Vampire X Any

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  1. I am willing to do a Vampire X Any though Human is preferred but anything is anything. All up to you! Please get back to me if you'd like to do so!
  2. Do you have any specifics in mind, like plot or genre?
    ...and which would you be, the vampire or the any?
  3. Ditto to what Koene said. I am quite interested but would like to know more please :)
  4. Oh, my bad. Uhm no I don't know what the plot could be and I would like to be the vampire. If a character sheet is needed I can put one up.
  5. [​IMG]

    Name: Marly Rabu
    Sex: Male
    Age Appearance: 19
    Actual Age: 138
    Race: Mixed Breed
    Domintate Blood- Vampire
    Other Blood- Werewolf