Vampire Takeover?

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  1. Just an intrest check for an idea I've had for a while:

    December 22, 2017.

    America is preparing for Christmas, and even the residents of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue get to relax for the holiday. But as night falls, things start unraveling. Scattered, fragmented, and distorted reports come in: The Pentagon is under attack, the Vice President has been killed, lawmakers are being assassinated, the Internet has been shut down, long range communications are no longer viable. The Secret Service scrambles to protect the First Family, hoping to find some safe haven as darkness falls around Washington. When day comes, the United States Government is in ruins, and a new power rules in the United States: Vampires.

    Led by a young (vampire-termed) and charismatic vampire, and bolstered by hundreds of newly-turned recruits, they overwhelmed the Government in a matter of hours. They know humanity is not going to go quietly into the night, and that war is coming.

    A number of roles are open, and more can be added upon request and explanation.

    United States Government:
    First Family-
    President Jacob Estline-Reaper Six
    First Lady Caroline Estline-
    Secret Service-
    Carol Estline's Principal Agent
    Son's Principal Agent
    Daughter's Principal Agent
    United States Military-
    Marine One Co-pilot
    Commander, Quantico Marine Base (Acting Theatre Commander in Cheif)
    Up to two members of each service (Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines)
    Takeover Mastermind
    Up to nine other vampires
    Up to five civilians

    Again, if you feel a role should be added, just post and say who, and why they should be added, Most things will be negotiable. I will be controlling a number of NPCs to set up certain events in the IC.

    Vampire Homebrew (open)

    Can walk in daytime, but the sun saps their physical capabilities from 2.5-3x to that of a normal human.

    Three ways to turn:

    -Bite and hold on for 10-15 seconds.

    -Victim drinking some of the vampires blood.

    -Getting sucked dry by one, victim loses all free will to the vampire.

    Vampires feel a stronger connection to their "sire" and even if they retain free will, will still be heavily influenced by them.

    Don't do that whole teleportation/shift to bats/fog thing.

    Can be killed by large amounts of conventional weaponry, stake to the heart, decapitation, severence of the spine.

    Can read minds/communicate telepathically with anyone in a 50-foot radius, longer if they are either emotionally close or share a blood bond.

    "Healthy" vampires feed twice a day,

    Regeneration is linked to the last time they fed.

    Drinking animal blood works for healing, but not as an alternative for human blood. And it will kill them eventually. Werewolf blood is an exception.

    Highly vulnerable to radiation.

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  2. The fact that the lead vampire is a teenager seems incredibly unrealistic even in terms of a world with vampires. Are they more twilight-esque vampires than traditional dracula-esque ones?
  3. I never said he was a teenager, he is young for vampires. meaning he hasn't been around for a couple centuries. They're a homebrew varient I created, some classic terms, some newer ones. But the only time they sparkle is when they get hit with incendiary ammuniton
  4. Depending on the kind of vampires they are/what they can do I might be interested.
  5. The thread has been updated with the rules.
  6. Incendiary ammunition, I like it. Same as the other guy though, whether or not I'm interested depends highly upon the vampires. There are far too many nowadays that are essentially just super humans and have no actual downside other than maybe getting ill if they don't drink enough blood.
  7. Like I said, the rules are now in the original post. Everyone I have played with with these rules likes them, because it makes them a hell of a threat at night, but manageable during the day.
  8. Yeah I read them. Honestly, I'm more of a fan of the kind that are commonly little more than zombies and thralls, with only a few ever developing considerable power - ones that have to rely on their own cunning to survive instead of their power. That, and the monstrosities with power on the scale of an entire army, but there's a time and place for those and it's not in a roleplay.
  9. I actually absolutely love obscene amounts of power, even in a role play. I'm running a role play revolving entirely around the characters being incredibly powerful, actually. But anyway, with these rules they're alright, a bit weak if anything, which is okay. They'd definitely have to rely on cunning more than power.
  10. Having less power makes you have to think more to stay alive, and that's what I really like. At night the vampires will tear up anything that comes their way, but during the day its more of an even battle.

    So, have I captured some intrest?
  11. This is the kind of Vampire I like. Walk in daylight, but be weaker in exchange for not bursting into flames. (VAMPIRES DO NOT SPARKLE!!! It is not part of original lore.)
  12. *Awkwardly steps into thread* Hello? Is this thing alive?
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