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    VAMPIRE HISTORY 101, crimson

    In the year 2128, the existences of vampires were verified. Governments began to panic, females and males of ... all different age groups, were very eager to volunteer themselves as sources of 'food', and the ancient vampire lords/ladies? Beyond pissed.

    While they were relatively well known for being creatures of the dark, who liked to cloak themselves in a cape of mystery, sarcasm, and sharp wit, they were still monsters. Beasts. Animals. You get the point. With their exposure, order in the council of vampires has been thrown way off to the side. Their prey were demanding to join their ranks, their food simply threw themselves into their arms.

    There was no thrill, no chase, no shocking taste in the blood that came with the fear chemical that burned their tongues so delightfully. No, instead they were stuck with food that would undress for them, not to mention a threat of overpopulating vampire numbers. Which would mean less humans, thus less food for them.

    To avert such a crisis, the lords and ladies quickly resorted to thumbing through ancient tombs, pages that had yellowed over the eras, and underwater caverns that marked the old tongue and it's prophecies, hoping for any kind of lead that would help them.

    While they were searching to revert time itself, the governments came up with their own lovely idea. Since the human population were so reluctant to kill off these beautiful and mysterious creatures of night, they figured that they would fight the dead with dead themselves. Constructing cyborgs, robots, androids, etc. they set these human-like dolls into the covens and groups of vampires, killing off large numbers at a time through what seemed like "mini" explosions that burned away the 'indestructible' skin, of course, over the years methods would have changed and they would try things like acid, poisoning blood for them, brutal beheading methods as well.

    Over the course of about 50 years, making it the year of 2178, these mass-killings are still going on. Reducing the vampire population to low numbers. Naturally, these bloodsuckers haven't just been reading for the last 50 years either. Somewhere in between those 50 years, they found a solution. Buried and sleeping in the 'spiritual' core of the world, the 'First' child of the embodiment of Death was there. Chained by destiny, weighted down by fate, and dictated by his father.

    The lords and ladies, dead themselves, were quick to gain his favor, as they were seen as servants of Death in one way. They struck a deal. In exchange for the blood of 1 million virgins - because any ritual or sacrifice needs a virgin - , he would have the power to shake the chains off just for a short moment, in which he would shackle the world, tying it with him, and thus freezing the world - and living life forms - with him.

    Fate would come along and would be forced to go along with their plan - as really, there was no good outcome from having the vampire 'race' wiped out. She would displace them back on that fateful day where everything changed - they would have one shot to kill the dumbass who shed the light onto their existence.

    As I was saying about the year 2178, the vampires were on the edge of success. They just needed 5 more virgins in order to complete the task. The remaining lords and ladies were cautious though. They didn't - for a second - underestimate the humans who no doubt may have heard about their plans. As unlikely as the possibility may sound, at least they weren't prancing around and flaunting about their air of arrogance either.

    After carefully going over the vampires each lord or lady held under their 'control'/'family', 5 that they considered the best in terms of intelligence, acting, physical ability, amongst other things, were selected in order to finish the final stretch.

    The job of these 5 vampires were to attend a private school, find a virgin and befriend the girl. This was the most important step, government officials and agents were scattered in every space on roads, streets, stores, malls. Literally they are everywhere. Even if you're a vampire, their robots will no doubt find you while you're in the middle of attempting your kidnap.

    The lords and ladies have determined that 2 - 3 years would be more than enough time for you to complete your goal. They can afford the time, to build their ranks, strengthen their remaining numbers, and prepare for the task while you collect the last 5.

    ACTUAL PLOT, cyan 5 vampires are tasked to attend a private school in which they will befriend a young virgin girl, and ultimately kidnap her for the ancient ritual by the end of the 2nd or 3rd year. However! The unexpected thing happens.

    A Witch brings each of you into a separate dimension. Alone, you are faced with this witch who appears to be a holographic image. She only shakes her head, before she grabs your wrist and burns it - so not to holographic after all - your hand doesn't fall off however. While you are placed back into reality, you notice a timer ticking off.

    The bitch just slapped a SoulMate timer on you, and you could've sworn you heard "Good Luck, Sweetcheeks!" in the winds.

    IMPORTANT NOTES, crimson
    • This RP is LGBTQ+ encouraged friendly
    • As bad as this sounds ... I don't want all straight vampires/humans
    • Maximum of 10 people
    • You can make 2 characters *One Human, One Vampire*
    • No halfs
    • You do get one super power as a vampire, I will be the judge as to whether its god-mod or not
    • no sexy times in threads, you have PMs
    • I will be controlling teachers, amongst other important figures in this RP
    • Obviously, I'm not a advanced roleplayer, or intermediate ... I don't know. Just make sure you're literate. I want paragraphs. Okay, granted my 2 sentenced 'paragraphs' really don't count, I just don't like seeing things cluttered up like a giant clusterfuck okay?

    In case I am entirely too tired and my English makes no sense to you whatsoever:

    • Vampires are exposed and they are pissed.
    • They have a way to turn back time and kill the dumbass who did that in the first place
    • They need like the blood of a million virgin girls though
    • 5 Vampires are tasked to bring the last 5 sacrifices
    • Some Witch just slapped a SoulMate timer on the 5 Vampires' wrists
    • In case it really isn't obvious enough: the 5 Vampires x the 5 Sacrifices
    This is obviously still a work in progress. Like, I feel that there's too much going on. Sacrificial Ritual and Soul Mate Timers? Is that too much??? Not to mention the men in black, and robots/androids/cyborgs. Tell me what you think. Interested? If not, tell me where I went wrong.

    I'm also aware that some words are misspelled. It's 2 AM when the idea hit me. Sorry!
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  2. This sounds awesome count me in
  3. I am joke. All I see is the word vampire and "5 Vampires x the 5 Sacrifices."
    Count me in as well, I call dibs on a sacrifice position.

    If I have to I will juggle 2 characters.
  4. Count me in.
  5. @Adira @Megoshka @Neohmi Hey there guys! Thanks for interest confirmation - or whatever you like to call it.

    The absolute minimum for this RP to work would be 5, in which case we all need to make two characters! So if we get less than 10, but over 5, I'll definitely know who to rely on, thanks @Megoshka
    Again, this is just the interest check and all, but it's going to be a lot of work on my end - I'll be sorting out character sheets for you guys, and also for the Lords, Ladies, Men-In-Black, Android ID's, Teachers even. Then I'm actually going to set out a timeline, sort of thing, so we're not just walking around blind. Don't worry! I'll be making a schedule kind of thing, like field trips, assemblies, etc. so the RP won't be up and running for quite a while.

    In the meantime, if you guys have your own suggestions, feel free to toss them out here! Like, just anything you have, feel free to share your thoughts!
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  6. @White -- Chocolate
    I would throw in ideas, but I'm not sure what...
    Also, it sounds like a lot of work that you'll be dealing making a schedule for our characters and what not. Is there anything that I can do to help you with the workload?

    What kind of ideas should I throw, you've basically made quite a meaty plot with tons of events that could happen. The endless possibilities of plot twists and what not. I really want to say how appreciative I am that you came up with this last night, you are my hero. <3
  7. I'm interested =3
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  8. This sounds awesome!!!
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  9. Could I join?
    (If so, would it be possible for us to play as vampire hunters or something related to that?)
  10. Interesting! I'd be up for this c:
  11. This sounds pretty cool I would like to join as well if that's okay.