Vampire/Werewolf Supernatural type RP?

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  1. So i have been watching a lot of Vampire Diaries and i really love the concept. So i was thinking of doing the concept of Vampires/Werewolves/Witches (If wanted can change things about them) And maybe do a few more supernatural species that can be translated to the modern world. It would be original characters and very little based on the series other then the species. So if this gets enough interest i would like a Co-GM to help get some more ideas.

    So any interest?
  2. Meee :3
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  3. Yay! Would you like to discuss some details? Don't really have a lot of ideas about it accept that it is modern and with vampires, werewolves and witches.
  4. Oh, I have a vampire character and a framework for a world with them. It's not much, it's worldbuilding in progress, but maybe I can contribute some ideas?
  5. Okay great what do you got?
  6. Okay. So.

    Here you have an alternate world that's aware that vampires exist, but humans also believe that they're a minority, which isn't the case. The government would have laws to protect vampires and encourage their declaration of being them. (One of the main worldbuilding points I have yet to expand on involves the government's motives as to why they would encourage this.)

    I imagine that being changed by being bitten by another vampire makes you less and less vulnerable to apotropaic (anti-vampire) stuff as the bite passes along. So a semi-affected vampire would create a not-as-effected vampire would create an even-less-affected vampire, and so on.

    That's... kind of all I have right now. I haven't really considered werewolves and witches yet, though I'll keep posting any updates on this.
  7. Oh i like it. The only down side i have is that one of my favorite concepts was that very few knew about vampires and werewolves. But i agree that the government should know about it and maybe they get set to a certain city were they found a lot of vampire attacks.
  8. That's fine too, maybe there's a government-affiliated agency that deals with this sort of thing? And the city in question would probably be more vampire than human in that case. Maybe the general public doesn't know about them but in this one removed city the few humans there are terrified of them or something.
  9. I like the idea, their is a part in the government where they discuss vampires/Werewolves and other supernatural species and agree that they have to eliminate the species(S) I would think it would be less vampires in a town because lets say their were 900 vampires and 100 humans most vampires would leave town to find a more populated place.

    Also here are a few species maybe i could use to be translated to a modern tone.
    -Reapers (maybe people take bodies of normal people, they become reapers if they get killed by one or are chosen by a reaper when they are deceased?)
    All i got at the moment.
  10. Oh that's good. Like the government has been dancing around the topic for a while but due to these attacks they have to get rid of the problem before it surfaces fully and mass panic sets in.

    I mean, I guess there could be less supernatural species. Like, they realize the key to their survival is self-maintained population control. Especially with the Reapers.

    Would more peaceful species that don't need humans to survive in some way (like dryads or mermaids) have died out before this point, or would they also exist?
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  11. Well i think they should exist, but if you have another idea about it i am open to it.
  12. Alright, so they exist. So we have government agents, regular humans, vampires, werewolves, witches, reapers, dryads, mermaids, and whatever other species we can come up with.

    Maybe for plot there's a group of all these different species that have gotten together and agreed (reluctantly) to work with each other and make sure the rumors subside so everyone can live in peace? I'm kind of stuck on plot here.
  13. What are Dryads?

    I really like the idea, maybe overall the other species all rival each other, some more then others, and maybe some of each species that don't want to be found by the humans so they made an alliance to make sure all supernatural species won't be found out by the overall population of humans?
  14. I had an idea of a world, where the various supernatural nations exist alongside our own in more or less harmony. Sometimes there's friction, whether human or Other instigated. There's a team made up of all sorts, who are sworn to neutrality, and they investigate points of friction. Such points of friction are considered acts of war by whichever nation instigated, unless that nation completely disowns the actors. In that case, the team utterly destroys them.

    So say for example: A vampire seethe gets out of hand, starts killing the fang-bangers and taking people unwillingly. There's a bit of unrest, the team shows up, investigates. They conclude that the vampires were at fault, and contact the vampire nation. The vampire nation doesn't want trouble, so they disown the troublesome seethe. Then the team moves into the seethe's lair with ALL the guns, and thoroughly destroys them all.

    We could play that team. That would allow for regular cross-species interaction, action, tension, disagreement, drama... ALL the RP.
  15. With the info i have gotten, i am going to start on the OOC.
  16. Oh. Dryads are nature spirits tied to trees.

    I like the idea of a team of investigators, though it runs the risk of becoming kind of repetitive.
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