of his head. His voice was quiet and raspy, each word felt like something was clawing at the inside of his throat, scratching, trying to get out. This was just typical.
  9. Vampire, Gabriel's mind hissed at him once the stalker had walked past his alcove. The fangs were a dead give away, the upper incisors extending out and past the young man's lower lips. The fact that the man seemed to be tracking him by scent - which had been obscured by the strong, foul smelling garbage that surround them - was another point in that direction. Gabriel's eyes narrowed. The blood from his wound must have attracted this vampire to him. He mentally cursed his rotten luck.

    He was out of time in any case. The vampire had stopped just an arm's length away from him. Even if Gabriel stood still, his scent would eventually give him away despite the stench of the sewage and rubbish. He held the stake ready, his right arm raised a little higher than his left. He exhaled and then he jumped into action, smashing into the vampire's side, using his left hand to punch the vampire's ribs before aiming to stake the vampire.
  10. Dusk was knocked over by the sudden actions, letting out a startled yelp. He quickly scrambled to his feet, jumping to the side to narrowly miss gettin a stake to the heart. "Crap!" He muttered under his breath, staring at the hunter in front of him. He straightened up and let out an animalistic growl, which settled in the back of his throat. On any normal occasion, he would've backed down and fled, but not today. The bloodlust drove him on, sent adrenaline to his undead heart, fueling him.

    His eyes narrowed at the human, clouded by hate and hunger. He moved from foot to foot on one spot, watching, waiting for his next move.
  11. The vampire reacted faster than he expected, jumping out of the way before Gabriel could actually drive the stake into its chest. Gabriel jumped back, rolling into a crouch. His stake skittered in the dimly lit alleyway. "Damn." Gabriel hissed.

    He had other weapons on him. That part didn't faze Gabriel but the fact that the vampire was lucid even though his eyes were cloudy - a clear sign that this was a vampire that had gone without feeding. Bloodlust. It was said that the more primal side of a vampire was awakened during such a time, usually during periods of excessive hunger or during intense emotions. Either way it didn't bode well for Gabriel. "Goddammit." He mumbled as he pulled out a thinner stake, this one more of a ice pick variety than a proper stake. He had to aim carefully with this weapon.
  12. A grin spread across his face, showing fully his fangs, -which shined softly as the pale moonlight was reflected off the pure white surface- as he heard the sound of the stake sliding across the hard ground, into one of the alleys. Good. One less thing to worry about. Maybe he'd actually get his meal?

    He had to hold back a laugh as he caught sight of the males next choice of weapon. What, did he think that was going to kill him. He reached behind him into his back pocket, drawing out a knife. Now, most vampires preferred to get down and dirty with their fists and fangs and such. But not him. No, Dusk preferred to use a blade, and he was pretty good at it, too. Yeah, it did waste some of the precious blood that would soon become his meal, but, he was hardly going to drink ALL of it now, was he? Well... He might. But, that wasn't the point. Well, sort of.
  13. As if he didn't have to worry about the fangs, super strength and speed, the vampire also had an additional weapon in the form of a blade. What was the phrase he heard his neighbor's daughter use the other day? Face palm? Face to palm? Perhaps if Gabriel could, he might have imitated that very action. Trust his luck that not only did he get an injured from a properly dead vampire but he was being hunted by another one of its kind who was intent on feeding on him. Clearly this was not his night.

    The damn vampire had the temerity to grin at Gabriel as well. "Damn to hell." He swore. Seriously, not his night. He readied himself, circling as he waited for the vampire to make a move.
  14. He chuckled dryly as he twirled the blade in his hand. He would feed tonight. He would make this man his meal. He would. It was that or die.

    Suddenly he dashed forewards, swinging his arm out to slash at the human with his knife, before jumping up onto the wall, where he crouched, looking down, squinting to see if he'd hit his mark or not. He wondered how long this would take. He wanted to feed, he wanted to feed NOW.
  15. Gabriel wasn't sure how he could fight his way out of this and he cursed himself once more. He had gotten cocky, not once but twice. First he had let his guard down and allowed himself to be lulled into a false sense of security. The second rookie mistake was underestimating the vampire and attempting to single handedly attack it when he was still not one hundred percent. If he survived this, he was going underground until he was all healed up.

    The vampire dash forward, his knife gleaming in the light. Gabriel jumped backwards narrowly avoiding the hit before skidding on the wet flooring, moving towards the stake that was on the ground. Closer but not close enough. He wasn't stupid though, he couldn't turn his back to this creature. His hand tightened around the thin wooden stake in his hands. Perhaps a sacrifice was necessary.
  16. He stared down at his prey, making his way along the wall slowly, planning his next move. He waited for an opening, something, anything.

    The vampire threw the knife downwards towards the male, then jumped off the wall at him, opening his mouth with a loud growl. All this happened within a few seconds. His aim was to distract the male with the knife, then land on him as he moved, this being able to sink his fangs into the males neck. If the knife hit him, then that would just be an added bonus.
  17. Gabriel exhaled, rolling the thin stake in his hand. It wouldn't do much damage but he didn't need to kill, he just needed a blow to stun the vampire momentarily. The vampire was probably ready to feed on him, giving how his fangs had already stretched out, ready to maximize the feeding. Gabriel couldn't help but feel a shudder coming up. Feeding was supposed to be a pleasurable experience for both parties, it was why humans were easy prey because they rarely fought once the heady intoxication sank in.

    The vampire moved first. Throwing his knife at Gabriel before jumping down after it. Gabriel knew he had to make a choice, he held the stake up like a spear, throwing it and knowing it would cause an uncomfortable scratch - wood injuries healed extremely slowly for vampires - but the knife got him as well, sinking into his already injured arm.

    Gabriel hissed as his nerves screamed, burning up in pain, but he dropped to the ground, using the muddy water as lubricant to skid past the vampire's attack.
  18. "Ach!" A hand shot to his side as the stake just about nicked him. He snarled at the male as he slid out the way of his attack. He could feel a trickle of blood running down his side, And that, mixed with the increasing smell of his prey's blood, was driving his blood lust further. His breathing was fast, unsteady.

    "You can avoid all my attack, but I'm going to get you, hunter." He literally spaT the last word out, as if it was a bad taste in his mouth. There was no way he was going to give up, not now. He would get what he wanted, and that was that. He stood for a moment, before jumping forwards again, towards his target. If he was lucky, and he was hoping he was, then the hunter would be too slow to get up or move out the way, and it would be all over.
  19. Gabriel hissed. The new injury he received had left his arm entirely useless and his gamble meant that he was now without a weapon and therefore defenceless.

    "Motherf-" he swore.

    He was stuck in a puddle of sewage water and the vampire looked even more enraged. The shine of his wooden stake glimmered in the corner of his eye.

    He had one chance. Just one but Gabriel would take it.
  20. Dusk stood over the hunter, chest heaving, grin once again spreading across his lips. This was it, he was stuck, no where to go. His brows knitted together momentarily as he spotted the human looking elsewhere. He couldn't quite make out what he was looking at. There wasn't anything there, was there?
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