Vampire x Human Role Play Anyone?

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  1. Hello!!! So I've been a terrible person and haven't been on here in like two weeks, which is an effect of college life. SO, I am going to be on this weekend and most weekends for most of the day but during the week I will be on sporadically. I'd like to apologize to those who I started role plays with and left them :/ I'm terrible I know but I'm sorry. With that said, let's get on to the idea I really really want to do.

    Vampire x Human / Gay Males / Modern Setting / Dom & Sub / One x One

    Forewarning: I'm very new to the sexual role playing so if you're really experienced you may get annoyed...
    Also, for the Dom/Sub aspect I don't want it to be too harsh. I'd like the vampire to be the dominate personality but still caring and protective and not harsh. The Human will be the sub but still be able to stand up for himself but he does depend on the Vampire a little. I don't want the terrible Twilight dependency. *shivers* Ugh. Okay. We can talk about the plot together. I'd also like to do this in the Inbox, it's just easier for me to follow. I'd like to play the Human. We can each have other characters to play as well, I'm good at multitasking.
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  2. If you'd like to seek a mature (sexual) roleplay, you should probably ask a staff member such as Minibit to move this thread over to the Libertine [A] Thread. Posting stuff like this in an incorrect thread can result in teenas wanting to roleplay with you and adults doing mature roleplays with teens are not allowed on Iwaku.
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