vampire wars

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  1. Two sides. one good one bad.

    Vamps: bottle blood drinkers who have worked their whole lives to stop the killing of humans.

    Fangs; vampires who want to kill humans and or enslave them for food.

    Humans are welcome to join . romance is good. no placing someone elses character.
  2. Payne had always wanted to own her own business. She loved books but she was dirt poor. Having saved her whole way through collage she finally managed to purchase a building with an apartment over the main store.

    Today was her grand opening. Hpwever it being a booming night life town she had stayed open far longer thanshe had imagined. At nine she yawned and looked around. a few people walked through the shelves but no one she knew. she wondered if others wpuld come in.
  3. A woman with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes slipped into the store. It looked cute from the outside and decided to take a peak. Her name was Lena. She walked among the shelves glancing over the merchandise with a small smile. She peered towards a woman after hearing her yawn, raising a brow. "Past your bedtime Miss?" She joked softly and shoved her hands into the pockets of her leather jacket.
  4. Payne smiled up at the woman and chuckled "when you ve been up since 4am i suppse so" she said shrugging. "You looking to buy or just browsing ma'am?" She asked arching a brow as she closed her book and stood from her wopden chair.
  5. Luke and his twin sister Ana were walking through the town together. They both had fair, pale piece line skin. Luke had jet black hair that hanged in his face shadowing his bright ice blue eyes. His sister had long snow white hair and bangs pushed to the side so she could show her bright ice blue eyes. "What an interesting store.." Luke said. His sister stayed quiet but they both walked into the book store.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.