Vampire: The Requiem

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  1. So Jay's post in general got me feeling really nostalgic about playing Vampire:The Requiem and suddenly it hit me. Why not try to collab with a couple of players and run a game here?

    Does anyone have any background with this game who may possibly be interested in throwing some ideas around with me?

    If so feel free to PM me, or respond here.

    For anyone who has never heard of Requiem its essentially a game that revolves around the interactions of vampires within a given city. Much political intregue, horror and violence usually ensues. For more info see these links:


    If you like to read:
  2. I don't have enough of a background to be much help setting up. unfortunately :/

    But, if this does take off into an rp, you definitely have someone interested.
  3. I'd Join, but I think I'd end up leading a 'Spoony Jyhad.' XD

    but seriously though, good luck. I'm not too familiar with this series, so…I don't wanna screw anything over.
  4. I'll settle for gothic/horror enthusiasts to brainstorm with for this game. The key is to maintain the mood and get the setting right. Everything else is secondary. I can fill in the blanks if there's anything people dont understand. I also have the ebooks in case anyone wants to take read.