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  1. Hello~ This is my first time on the site, but I have had experience before. But bear with me if I have no idea what you are talking about.

    My Plot idea is that their is a Neko (Half Human, half cat) and she is being sold on the market. She is notorious for being rebellious, and she is covered in scars which diminishes her value. Because of this, she is never wanted. She is on a limited amount of time, and this is her last day on show before they execute her. She sits there, for once hoping that she will be taken in. That is where you come in.

    Your character happens to go shopping for a neko one day. He finds her in the cage and is intrigued by her appearance. He decides to save her, but she has no idea what he was like. He could me nice, or sadistic, it depends. It's really up to fate.

    Looking for a male vampire
  2. id happily help you with what ever you need and do this rp with you!
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  3. Cool! Thanks a bunch!

    Want me to make the roleplay?
  4. yes please that would be very helpful
  5. Alright! Let's hope I do this right.....
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