Vampire X Human Apocalyptic romance

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    Let's start off with a little info on me...
    You can call me Rain. I am an adult female working 5 days a week.
    I am a High Semi-lit to literate roleplayer. I don't have a lot of experience with mature scenes seeing as I started roleplaying on CS and they have REALLY strict rules. I don't mind learning but I will not go into explicit detail. That's about it. Thanks for reading this!

    Now lets move on to the real reason I am posting here.
    I am looking for a roleplay partner that can post at least 4 - 6 good paragraphs. This partner must be willing to play the male in the roleplay. Posting once a day would be very nice but it's not mandatory, seeing as we all have lives off of the internet.


    So here is my idea.
    I want to do an apocalyptic human X vampire roleplay. Oh character would obviously be human and the other vampire. We can decide on who is what species later. We could also have more than one character.
    Our characters would somehow meet and travel together with the haman not realising his/her companion is a vampire.
    The two would be in search of a place to call home. There would be a lot of drama, romance, action and most likely death.


    It's the year 2075 and the earth has become barren and unforgiving. A deadly virus was released in the early 21st century. A virus so deadly that it infected humans and vampires alike. The infected began showing symptoms of bloodletting and mental instability. Those who did not die began to turn into blood thirsty monsters. Pale chalk-like skin stretched oven emaciated bodies with no heart beats. Their eyes blank and unseeing, but their speed and agility heightened to dangerous levels. Their fingers and teeth become elongated and razor sharp and they are the creatures main killing tools. They have an extreme weakness to the sun and will burn-up if exposed to direct sunlight. They seek shelter during the day, usually in sewers or they will burrow into the earth. their sleep is lifeless during they day, bringing the term sleeping like the dead to a whole new meaning. They can only be killed by severe trauma to the body, like cutting of the dead or destroying the heart. If they do not find enough food they will slowly begin too deteriorate. This causes them to turn on themselves, clawing and chewing on their own limbs until they eventually fade into nothingness.

    They are the deadliest predators the world has ever seen, killing everything and anything with fresh blood flowing through it's veins. Those that do not die from the attack transform into the vile creatures themselves. Even animals show signs of the disease. They become erratic and incredibly aggressive, attacking everything till the point where they kill themselves.

    They few that are alive, live in cities controlled by vampires. The vampires over safety in return for one thing... blood. At first human refused to bow down to the vampires, but as the world slowly deteriorated they started to turn to the vampires. Humans have begun selling their blood for food and shelter, becoming cattle to the rulers of their cities.

    There are humans that live outside of the cities. They move around in large groups of 25 to 40 people. A large family that lives in constant fear. Te only thing that keeps them moving is the hope of sanctuary. Everyone has heard of the stories about a place without vampires and no disease. No one knows where is it or if it's true, but they still search for it. These families move at night and sleep during the day, much like the creatures and vampires themselves.

    It is a race against time. For the longer the family searches for Sanctuary the more of them die.
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  2. I am very interested in doing this role play. Please PM me, This seems like one of the best role plays I've seen