Vampire the Masquerade 1x1?

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  1. I'm in a mood to play one of my VtM characters, and I'm looking for a partner who is at least somewhat familiar with the setting. I would prefer for this to be a MxM plot, but I'm willing to do MxF. In either case, my character will be a male Assamite.

    If you are interested, please post here. We can discuss plot details.
  2. Isn't that a book series? o.O
  3. It's a roleplaying game. Like Dungeons and Dragons, but with a very different setting and system.
  4. Oh. Got my vampires mixed up. Too many of them out there. I don't know that one then. :(
    BUT, I would love to roleplay with you...
    ... :D
  5. Willing to learn some stuff about VtM? Also, MxM or MxF? The former is my preference.
  6. If you're willing to put up with a stupid idiot like me. :D I know how to play DnD (I suck at it, but that's the tabletop version. I won't suck so much if I'm writing out my own problems. xD)
    Yes, former is my preferred also.
  7. I can put up with that. *laughs* I'll find a decent site for VtM information for you. Though since you're not familiar with the game, it might be best for you to play a human.
  8. Totally works for me. :D I play humans the best... guess it's a good thing I'm one in real life. O:
  9. Sounds good.
  10. You can PM me the information that you find on it too because I won't be on the forums. I have to type up an intro. :)
  11. Alternatively, since you're playing a human, your character wouldn't know the information about vampires anyway. Do you want to learn as your character does?
  12. That works for me! :D Makes it a lot more fun.
    Where would this start out then?
    Do we want to double or single? And who is playing who... gender wise.
  13. Would be set in some random city. Doesn't really matter where. Modern setting. Also, if we're doing MxM, then we're obviously both playing guys... *laughs* Though I would prefer for mine to end up as the sub if things swing in a romantic direction. And single, though technically we can both have NPCs that we control as-needed.
  14. Haha. Hold on. I obviously don't know my former from my latter.... ._.

    This conversation went HELLA AWKWARD. Super sorry. It's been a long last two days. School is pretty much slowly sucking the life and soul out of me.
    I can't do Yaoi, sorry. :(
  15. Ah... Well... As I said, this can be MxF. I just prefer MxM. In the case of MxF, I'll still be playing a male character. But I do require that the female is to put this...weak. I'm not a fan of super submissive female characters. If you can play a strong-willed, stubborn, independent female character, then we're good.
  16. Super sorry. :( Dun hate me! @_@ My soul is being sucked away... I can't help it. Plus I was watching Peter Pan. xD

    Oh hell yeah. I don't like those characters. At all. Like all of my girls are exactly like that. I have the perfect female for this though. Unless you want to be the girl, I'm totally cool with playing a guy. I just can't do MXM.
  17. Since I have a specific character I want to use for this, I'm playing the guy. Since this character is male.
  18. Ah, I gotcha. Okay. :)
    I hate to bust out of here too, but I have to be up at 4:30am to be to work at 5:30am. :(
    If you want to do character sheets, we can, but I prefer not to... but at the same time I'm learning so I don't know. xD I can do it either way and when I get home tomorrow we can start. :)
  19. Sounds good. And I don't like doing character sheets, so we can skip those.
  20. Awesome. That makes my life a bit easier then. :)
    If you want to start us off, feel free if we don't have anything more to discuss. I will be home in roughly 5.5 hours from work.