Vampire Romance

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  1. Third person rp. The spots reserved for Holly&theVampires. :)
  2. image.jpg Xero adjusts his scarf as he walks quickly through the vacant alleyways of the quiet city. "Hmm.. What a lovely soul.." He smirks as a young girl catches his eyes. He walks, almost floating over to her, but yet still in the shadows to where she cannot tell he it stalking, watching her every move. He follows her through the city waiting for her to make a wrong turn, or hit a less watched part of town to make his move.

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  3. Antje normally felt safe walking home from the gymnasium. She could run pretty fast, her hand-eye coordination skillful in being able to handle controlling her body in fight or flight situations. Her choppy black hair danced in the wind, and the vans she was wearing made a little sound on the pavement. She just wanted to get home as soon as possible, especially with the shit day she had. A hot shower and curling up with a book sounded like nirvana.

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    Xero floated close behind her, his throat dry and burning. The scent of her was just divine! 'Soon..' He though.

    Growing impatient with the incredible thirst he felt, as soon as she hit the darker less lit area of town, he started his move. He walked along her side, acting as human as possible. "Hello there. Nice day we're having? " He smiles trying to seem as little stalkerish as he can.
  5. Antje bristled. He sounded powerful, athorative. She turned around to see the strange interloper. A man. He had the bluest eyes she had ever seen on a person! It was like he were wearing cosmetic contacts, because his eyes very much resembled a husky dog's eyes.
    He had a scarf around his neck, under his trip pants like peacoat. She didn't like the look on his face. Maybe she would play her "I don't speak English" game.
    "Nicht sie tagzeit, Es ist nightzeit." She replied. Okay, he was much too close to her. Her personal bubble had been penetrated. Antje waited for a response, finding it thrilling to discover maybe another person who speaks Germany. It was certainly a good conversational piece...
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    He paused for a second; he could have sworn he heard her speak English a second ago. Noticing her stiff posture he backed off a little ".. Ein deutscher Sprecher" he replied softer smiling trying to keep from scaring her. "Ich bin Xero." He says as he holds out his hand for her to shake. 'Maybe I should get her to trust me first? ..or should I take my chance now?' He thought.

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    I think she'd be able to hold a good conversation her entire walk home.

    Antje raised an eyebrow. "You conjugated incorrectly, Xero." She said his name as weird as it sounded to her. She started to walk away. ""Ich bin" is "I will", or "the act of being". I mean, that's what it directly translates to. But close enough." She showed her teeth, in a strange grimace/smile. She wasn't even really trying to attract him, but she felt like he just appeared in her life....And that he'd always be in her life from now on. It was a strange feeling.
  8. "..oh sorry.. Hey u speak english!" Xero said slightly embarrassed. He followed after her walking silently. "Would u like me to walk with u?'s dangerous out here at night" he mentally smirked as he said that.
  9. Antje shrugged. Her parents always staid up until she came home, so it wouldn't be smart for him to try anything funny.
    "Sure. But I carry a fucking shank with me, so it's not that dangerous..." She shrugged. Maybe that was a threat to him, but really it was a threat to anybody who tried to hurt her. But he And she didn't like that. It was easy to feel unsafe...
  10. "Ok, I'm not gonna try anything by the way.." He stated while walking with her.
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    Antje didn't believe him, but she didn't want to irk him, especially with his odd eyes. She started walking again, not really waiting for her "escort".
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    He walked with her quietly, watching her from behind. "..So do u like to read?" He asked curiously trying to start a conversation. It was getting awkward and it would be a much easier walk if they talked. He liked to read, he'd curl up with a book many times at night in a chair by the fireplace. He felt much comfort in it, maybe he used to do that when he was human?
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    Antje smiled. "It's all I ever do." It was breezy and the wind kept messing with her hair, sending her scent scattering into the air.
    "What do you like to read about?" She asked curiously. She felt less threatened by him, but only a little. He had a weird magnetic pull to him, something that craved...well,something.
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    He tenses slightly trying to control himself. Her scent was just too good. ".. Well i don't care really. As long as the plot is good. I like many genres. Historical, mystery, romance, adventure. Heheh." He chuckles. "What about you?"
  15. Antje looked at him for a moment, subtle changes happening at once. She dismissed it as nothing.
    But he did put her on edge. She was closer to home, though.
    "I'm in love with a lot of books.." She replied. "I love to read fantasy novels, or dark fiction. I'm a huge fan of Bram Stoker. "' She smiled, coy.
    "So what are you doing out here?"
  16. "I was just out to walk around town.. It's nice to get out every now and then, u don't need a reason, why were u out so late?"