Vampire Types

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What is your favourite kind of vampire?

  1. A scary, inhuman monster!

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  2. A cunning and heartless killer!

    19 vote(s)
  3. A cursed, tragic figure

    17 vote(s)
  4. A super powered species!

    10 vote(s)
  5. A person with different needs and vulnerabilities

    12 vote(s)
  6. A good race that gets a bad rap for their dietary needs

    5 vote(s)
  7. Shapeshifters!

    7 vote(s)
  8. Succubus-like creatures who hunt pleasure alongside blood

    10 vote(s)
  9. The Dracula model

    13 vote(s)
  10. The Twilight model

    1 vote(s)
  11. The Vampire Diaries model

    4 vote(s)
  12. The True Blood model

    5 vote(s)
  13. An answer so significantly different from these options, I'm going to explain it in a comment!

    8 vote(s)
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  1. ruko's thread got me thinking about different interpretations of 'vampire' that I've seen, and I started to wonder how the popularity figures out! So what kinds of vampires do you most like to play, read, and watch? Do you like having sympathetic or 'good guy' vampires, or should they be strictly baddies? Do you like vampire stories to be romantic? Horrifying? Tragic? Funny?

    Tell me how you like it!
  2. All of them. Why? Because I'm a person who enjoys tweaking folklore to fit a certain setting or situation. So if the type of vampire required is more animalistic than human, so be it. If I need a sci-fi version where the "vampire" is an alien species with all or most of the classic characteristics of a vampire but with a few changes, then I'll roll with it.

    I don't have a problem with Twilight vampires because they sparkle. .__.; Hell, I have a glittery demi-god so I don't give a shit. I DO have a problem with them being "monsters" because they sparkle though. I don't know if that was a line in the book but it was in the movie and it was lame. ):<

    But still. Sparkle on, vampires. Sparkle on and don't let anyone tell you that you can't.
  3. All of them except Twilight because it's just horrendously written tripe. The rest have redeemable qualities, but so far as Twilight goes, while I accept the permutation, I don't really like it. :rotfl:
  4. Reflecting my post in the other thread, I pretty much checked them all. I'd say almost all of them can be written or presented amazingly, so long as this key tenet was stood by: the fact that they are monsters. Whether monsters in mourning, self-loathing, self-deprecating, self-aggrandizing, self-praising, whatever it is, they are vile creatures of the night!

  5. I honestly enjoy the White Wolf Series World of Darkness Vampires the best, although I hate the tremere clan with an undying passion along with setites, the concept of the Camarilla court and the Sabbat are just something I love and enjoy.

    Camarilla being the pro human, let's dominate the human race and use them as slaves without them even knowing about it.

    While Sabbat are all about freedom and anarchy.
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    I was about to say something very similar, but you've got in ahead of me. I've always been more of a Nosferatu guy in terms of Vampire: The Masquerade. Always thought they were among the most compelling of the clans; they don't get to hide their monstrous nature from society, and thus they tend to be a lot more open about their nature.
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  7. Bitches can't handle my Thaumaturgy. Boil a little blood and...

    Boom! (open)

  8. <3 @Grumpy, I have to admit I enjoy the Tzimicie clan, although I played a British Child Ventruex in Masquerade (totally framed the french and made a chain of brothels by dominating humans and point sinking a bodyguard - aka all the moneys *cough* not lord baelish at all) and a Gangrel in Sabbat. And the Giovani's.... let's not go there >.> summong skellies left right and centre. Lol the Nos are actually really funny, they take a certain type of person to play them but as information brokers I hate their arses =[ they got me in trouble so many times in Camarilla.

    But fuck Malkavians... you occasionally get a really good player that knows how to play a malk but 90% Malks are idiots wanting to troll >.>

    @Brovo don't get me's bullshit =[ they didn't have to hurt the Solubri =[
  9. Malkavians are good fun. At least when I play them.

    I'd say it's less people being idiots and wanting to troll and more people being idiots and not understanding how mental illness works.

    Though my first V:tM GM hated my Malkavian after he forgot that I'd gotten the character a hummer with a silver plated bull-bar.... and then gave us a Werewolf as a boss fight.
  10. Malks are great... when played right. Trouble is, most people see it as an excuse to be "LOLOLOLOL SO RANDUM" rather than grasping the idea that no, they're supposed to be scary crazy.

    Like Mister Faces, the madly paranoid Malk so convinced that they were after him that he cut off his own face to remain permanently disguised. Couple degeneration rolls later, and he was cutting off his dead enemy's faces to wear as masks. That's how you Malk.
  11. Yup, there's method in the madness to a Malkavian though =D

    @Grumpy that character sounds hilarious... the one in or game was called churchill, he tried throwing a car at the party and almost got us killed. The other nine of us wanted to stab him xD Oh....he also had an obsession with Queen Elizabeth. Don't ask.
  12. The biggest trick with a Malkavian is to pick a type of 'insanity' you can be consistent with.

    The "Easiest" one is multiple personality type Malks, all you have to do is have a framework for the personalities, then just play one of them at a time.

    The "Hardest" are full-blown nutcases. But they're generally about as valuable as Chaotic Evil characters in DnD.
  13. Vampire Diaries... [​IMG] ... He's my husband... *sighs*
  14. he will always be Boone to me

    As for vampires, I've a couple different versions for different settings—I like to make them flexible. I also always try to contrast them with related being in the setting.

    For example, in a fantasy setting with rabid werewolves, my vampires would be equally monstrous but far more cunning. In a modern-styled setting, I developed four related disease-races, each based off one of the four Western elements, and focused more on how they can be badass, secret, and relatively numerous without killing society in the process—step one, remove the need for blood.
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  15. I love Boone ;w;
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    because it is the closest thing to an epic, awesome troll who likes Adventure Time and VERY enthusiastic walks
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  17. More of a Vampires;The Requiem person then VTM. VTM was to black and white for a setting I felt. VTR was POLITCS WITH BITE TO IT. And I loved that. That and I loved the ease it had in incorperating batshit monsters into society. I started with VTR though, so I know alot of hardcore VTM people hate what VTM did to many of their clans. But, as far as mechanics and explanations went, it was far better to me personally.
  18. Way I see it, V:tM and V:tR are trying to accomplish different things. The latter is definitely better if you want to run a slightly less lore-focused, "lol vampires" game. But I'm pretty fucking enamoured with the former's story, clans, and the opportunities that arise from both.

    Still, V:tR kept the Nossies. So I'm not too mad. I just think it's one of the weaker nWoD lines. Not bad, but weaker.
  19. Oh most definitely. As I said, VTM is to Black and White "Here are vampires" and its heavy on a united lore where VtR have lore but its all very segmented in that all vampires are far more diversified in their beliefs. What with creation myth being super vague and indiviual and every faction is treated more as a offspring from some great unknown.
  20. I am accepting of almost all vampire models! They're not typically in games that I play, nor do I typically play them, because while I enjoy a tragic [anti] hero, I prefer to play vampires that are just straight up terrifying monsters. I think I've become disenchanted with the idea of misunderstood "they were us once" vampires so I just want people to hate and fear my vampires. I don't want people to want to try and save them, unless they're prepared to suffer for nothing.